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Kpop Style 19.08.2009 – SNSD, Lee Hyori, 2NE1


In Kpop Style today! We have:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae for ElleGirl and Nylon magazine photoshoot
  • Lee Hyori for hot Topgirl fall/winter photoshoot
  • 2NE1 in the making for their 11st CF filming
  • New version to ‘Lollipop’ CF released

So Nyeo Shi Dae for Nylon and ElleGirl magazine photoshoot.

It’s good that we are getting our dosage of some SNSD sweetness again.




Reminded me of the girls’ Allure photoshoot previously, sweetness and sexiness in a blender



Diva Hyori for Topgirl Fall Winter 09 photoshoot

How can a fall/winter photoshoot be so hot?



2NE1 at the filming for their 11st CF

It was reported earlier that the girls will be endorsing brand 11st and here’s fan shots of the girls doing the filming.

Can’t wait for the photoshoot/CF to come out


Meanwhile, here’s the latest version of ‘Lollipop’ CF released

26 Responses

  1. […] @ 7:26 am In the first couple of seconds of this new version of the Lollipop TV commercial (Hat Tip), singer G-Dragon (of the group Big Bang) makes a gesture that, unbeknownst to him, is an allusion […]

  2. Hyori looks so hot and sexy…

  3. lots of REALLY nice pics in this.
    my fave would have to be JeTi and the teddy bears.

  4. The funniest shoot from SNSD. The photos are cute. Jessica is the best at them.

  5. wasnt Elle Girl the fashion mag that the snsd girls worked for during factory girl?

    but other than that, the girls are smoking. *nosebleed. that first picture on top with jessica really set the tone for the rest of the pictures: hot.
    @chaah, yeah, that photo is pretty! im thinking of drawing it using charcoal for a gift maybe.

    hyori is hot. but i she never really looks the same in any of her photo shoots hahahah

    isnt that the dude with the strange mohawk gd’s friend

  6. i like jessica and tiffany + bears picture/photoshoot. FaNy <33

  7. CL + extensions = HAWT!

  8. Geez….Jessica…cant say more…
    always been the GORJESS one

  9. omg GD is so wrong. the intro of the lollipop CF he has his tongue hitting his jaw and had his fist to his mouth which is what most people do when making a gesture about oral sex. lol he’s still cute though

  10. omg CL hair extension is hot!

  11. Hyori’s effect
    TOP girl will be sold out for sure
    Hyori go

  12. Wow SNSD are so gorgeous in those photos.
    Oooh I can’t wait for 2NE1’s CF then. I like
    the new Lollipop version, haha.
    HYORI is freaking hott ;] Hehe.

  13. I think that Koreans would look a lot more better if they stay with their natural hair color.
    That bleached hair makes them look fake and kinda old.

    • i dont think its just koreans. any person in general depending on how they look like would either appear fake and old or perfectly normal when they bleach their hair.

  14. Whoa.. SNSD girls have the perfect nose jobs ever. ❀

  15. From Korea, I want the Lollipop CYON.
    From Japan, I want the Disney Mobile.

  16. damn i want that phone as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Damn it I still want that Lollipop phone…too bad it’s only available in SKorea (right?).

    I love the pix, especially Hyori’s…for sure those ensembles and clothes will be sold out again. hehe.

  18. Yay! 2NE1 sweetness! Been craving for the latest news ’bout them! Thank u! 2NE1 ALL THE WAY!!!

  19. 1st ! luv all the photos especially hyori’s one

  20. yay 2NE1 is getting another CF? so great<3
    haha and once again Lollipop is stuck in my head now. πŸ˜›

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