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K Bites – 18.08.2009 III (2PM, Big Bang, Rain, Yoo JaeSeok, Bae YongJoong, Gil-Park JungAh)

2PM to release their new album in the Middle of October

2pm_220709_1The group best known as ‘Beastly Idols’ 2PM, who has always given powerful performances, will make comeback in autumn.

One of the members of JYP revealed ‘2PM will be coming back in the middle of October with a new album. They will come back with a more explosive performance and also with their great charisma’.

The hit single that was released in April ‘Again and Again’ ‘I Hate You’ will be followed by another great album. Recently the ‘Beastly Idols’ Have appeared in many variety shows to show their quailty and entertaining personalities which has recieved alot of love from fans.

Producer Park Jin Young has caught a lot of attention of from curious fans of how he will change the style of music. Recently on twitter JYP said ‘I made da 1st song for 2pm. It’s a totally new style of music. I don’t even know what style it is. It’s so crazy!’ hew showed great enthusiasm towards the new song. Also the recent news that he was also doing the choreography. [β™₯2pmβ™₯@2ONEDAY.COM]

With DaeSung injured, Big Bang’s Japanese tour to be postponed

ds_110809With member DaeSung injured and needing to undergo operation, it the red lights for Big Bang’s Japanese activities.

DaeSung has met with a car accident on 11th August and with that he needs 8 weeks of recuperation and the group’s Japanese tour concert to take place in Japan Nagoya from 26th October will have to be postponed till beginning of next year as revealed in a Japanese newspaper on 18th August.

It was initially predicted that DaeSung will only need 4 weeks to recuperate but with the current situation, their Japanese tour will also be affected.

The group’s schedule in Japan after the postponement of the concert will also have to be followed closely according to DaeSung’s health conditions, as revealed by the Japanese media.

Rain, Yoo JaeSeok and Bae YongJoon voted #1 as ‘Influential individuals of Korea’


Singer Rain, gagman Yoo JaeSeok and actor Bae YongJoon are voted #1 as entertainers with the most influence in different entertainment fields.

A survey was done on 1000 people from 29th July till 12th August on 10 different categories of people for ‘Who are the people who moved Korea? (or influence Korea)’.

Rain was voted #1 under the singer category with 19.9% of the votes. Yoo JaeSeok was voted #1 amongst gagman with 15.2% of the votes, while Bae Young Joon was voted #1 for actors category with 10.5% of the votes.

In order of amount of votes:

  1. Rain (19.9%)
  2. Yoo JaeSeok (15.2%)
  3. Kang Ho Dong (12.6%)
  4. Bae YongJoon (10.5%)
  5. Actor Ahn SeongGi (9.8%)
  6. So Nyeo Shi Dae (6.6%)

Park Jung Ah’s tearful confessions, “Gil is very devoting, and his caring side is beautiful”

pjaCelebrity couple Gil and Park JungAh appeared on MBC ‘Yoo JaeSeok Kim WonHee’s Come to Play’ aired on 17th August. The episode was a special one inviting on real celebrity couples including Kim YoungJoon and Hwang JungEum.

Jewelry Park JungAh said, “People who heard of Gil’s music will know his passion for music but for people who saw him on variety programmes will know that he is a very funny person.”

“There was once when we were wearing helmet and making plastic models together. Gil said, ‘Do you know how wonderful and pretty it is that we are together and going through this silently? Even though we can’t tell others about us now, I’m really excited about it being able to spend time together.’ I was so touched.”

She added, “After our relationship was revealed, things went sensitive and it affected us much. Gil then told me he wanted to be with me, and brought me a musical angle GunDam. He said, ‘When you look at this, don’t you feel more at ease in the heart?’.”

Park JungAh said, “Gil is very devoted to me. He must be feeling sensitive and stressful but he thought of me. That side of him is so pretty.”

Meanwhile, Park JungAh also revealed on the show, “I hope that Gil can lose his belly fats.”

15 Responses

  1. Not really surprised that SNSD is up there. My brothers are scene kids, and they would sing along to Gee with me and recently Genie. Still amazed that Rain has that power to reign and influence Korea. I would totally agree with YooJaeSuk. He’s like a peoples person.

    I hope Gil and PJA would get married. They seem really close and “meant-to-be”.

    Hope Dae recovers soon πŸ™‚

  2. YAY!! 2PM thats so awesome!!!
    love them!!
    xD yoo jaesuk is really funny
    lol sOshi is there 2 xD
    congrats 2 them =D
    im fine w/ big bang not coming cuz >.,<
    and that swine flu arrived here 2 omg!!
    o.O i wanna go back to brazil!!

    anyways…..recover soon and take your time dae our smile-angel!! ^^

  3. Aww man; I hope BigBang’s tours go
    as planned after Daedae heals & nothing
    will happen to them soon again. Wow
    I wanna check out 2PM’s album!
    YOO JAE SUK! Haha, he is influential; in my eyes.

  4. I liked 2PM’s Again & Again, so I’ll check out their new song when it comes out.

    It surprises me that Bi is still so loved despite not being so active in the music scene. I like him along with MC Yoo.

    And it seems like YG is going through bad times with DS being injured, Teddy and G-D being accused of plagiarizing…

    And lol @ SNSD being on the list. I’m not hating, I just find it very amusing and funny that they are there along with so many well-known people. Anyways, good for them! πŸ˜‰

  5. SNSD…? yeah, i think it’s true too..
    most people in my uni interested in korea n want to go to korea just because af SNSD,,. the Gee fever i guess…

    n 2pm in Oct…n i heard SNSd in nov…..love the 9pm love

  6. 2PM – YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! A new album in October, should be as sexy as 2PM! Previous songs from their single albums that I love was Only You and I Hate You but I have all their songs.

    I hope they win an award this year. They deserve it.

    Daesung – I really hope Daesung gets better but the Japanese fans must be pissed at the postponing of the concert.

    Rain & Jaesuk – Congrats, you guys are great.

    • why would the Japanese VIPs be pissed off? have they said so? if not, shouldn’t make that kind of presumption. a true fan would be thankful that Dae Sung (and also the rest of BB) gets to rest and is given time to properly recuperate. those who feel otherwise, they have no right to call themselves a fan.

  7. So Nyeo Shi Dae jjang!!! las apoyo 100%

  8. snsd 6th place together with other big names in korea..awesome…where is dbsk and others???

  9. this is definitely turning into a hard year for Big Bang…first, Daesung’s accident, second, GD’s plagiarism accusations…I hope nothing more bad happens to all of them….

    ….i feel so sad….

  10. gahhh 2pms album D:
    the waiting will be pain.
    yujaesukkk gahhh i love that man πŸ˜€

  11. SNSD <333 They do have influence. The result is like that. So be it….

    I can't wait for 2PM's new album.
    DAMN! This is what u call genius….the one n only JYP!!!

  12. SNSD influenced Korea? okay…

    i thought BB or even Hyori have more influence. and if BB’s tour is postponed to next year, when does that leave their Korean comeback?!

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