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2PM JunSu and Big Bang GDragon’s friendship shows


2PM member JunSu and Big Bang GDragon‘s friendship shows!

JunSu recently posted a post on GDragon‘s minihompy wishing him a belated happy birthday, and this has attracted much of fans and netizens’ interests.


It was said that JunSu goes by the name of ‘ChungDam Thuglife’ and he left a message on GDragon‘s minihompy:

Happy late birthday bruh

Netizens say:

  • “I didn’t know they were close”
    • “JunSu used to be a YG trainee”
  • “Chungdam thuglife? hhhh”
  • “It’s good to hear the 2 are close”
  • “This is so sweet”

JunSu has his ‘thug language’ much? hahah Imagine him saying it in person “bruh”

45 Responses

  1. wow!!!, i love yg and 2pm too, i love all :x, i hope 2pm and bb always be friend ok 😉

  2. i love both boy band! ^^

  3. […] 2PM JunSu and GDragon’s close friendship shows [Read] […]

  4. […] 2PM JunSu and GDragon’s close friendship shows [Read] […]

  5. im soo happy there friends i wish they where friends with Jay too!!! his a keeper. i luv my leaders.

  6. I Love Junsu
    I Love GD
    They’re so cool~~

  7. ohh at the end Tae Yang was like trying to talk to Wooyoung but he ignores him:(

    • No, wooyoung ask tae yang so go first but tae yang said you can go first xD so then wooyoung went down first xD i don’t think he ignored taeyang

  8. Chungdam thuglife..? ahahaha funny.
    yeah i heard they used to be trainees together.
    That’s so cute.

  9. 😀

  10. Aww Junsu! Kekekee so cute.. ‘bruh’.

    I love that him and GD are close. ^^

    Thanks for posting the video! I see GDYB moment, aw. ^^

    2PM ♥

    If they ever collab, that would be so freaking awesome! =D

  11. lol junsu. ‘bruh’. oh yeaah x]
    weee! i love those 2 groups. YG & JYP fo lyf 😀
    they should have a collab soooon ❤

  12. lolol. “bruh”

    we’re most definitely missing some bigbang in korea.
    same goes for jewelry (but are coming backkk)

    and wonder girls (: wonderbang has been dormant since last years gayo dejun, sigh.

  13. BIG BANG & 2PM LOVE <33333
    a BB/2PM collab would make my year also.
    just imagining my two favourite groups collabing .. NEED NAO.
    Junsu you wanna be gangster! ❤
    G-Su , Jun-Dragon anyone ? 😉

  14. lol Junsu is so gangster

    I didn’t know he and GD were close XP

  15. XD Big Bang & 2PM should collaborate!

  16. niiiice. anyone up for a collaboration by Big Bang & 2PM?? that would make my year.

  17. Aww, so sweet! Hehe

  18. ChungDam Thuglife? Ahahahahaha XD How precious ♥

  19. Aww love them. but i hate it when seeing Junsu wearing the mask? the mask that TOP use to wear too and when Taecyeon copies the voice of TOP when rapping. well that’s what i see when they perform “i hate you”

    • I hope you realize Top is not the first rapper with a deep voice. Taecyeon can’t help that he has a deep voice; if you had watched their pre-debut videos, you know it’s not put-on. As for the chin mask, it should be completely eradicated from this world. It looks AWFUL, no matter who wears it. Please do Hottests a favor and rally fellow VIPs to demand that 2pm stylists stop putting that travesty on Junsu. In addition, please also demand that 2pm stylists stop making Taecyeon wear shades on stage while performing. Taecyeon himself has said that he hates wearing shades on stage. The other members apparently make fun of him for having to do so.

  20. ahh my favourite bff!


  22. sweet relationship… *lol*

  23. cute and sweet!

  24. i felt some awkward tension between jaebum & taeyang @1:18… must have felt weird seeing another person with the same hairstyle? oh & wait taecyeon too..lols.. aside from that, nice to hear junsu’s close with gdragon (;

    • haha, smae hairstyle, height and builtness :9
      gotta love tae yang and jay 😀

      GD&JUNSU are ❤

    • lol it’s funny cause to YB, Jae would probably be “Jae Hyung” – maybe that’s why….Jae is older than him

  25. They look really sweet and happy to see and talk to each other.

  26. so Junsu was never a YG trainee? But aside from GD he knows Taeyang and CL. ^^

    • That’s because CL used to be JYP’s trainee

      • Yup, that’s right! Sohee did thank CL when they released The Wonder Years – Trilogy.

        SO-HEE thanks to message goes like this:
        “우리 CL 붸붸~ what’s up 채린 ♥”

      • CL just received 1000000 points in my book for being friends with sohee

  27. JYP & YG Family Love ♥

    It’s nice to see them still keeping in touch like this ^^

  28. 0:39 YB was so awkward ?? haha
    love BB ,2pm

  29. junsu was never a YG trainee
    he was accepted to both YG and JYP, and he chose JYP in the end.

    but yeah
    they are very good friends

  30. Junsu is a good friend of GD n YB.
    They are in the gang of “88”.
    They were born in the same year and were trained together before.

  31. Woah, that’s a lot of bowing. Lol.

    • so many times.. my head would hurt.. lol
      I love the sweetness between GD and Junsu..
      TOP looks like a robot in this vid.. everyone is talking but he is just still well.. except for the bowing..lol

  32. i love this so much~
    i really need a collab between the two of them (and youngbae too~) asap!!!

    I love him, aha. ♥
    Jun-Dragon love~

  34. Ahah , wtfeezy ? Chugdam thuglife ? n__n.
    &Nice to hear they’re close.
    JYP & YG love !

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