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DaeSung & Bashing Haters… Seriously?


As many of you know, Big Bang’s DaeSung is recovering from a successful 4 hour long surgery. But what waited him wasn’t a whole a lot of ‘get well’ balloons and cards, but instead bashing comments that made him suffer once again.

On August 11th, after a filming of  ‘Family Outing,’ on the slippery road had gotten in a car accident injuring his nose bone and his back bone. However, on the 19th, YG Entertainment stated that “After a four hour long surgery, overall it was a success,” and then stated “Moving is still uncomfortable for him and we are worrying about him ‘Family Outing’ schedule. The netizens answer back by saying:

  • We are happy the surgery went well
  • Hurry up and get better!

Meanwhile, the fans were sending him congrats/get well messages, along with the rise of DaeSung’s military issues, some netizens bashed at him for it. Military issues had caused a lot of problems for Koreans. The singer Psy, even decided to go back again to the military when the netizens found out about his military problems. Another arising topic for more bashing is plastic surgery. With netizens’ keen eyesight looking for “plastic surgery,” these people who bashed on DaeSung wasn’t too happy about it fixing his nose at all. Luckily the fans answered back to these bashers:

  • Please think before you say that to a sick person, if you were the one in the accident can you say that?
  • Aren’t you guys being too harsh? Think about it if you were hurt!


64 Responses

  1. […] all the car accident, plagiarism accusations that YG Entertainment is facing now for its family, there was also recently […]

  2. […] all the car accident, plagiarism accusations that YG Entertainment is facing now for its family, there was also recently […]

  3. this is just sick mann!! It’s just disgusting to be bashing someone who could have been in a much worse condition. Really these people, i hope they get into a car crash next time

  4. That happened with SuJu members as well when they were in a accident as well.
    Hope he gets well soon.

  5. these haters should be burned in hell lol! jk :p dae dae get well soon 🙂

  6. family outing became dull without you 🙂
    get well soon dae-sunggieee 😀

  7. This is low and lame.
    Netizens need to get a life.

  8. ya konw wat i got 2 tel those jack ass who keep hating on daesung all i got 2 say iz dont hate cause he iz famous nd u jack ass r not famous

  9. Man… bashers/anti-fans/netizens have no life.. AT ALL! How else is Daesung suppose to get healed if he doesn’t get surgery? People these days are so harsh and stupid!

  10. K-netizens are so careless and thoughtless and just idiotic. c’mon, even if I am not fan of Big Bang I still would think they are going overboard.

    But since I am, it’s 10000000x more irritating. I hope those people saying such ridiculous and insensitive stuff backfires on their part. Daesung just had a serious accident and what they think about is plastic surgery and excuse from military? Seriously. seriously.

    They should effin’ shut it. damn i am so irritated right now. I just wanna squeeze the life out of them or hit their fingers with hammers so that they cannot type such idiotic and insensitive stuff. tsk.

    Ah I feel better now. hehe. I’m always praying for your recovery Dae! =)

  11. wtf is up with some people if he has to have a nose job Fine! I don’t bash people who goes under plastic surgery that needs it just those who doesn’t need who feel insure about their appearance. If Deasung nose is that bad and need to undergo plastic surgery then it’s alright. Haters back off!

  12. k-netizen shud get a life….. daesung-ee get well soon !!

  13. Eric of Shinhwa was in a serious accident on set, and he’s serving the military, an injury that surely should have granted him a pass. Dae Sung will fulfill his duty and the netizens can go suck it.

    I wish that his recovery goes well.

  14. wtheck?! that is just lame.
    how can anyone comment like that if they saw pictures of his accident? must be easy to sit behind a screen and type out garbage that you won’t even dare say to his face.

  15. far man i really feel like to swear at them so hard i mean how can they do that to our smiling angel i mean urghhhh.. STUPID FRIKEN ******* ****** ******** haters they must be like so seriously ugly and like jelous of how much people love him i know i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Can someone tell me why Korean men have to go to the military? And why they are bashing Daesung for it?

    Netizens are really stupid and careless. I’m afraid to say this but, if they were in an accident, the same opinion by other netizens if they were famous would be the same.

    Netizens are HEARTLESS.

    • To answer NyNy’s question:

      All Korean Male Citizens have to enter 2 years of military mandatory service and you have to fulfill entering the military by the age of 28. I mean if you had a crazy government living up above you .. you would want a military that was ready.

      Why they are bashing Daesung is because .. Now this is the ridiculous part.. They are saying he got into the car accident on purpose so he could get exempt for fulfilling his military service. Because in some cases if you are too seriously injured and will have chronic problems resulting from a serious accident, like the one Daesung was in, then you could get exempt from the military or not have to go through the harsh physical training for the service and just given a desk job.

