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YG Ent singers fashion criticisms – noise marketing gone too far?


Amidst all the car accident, plagiarism accusations that YG Entertainment is facing now for its family, there was also recently been criticisms on the fashion of the idol stars in the company.

Girlgroup 2NE1 members Gong MinJi and Sandara Park were caught wearing clothes with prints suggesting to sexuality, and netizens are in heat debates if this is just a form of noise marketing from YG Entertainment.


Gong MinJi had wore a pair of pants with prints of cartoon CareBears. And then fellow member Sandara Park was also caught wearing the same prints during another show, adding to the heated debate over the criticisms.

And this is not the first time YG Entertainment faces with criticisms of fashion with propagandism features. GDragon was seen wearing a top during a cable music show with the words ’69’, ‘Fuck you too’, and ‘I ♡ sex’ printed on it, causing a big hoo-ha after that.


There had been much concern about this issue, since the majority of Big Bang fans are in their teens, and they look up to their idols as a fashion statement. In the end, GDragon came out to speak on a broadcast show that he will be more careful next time.

Back then with the case of the fashion criticisms, no one had foreseen that the response to the issue would be so great. But now, with the criticisms on Gong MinJi‘s Carebear pants incident, people question if it is just a form of noise marketing.

Not only so, GDragon was also seen with a teeshirt of a woman’s lower body on 2NE1TV, which had added to manys’ doubts about it. Many thought that YG Entertainment is sticking to noise marketing, by attracting attention of the mass public with use of sex codes, pictures.


The Korean culture is considerably preservative. It is a common scene to see a big issue arise with any case of deemed-inappropriate sexuality mention.

YG Entertainment came out to say on 21st August, “We are really sorry about this and we will make sure that it will not happen again.” But it seems many are not convinced by this explanation.

Some of netizens’ responses are:

  • “I cannot understand how they can let Gong MinJi, a minor, wear such clothes”
  • “These are people whom the teenages will want to follow after”
  • “Isn’t 2NE1‘s fashion coordi GDragon‘s friend?”
  • “Why do they keep wearing those when they keep getting criticised for it?”
  • “I want to buy that tee GDragon is wearing”
  • “That should be the fault of the fashion coordi right?”
  • “I don’t like it because I have a sibling at MinJi’s age and I cannot image her wearing that”

On the side note, this issues are debated closely to the recent case of 2PM ChanSung littering on Mnet Wild Bunny and GDragon on 2NE1TV doing a hand gesture of which was deemed inappropriate to many.


Many are debating if having idols on reality shows can prove to be a sort of negative influence to the youth fans watching them.

What do you guys think about this?

Are the netizens and viewers worrying just too much about reality shows and sexuality propaganda issues?

Let’s be objective about this. And no bashing.

97 Responses

  1. huh? i dont understand.
    the carebear prints suggesting to sexuality?

  2. yeah…. i gotta agree soshi and kara
    sometimes wear super short skirts x.x

    do not bash me ok!!
    hara on a interview had a smile covering her underwear….bcuz the skirt was way too short >.<
    again do not bash this is just the truth….but the clothes are sponsored….so i dont think they can refuse 2 use them….anyway just leave YG alone!!

    they have so many things going on now T.T listen to gossipman!!! maybe they will understand things better…

  3. geez -.-
    let them wear whatever they want
    netizens!! get a life!!
    like u guys never wore something not
    super composed… like u never made a mistake..
    like u never said something at the wrong time…
    like u never regreted sumthing u did!!

    ok i agree about the care bear cuz minji is just 15/16
    >.< but they will be more carefull from now on so please give them a break!! T.T

  4. well, korean netizens have different sense of standards anyways…

    like nobody was complaining whenever SNSD prances around in skimpy mini shorts… BEG’s “suggestive” hip dance / floor hunping in tshirt in Abracadabra did what, well caused a national sensation…

    not saying that naughty care bears are ok as a fashion choice… but still there are alot of other stylist choices in Kpop thats more scandalous.

