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EMI speaks up about GDragon’s plagiarism case


EMI publishing, which holds 2.5% of the copyright ownership of Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ distribution in Korea speaks up about the plagiarism accusations to GDragon‘s solo debut ‘Heartbreaker’.

An EMI representative said over a phone interview on 18th August, “In Korea, the issue of plagiarism in Korea has never been conclusive. But it is really jumping to conclusion to say that this is plagiarism.”

“We understand that the problem here is that the introduction to ‘Heartbreaker’ sounds similar to a portion of ‘Right Round’. Isn’t a shame that the whole issue is judging on a rap rather than the meldoy. Especially since the original composer to ‘Right Round’ includes more than 10 people, things will get complicated.”

The EMI rep also said, “We felt that this is very much driven by public’s opinion. It’s a shame. Even though it is right to express a view, in Korea it is not about arguing between right and wrong. We should wait for the judgement of the composers in America first.”

Meanwhile, GDragon‘s representative has also said earlier, “Like our initial stand, we said that everyone should listen to whole song and not just the 30s to start talking about plagiarism. This song is not a plagiarism, we hope everyone gives support and love to the song.”

They added, “The issue of plagiarism is a very sensitive matter, it is may be something that can be easily concluded in one sentence by anyone, there is only those few people who can judge and really confirm that it is plagiarised work. There are many cases where a part of a song sounds like that of another. But we can’t call all these plagiarism.”

“We should listen to the side of the story by the original composers to the song in issue. Before that no one can say that it is plagiarised work.”

Regarding the earlier article posted up, https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/18/plagiarism-by-gdragon-heartbreaker-confirmed/ it seemed that there has been this one weird piece of news article reporting that the plagiarism is confirmed.. but after reading the most recent reports, I can say that there has to be some form of a miscommunication between the media and the parties involved..

54 Responses

  1. Sure, you may consider it clever of him to improve the song (and that’s debatable. I found Flo-Rida’s Right Round catchy while Heartbreaker just sounds like auto-tuned pop-crap. But that’s just my opinion) even so he needs to do so legally.

    Copying anyone else’s artistic or intellectual work be it 5 seconds or 30 seconds is still plagiarism, stealing, robbery. The original composers put a lot of time to figure out the beat and flow. To have a kid from Korea claim it as his work is outrageous.

    What he should have done is pay to sample it legally (which is what Flo-Rida did) or, since the rest of the song sounds bizarrely different anyway, he should have just cut that part out.

    Now this just puts a bad name on GD, YG and the Korean entertainment industry. Stuff like this would never fly in the US. There would be lawsuits flying left and right.

    I hope he learns his lesson and know that he is an example to his fans and should always do things the right way.

  2. and its clever of him to improve the song n make it better

  3. so wat?..GD IS JUST MAKING THE SONG BETTER to suit the taste of others..he is improving the song even if he copy;s it. after hearng right round for so many times you get bored u want something different after improving the song a lil bit to like heartbreaker..it becomes nicer..if everything is plagiriasm then the heartbreaker song wont even be made..then we wont hear.good songs like this.its not as if he copied 50% its only the beat.chill.

  4. I think this happens all the time. People steal other people’s music when it is a hit. It’s probably true with G-Dragon to.

    This doesnt go out to g dragon but to everyone.

    I just wish everyone will make music from their heart and their mind. People like Eminem, 2-Pac, mostly rappers are the one who get most of the credit from me =).

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  6. […] solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ was released on 18th August. And there was a whole outrage of plagiarism accusations which went on, while the song went up to #1 positions on various music sites. Also at the same […]

  7. What an honest and appropriate reply by EMI…it’s a sad reality in Korea that people abuse their freedom of speech to gang up on someone…it’s a disturbing development over the years of mob psychology.

    Quite frankly, I don’t think we need to wait for an answer from the original composers because a reasonable person would surely distinguish GD’s work as unique to that of other artists.

  8. the beats and tempo are different!!!!~~

  9. I agree with the post, leave it to the composers to decide if GDragon made a plagiarism from his song…

    People sometimes tend to forget that plagiarism is not some word you can just throw around and accused someone doing it but it is an unlawful act with great consequences. It damages one’s credibility that takes years to build up and takes much more to rebuild again, if there is hope of rebuilding it.

    Accusing someone of plagiarism is such a harsh thing to do without proof. Mere comparison of songs is not enough but there should be an obvious copying of one’s song or at least the plagiarism is proven beyond reasonable doubt. Without clear and convincing evidence no one can say that this person plagiarized.
    And the only ones who can decided if plagiarism occurred are the ones who has the copyrights from the original song that was unlawfully copied.

