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New writer at K Bites!


After I posted up an announcement recently about how school will be kicking in and I wouldn’t really have time to update on Kpop and K entertainment news, really sweet Nulsaranghae, or JiYoun, offered to help with writing at KBites.

I was delighted that I would get some help at K Bites. Anyway, I’m sure Nulsaranghae will bring more fun writing to K Bites.

And if you have not already, these are some of her posts here at K Bites:

Let’s spread the Kpop love!

27 Responses

  1. hay ji youn that is good it’s nice welcom blog i ts goooood yes

  2. sa va moi je suis khawla j’aime le blog de ji youn yes i t’s cooool j’ais habitr ou maroc yes thanks for ji youn mon msn khaoula-chahid@live.fr yes and good bay

  3. k bites rule!!hhehehhe keep up the good work jiyoun!!

  4. i would like to say welcome but im pretty sure youve been here before, JiYoun. so how should i say this?

    congrats on becoming an official writer here at kbites! theres really a refreshing feel from your articles after reading a few. keep up the good work and updates and whether your articles may come off as either too formal, bland, or w.e, it doesnt matter. as long as there is a “happy” tone with friendly writings, you’d do great here at kbites.

  5. welcome jiyoun..
    Also thanks to sookyeong tht alwyz updt k-bites.
    yorobun hwaiting!!

  6. Thank you Jiyoun you’re too good to this site I like how you have a different voice its a delight to read
    I still look forward to sookyeongs posts too
    HWaiting Kbites Kamsahamnida

  7. welcome, JiYoun to K Bites!!!
    i always follow you at ibreathelifemusic on youtube… its nice to see you here as a writer besides your great work on subbing videos…

  8. Oh… that is good 😀
    Welcome new writers!!
    K Bites hwaiting!!!

  9. Welcome JiYoun! Kbites rocks!

  10. Welcome!! And just wanna say thanks so much SY for always providing such updated news in a very neutral and objective fashion.. I love reading your blog for news 😀

  11. Welcome JiYoun! good there’s more help.

  12. Welcome JiYoun! ^__^

    Looking forward to seeing your updates as well as Sookyeong’s. ^^

  13. welcome new writers!!
    I’m glad to see you helping out. I would, but I wouldn’t be of much help ^^

  14. Oh, yay!
    I’m glad JiYoun is going to help you now!
    And JiYoun, please provide us with more news as sookyeong does. Good luck and welcome!

  15. YAY !! .. That’s really Good ^^
    you’ll be great group 3 of you to help each
    other and let K Bites Live ^.^
    Welcome Nulsaranghae & JiYoun ^^

  16. yay thanks<33

  17. Welcome to the board JiYoun^^ looking forward to see more of your post in the future^^

  18. Welcome to them and I am glad that you found someone to help you,fighting!

  19. ah chukaheyo~

    p/s: all of GD song is top 20 of cyworld and dosirak on 19th

    • Thank you for that!
      I was wondering when the post will be posted! GD is taking K-pop world by storm right now, it’s kind of amazing to watch!

      But this explains it, there is a new writer, cause sookyeong usually update us on BB.

  20. Oh, that’s good then! 😉
    All for Kbites, fighting! 😉

  21. Im glad that u found someone to help u plus that u decided to not write in other sites and Im sure Nulsaranghae is as good as u sookyeong ^_^

  22. yay~ thanks for doing all the translations~
    All these k-pop updates always motivates me to study~
    Really appreciate both of your efforts!
    Nulsaranghae Fighting! SooKyeong Fighting! K-Bites Fighting! ^.^

  23. welcome Nulsaranghae!
    glad this site is still alive and kicking… 🙂

  24. glad that she helps you. but jiyoun, do write in a friendly way. ur post seems too formal. >.< but good work still

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