      NUTzens have nothing better to do but to bash and be critics. Infact, I was hoping there was going to be crack down after CHOI Jin Sil’s suicide (Some believe that the NUTzens played a part in her committing suicide) but it looks like that has fallen to the wayside. I hope that helped.

      • Well, thank you imin2film for the explaination.

        Netizens really are heartless and utterly stupid. It wasn’t his fault to get into a car accident, how do we know it’s not done by a netizen themselves.

        I don’t mean to be rude to the other Korean netizens who are nice and know how to respect others, but the other Koreans obviously have no lives and are bored critics ready to stir up trouble.

        I can’t wait to learn Korean so I can bash the whole lot of them.

    • You are welcome.

  17. netizens are really ‘careless’ with their opinions .
    even if daesung did plastic surgery, this is for his health..
    dae sung fighting!!!!!^^

  18. GET WELL SOON DAE!!!!!!!!!!!
    D; im gonna miss you on family ..
    hm,, i really think the netizens are getting out of control now..

    i mean, the guys hurt!!
    and he needed the surgery!
    its not like he purposely got into an accident just because he wanted his nose done.,.

    stupid netizens.

  19. i’m really looking down on these netizens. its so shameful to even think something like this. will someone intentinally have an accident and risk his life so that he can have plastic surgery and avoid the military? these netizens are beyond ridiculous. i choose to believe they are the minority

  20. sigh. the sme thing happened to uknow. when the chick tried to killl him. sad as helllllllll. whyyyy are pppl like that

  21. hmmm….i guess the bashing about plastic surgery has to be expected. i mean i’m a fan of daesung and that thought did come to mind. i mean it’s like for me if you asked me to go for plastic surgery i would not want to but if i’m involved in an accident and had to perform surgery on my nose and eyes then maybe i’ll take the opportunity to improve it. so, yea, i totally won’t be surprised if daesung comes out looking differently but i definitely would not bash him for it.

    • Yeah, I actually did wonder if they did plastic surgery on him, I hope not and he’s just resting and getting better.

      • Since he fractured his nose then fixing it wouldn’t be called plastic surgery. It would just be medical protocol. The nose is going to look a little different because the surgeons can’t put the nose back together exactly as it was before.
        As for the eyes. They shouldn’t look too different. If it was just a medical procedure then he won’t come back with double eyelids/ bigger eyes.
        I hope he gets well fast. =)

  22. ^
    No wonder the suicide rate in korea went up.LOL agree with yah , really
    this is too much.
    im have no word to say.
    Just ignore them, haizz, its not worth a damn 4 us to care
    Say what u want, dont give a sh*t anymore….too tired .
    poor you Dae oppa ah~
    please get well soon

  23. People are absolutely horrible to each other sometimes.
    He really got hurt and people wanna throw insults about plastic surgery and what not while he’s recovering?
    some people have no class.
    stuff like this makes me re-evaluate my own words and try to work harder to be a better person.

  24. seriously?
    someone’s hurt in a horrific car accident
    and all they think about it is “he’s getting surgery to get a nose job”
    netizens have seriously taken this to a new level
    no wonder the suicide rate in korea went up

  25. damn! thats is too harsh to do to a sick person!
    have a heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hopefully Daemon oppa will recover as soon as possible! Be strong ‘cos VIPs will back you up no matter what ^^

    Antis. Are. Very. Free. People =.=

  27. Daesung shouldn’t worry about those haters, he’s waaaay better than them. those antis can go suck it!

  28. I really would love to know Hangul and write a 10 pages essay about how ridiculous and childish Korean netizens are in the eyes of the rest of the world and put it up on Naver with huge bold letters just to show them that they are not the smart idiots that they think they are.

    Just how can a person have so much hatred inside? They are not happy with anything or anyone. They pinpoint at every single thing that exists.

    They seem to have so much free time in their hands and that’s why they don’t do anything productive. Instead of making foreigners think highly of their country, they put it at shame by taking the attitude of uneducated, disrespectful, and ill-mannered people.

    These kids are the ones that should be sent to the army to see if they actually grow up! Seriously, the world is the crap it is today because it is full of so many pathetic fools like these.

  29. Those bashing netizens are a bunch of pathetic idiots.

    Daesung is such a great guy. He really doesn’t deserve that crap about plastic surgery, especially during this recovery time.

  30. to those haters who spread rumors about daesung having plastic surgery, I wish the car you’re riding won’t get tumbled and you getting into an accident as well.