  5. haha this just makes me LOL!
    i won’t say much, but that tshirt from gd is indeed inappropriate, yes he is just human and has the right to wear what he wants to wear, but actually, he gave up that right, right after he became role model.
    but ok, i read he was surprised, so i guess he is saved from this one (thank god for editing? xD) 😛 but honestly, even if you don’t expect camera’s and stuff, you’re a celebrity, camera’s will always be around you!
    and i really really love big bang, but they are just overrated, especially gd!

    and wow, i didn’t understand what is wrong with the care bears and i took a better look…. ermm… really inappropriate! i mean, minji is only 15!!! i can’t even imagine myself wearing that…!!! (i’m 20 btw)
    yg should really let their stylist mind what their artists are wearing! because they are role models and little kids look up to them! they should consider how they would feel if it would be their little kid wearing clothes like that. i’m sure they’d think twice before putting their artists in those clothes ;D

    but that’s just mine opinion ^^

  6. netizens just don’t like the REAL in reality show.

  7. jeez netizens need to chill seriously. they spend their time finding fault with everything. why make their own lives so troublesome?

  8. For the GDTV its a susprise visit for gd :o.
    So GD didnt know they are coming, if u watch the show you will know cause gd’s mom run away to hide :D.
    Well the point is there is no rules of saying what u CANT wear at home~ So.. yeh o.o;.
    For the 2ne1, minji wore it on stage :O. idk what to say about that lol.. XD. well … its quite NOTICE-Able.

  9. it’s not about looking perfect, it’s about the culture of Korea….Korean’s are more conservative and rather not explicitly show sexual connotation as Westerners….it’s the culture that makes something like this seem like a big deal to them – to us it’s normal but for their culture it’s quite shocking..since globalization, a lot of the culture is subjected to influences of Westerner talk and wear…it’s common, but there are still conservative people out there who will criticize as well as feel it’s not “right” for a native to imitate or mimick Westerner styles so heavily….

    • You brought up a good point and sometimes I really wonder if we weren’t better off not knowing what was going on in other places.

      The world seems to be going downhill since globalization started… -_-;

  10. I think it all depends in the culture. In South America, this would become a hot issue just like it happened in Korea and even I would make a huge deal out of it; but when I’ve been to the States, I’ve seen people wearing these type of clothes with naked women and sex and drugs prints without fearing being criticized.

    I believe that because in Korea idols are considered to be perfect gods and role-models, people are more concerned about the image they project. At the same time, I think this type of things can also help people open their eyes and see that none of these persons are the perfect figurines they want them to be.

    Also, keep in mind that not all of the clothes they wear are provided by their staff. The members also have clothes that they probably chose by themselves. You cannot expect someone to be checking out every single thing they put on, eat, and do. Good or bad, the purpose of Wild Bunny and YG TV is to show the members as real as possible; so people will have to learn to accept them as imperfect beings that will often make mistakes and artists will also have to learn to be more careful and aware of who they are and how they present themselves to the public.


  11. HAHA. netizens are making this seems like a BIG DEAL. OMG. these idols should be given the right to wear what they want. and they are at home, so isnt it right to wear something they are comfortable with? and if they are comfortable with what they wear, why should these netizens care?! these netizens are just too free.

  12. I don’t understand why people are calling netizens are annoying -_-

    Someone posted a picture, and they don’t have the right to voice their opinions just as much as you guys are doing so!?

    On the other hand, they are pretty nice.

    In Japan, some member from morning musume who was under-age seen with a cigar was kicked! An AKB8 member was “demoted” to trainee status…which that term meant it was due to some form of misconduct for an idol, such as having a boyfriend.

    Netizens complain, but at least they just say “oh it was not proper” (which, they are quite right), but did they EVER say “Oh! This member misonducted! Kick them OUT”!? No. Hardly.

    And clearly in the quotes, they did not even bash!

    All they merely did was voice “their CONCERN”. The comments were directed at the coordi, (and they didn’t even bash him!) with how was it okay to let the coordinator let such a minor wear anything sexual? What did you expect them to say, when they are from a conservative country? Oh! Those pants are cute! The youth of Korea should follow their fashion and let’s promote teen pregnancy!?

