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K Bites – 26.08.2009 (f(x), HwanHee, Sulli)

f(x) to have their first showcase in front of fans and other SM artistes


The veil to Asia pop dance group f(x) has finally been lifted.

The group will be having their first showcase in Seoul SeomYoo Centre on 2nd September – inviting all media and music fans to their first performance.

The showcase will take place for about 1 hour, performing their debut song ‘Lachata’ and also revealing the MV to it. Each member will also show off their own charms and talents on stage for individual performances.

It is said that SM artistes like So Nyeo Shi Dae and SHINee will be attending the showcase to give support to the group’s first ever performance.

(Photo= Sulli, Amber, Krystal,Victoria, Luna)

HwanHee to release solo album coming September


HwanHee, one half of R&B duo Fly To The Sky, will be having his first solo album.

HwanHee has recently signed on with H Entertaiment exclusively as singer and producer and will be releasing a solo album.

HwanHee’s company said, “He will not only be promoting as a singer but also be over-looking at the company’s operations. We are looking forward to not only HwanHee’s own music but also other artistes we will groom.”

More of f(x) Sulli revealed


More of f(x) member Sulli revealed.

SM Entertainment will be revealing more photos and profile of each member to upcoming group f(x) for the next 5 days from 26th August.

The first members to be revealed is Sulli. She is currently a year 3 middle school student and debuted as young role of SeonHwa Princess in SBS drama ‘SeoDongYo’ in 2005. She also took part in other movies like ‘Babo’, ‘Punch Lady’ etc and is known for her acting skills.




48 Responses

  1. damn! she is so beautiful hate all of you who say she’s not and their song is so good!!!

  2. like pace13 said, the teaser doesn’t really get me interested. they’ve got these elegant dance moves going on but honestly the song is addictive at all (only judging on that short teaser). if the teaser is supposed to be the “highlight” of the song.. that kinda sucks. some people here commented about how netizens are shallow becomes they care so much about the looks and not 100%. but if you think about it talent can get you pretty far but looks is always a bonus. there are plenty of idol singers who have survived mostly on their looks and personality without having any amazing singing capability. its probably kind of mean to say this… but when i first say these pictures i though “wow she is really ugly…” the 3rd one doesn’t look that bad but the 2nd is horrendous. this is a completely shallow perspective to judge this soon to debut singer but honestly, people admire idols who can 1) entertain (doesn’t necessarily have to be through singing) and 2) be beautiful.

  3. she’s better without make-up, beautiful bare face

  4. victoria is so pretty! i wonder if krystal has the same nice voice jessica has. and amber, she better raps LOL she’s so handsome O__O

  5. I’m not interested.(I thought they were going to be cool or blah.
    but as i heard lachata or lacheta. or whatever, It was very
    BLAH. I know it was just a teaser)
    I’m not yet over with DBSK’s case LEE SOO MAN. O_o

  6. looks like they got their style from 2NE1… with colorful accessories to hair.. 😀 only in my opinion…

  7. sm create stars. don’t deny it. sm knows ppl are loooking at them very closely due to their bad publicity lately. this group better deliver. and I have a hunch they will. =)

    • True, I doubt SM would debut them now if they couldn’t deliver.
      I’m kind of excited to hear their song and see the MV and learn a little more about each girl, especially the one who looks like a tomboy.

      2NE1 is my one and only fav girl group at the moment…Well the only girlgroup I’ve ever loved. but they need some competition to spice things up a bit xD

      I truthfuly don’t mind more girlgroups in the mix, the more the merrier – gives me more things to listen to. 4Minute and T-Ara have been bleh for me, After School has gone AWOL except for random performances and too much UEE, so I hope f(x) can turn things up a notch ^_^

  8. all members look a like its so confusing. Their fashion reminds me of KARA/2NE1. They look awkward too, maybe because this fashion doesnt really fit these YOUNG girls.

  9. hwanhee is back!!!
    can’t wait for his solo album

  10. Their fashion kind of reminds me of 2NE1…

  11. is that the girl that acted in stairway to heaven?

  12. Ew she’s trying too hard to look cute!

  13. f(x) Fighting!!! can’t wait for their performances.

  14. She has happy faces

  15. wow, people here are so shallow. i thought it was talent that mattered, not looks? i guess that only applies to 2ne1 and yg artists.

