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K Bites – 26.08.2009 IV (HeeChul-UKnow, 2NE1, JPY-Rain)

Kim HeeChul, “UKnow YunHo lives like his drama character now”


Group Super Junior Kim HeeChul talks about the acting passion of his SM Town family member Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo.

HeeChul was present at the press conference of his comeback drama SBS weekend drama ‘Thousand times I love you’ and talked about UKnow YunHo’s recent conditions.

He said, “I talked a lot with UKnow, and we spent fun time together. He is a friend with leadership and does well in everything. And he is recently living his drama character. He wears his training suit and uses dialect.”

“YunHo really like acting and wants to do well. He is living like his character well and brings out his drama character well.”

Meanwhile the first episode to UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading The Ground’ will be aired on 9th September.

2NE1 to end promotions for ‘I Don’t Care’ with 3rd remix – unplugged version


Popular girlgroup 2NE1 will reveal the 3rd remix version to the song ‘I Don’t Care’.

The group won 5 consecutive #1 on KBS Music Bank and 3 consecutive #1 on SBS Inkigayo, as well as topping various online music charts, taking the Kpop realm by storm with the song ‘I Don’t Care’.

A representative from YG Entertainment said, “2NE1 has much greed to show everyone new features everytime through much practice.”

The 3rd remix will be made by Rollercoaster’s Jinu and 1TYM’s Song BaekKyung and will be a unplugged version. It will be a remix with a 180degrees transformation from the original song, and will be revealed on SBS Inkigayo on 30th August.

The group will move on to promote 4 other songs from their 1st minialbum as followup promotions from ‘I Don’t Care’.

Park Jin Young poses with Rain in the club


JYP Entertainment’s CEO Park Jin Young reveals his close relationship with singer Rain.

He uploaded a photo on his Twitter account on 26th August, with the note “Last night in Korea. 3am in da club. Loud music, cigar, champagne, with my brother Rain, Cool..” attached.

The photo featured him posing with singer Rain while smoking a cigar. Netizens’ responses were, “Haha~ I love pictures when you guys are together”, “Must have been loads of fun (: Both of you guys look amazing” etc.

Park Jin Young is back in Korea to work on 2PM’s upcoming new single album.

17 Responses

  1. i’m guessing unplugged version is acapella?
    rofl JYP and Rain. They look like a bad uncle who took his little nephew out to a bar because he didn’t wanna babysit the kid at home. only cuz rain’s such a babyface =D
    Heechul+Yunho=<3 their friendship is definitely a special one

  2. Good luck to Yunho oppa with his new show! ^^ Admist all the chaos, I hope he’s doing fine managing the stress (:

    UNPLUGGED VERSION! *looking forward*

    JYP + RAIN! ❤ Bosses of JYP and J-Tunes *JJANG**

  3. I love YunHo!!!! He was my least fav when i was a huge DBSK fan. Ironically, Now that i’m no longer a fan I love Yunho the most. ^^
    Gud luck with the drama. His friendship with Heechul is adorable.

  4. this 30th of august is gonna be the best sbs inkigayo ever. GD and 2NE1 on one stage! hehe.

    • yeah man! another reason to anticipate the weekend haha. unplugged version sounds ballad-y. so they can showcase their vocals!

  5. COOL!!! Can’t wait for 2ne1 this sunday. i’m so EXCITED!

  6. Can’t wait for Yunho’s HTTG!! 2NE1 is awesome!! the best ever..JYP and Rain..gosh i love those two..it’s so cool to see..how they have close relationship with each other ❤

  7. JYP and Rain, I respect them both. But it should have been 2am in the club, lol instead of 3am.
    I hope Uknow’s drama does well and I cannot wait for 2ne1’s 3rd remix of I don’t care.

  8. JYP PD-nim Saranghae

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