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K Bites – 20.08.2009 III (HanYeon-Kim Hyun Joong, 2NE1TV)

B2Y member HanYeon goes way back with SS501 Kim Hyun Joong


A photo of Han Yeon from upcoming 4-member group B2Y posing with SS501 Kim Hyun Joong has been circulating online recently.

It was known that the 2 had trained together during 2001 and 2002 and the photo was taken during that time. It was known that HanYeon was selected out of 500 participants during Mnet audition. He has gained popularity even from back then, with a fancafe of 10K members set up for him.

It was also known that HanYeon, who is known for his great dancing skills and together with Kim HyunJoong got through an audition from an entertainment company and were preparing to debut as a 5-member group together. Back then HanYeon was decided the team leader and Kim HyunJoong was the youngest in the group.

But the group did not get to debut and Kim HyunJoong debuted first as part of group SS501.

Meanwhile B2Y will release their first minialbum on ‘나!원!ì°¸!’ on 20th August.

Mnet 2NE1TV gets criticised for censorship


About the recent criticisms of Big Bang GDragon’s hand gesture featured during Mnet 2NE1TV recently, Mnet staff revealed their stand, “We were flustered and speechless.”

On Mnet 2NE1TV aired on 12th August GDragon was seen showing a hand gesture to the camera but the past was mosaic out.

Choi PD to the show said, “We didn’t thought that it was a sign of swearing or sorts after looking at the video. But because we foresee that people will play around with that image using photoshop and post them up on internet and so we decided to mosaic it out.”

It was known that there is fear that there may be negative influence on GDragon if the image of him showing the hand gesture will be used to make other weird photos and circulated online and that was why it was handled this way when the show was aired. But they didn’t know that it will also cause an issue by doing the mosaic effect on the scene.

2NE1 TV staff said, “It can be seen that this is just a mere gesture of a singer moving to the rhythm of the music.”

Meanwhile, there was also an issue about the pants which 2NE1 member Gong MinJi wore during 2NE1TV with the bear prints on them. There were many discussions about how the prints are not suitable for a minor like MinJi.


87 Responses

  1. if i were. typo .

  2. *if i weren’t . typo .

  3. oh Gosh .

    If i was the one who bought that care-bear legging ,i wouldn’t even notice there’s “that” kind of picture printed on the legging , it’s a tiny picture ftw!

  4. chit tal

  5. ,,..heyyyyy,,,people,stop making some arguement about that hand gesture thing of GD ,and minji’s pants…NO OFFENCE,but stop ur arguement so that this issues wont get big…i mean sure i love GD and 2NE1,too ,,but when i read this issues about them,i think first before i get to my decission,.and when i read all of ur comments i was really dissapointed cause ur just making things grow bigger and worse [again NO OFFENCE]…..so please,dont make grow bigger,dont get small things go big…[get my point?]..if u really love ,u wont let their image,be ruined ,right/..sooooo,do what u have to do,that is right for their career…….

    ,,,u can get angree wiht me if u want,but all i was trying to say,,is what i think that is right……

    …pls,..get my point ,before u judge my comment….f its or the best..

  6. plus, that carebear is really cuteeeeeeee! :B

  7. that hand gesture was really nothing.
    looks like green goblin with his three fingers :B
    so yup, nothing, so why create a fuss? O:
    makes me wonder..

  8. ^ Shut the F up retard.

  9. GD is a tough guy wannabe. What a dbag. You ain’t in the US idiot.

    As for the carebears, if you watch the ep, it has an erection on it. They werent able to censor it so you can see it clearly.

  10. this is just stupid in my opinion. GD is in his home, you are entering his own privacy and people are critacising him about the clothes he wears and the things he does, why don’t they just get the hell out of his house then. And its not like the netizens are saints and never swore in their lives before.

    Same with the 2PM changsung issue about the littering. The whole point of the show is for 2PM to get away from their idol image and do the things they want. Jeeez this is just too much, these artists work from 7am – 3am and all they get is nothing but criticism for what they wear or whatever. Just back off!!!

