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K Bites – 22.08.2009 II (2NE1, Super Junior HanKyung)

2NE1 can speak up to 6 foreign languages


2NE1 has revealed their hidden talent through broadcast programme.

2NE1 was on KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 22nd August in an interview and when asked by reporter Kim TaeJin about their ability in foreign lanaguages they said, “We know 6 foreign languages from Tagalog, to French, to English to Japanese.”

And in the interview, Sandara Park introduced herself in Tagalog, CL in French and Gong MinJi in Japanese language.

Also the girls talked about each members’ role in the group – Sandara is the atmosphere-maker, Park Bom is the one in charge of aegyo, and leader CL is the ‘omma (mother)’, and youngest member MinJi is in charge of roasting bread in their dormitory.

Member Sandara Park also talked about their broken Music Bank trophy which she had posted the photos to online, “The production team has came and contact us telling us ‘We will fix it’ after knowing that the trophy became 2 pieces.”

SM Entertainment, “Super Junior HanKyung was not on a date, and is tired of paparazzi”

hk_220809SM Entertainment speaks up after photos of Super Junior members HanKyung and famous Chinese broadcaster Jia Ling were uploaded on a Chinese portal site.

A SM Entertainment representative said on 22nd, “HanKyung, Jia Ling and 7 other had went to play pool together. Even though they had all played pool together, it seems that HanKyung and Jia Ling stood out in the crowd.”

HanKyung is currently very popular in Korea, and is being followed by paparazzi often with much interests on him.

The SM representative said, “(HanKyung is being) tired out all the popularity. Because of the paparazzi, HanKyung is very tired.”

“There was also an earlier case where there were photos of HanKyung taken only with a female actress, when they had went out together as a whole drama team after filming, uploaded online. All these have caused HanKyung to be very tired.”

39 Responses

  1. throw ur hands in the air

  2. of course cl and minjy

  3. 2ne1 are so beautiful. especially dara and bom

  4. your in. in my heart dara

  5. bom just you and i

  6. 2ne1 are beautiful,cuteand beautiful voice craziest 2ne1.love u dara,bom,cl,minjy.

  7. hi are u guys coming in philipines

  8. sandara can really speak tagalog and english and, yes, she studied at a chinese school here in the philippines.

    • as well, English is a required subject in Philippine schools so non-English speaking foreigners ( like Dara who first came here) eventually learn to speak it.

  9. wow CL french accent is pretty good !
    it’s cool ’cause if i meet her i could chat with her haha xD (i’m irrealistic, i know ~)

  10. Kabr, on August 23rd, 2009 at 1:21 am Said:

    I doubt they can speak 6 languages fluently, probably know only a couple of phrases they can say on tv to try to impress people
    they are not trying to impress people and they don’t just know few phrases. dara lived here in the philippines since she was 8yrs old. she is very fluent in tagalog and english, she can do conversation using english and tagalog. search ur facts first. CL traveled alot because his father is an educator who travels around the world, when she was young and moved to korea she wasn’t even fluent in korean but in english first. bom studied in the U.S for 10yrs that’s why she is fluent in english

  11. French, finally something I can understand. Thank you CL!

  12. CL lived in France when she was young. She can’t hardly speak Korean when her family went back to Korea.

  13. Lol Minzi was nearly falling asleep when the presenter was talking to her at the beginning XP, 2NE1 <3333333

  14. Hankyung really does get into a lot of scandals in china, he just have to be optimistic about it, think of it as a sign of his popularity.

  15. Oh sorry… you wouldn’t be able to see it if you’re not a member…

  16. CL’s tank top does a double take. LINK: http://gallery.asianfanatics.net/index.php?act=image&pid=756497

  17. awwww hankyung =) oh wells i’m sure if it was hankyung actually saying the news was untrue he’d put it in a nicer way… but then again maybe not…the papparazi is making all the korean idols seem like they just go to china so they can go on secret “dates”

  18. I doubt they can speak 6 languages fluently, probably know only a couple of phrases they can say on tv to try to impress people

    • That’s what I had in mind.

      Dara-fluent in Tagalog, Hangul and English
      CL-fluent in Hangul, idk in French (only few words) and English ( I havent heard her speak in convo using English)
      BOM-fluent in Hangul and English
      Minzy-fluent in Hangul but Jap idk maybe few words ?

      • i think shes more fluent in french, on 2NE1 Tvi think or some interview, she said she had a hard time prounoucing ‘s’ and ‘ss’ when she first came to korea..

      • Dara knows how to speak a little of mandarin too, she studied on a semi Chinese school in phils. i read it somewhere.

  19. i notice that when CL says things in english you can’t hear an accent at all.. how did she get so good? did she stay in the US at some point? and wow FRENCH! shes amazing.

    2NE1 is fireeeee! ❀

    • Yes, CL’s father worked in the US for a while and she lived here. Dara, Cl and Bom are all fluent in English. I know Minji knows some English but I’m not sure how fluent she is.

  20. HanKyung LOL.. YG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SM

  21. i never get what i should “get” when CL said “you’d better get yours, cause I’m getting mine”

    but hey she can speak french, all is forgiven then.

  22. 2ne1 is the best.
    lol i hate sm.

  23. Ugh the paps need to get real. Their tactics are old and nobody is buying it anymore!

  24. 2ne1 is so talented!

  25. Hehe I love hearing CL when she speaks french ! It’s not a language a lot of people speak in Korea πŸ™‚

  26. let’s see korean, english, tagalog, french, and japanese, that’s only 5.
    I’m assuming one of them can speak mandarin then. I read that CL’s dad is a language teacher so she’s pretty fluent in the languages she knows.
    wow this is the first time I’ve ever read of SM telling the press that one of their idols is sick and tired of the paparazzi while disproving a scandal. well someone had to let them know

    • amazing right, i read somewhere that minzy can speak chinese plus i watched dara b4 in a TV drama in the Phil. were she portrayed a chinese girl, she speaks in chinese throughout the show. Im still finding for a YT link for that but i guess no one uploaded it. I think its way back 2004-2005.

    • You forgot Korean which they can all speak.

  27. Wow that’s heck amazing

  28. ^^ wow 2NE1 can speak 6 langauges total? i can barely speak two xD. aww how cute hankyung is on a date i hope it went well ^^. and for him to get resy >.<

  29. 2NE1 is awesome!

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