    ONLY ONE PERSON mentioned GD in the above, the majority were WORRIED about Minji, and it was only a disappointment with the coordinator and YG in their choices. Where did they BASH!?

    • On a side note, when Sohee was dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, quite a few of you (international fans) voiced your concerns and disapproval – called it too sexual for the little Maknae and asked how could JYP let it happen?

      But Maknae Minji is doing the splits and humping the floor, and wearing care bears where one has a penis and the other are in sexual positions, and you’re saying it’s too much Netizens are voicing their concerns?


      So it’s bad for Sohee to dance to a song, but okay for Minji to wear something that has a penis?

  13. netizens have no life. at all.

  14. netizens are quite annoying sometimes.. it’s a small case, not that important for you to brag about..why should they make it such a big problem as if they run around the street naked..

  15. how can GD wear that shirt beside minji.. she’s only 16

  16. i think it’s better than controlling their every single breath…I’m just saying. i think it shows that they let their artist at least wear what they want.
    I wouldn’t notice or mind any of the stuff that become controversies, some ppl have too much time to worry about what GD is wearing -_-

  17. hahaha, I wonder what Minji or Sandara would say if a 5 yr old comes up, pointing at one of the Carebears and asking,”What are they doing?”

    “Uhh–ummm..errrrrrrr.. they’re p-pl-pl-playing.” =)

    If i didn’t see the pants up close, I wouldn’t care, but bad choice on the pants. Carebear’s innocent image is destroyed after seeing that.

  18. i actually agree with the netizens on this one. the pants and the shirt were inappropriate. they can wear that on their own time but in front of broadcasts where there are minors, it’s not cool.

    however, i like how some fans of other groups are having a field day with this and their lame “respect the korean’s culture” crap but when it comes to their artist who is like the worst offender ever in the kpop history, it’s omg, netizens are so f*cking crazzyyy. *cough* you know who you are. you guys are pathetic as hell.

  19. Netizens are just making a big deal out of nothing. There are worse things than that.

    And it wasn’t even a naked woman on G-Dragon’s top.

  20. Com on guy
    Thas wat fashion icon do

  21. They are really effin’ annoying. I feel bad actually for YG and other entertainment companies for always apologizing to whatever faults these netizens find in their artists, no matter how small or big it is.
    But they have to apologize because it is the netizens and fans that buys their merchandise and gives their artists support…well, at the least the fans do.

    These netizens need a reality check. IDOLS ARE HUMANS. THEY MAKE MISTAKES. and I don’t think it was the intention of YG to make “noise marketing” by wearing something “inappropiate”. jeez.

    Well, they are a conservative country. But the way they criticize people, like Dae’s accident as an excuse for plastic surgery, goes against their conservative image. tsk.

  22. So, what’s up with the carebears issue? Jeez netizens these days, always like to bash artists. It’s getting hella annoying now. Can they just think for a sec?

  23. I keep repeating it, how this korean netizens can have no life?? I mean, I’d never be able to noticed something like that! So much free time to be searching for all their mistakes.
    That’s celebrity life.. I hate that part.
    By the way, they’re so inconsequent, What it’s the big deal about it?

  24. they’re conservative prudes. I mean honestly, no one would blink twice over this crap in europe or america, hell we’d be going out to buy it…in fact I WANT it LOL

    but w/e it’s their culture, so unfortunately YG family has to go by their own social and culture rules regardless if they think it’s bad or not. why? fans are just going to insane and waste their time arguing about carebears with penises and women in bikinis lol

    to each their own~

  25. what a big fuss. as if neetizens dont talk about such stuffs behind close doors…immature kids.