  11. stop picking on GD man i mean forealz
    n minji come on wat could go wrong
    still LOVE YG TV damn stop picking on small thinngss!!!!!

  12. Lol, looking at GD’s photo again, it does look like he’s swearing but then again, he’s got his pinky up aswell, so I guess it’s not totally swearing..

    And about the carebear thing, I didn’t know it was inappropiate, I thought they were for kids lol

  13. People are overreacting a bit…
    Personally, I don’t really think the bears is such a big problem cuz I live in America and that’s normal….And plus, how many people actually LOOK & READ EVERYTHING on a shirt? I don’t…plus artists wear stuff that stylist gives them anyways….

    But being in the Korean culture, you have to be very careful about everything from top to bottom…

    And netizens are getting TOO TOO MUCH!
    They need to get a life.
    I think they’re on such a long break so they can’t find anything better to do that’s alll…

  14. I’ve stopped being fan of GD months ago, cause lately he’s been acting like a total weirdo.
    About the bears.. yes, it’s real. And they’ve confirmed it.
    Not because i’m fan of 2NE1 i’m gonna pretend to be blind.

  15. i know the care bears are inappropriate considering she’s an idol and a minor but i can’t help but roflmao. too damn funny.

  16. haha. i love GD and I love Minzy. i see nothing wrong with the mosaic at all. Although i did think he was swearing. huhu. and the naught Care Bears, keke, so what? let ’em do they own thang. haha.

    All this is only goin to give GD more publicity. =)

  17. Where was Yang Goon when Minki bought those leggings?
    I know YG doesn’t care about their image, but I have to agree with the netizens on this one. I wouldn’t want my child wearing those type of clothes.
    I guess it also depends in the culture. In the US, it could be seen as no biggie, but in more conservative places is such a huge issue.

    As for G-D; I’m really starting to feel bad for him. I don’t remember anyone from YG being so hated in the past…

    PD Choi hwaitin!!

  18. i don’t get this entire thread
    people are saying that GD was swearing with the middle finger
    but that was only the conclusion because of the mosaic
    if you guys look carefully he has his pinky and thumb up…which in my books means NOT SWEARING…it’s just a hand sign, like the west-side sign or w/e
    and minji’s leggings…i can understand why people are saying it’s not appropriate for minors, but it’s not that bad. i bet she doesn’t even know what it means.

  19. i really don’t understand why people are getting so nit picky about this. GDTV decided to record his recording session with Teddy and CL. It just so happened they curse in the song! even if he didn’t sing along with it, you still would’ve heard it. it was MNETs decision to record that. and he’s not even sticking up his middle finger alone in the picture. like everyone said, the mosaics were deff. misleading.

    and about Minji, i’ve seen those leggings on KSTYLE. Get over it. omg

  20. […] “Wtf?” Don’t mind me, I’m just stupid. I found this quite amusing though: Mnet 2NE1TV gets criticised for censorship. I first saw it on Omonatheydidn’t, my new favorite place to get the latest on […]

  21. I would never wear pants like that since I liked the care bears when i was younger and those are just distasteful.
    yes she’s at home, but she knows she’s gonna be filmed, save the naughty stuff for off camera.
    however I got my 2ne1 cd yesterday and was looking at the photobook and Minzy’s shirt is so low cut purposefully showing her bra. clearly YG needs to reevaluate how to promote a minor.
    if they censored GD they got a mess if they didn’t they would’ve got a mess. There’s no pleasing netizens, but i won’t blame Mnet for censoring it just in case. it’s not like anybody thinks GD doesn’t swear.

  22. They are just people. It’s not their place to be role models. If people think what they say, do, or wear is inappropriate, ignore it.

  23. eehhh to GD’s “swearing”
    i know YG is westernized” and all BUT he’s in asia and it’s broadcasted. swearing on a TV show is…well, pretty lame thing to do *shrugs shoulders*

    and minji’s pants is LOL why would people want to wear that anyway

  24. HOT ISSUE i i i issue 1 2 3 4 4 4minute girl lol

  25. Dang, I really thought GD gave the middle finger when I saw that part in the show. Mnet’s mosaic idea was misleading.