    So there. I hope GD doesn’t go into a depression again because of this. It irritates me whenever people accuse someone as if they know everything without looking at the consequences of their actions. A person’s credibility is so hard to re-establish again.

    Waaaa what a long comment.

  10. 30 sec. of “plagiarism” is pretty damn plagiarism. lol.
    I don’t hate G-Dragon, but I never thought he was a great artist…due to the fact with the controversy with him “stealing Maroon 5’s song/melody”.

    • he never claimed This love as his song. Duh. Isn’t it freakin obvious that he did a version of Maroon’s 5 “This Love” using the SAME MELODY with different lyrics, but still singing “This love…”?

      I don’t think anyone is that stupid to claim such a popular song his/hers.

  11. people who really know music would know how much effort you need to produce a good song.

    people who think them know music would tell you this and that.

    people who dun even bother listening every single beat of the song would be busying spreading rumors about plagiarism.

    talk less,listen more.
    respect every composer and musician,
    respect music.


    — just a passerby from taiwan

  12. He’s topping charts haha I like GD and heartbreaker is an awesome song =)

  13. netizens need a dictionary bcuz they keep throwing the word “plagiarism” around like it’s rice at a wedding.
    i swear GD farts and it’s front page news and on every news portal in korea.

  14. YGWorld updated your previous post. Warner and others never made any statements. It all made up by the fans and press.

    It’s copyright infringement that’s the issue. Read up on david bowie vs vanilla ice.

  15. this isn’t plagiarism!
    i know many songs that sound similar to each other… it’s obvious that that would happen somtime because there’s like soooo many songs, and who could come up with that many different melodies?

  16. people need to leave GD alone for reals. the saying ‘there is no new idea under the sun’ stands true here. all ideas have been used, it’s just a matter of improvising it to be it different and i think GD did just that. Also, honestly, only ‘right round’ sounds the same the other two songs sound NOTHING like G.D’s tracks. gosh, these people need to lay off of him. he’s taking so much heat for something he work so hard on. that’s so mess up.

  17. thats not fair
    if we were to compare songs similarities
    the internet would be full of those netizens complainig
    ….cant they leave the singers alone?
    i mean they have to criticize every single thing?
    the whole song is great!! i will support gd all the way and i hope he wins a loot!!
    i know they are trying to bring him down but he is a really hardworing man and always tries his best!!
    GD ftw!!!

  18. You know CandyGirl89 I can already tell you’re biased. For every reply you make you’re already pointing fingers learn how to read. They themselves even said they don’t consider this plagiarism. THANK YOU Kpopper this person really need to open a book.

  19. yeah I agree with kpopper this all came about from netizens. EMI and Warner korea doesn’t think so, it’s basically anti-fans.

    • um warner and emi really cant say if it is plagiarism because they are not exactly the original owners. unlike yg who love releasing statements and having people diss him for it. these companies dont want to be like it is plagiarized and have warner in america say it is not.

      • Yes, actually, yes they can, since they do OWN the copyrights for Korea and thus have a direct connection to Warner who they must go through. Plagiarism is claiming ownership of someone else’s work, which G-dragon didn’t do since the melodies and songs are different. There isn’t enough similarity to claim copyright infringement, which is the case, NOT plagiarism. Go open a law book please.

      • yeah … mere similarity in the 30 sec of the song doesn’t necessarily render it an infringing work. legally, there are more to that for it to be an infringing material. if i’m not mistaken, what is the extent of the similarity, whether it’s substantial part of the work or not and some other elements must be proven first. so … you haters, just leave it to the relevant experts decide on whether it’s plagiarism or even amounting to copyright infringement or not. most of you who attacked GD obviously did so blindly (just like parrots repeating people’s words) and most probably also out of your hatred for GD. just my two cents. peace.

  20. http://www.imeem.com/people/t0L73S/music/XbQhWQAN/gwen-steffani-sweet-escape/

    Yeah, Flo Rida’s flow is completely original. I mean Gwen Steffani totally didn’t do it first.

    No official source has accused G-dragon of plagiarism, its all been netizens. If EMI doesn’t think so, I doubt that the 10 (LOL, seriously) composers will reach a different conclusion.

  21. well i love GD and his mini-album all the same.

    and the plagiarism issues.. sigh -0-
    i mean. who is actually original these days? it seems like everyone and their dog is being accused of plagiarism these days.

