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New preview to ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ parody revealed

A longer preview to 2PM and 2AM‘s parody on Brown Eyed Girls‘ ‘Abracadabra’ as ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ on Wild Bunny has been revealed.

One day is simply dirt sexy.

Shorter preview released earlier

10 Responses

  1. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
    every idol should “behave” like them!
    the world got much better after watching this!

  2. xDDDDD

  3. ROFL, ONEDAY’S parody is so crazy funny. XDDD I can’t help but laugh every time I see the part between Chansung and Seulong. XD

  4. ROFL. I spot wooyoung(?) w/ Dara’s hair, except his is short. haha..

    cant wait for the whole parody. >.<

  5. ooh they were holding bags of dried mango!! its my favorite brand!! they taste really yummy

  6. OMG!! ROFL!!
    52:00 HAHAHAHA

  7. i don’t care eh-eh-eh-eh-ehhh

  8. LOL.!!!!! ooooooo Chansung 0:24 beyond of sexy!!! jajajajaja and 1:10 MANGOOOOOSSSS!!! jejejeje

  9. I just wish I knew what they are saying. It means like their is more than what I thought what would happen in the 5th episode.

  10. first? OMG THE BOYS ARE REALLY GONE CRAZYYYY!! chansungieeee <33

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