    Geez, some netizens find the tiniest details. ]x

  26. chill. gd is flowing with the music, and let minzy wear whatever the fudgee she wants, shes at home or rather gd’s home, why must she exclude herself from certain clothes. netizens arree stupid as hell, giving artists no freedom.

    ppl talk like they never did a “swear” handgesture, or wore unappropiate clothing (some may not, thats understandable) but still…leave these artists alone. they deserve a normal freedom like us people.

    • i meant inappropiate****

    • i agree!!!! i dont know whats the big deal. im pretty sure there are times when your caught up in something and you just do it without thinking. people act like they are angels and dont do anything wrong/commit sins. its stupid. about minzy pants yea for her age she shouldnt wear that but shes at home/gd home, just let her be.

  27. eh……GD tries too hard sometimes. He’s trying to be black or something.

    • so if you stick up your middle finger or curse you’re acting black? ….that doesn’t make any sense. people all over the world do that in thei songs. Katy Perry even curses in her songs, is she acting black? that comment didn’t even need to be made.

  28. he’s really a gossip man…
    celebrity news will be absolutely boring without GD…

    well, it’s unavoidable to be watched over in whatever he’s doing knowing that he’s overly awesome…


    sometimes netizens are just too silly to pick things over GD..
    his shirts, hand gestures, music, what else could be next? I wonder… the way he walks maybe later can be inappropriate also,,,,


  29. they mosaic, netizens don’t like.
    they don’t mosaic, netizens still don’t like.

    netizens, sighhhh.

    anyways, imo, minji leggings are digusting, if you see the pants in whole. she’s been wearing that for a while. i rly hope she didn’t look at the characters and just wore em. but seriously, who the hell cares netizens! nitpicking on these STUPID little things.

  30. I knew GD didn’t stick out the middle finger.It took me in a matter of minutes to notice it.You could tell.Well,to me at least.
    ^^ Netizens need to seriously make themselves useful and leave GD alone.

  31. Sigh Mnet PD did the mosaic effect to prevent bad affect but seriously because they did it so now everyone thinks GD did the inappopriate hand guesture. And about Minzy, I don’t know about anyone else but I really don’t pay that close attention to pictures in my clothes when I buy them. The pant seems really cute. Maybe I should be more careful the next time I buy clothes too 😀

  32. I kinda lost a bit respect when I watched GD put his middle finger. But when i read this article i’m a bit relieved. I personally don’t like people swearing even in daily life…on broadcast tv is even worse!
    I think it’s funny how MNET should blurr it coz it definitely would make people misunderstand. Misunderstand is worse than people faking GD’s pic (LOL some netizens should get a life if they really manipulate GD’s pic)

  33. i hope the 4minute album isn’t delayed…

    • what the hell are you saying.this is a 2ne1 post.im a 4minute fan too but u know u can look at the 4minute forum to have news about 4minute.you would have known the mini got postponed to the 27th.

  34. people just have nth better to do. =.= picking on our idols.

  35. i think they’re overreacting..im korean.and i think most of the people in korea overreacts about ghis things..
    i mean they’ve bashing on GD actually with YG family they even bash on daesung for like couple of days now! who’s next?!
    minji wearing those is ok.. i mean you guys know that
    they yg is westernized so it’s normal..
    that PD is a bit stupid for not cutting out the part when gd was doing a hand gesture.. damn.! he should have just done that!

  36. I was thinking.. how the hell are care bears inaaproiate… when I saw the little censored part… made me laugh :). and gds hand sign… I thought he was moving to the music or something ><. But no big deal 🙂 imo. GD seems more realistic somehow now.

  37. Idk why GD act like this. perhaps he think he got his own style or swagga. he seemed trying very hard to be look cool person which actually he’s not

  38. Mnet kinda made it worse by censoring it.

  39. All this is no big deal. Do they mean people might Photoshop GD’s pic to show him with just the middle finger? big deal, some people need to pull that pole outta their ass. if not that then what kinda weird things are ppl thinking?

    I guess korea really is more strict than the US.


