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19.08.2009 Kpop album reviews – Big Bang, My Fair Lady & more

World of  Kpop

What changes the most in the Korean industry? The answer is Kpop. New stars, familiar stars, and even OSTs popping up here and there. Too much for one to handle? No, problem. KBites has it all here for you guys!

First Japanese Album &  Asias Best 2006 ~2009

Our favorite idols stars, Big Bang just released  their Japanese album! Titled, simply “First Japanese Album,” it includes 4 never before heard songs and the other songs are the just ones you’ve probably all heard before. Gara Gara Go!! , Baby Baby (Last Farewell) Japanese Version, Always Japanese Version, are some of the songs you will probably be familiar with. Another album was added to the list, called “Asias Best 2006 ~2009.” This album features all the familiar and, like the album is titled, the “best” big bang songs. Haru Haru (하루하루), Make Love, Lies (거짓말), Number 1, Lollipop, So Beautiful, Stylish, La La La (라라라), Remember (기억), We Belong Together (feat. 박봄 Park Bom), Together Forever are included in the album.



Danggg. The highest anticipated album in history. GDragon’s solo album. This album includes many collaborations including, CL, Teddy, Kim GunMo, and even more (Sandara Park & TaeYang). This album, as many of you already know,  brought scandalous news to the public about the plagiarism. I have to say, it is disappointing. But you guys all have to admit. GDragon would never disappoint us. You are my heartbreaker~~~


My Fair Lady OST

Released soon, almost right before the drama started, I have to say its pretty good. Featuring artists like, Davichi, Yoon SangHyun, and Yoon EunHye defintely a mix and match. Hot Stuff by DaVichi gives the listeners a sweet upbeat songs while Yoon SangHyun’s romantic and light voice gives the listeners a sweet ballad. However, Yoon EunHye and rapping? I gotta say, nice try at least for a first attempt. Overall a good album, and  the drama seems interesting as well, so keep a close watch out.



Woahhhhh who is this guy? Ever heard of SonDamBi’s songs, or maybe a fan of After School? Brave Brothers, the masterminds in music producing released an album featuring SonDamBi and M Lee Min Woo as well as other stars. Their songs are unbelievably good and kind of like a Big Bang music feel to it? Sort of  repetitive, but still you guys gotta listen to the album. I wonder if they would be coming out on music  programs…  it would be interesting. Highly recommend “Invisible” Come on… BRAVE SOUND~~~


SM Town Summer Album

SM stars gathered for a  summer feeling album (Despite all the Dong Bang Shin Ki business before..)! Seaside, 12:34, Carnival, Scar are the songs included in the album and is sung by SHINee, Dong Bang Shin Ki, and  Super Junior. Where is Girls Generation in all this, aren’t they in SM (Another album?) Only song that really  interested me was the song Scar by SHINee. Techno beat, reminds me of the song Countdown they also sang. What do you guys think? Better together or better off  doing their own thing?


And lastly… Sophisticated

Wow. Jewelry is coming backk? These girls back with the song Strong Girl, looks like it is going to be another successful album. Seo InYoung looks great and charismatic as always and Park JungAh looks good with Gil as her big support. The two other girls after their album, and performing as Jewerly S, I gotta say I’m glad that Jewelry is back together. They compliment each other so well, and the beginning rap almost  makes me feel like I could stand up and dance. Strongly Recommend : “Strong Girl,” its not too preppy or too girlie.

What do you guys think about K Pop Music Coverage? Was it helpful? Continue or not? Leave comments below.

19 Responses

  1. I truly appreciate your album review of each artist and song. I live in North America, so having access to KPop is not easily accessible. Thanks so much for a great review . Looking forward to hearing the Brave Brother. Love Big Bang Japanese album, especially,Love Club. Can wait to hear the OST of My Fair Lady.

  2. continue this review please ^^ btw, is it only me or Jewelry’s strong girl sounds like Lady Gaga’s Poker Face ??

