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K Bites – 19.08.2009 II (SeeYa SooMi, BEG GaIn-Narsha, T-ara)

SeeYa new member SooMi revealed

sm_190809_2SeeYa’s new member SooMi has been revealed.

SeeYa’s company revealed the photo of SooMi on 19th August. SooMi is born in 1989 and is 170cm tall, not only has she got the looks, she is well versed in singing and dancing.

SooMi has previously in 2001 taken part and got through the preliminary round to SBS ‘Brilliant Voice’ which Park JinYoung has also participated in.

SooMi has dreamed to be a singer from young and has always taken part in various auditions. But her parents objected to her plans after she got through an audition and she continued with her studies.

Until recently, when SooMi was preparing to enter an airlines company, she has met with a staff from Core Contents Media and was persuaded to join the company. She will take over Nam GyuRi’s position in SeeYa from now.

SooMi said, “I’m very honoured to be part of one of the best female groups SeeYa but there is some pressure to it too. I will work hard to be like YeonJi and BoRam unnie. Even though I may still be lacking I will do my best.”

sm_190809_3 sm_190809_1

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha and GaIn to be first female star appearance on Mnet ‘Scandal’


Brown Eyed Girls GaIn and Narsha’s fun date with ordinary non-celebrity guys will be revealed.

The 2 are the first female star guest appearances on Mnet Scandal, and they will be on a 7-day date with non-celebrity guys.

This will be the first time that the 2 take part in a reality show, as they have always been part of panel for variety shows. Great interests for this episode of Scandal as Narsha talks about her painful love experiences.

T-ara takes a 180 degrees transformation for the fresh new image


Group T-ara takes on a 180 degrees transformation for a fresh concept.

T-ara is a 6-member female group which recently debuted with the song ‘Lies’. The song is currently one of the hottest song on online music charts, and chances of them up as this year’s best newcomer are high.

With the black and white concept that they have been donning for the past 4 weeks since they debut, they took a change for vivid bright colours and casual style this time.

This style will be revealed through a swimming pool version of their MV ‘Lies’ to be released on 19th August.


16 Responses

  1. […] losing their leader member Nam GyuRi, SeeYa comes back as trio with a new member SooMi with the title song ‘Voice Of A Bad […]

  2. […] In will be the first female guests, and go on a date for 7 days with non-celebrity guys ^^ SOURCE: K BITES, read more about it […]

  3. SooMi looks cute, I can’t wait to hear her sing.

    T-Ara has the summer look… isn’t it a bit late? :\

  4. The new SeeYa girl looks beautiful and she’s Tall. Where does Mnet get so many hot tall girls who can sing, when the other companies barely find some midgest with average looks or/and talent?

  5. this person looks really alike to 1 hong kong actress….anyone here agree with me….
    i mean quite concidence…….
    than now channel 8 is broadcasting heart of greed than she got act 1 unimportant actress in the drama…………..

  6. you must be joking when you say high chance for newcomer award.Even 4minute can beat them even they aren’t that good.2NE1 is much more further then them and so does 4 minute.

    • 4min? lol… doesn’t have a chance… Just compare the amount of media attention and coverage and one could see that 2ne1 got the most (due to me2day and their YGtv channel), then it’s T-ara. 4min is way back there inhaling dust lol

      • ugh, u obviously don’t know 4minute! their song hot issue is still in the top fifteen three months after the release. they have their own mtv show,contracts with shoemaker,sony,tbj, 1677and plenty of others.
        you know, i absolutely love t-ara.but don’t say 4min doesn’t have a chance.it’s false.after 4 week and when the song was released,it was first or second on various music charts with genie.i don’t think lies is first or second now.for the time being they re fifth or sixth.finally, you can’t compare the two groups considering t-ara just debuted, so of course they will have more coverage than 4minute who is active for three months now.
        anyway, good luck to t-ara and 4minute.what’s the point to hate anyway?ugh.

    • I don’t think it was necessary to give that comment to sookyeong. it gave off a pretty rude vibe when all she does is translate articles for us using up her own time. she doesn’t have to do this and on top of it all she always puts her comments at the end of each post.
      T-Ara are VERY new to the music scene. cut them some slack
      there was no need to insult 4minute either.

    • Pfff, Tiara’s press coverage is absolute HUGE, they have NewsEn covering them on everymove, they literally have taken thousands of pictures for all the korean media agencies and countless interviews. They had 7! CF offers even before debut, and got 13 invites to variety shows after just one week.
      That’s insane amount of popularity.

  7. wait…high chance for newcomer? you must be kidding…all they do is disappoint people…anywei…isn’t lies supposed to be a sad song…(you know you’re being cheated)…what’s with the happy scene…a very big goodluck to them…

    • Lies isn’t all that great but their live covers of 90’s girl group songs are very good. they definitely don’t disappoint with their vocals.

  8. T-ara is really cute.

    They rock both cute and sexy concepts!

    • Yeah, Tiara looks great whatever they do, and the media response for them in Korea is huge, haters hate all you want, the girls have more popularity in 4 weeks than the others in half a year.

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