  26. no comment

  27. Honestly YG should’ve known better. It’s one thing if it happens once but this is a repetitive thing.
    YG’s target market is kpop and the korean people. You have to know your target audience and any backlash you recieve is your fault and only your fault for not doing enough research.
    Now, honestly when GD’s i love sex and 69 shirt scandal came out I said he’s old enough to dress himself, and he is.
    Words on a shirt don’t mean much to me. However penises on a carebear is another matter. Especially when you wear it in public on a show. Knowing YG’s stylists, they knew exactly what the pants looked like. They spend all their time finding the right sizes, mending, fixing the clothes how could they not realize it?
    If you looked at those pants in your hands you would be able to see the naughty bits.
    They are idols, netizens are watching their every move and while I disagree that what idols wear should be controlled 100%, an amount of discretion is needed.
    By allowing their artists to wear those types of clothing in public and in front of their target audience they need to accept the backlash. Korea has a very conservative culture and YG crossed the line in their opinions. No matter what the issue is a culture must always be respected.
    I personally think YG needs to reconsider how they promote Minji. She is a minor and her parents gave YG the rights to make their daughter famous, not to tarnish her reputation. I too, like that last comment have a little sister her age and it concerns me.

    • I agree

    • “If you looked at those pants in your hands you would be able to see the naughty bits.” true.

      i agree with your stand on this situation. the culture must be respected. i assume many readers here are not from korea and so their views can be skewed based on wherever their culture is like. level with how koreans are and understand that they’ve always been pretty conservative, which again, cannot be disrespected because a hip hop artist (a very good one in fact) decides to flaunt sexual references as if they were in america or any other country

      • Well, yes probably a lot of us aren’t Korean. I’m Black-British and I understand the Korean culture needs to be respected but many of us may think that it’s not bad because well…there are other countries with worse sexual references.

        His picture is not even a naked woman, just a woman’s lower body wearing a bikini bottom. Of course if we had those pants, then we could all see them but many of us would either dismiss it or get rid of it.

        I’m not trying to be biased but I think netizens sometimes go TOO far, I mean especially 2PM Chansung threw ONE piece of litter away and London, where I live has a big problem with pollution. That’s extreme, in my opinion.

  28. GD’s shirt is so degrading -__-
    why would he even want to wear that, ugh.

    • how you wear that shirt depends on your point of view. maybe to you it’s degrading but to gd i’ts not.

      and how is that shirt even degrading? i’ve seen worse and unless you’re living under a rock for half your life i’m sure you’ve seen some more objectionable shirts than that.

      • just because there are more objectionable shirts doesnt make the one gd is wearing any less degrading. its maybe not that big of a deal here in america (outside of school dress policies of course) but in korea, i’d say, yeah, its pretty bad

  29. when will the netizens finally get sick & tired of doing these kind of things? I mean come on, they have that idea that idols must be PERFECT and if the idols did anything wrong, they the netizens must “correct” them.
    i live in a quite conservative country too and i understand those feelings of netizens for the case of the “i love sex” shirt.
    but for this case.. the girl on the shirt had bikini on! aren’t their eyes sharp enough to spot that?!
    i guess they just aren’t happy that the American influence is storming into their country.

  30. Korean nitzens are waay too sensitive a.k.a nuts! I mean be influential and to be influenced are 2 different matters. Just bcoz those idols wear those kinds of clothing or do that kind of stuffs doesn’t mean they have 2 do it! By the way these nitzens respond, its like they feel that they’re entitld to follow the idols. Sure make them ur inspiration n admire their talents but don’t go gaga over their flaws! Say if every teens in Korea wear a carebear that erects you can’t possibly blame minji for that ryt??? She did not force anyone to do so. Same wid Gd n chansung.

  31. This is getting old, and it’s not funny anymore.

  32. It’s like if you like a shirt you like the shirt and wear it. I feel like in GDs case he didn’t see anything wrong w/it and just wore it. Like user said above, if he didn’t feel inappropriate wearing it in front of his mom or his friends then he didn’t think others would feel that it was inappropriate either.

    In Minji’s case I feel like it was and oversight. They probably didn’t even realize what was on the print untiil maybe it was too late….I think people who wouldn’t have paid attention in the first place are now purposely going to look for these things….

    I GET it, they are celebrities and they should be more cautious and aware~but I feel like GD is an open person who probably differs greatly from the conservative nature of most Korean citizens…

    -_- everyone has varying opinions and it feels like YG’s artists are easy to point fingers at….