    • precisely. when yg artists’ ugly pictures are revealed, these trolls claim “OH IT’S TALENT THAT MATTERS” but when non-yg artists’ ugly pictures are revealed, the same trolls go “EWWWW WHAT UGLY PEOPLE”


      • yeah and i love how people here always talk about how korean netizens are shallow and judge people’s looks too much, but the netizens here are JUST as shallow and just as judgemental. the people here aren’t any better than korean netizens, they just think they are.

      • wow your really reaching only one person said she wasn’t easy on the eyes and these girls haven’t showed any talents yet this has nothing to do with 2ne1 or yg your just bringing because your upset people show their biasis on this site

      • jan – WORD! I don’t even know why 2NE1 and yg family somewhat gets negatively inserted in an f(x) topic.

      • I didn’t know fans defending their idols from insulting antis were considered trolls.

    • It is possible that the people who think 2ne1 is unattractive also thinks fx is unacttractive. why do people everyone who posts on kbites is a YG fan?

      • cos the writer’s big fan to BB

      • ..but not all who posts here. They should know that also.

      • Oh man, you really are underage, aren’t you?

        I don’t know why fans can’t learn how to appreciate everyone’s music without fighting. This isn’t a competition, this is music people! Let your soul enjoy it!

        To those 2NE1’s fans or impostors bashing these girls, why don’t you first learn some manners? I really get pissed seeing that as a 2NE1 fan, I also get labeled as something just because of a bunch of immature kids’ childishness.

        Even if I’ve been a sucker for YG artists since I was a teen (Mind me, I’m now 22) I don’t see the necessity of creating such wars. People you need to grow up and to use your brains. Where does all this bickering bring you? Nowhere. And in the end your opinion isn’t even that important because you’re not part of the market shared that SME or YGE are aiming for.

  16. Their concept look like Kara sexy purple concept, except fx are uglier.

  17. sulli is so plain looking… her front head is huge, def not easy on the eyes.

  18. she was born in 1994 same as Krystal, 2ne1’s MinZy, Kara’s JiYong, & 4minute’s SooHyun.

  19. I really wanna hear Lachata. Honestly I would like an explanation as to what it is as well, cuz I keep thinking leche and horchata rofl milk in spanish and a mexican milk drink xD
    Sulli must be the aegyeo of the group despite Krystal being maknae lol
    so at least 3 of them have acting experience. SM def. has plans for them. rumor has it that the public’s reaction to them will in turn affect on SNSD’s future. If they get popular then SNSD can go overseas. Also it says that their concept is only for appearance to test if SM can have SNSD do a similar one. Since some of the members are really young SM doesn’t want to stick with this concept.

    • you got many information about them. can you tell me when they debut date?

    • what you saying? That FX are like guina pigs for SNSD?

      • ^ exactly what I was debating in my head reading those words from Angel. Anyway, I guess SMent really wants to market f(x) in Asia. F(x) members are really young which is good but I’m just awestruck. I’ll patiently wait for their debut.

  20. Yea her body is not matured yet

  21. Congrats to HwanHee.

  22. HWANHEE!!! omg i missed him. can’t wait for him to come back

  23. reminds me of beg and after school…anyway, good luck to them…
    the pose of the girl in the far right was kinda akward…

    • Same here. I think they’re a more polished version of BE and AS. The dancing skills they showed made me think more of an elegant sexy group rather than anything else.

      I still don’t get the comparisons to 4Minutes or 2NE1. 4Minutes is kind of funky electronic and 2NE1 hip-hop oriented.

      Anyways, I wish them luck though they’re too young for me to spazz. I’ll leave it to teens.

    • too awkward, i say. LOL.
      the sulli looks like yeah, 8-12 years old.

      and did she had braces?? her teeth now is perfect than her before pic below.

  24. that girl looks like 8,10 12 yrs old

  25. what! “fx”, nahhh, new group again. I would rather choose 2NE1 and 4 minute.

    Hwanhee is back, waiting.

    • wow you haven’t even heard their music or see them perform. Nice to know people are objective and unbiased.

      Though I’m kind of worried for this group, because most of their members are models etc etc, do they actually really have singing and dancing talent? I’m hoping since Luna is the only trainee without any other acting/modelling background she will be talented but the others hmmm… Victoria can definitely move. Krystal…. Amber has a good voice. Waiting until september 2.

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