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Anycall Magic Hole Anyone?


What does a cellphone advertisment need to have? Some of the hottest stars to represent the phone of course (aka. Blue Chips)! Our favorite Boys Over Flowers Star LeeMinHo and KimHyunJoong, and even the After School cutie, Uee all pitched in for a CF of your dreams~

New phone had been released from Anycall called, “Anycall Magic Hole.” With a sleek design and a colorful hole in the middle to add in a spalsh of color, it is bringing a lot of anticipation from the comsumers. In set of 4 different commericals (at least for now) the phone was portayed in many different ways. The one with Uee and KimHyunJoong was a cute parady to a drama phrase “You are in my heart,” changing the phrase to “A hole is my Anycall.” A different one in the set, including KimHyunJoong and LeeMinHo was a short skit talking about the “Which star are you from.” On this short ad, KimHyunJoong and LeeMinHo both portrayed their dorky as well as cute side. The next in the set was Uee, KimHyunJoong, and LeeMinHo all portraying the functions of the phone. The last one in the set with LeeMinHo and Uee pairing, showed demonstrated MinHo‘s manly-ness , the phone’s auto folder ability. By marketing the phones these ways (using hot icon stars) brought many interests to the people watching the commerical clips.

Other Popular Anycall Phones:

  • Yeon-Ah Haptic
  • Anycall Haptic
  • Haptic Amoled

22 Responses

  1. How much the price that handphone at korea….?

  2. kapan ponsel ini di rilis di indonesia ??
    berapa harga nya ?

  3. i dont like this cell phone because i het korea

  4. where can i get this phone??? i wnt this phone but i it in america?????

  5. may i know where i can get this phone function ?

  6. […] Anycall Magic Hole Anyone? « K Bites […]

  7. will it work in australia? I’m thinking of buying one. 😀


  9. I would love to have a phone like that to bad america would not have one of these phones

  10. LOL So funny. These ads made my day. HAHAHA!

  11. I liked the creative commercials but not diggin’ the phone design. I like how it’s slim but somehow rather, the hole seems a little weird to me ^^;

  12. Korean phone ads…! 8D Really random haha, but kinda cute. I think UEE can act (or at least sort of act), her expressions and voice didn’t make me cringe ^^

  13. I’m sold. I would love one of those. MinHo can sell me anything. WOW!

  14. xD luv’ it specially the second, 2 dorky so cute ^^
    ah ah why their this kind of phone only in asia -_-….

  15. Korea Has AWESOME phones! lol autofolder, tambourine effect? heheh!

    Lets get those here in the US! …please..^_^

  16. ~_~ koreans and their cellphone ads

  17. Well, at least Kim finally looks like a man now.

  18. rofl i loved these!
    UEE’s evil look when she was flipping the phone was priceless.
    that’s is a very girly and shiny phone…i want it ^_^

  19. haha hilarious

  20. ahaha minho and hyunjoong is hilarious ahah

  21. XD LMH & KHJ are so hilarious!
    I would love to have a phone like that! ^^

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