  33. Wow, netizens are really going up the idols a$$es right? (sorry for foul language)

    We all know idols have a duty to showcase a role model image, but we also have to keep in mind that they do have life. Restricting them to what they wear, eat or how they act, isn’t it going a little bit too far?

    Of course it’s not totally acceptable, but we shouldn’t put all the blame on them, if “sexual” acts like these project negative images to the netizens, or younger audience, they [audience/netizen] just have to NOT do as their idol are doing. For example, just because GD would wear a certain t-shirt or eat a certain way doesn’t mean the netizens are obliged to do so. He also has his own way of living.

    I just think this whole thing is waaaaaaaaayyyy out of proportion. Think about it people, we’re in 2009. You don’t like it, just don’t pay attention to it. Period.

    • see that idea works, but not in Korea. the idol/netizen relationship is very close and netizens will follow what the idols do. Especially the young children growing up in this phase.

      • I’m starting to think netizens are a bunch of people with no lives pointing out the littlest things so they can start trouble and keep South Korea a more concealed and less free-to-do-what-you-want country.

  34. Gettttttttttttttttttttt over it netizens geeeeeebus. This is getting old man

  35. Hello!

    i dont think it is minji and dara’s fault! i think it is the coordi’s fault! and beside it is people’s choice if they would copy that style! and that carebear parody pants is still an art! so why stop wearing it?it is our choice on what we are goign to wear, but in 2ne1’s case it is their stylists choice. people these days are so malicious of things as if we could stop or control every persons desire to be liberated! lol

    but in gd’s case, i think it is gd’s fault. lol
    is he the one choosing what he would wear? he should be careful, or stick with that kind of clothing if he think he’s not doing anything wrong.

    we decide what we are going to do on ourselves, it isn’t the artist’s fault if people copy their style, we have our own likes and dislikes, let’s give them a chance. lol

  36. they seriously think that a 21 yr old rapper can be a perfect idol? =.= we’re lucky old girlfriends arent popping up everywhere saying where they’ve done it

  37. Not a big thing for me, truthfully i’d rather have that, then 2NE1 wearing next to nothing and grinding on men in music videos. Maybe for minji its innapropriate but everyone is acting like 15 to 16 year kids area totally innocent, they see worse stuff every single day. I myself find the parody of the care bears quite funny.

    The thing also is that no one would of even notice the whole Care Bear incident if not for that one close up shot of Minji and overly zealous eagle eyed netizens that probably pause every frame to look for things to complain about. Just my two cents.

    Oh yah, did you mean Korea is conservative culture or preservative.

  38. This article is so stupid (I know it’s a translated article).

    They act like the girls were half naked, and as if GD’s thing was hanging out. Fashion. Style. Pride of clothing. Courage of wearing just that.

    Quite frankly, I don’t think YG or his artists care much.

  39. this is just too much, c’mon, they’re just like everybody else wearing what they want to wear, it’s not like they have to be “perfect” all the time, they’re just normal kids like us…it’s true that they have to be a little careful because of their younger fans, but that doesn´t mean that they have to be a complete square…i don’t know, that’s just my opinion…

    • yeah the GD wearing the lady bottoms shirt is a chilling out shirt, he’s not on stage! minji wore those pants on stage though so i guess in korea that could be more of an issue but I dont really think it’s a big deal since this is nothing in the states.

      God forbid GD wear a lady on his shirt and have a I ❤ sex shirt but sure he's allowed to curse in his songs and say "make love" instead, lol.
      I dont think any of the above is a big deal.

      there's A LOT of hypocrisy going on.

  40. i think in the midst of all these criticisms from netizens to YG, lets take a step away from everything and talk about whats more important (maybe).

    lets honor the late Park Sang Min aka Eon or Hwang Min Yeop in coffee prince.

    its been one year and one day since that tragic accident. hard to believe its already been a year. time flies yeah?