    • I’m starting to think that too. I mean apart from working, going to school, studying and everything they do in their busy life, 50% of it must be going on the computer and pointing out everything they think is going wrong in the K-Pop industry.

  41. lmao that’s funny I can see that now he didn’t intentionally stick up his middle finger but when I watched it I thought he did and I don’t know about u guys but I liked it. I thought gd was badass and I guess I just thougt it was cool. Ppl in yg aren’t like other artists they are more westernized and hrmm I don’t really know how to explain myself to make it not sound like I’m bashing. But ppl in yg don’t have that cutesy/funny giggly kinda image like most others to me their image is more realistic you could say it’s fun outtere and iouno what I’m on about but minzys clothings gds finger it’s nrmal ppl should just get over it.
    And personally I thought the swearing is kinds hot but thats just me.
    Sorry if I sounded completely

  42. Hes geting down down down down n down

  43. netizens have eagle eyes. its just a piece of clothing that she wears at home. she’s not even performing. gosh let her wear whatever she likes.

    and i also thought that GD was giving the middle finger…damn Mnet. haha

  44. the one with hyunjoong, maybe they were suppose to be the group that was suppose to debut in china. i saw it in an interview where hyunjoong said he was almost tricked by his former management by making their group debut in china. basically just sending them there without really knowing what was going on.

    just my speculation.

  45. Care Bear my childhood fav cartoon series.

  46. where’s my 4minute?

    • I think your comment came a little unnecessarily.

      You’re firing up yet another fan war. =.=

      • actually, no, this has nothing to do with 2ne1, im actually wondering where 4minute is since their new mini-album was supposed to drop today

    • if it IS delayed.

      • I’ll make this short. If it’s not released today, then it will be on the 24th, maybe it is delayed.

        But since this is a 2NE1 post, you should something about 2NE1.

  47. Come on that Care Bear could be another victim of oddly drawn objects that look like inapporpriate things… like the cover on the Little Mermaid, or Spongebob’s hand his pocket that looks like.. you know.

  48. I was surprised when G-Dragon swore but I wonder what he said along with it. That’s probably why in the song he changed it slightly.

    Choi PD should have known that in many other countries (including USA & UK), that hand sign is a swear word of course.

    And Minzy’s PJ are inappropriate? When did the Care bears become inappropriate for a 15-year old (16 in Korea) to wear? Huh? That’s just stupid.

  49. I love YG and all…but DAMN. What’s up with the swearing in front of live television? I mean i love GD and Big Bang and 2NE1, but it’s getting out of hand. I know they can’t always act like the “good celebrities” but doesnt mean they have to show this kind of sides of them. &nd the wearing of inappropriate clothes, and on a 15 yr old girl? eeeek, YG should put on a dress code or something…

    • YG TV isnt always live the camera man/girl follows everyone around for the ENTIRE day and when they go back to mnet they edit stuff out. the pd thought that part wasnt bad so THEY put it in. he’s just being a guy

      • what i meant by live, is that its shown to EVERYONE. But even so, if he’s just being himself, he has a lot of YOUNG fans out there. &nd even though they dont mind it, it’s still inappropriate…

  50. care bears … not appropriate ? kekek ^ ^
    The mosaic was misleading… when I first watched the episode I automatically assumed GD was putting up his middle finger because if not why else would they blur it out?

  51. why is there a screen-cap of the un-mosaic version?
    and how is care bears not appropriate for a minor like minji???? … seriously, I DON’T GET THAT.

    • Uhm a portion of the care bear (where the private part is supposed to be) is in mosaic if you look carefully. at least thats what I thought…

      • HAHA yea I noticed that too but at first I thought the care bears were having a drink of soju…. kekeke

  52. Not suitable for a minor… ?
    huh ?
    Arent those care bears ?

    • Uhm a portion of the care bear (where the private part is supposed to be) is in mosaic if you look carefully. at least thats what I thought……

  53. leave minji …..
    ur rite’ pd-nim.. some may edit they gd’s hand gesture and make it like sumtin else

  54. i thought GD was swearing too when I saw GDTV’s video last week

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