  22. GD fighting! HOOOOOOOOOO

  23. WHY ONLY HIM? they’re so many kpop artists songs who have similarities too and had been accused of plagiarism but they didn’t do anything about it?

    yes the mere 30 sec. is similar to florida (the rap), no one is denying that, unless you’re deft but seriously? why? only him? they obviously trying to ruin him.

    • Lol, WHY ONLY HIM? Dude, you see netizens seeking for plagiarism FOR EVERYTHING? Like 2pm’s Again & again even after they stopped promotions, STILL found stuff about similar beats and stuff. Maybe GD is just an easy target because it does actually sound similar. Keep in mind.. even if you “copy” 1 minute, 30 seconds, 2 seconds, it is still considered by law as plagiarism. So let’s just see how this really ends out. And if it really is, that’s so disappointing. And don’t say it’s okay kpop doesn’t have originality?! PLEASE, you can HAVE originality if you take the time to do it and compose it. Not EVERYONE has taken a beat in this world.

      • im saying, why didn’t they do anything about those other artists who’s been accused of plagiarism as well. then when its GD, they’re all over him about it. and YES i know netizens pick on EVERYTHING!. and NO im not gonna say that its ok kpop doesnt have originality. that’s just plain denial and stupid. It didnt even cross my mind.

        I just don’t get why other artists like you mentioned can get away with it. and Im not saying that GD should but why only him? easy target? c’mon, where is the real law? that you can only pick at one person bcuz he’s the easy target? and everyone else can get away w/ it? bcuz what? people didn’t care much? and bcuz GD is more popular, he can create a bigger buzz?

        again, im not denying the similarities.

  24. People really shouldn’t judge it based on that lil

    if seriously need to compare
    lots os chinese songs can be include

    Why so SERIOUS!

  25. Jeeze people need to get over their big bad selves, just because they sound SIMILAR does not mean he stole it. >_< I guess people just want publicity, pathetic, people need to leave Jiyong alone and get over themselves, its not like their plagiarism case against him is gonna make him have less fans. I'll always be on Jiyong's side!! Oppa Fighting!!!!

  26. I’ll be disappointed if any plagiarism is proven, but I don’t believe GD has plagiarized anything. Too many jumping to conclusions.

  27. These disputes are going nowhere

  28. The media and netizens should listen to GD’s Gossip man. That’s all.

  29. Agreed, i wonder how his feeling right now. Hope d issue won’t make him down… Keep up d good work GD!! anticipating ur comeback stage, we really miss ur live perf 🙂 FIGHTING!

  30. i come across this video on youtube to compare it

  31. “We understand that the problem here is that the introduction to ‘Heartbreaker’ sounds similar to a portion of ‘Right Round’. Isn’t a shame that the whole issue is judging on a rap rather than the meldoy. Especially since the original composer to ‘Right Round’ includes more than 10 people, things will get complicated.”

    ^ Well said. It is better to leave the ‘experts’ solve this matter and not accuse without even being well versed in music.

    Even if I am not a fan of G-Dragon, I felt irritated after reading netizens’ comments just because there is no day that they don’t complain about something. I think this all originates because Koreans have a big problem with idols. It seems as though they hate them just for being alive. They judge every single thing they do and don’t even enjoy music like they should.

  32. GD FTW

  33. that previous article got you 100+ comments and it was false lol

  34. FINALLY some reasoning!
    honestly only the rap and the rhthym was similar, melody was soo different!
    seriously…the media is just jumping to conclusions…=.=
    i really hope this doesn’t bring down GD

  35. Well…on the positive note at least now most people in Korea knows that he has a new song? ^^;
    Anyway, 10 people involved in composing seems like a lot O_O I wonder how long they’ll take to decide on this.

  36. lol this is really funny.
    so stupid and hahaha
    GD FTW , you know haha

  37. I hope everything works out for the best. I say bring in music experts and compare but the only thing i can say that was similar is his rap. Thanks sookyeong for keeping us updated =) GD oppa fighting!

  38. I hope this resolves quickly because it’s more damaging to G-Dragon than to anyone.

    Plagiarism is such a loose term with so many meanings and there’s not one golden rule to what it truly is.

    I’m getting really frustrated about this. I hope a solution will come quickly and people to stop talking smack about GD.


    • Plagiarism is not a loose term it is people that choose to use it as such. Hopefully GD’s real fans will show him some support and this thing will blow over without damage to his reputation. Maybe in the futeure GD will decide to use fewer music samples in his songs…it will save a lot of headache.

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