  31. I love the antis’ position “why should he fix his nose if it’s broken?” Lmao, I don’t know, so he can breathe?
    If your nose is broken it can heal wrong if not adjusted. Of course most antis don’t actually value logic as a tool when bashing whoever…

  32. aish!! stupid people. how can they say that to dae. so stupid. would they actually want to hear if they were in dae’s position. who cares about plastic surgery! if he’s still the funny dorky cute smiling angel we love, then i don’t care.

    Get better soon. I’m happy the surgery went well.

  33. At least do it AFTER he is recovered. Seriously I love and hate the netizens, they embarass themselves.

    Haters need to step aside. Daesung is too good for all this bullshit.

  34. I just have two words for those people


  35. stupid antis !
    he is not that stup[id to crash himself just to fix his face!
    military issues ?! he’s 20 !!! for goodness sake !
    antis should get a life !!!!

  36. hope he gets better sooner. family outing isn’t going to be the same without him so he should gain strength quicker. as for the haters, they should worry about themselves.

  37. Freaking netizens. I am so ticked off.
    Right now, I WANT Daedae to
    rest. Gosh ; freaking anti’s. UGH.
    Ruined my night. Damnit.

  38. what military stuff? Are guys in Korea suppose to join the military at a certain age or something?

  39. oh man. im speechless.

    Don’t mind them Daesungi and get better soon! ❤ fighting!!!

  40. HA~ I knew it… I knew some netizens would go and say, “Oh he’s gonna get omre like a plastic surgery instead of a fix.” gah~! curse you netizens who bashed on him!!!

  41. so daesung had to get nose plastic surgery to fix his nose?

    • No, he got surgery to fix the fractured bone in his nose, but netizens will definitely accuse him of having plastic surgery if his nose looks different post-surgery.

  42. wtf? they should get a life.

    get better soon, Daesung ❤

  43. WATTA?! damm, i swear these damm netizens (code name: ANTiS) are effin effed up. I wanna see one of ’em breezies in a car accident where they face is all messed up. Now what? Biatch is you gunna go through surgery or not?

    UGH…these ppl need to think of common sense. it’s not like he was like “imma crash today and that way i can get my face all plastic fantastic”

    damm netizens, they can only talk trash online w/o they real identity bein shown. i wanna see one of the die hard BB fans investigate into one of these malicious comments IP addie and find out who the b!tch is. i wanna see these breezies get effed up by some BB fans. Sh!t, i’ll be up in that mix too. Give ’em on of those “I’m Rick James b!tch!” slap

    • and my bad for all those curse words. it would’ve been worse, i tried to restrain myself

  44. …eff that.
    what is freaking wrong with these people.
    that is sick.
    how could they say that??
    just ’cause youre not face to face with someone shouldn’t mean you allow yourself to sink to a level that low.
    insulting and bashing a person who just suffered the results of a serious car crash???

  45. Whats wrong with them !! Really sick people

  46. Those netizens are just pathetic. Why are they picking on someone who just survived a serious car accident and is recovering from a surgery? Dae is really kind-hearted and sweet. He doesn’t deserve such nasty comments. I hope Dae doesn’t see those comments. He doesn’t need this stress while he’s trying to rest and get better.

  47. What military issues?

  48. freaking netizenes should go get a life. they seriously, must have no life at all! =) GO DAESUNG<3 we love you no matter what!(:

  49. i seriously wanna punch those freakin bastard netizens. shitty people who shit about people’s success n fame. aint worth living man. i seriously hope someday any celeb would rise and be against these netizens. i know fans n netizens things are a serious thing in korea but they should stop being a jerk. urgh

  50. i hope dae gets better. some people just create hate to lessen their boredom they need to grow up.
    but how did military issues come up? the dude is only 20, he has almost a decade before he has to do military service.if he is exempt from them in the future, it’s not like he couldve predicted the future and not get into an accident or turn back time.
    PLASTIC SURGERY IS NOT BAD. infact the original reason why plastic surgery was created were for people who disfigured or had bad side effects from diseases/ illnesses. it only has a bad connotation since society shallow as ever. Dae got plastic surgery to fix broken bones not to get a dang nose job

    • “but how did military issues come up? ”

      I think the whole military issue got brought up because I believe if you have a chronic injury, you don’t have to actually go through the military training itself, but you can get a desk job instead. That might be the only reason why they’re bringing it up even though it won’t be for a LONG time.

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong please.

      • ur right about da military part…i’ve heard ;bout dat from many places…

      • even then its not a big of a deal, lots of celebs try to get out of it by ‘being sick’ or having ‘packed schedules’ or most even end up doing desk jobs either way.

      • umm. do all singers have to go military? like all the big bang memebers and everyone?

      • all korean males have to do military duty.

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