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K Bites – 25.08.2009 III (Super Junior, Nich Khun)

Super Junior goes on a summer vacation


Group Super Junior members go on a summer vacation and photos of their vacation were revealed online.

The boys went on a vacation recently to GangWonDo SamCheok for a 3D2N vacation.Β The photos were uploaded on several members’ minihompu.

ShinDong uploaded photos on his minihompy on 19th August writing ‘Fun SamCheok’. ShinDong was talked about what a waste it was that not all the members’ faces were shown in the photo, “All the faces are sunburnt! The last day”.

Members DongHae and HeeChul also uploaded photos on their own minihompy. HeeChul uploaded photos when he arrived on 24th August. He wrote beneath the photo “You can tell from my clothes and hair that I came from a seaside place”, “Everywhere there were people saying ‘Isn’t that Super Junior?’.”

He added, “We played did jokgu, went swimming and ate seafood. All the 3 days, we eat only meat” member KyuHyun thanked fans for sending them the meat to eat.

Guess what is 2PM Nich Khun looking at?


Guess what is 2PM Nich Khun looking down at?


It’s an assignment plaque.

Nich Khun was in Seoul Shinlla Hotel appointed as Thailand tourism board ambassador.

With that Nich Khun will be appearing on posters, TV ads and guidebooks to tourism to Thailand from August till October.



31 Responses

  1. I saw kibum on the pic! he’s so dark hehe. and eunhyuk wore the same shirt as well. kangin’s shirt image color is different. were those theme shirts? πŸ™‚ go suju!!!

  2. Nich Khun is a hottie =D

  3. khun’s hair grew back <333

  4. I was smiling while looking at their vaca’s photos. Makes me happy.

  5. what happen with siwon’s hair??? old school looks….^^
    whooo….khun is so adorable….!!!!

  6. Nichkhun looked very tall! HAha πŸ™‚ He’s so handsome!

  7. gyaaa~
    aww.love them dress
    like a normal guy
    they are super hawtXD

    nich khun:)
    look sooo tallXD
    love him too:D


  8. Suju looks so happy. I’m glad they had their rest πŸ™‚ They look much happier πŸ™‚

  9. all idols take a break…
    if u watch aadbsk3…
    u can see that dbsk had take a break last january… lol… i watch aadbsk… why not watch them??? hoho
    and then they went to saipan for aadbsk3…
    i think their aadbsk3 is a part of their vacation…
    i just read about 2ne1’s vacation… so all idols take a break..

    awh… suju’s vacation seems to be fun… they dress like normal guy… they look so hot with that dress… i went to sungmin’s cyworld few days ago… he post a picture of him jumping so high… haha… love him!!!
    wait… is that kibum?? i dunno he went to the vacation…
    so nice to see him…
    lol at siwon’s hair… ahahha

  10. why bring DBSK into the subjec…goooosh so many haters in this site nowadays…dbsk took 10 days as break from acouple of month right?

    oppaaas didnt have abreak for along time and being together make them happy ,,only for 3 days…they looks comfortable and happy …oppaaaaas fighting

  11. Nichkhun, inside me NOW!

  12. Khun-na-rak! HAHAHA. He is so tall man. and and CUTE ! Haha πŸ˜€

  13. You know..I’ve always wondered, how do you pronounce Nichkun?

    In my mind I always say it as Nik-kun (kun as in how japanese people address people like ‘Natsuki-kun’)

    Someone tell me if I’m wrong!

  14. Nice to see Super Junior having fun and taking a break! They all look so funny and normal, like guys that could live in your neighbourhood! Which is basically why i love them – the 1st idol group without the idol image. Anticipating SJ M’s comeback and 2jib!

    • i agree. they are soo the idol grouo without the idol image. aaah~ why do they have breaks but not dbsk..? is sm biased..? just wondering…..

      • DBSK has a fatter schedule, they’re “the gods of the east”
        There are no breaks if you have that title.

      • LOL at achu……..!

        yeah i thought that was weird too…
        maybe he sent them away to do some dirty deeds? who knows what that crazy man is thinking… (even if it his thinking created such powerful idol groups…)

        or maybe he let them have a vacation
        so he would seem less evil…
        aka make E.L.F. go “YAY ! :D” and not think badly of him…? sounds pretty decent of a plan….. LOL very elementary though.

    • sooooo true!!!!!

      Idol group without the idol image….that’s the reason why i love them =)

      ang kyuhyun??? so, he joined the vacation but he’s not in the pic..sad =(

  15. ahh…
    nice to see idols getting breaks (:

  16. You got typo there, honey. It’s ambassador, not embassador.

  17. I never knew that a promote-country-type-of-song could be that hot and upbeat! =D

  18. Khun is so cool…
    btw, it’s good to see SuJu members are free and comfortable like that, oppas FIGHTING~~~

  19. omggg nick khun.. *DROOLs*

  20. I just realised how tall Nichkhun was ^-^ (his shoes look girly. lol)
    Glad that Suju could have a break πŸ™‚

    • LOL..yeah..
      He always look short because the other members are taller. Don’t like his shoes, though..

      • You think he looks short with the members?? o.O How? He the second tallest guy in 2PM, no matter which way I look at them, he and Taec Yeon, Chan Sung always stand out!! Junsu, Junho and JaeBoom ain’t tall!! Woo Young is average =))

    • wow you’re right!, His shoes are girly xDD
      Yay suju boys got a nice vacation =D

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