    • i totally agree with you…. R.I.P.

      btw i dont think this is a big deal. blown way over proportion

  41. To me, I dont know if this is a way of marketting or not. It seems like YG allow their artist to express themselve however they want. TOP is an idol and he say he drink whisky, soju. GD and 2NE1 fashion too. Minors, oh please! Dont judge a person by their age!!! A lots of youngsters these days know alot of bad stuffs more than adult! I think instead of “idol” image , they are expressing themselve as an artist. Good or bad, it’s their statement! Specially with GD, he is old enough!!! Let face it, we all know our idols are not goodie good. I dont see why not see the real them instead of the fake goodie good. Maybe with the carebear, it’s a bit overboard… but i think i accept it.
    With Chansung case, they want to see “Reality Show” when they get the “reality” they complain? So what do you want netizen? Fake goodie good? or Real human? I can accept everything, the naked lady shirt, the carebear, the throwing trash, drinking alcohol etc… I want to see the real them, and see that they are humans! I want to see that they can still express themselve in this scary industry!

    • YEAH! Totally agree with u on this.
      I dont want to see the ‘fake’ artist as well.
      I think the korean netizens are going overboard. Their criticism is getting into every single aspect.
      Lets keep REALITY real people…

    • i agree…

    • I dont think any korean singer is ashmed of the fact that they drink

      • Yup! I feel like they proud of it too! hehe! But as far as i know “idol” need to have clean image. No drinking, no smoking, no swearing etc…. They have to be more perfect than a perfect human being. At least that is the old idol. Now I see YG and JYPE is going for realistic, and I really like that ^.^ Not only i know the real them, but also they have an easier life. Dont have to completely hide themselve and be someone totally different, like a robot.

  42. I understand that Koreans are conservative, but they are being too sensitive about these things. It’s not like YGE is out to corrupt the youth of Korea.

    • youre right. i doubt YGent used it as an marketing ploy to attract attention. as a company, i know they know better and its perhaps honest mistakes by their stars to showcase sexuality by the means of clothing.

      i think that this issue is being blown up because it hasnt gotten across to YG and its stars. the bigger the issue, the bigger the impact and i think that by making this a bigger deal, YG stars will finally realize that they need to stop with the sexual references. as sookyeong mentioned in her article, GD has been put on blast before but here he is again with another sexual reference. truly, i really like big bang; ive been a fan since their lalala and dirty cash days. i do not mean to bash on any of its members (or fans perhaps). im just trying to see it as it is, from a neutral point of view.

  43. really, i like YG. the whole hip hop family crossed musical boundaries. there is however a line of free speech that i think certain YG stars have crossed.

    first of all, many people here have voiced their opinion over how even netizens can find a carebear pants offensive when the bears on the pants are just sitting on clouds. if you saw those pants in person, you’d notice the erect penis right away too and with that, comes subliminal msgs. i think that idols, wherever they are (in their homes, etc), should KNOW that when the cameras are rolling, its time to act proper. having seen how the media reacts to everything, acting proper on camera for a celebrity should be a given no matter what the circumstances are. minji has no excuses for wearing those pants. people complain about how its the designers fault, etc but minji has the right, as do any other human, to oversee the choice of pants and change into something more proper. i think people here are just biased bc they love and adore yg, well, mainly big bang and 2NE1.

    people should know its not the content, but the msg given out by those images thats causing a stir. plus, why would anyone wear a carebear pants with an erect penis? -_-.

  44. dammit. close minded people! wtheck, 2009! yes, minji leggings are very inappropriate for her to look at. but what do you want from her now? GET OVER IT. mygod. NO, it’s not a YG marketing plan, IT’S THE MEDIA, THE NETIZENS that blow everythingg out of proportion. please, so much hypocrites.

  45. they just want attention… both the yg singers & netizens…

  46. Omoo.. what’s so wrong wearing those shirt or those pants? The should just wear what they want to..

  47. GD is an adult and can wear what he wants however Minji has to rely on her stylist. Her sylist need to pay closer attention next time seeing that she is a minor. It is quite funny though, naughty Care Bears.

  48. I honestly think everyone is over exagerating. Ok sure minji is wearing pants with a care bear with a dick, BIG DEAL! i would honestly wear those pants cause they are awesome. And so what GD has a shirt with a womens lower body, you can barely see her vag so whats the big deal? fashions all about making a statement. netizens should just STFU. they act as if YG makes his minors (and other artist) dress like whores and prance around stage with barely nothing as they sing crappy songs (there have been many ent companys to do this). then again i’m a libral and extremely open minded. i don’t see anything wrong with his artist expressing them selves.