  3. I swear..the song ‘The Leaders’ in G-dragon’s album copied parts..the ‘G-G-G-G -something something- G-D-G-D -baby baby baby-‘ Sounds just like SNSD’s “Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby’ and during the song it goes “wassup wassup, wassup wassup wassup’ the way it is sung sounds JUST like Untouchable’s song ‘Wassup’ in 1:05 of the song. Also in the song, a girl sings the “wassup’ part as well, just like how it’s done in Untouchable’s “Wassup”

    Don’t mean to hate but, that’s what caught my attention first as I listened to the song. I love the rest of GD’s album

  4. YES!!
    i think that this is a really great and smart thing to do ^^
    maybe every 2 or 3 months, Kpop should sum all the songs/albums which have been out with great interest and much love and post it!
    it will be a huge and great help to us all who are thinking and wondering what songs i have forgotten to download or what songs are there these days?

    thanks soo much

  5. Does that Jewelry cover say “trust of your sophisticated” on it?


  6. i agree. big disappointment in gd’s album

  7. Like I said before about each album in my post on my blog;

    Big Bang: I love ガラガラ GO!!, Bringing You Love, Top of the World (you will be addicted to this song), Follow Me and Love Club. But I wonder if I should now get Stay? Should I? It’s sounds quite good. I just miss the R&B/Hip-Hop they started out with, I like both genres they should now but I just miss it.

    Brave Sound: In my opinion, Brave Sound and Bittersweet are worth it. i’m afraid I hate Invisible, the instrumental for it and the interview could of been another song. It seems like Brave Brothers should of made a full album to match up to G-Dragon because when they make songs for others, they are amazing for people like Son Dambi, After School or Bae Seul Gi.

    G-Dragon: I love the style G-Dragon has gone for. My favourite songs are 소년이여 (Boy), Heartbreaker, Breathe, Hello, Gossip Man, Korean Dream and The Leaders. I give it 7/10 because of the amount of songs I like and have on my ipod.

  8. haha origianl ost

  9. geez what happened to what i wrote?
    i typed im not being a hater xP
    im just correcting it ^^

  10. idk maybe they thought it would be interesting
    2 make just a boys cd? xP i loved the songs
    esp. carnival ^^
    i would like a just girls cd then xD
    sOshi, BoA and csjh and maybe jang ri?

    i loved g ds new cd >.< my fab song is gossip man u can tell how he feels, pretty much describes not just they way he lives but all k pop artists

    and BB is jjang i love eveything they do i jus hope they study more for next year cuz…i know being a hater!! dont hate me!! xP its just that i wanna hear they singing japanese not english, most of the words are in english…. i have nothing against it but ….u know it would make them more popular ^^ and it would be cooler on the interviews!!

    again I LOVE them!! =D

  11. Sookyeong, SM already stated that this summer album was just going to be the boys and the winter SM town album was going to be the girls (im guessing SNSD, CSJH, Jang Ri In and BoA if she’s not too busy will collaborate in the same way DBSK-SuJu-SHINee have for this 1. ) No one said they arent in SM. They jsut split them up since they were planning two albums this year

  12. Good coverage^^..but maybe you should include the tracklist^^
    Can’t wait for my Heartbreaker copy!!!
    I totally in love with BB’s Japanese songs..esp “stay”..such a good sad song..TY’s voice is heaven^^

  13. Wonderful! Love the concise, yet informative updates on what’s hot in Kpop. Love the enthusiastic style of writing. I’ll be looking forward to reading your articles…keep up the good work!

    Welcome! and thanks for helping out sookyeong. Your a wonderful addition to this site.

  14. It’s very helpful! But I suggest you include mp3 videos of some of the songs. Just like what sookyeong did in one of her post. 🙂 And include some non-mainstream korean artist if u can. Haha.

  15. Thank you! It’s very helpful! I’m looking for songs to put into my MP4 and this is helping me. ^^
    Please continue! =]

  16. YG does not let us rest! I was living in GD’s glory then BB’s album came out!
    I’m in love with GD right now, nothing people say can change my mind about that.

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