    P.S. some netizens act as if they have never seen a penis b4. sheesh.

    • you also have to understand that korea is not europe or the states.they’re pretty conservative.it may not be a big deal for us but for korean it is.

    • What’s the different between “dress[ing] like whores” and wearing a shirt displaying a woman’s crotch? Or wearing a shirt with “69” and “I<3Sex"?

      Fashion statement or not, it's still crude and inappropriate.

  49. Korean netizens…so typical.

  50. to be honest I can understand the netizens point of view b/c I also live in conservative society where wearing a top that has words or sings like I wanna fu**k u too ,I love sex and 69 or tee-shirt of a woman’s lower body it consider to be inappropriate thing and I can understand why some are worried b/c most of the idols fans are underage and these fans look up to their idols but can anyone tell me why does the carebears considered to inappropriate or sexual ?

    • okay after I kept staring at carebears design I can fully understand why it considered to be inappropriate

  51. Seriously, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

  52. i think this was just plain and honest mistakes…i don’t think YG needs this kind of publicity or marketing strategy because the artists can already speak for their talents…
    who would have thought that the carebear leggings would be like that..i grow up with that carebear show and i didn’t paid much attention to minji’s legging because i thought it was just innocent carebears

    pointing out at their mistake i think is a big help for them to improve and learn something but i think netizens are being so judgemental about this situation…

  53. ”Gong MinJi and Sandara Park were caught wearing clothes with prints suggesting to sexuality” – ”Gong MinJi had wore a pair of pants with prints of cartoon CAREBEARS. And then fellow member Sandara Park was also caught wearing the same pants during a show”


  54. dude the guy was in his OWN room and didnt think the cameras would be there plus if he didnt change his shirt for is own mom who was there then why in the world should he change his shirt for the camera?

    • btw the girl is not even naked,she has a bikini on with money,are koreans not allowed to wear bikinis?plus carebears and littering?come on netizens!

    • im not in korea so im totally fine with it but i can understand why koreans are trippin bawls.

      the shirt solely focuses on that area which kinda means “focus on my vag” and with the money on the side, the added effect would make one think “stripper/prostitute”. its not the fact that its a girl in a bikini but its that its a scandalous picture.

  55. When it comes to 2ne1’s case, I think it was just plain oversight. The pants look totally innocent when you glance at it, I mean come on, care bears playing on clouds? The prints are so small and the only way to notice the bear’s hard on was if you totally scrutinized the tiniest detail of the pants. Besides, Dara wore the pants at a broadcasting in the Philippines and that pic wasn’t meant to be seen by Koreans if ever so how could this be noise marketing? Ugh the antis just want to find faults to bash on YG artists.

  56. Sorry but I find the carebears design really funny. I t’s also funny because I would never ever see what’s the fuss about the carebears until the netizens pointed it out. Anyway, it is really inappropriate but all’s left do is for the stylists to be careful next time. I still love bb, 2ne1 and yg family ❤ I hope people will be open-minded abut this issue.. even the 2pm issue.

  57. im a huge fan of yg family.
    but i think they”ve gone too far now..
    they should be more careful now…or else something
    really bad will happen to them in no time.. : [
    andi dont want that…coz i truly idolized them..
    biut on the other side..netzens should get a rest coz they have been critisizing lots of kpop artists lately..
    they should get a life from monitoring them 24/7 ..\\
    aishh..they are seriously getting on my nerves…

  58. I dont get what is so sexual in minji`s dara`s pants ?

  59. omg these ppl r crazy its just a bear its nothing bad wtf dat ppl r crazy these days let the idol be

  60. I don’t think YGE would go as far as having their artist wear attire like that to gain attention and popularity.
    They should all just be more careful next time and be aware that many who are younger look up to them.
    As idols, they have a responsibility to be a good role model for younger ones.
    It was just a mistake && we all know GD’s crazy fashion sense so I doubt it was because of YGE.

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