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K Bites – 26.08.2009 V (SNSD Jessica, BEG Miryo, Hwayobi-Sleepy)

So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica to star in musical ‘Legally Blonde’


So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica will make her musical debut.

She will be part of the cast team for musical ‘Legally Blonde’ to take place on 14th November in Seoul SamSungDong CoEX Atrium.

jessica_260809_2One of the officials revealed on 26th August, “Jessica has been casted for the musical ‘Legally Blonde’.” With that, Jessica will transform from a singer to an actress on the musical stage. This is eye-catching especially since Jessica’s new golden hair for So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ promotions was well received by fans.

‘Legally Blonde The Musical’ is a Broadway musical based on a Hollywood movie aired in 2001. Jessica will be acting alongside actors Kim DongWook and singer Kim JongJin.

Brown Eyed Girls Miryo voted the best rapper of all female idol group members


Brown Eyed Girls Miryo has been voted by netizens are the best rapper amongst all idol groups.

On community portal site DCInside, a poll was carried out from 18th till 25th August on ‘The rapper which you think is the most talented amongst female idol group members’, and Miryo was voted #1 with 3,072 votes out of 9,358 votes (32.8%).

The rest of the poll results show:

  1. Brown Eyed Girls Miryo (32.8%)
  2. 2NE1 CL (29.2%)
  3. KARA Nicole (18.9%)
  4. WonderGirls YooBin
  5. 2NE1 Gong MinJi

Hwayobi lock lips with lover Sleepy for more than 100 times over 4 hours for MV filming


Singer Hwayobi, who recently released a new minialbum, has also released a new MV to the up-tempo style love song ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’.

The MV features her lover Sleepy from group Untouchable, and in the MV features the scene where they have to lock lips.

The couple said, “Through the filming of the MV, we kissed for more than 100 times.” It was said that the scene took as long as 4 hours to be completed.

70 Responses

  1. Great story gotta love it!

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    U Got Talent . TV

  2. I agree with Nyny!!

    NIcole can rap but its not powerful like
    CL s or Yoobins or Miryo…

    Wow i thought tiffany fitted the character better
    i mean she is the one who loves pink so MUCH xD
    but Sica will do great!!

  3. Nicole raps a lot in their album…

    by the way, I think Miryo deserves it – CL’s rap is okay but nothing is special, it’s so forced but Miryo is just natural.

  4. Oooh I like Miryo’s voice. Her sexy self. :]]]

    And yeahhh not surprised to see CL in the poll! Love her voice and her raps.

    Glad to see Minji and Yoobin there too. ^_^


    Lol… 1OO+ times? Aww Hwayobi and Sleepy are super cute in the MV!

    Hahaha, she bit him during the video game. XDD

    I think I like the video more than the song. The song’s pretty good tho. ^^

  5. this is more like a popularity group…I mean seriously…even as an anti 2NE1, id say CL has the baddest rap. She has the flow and the attitude. &nd NICOLE over MINJI? Lol, thats not right.

  6. Oh great Legally Blonde the musical is going international and Jessica going to be the main character….with a name like that it figures -_-

  7. Miryo For the Win and BEG love all the way
    Miryo’s skill to die for
    seriously cl, gahee, tasha, and e.via have sick flows too

  8. id vote for cl ! shes freakin amazing her charisma is undeniable not only that (shes to me) the best female rapper but w/e miryo is cool … yoobin just talks when she raps but she should still be above nicole bc i havent ever seen her rap.

  9. Rapping wise, I agree that Miryo is on top. She’s very good at speed-rapping as well. Actually, vocal-wise, BEG tops the rest of the idol groups. They’re so good at singing live, people keep saying that they’re lip-syncing.

    I kind of understand why people think CL should be on top (or why CL is on the 2nd place). After all, CL is from 2NE1 that–apart from being absolutely popular at the moment–sings hip hop songs. It’d be a shame if she couldn’t rap.

    But seriously, people thinking CL is the best rapper should listen to e.via more. That girl needs more love. Cute quirky girl that raps? WIN.

  10. i like yoobin (: so she’ll be my first no matter what.

    the rest of the list looks like this
    1. yoobin
    2. everyone else.

    i dont know if we are ones who can really judge. how many people understand korean, honestly? if you dont, then i doubt you’ll really notice any flaws in their rapping other than stuttering and elements such as that. However, a nonkorean speaker will not be able to tell if the rapper really spits her words out correctly as if, if its clear, crisp, and strong. some can murmur some words and you wouldnt be able to tell bc you dont understand what theyre saying in the first place, loool. thats what i think

  11. I really don’t think Miryo is that great;;;; In BEG’s earlier songs she didn’t carry a good beat and wound up sounding… off. The reason I was so attracted to 2NE1 in the first place was b/c of CL’s incredible charisma and actual ability to rap. I like Miryo, especially in the new Abracadabra, but anyone who’s heard CL’s rap performances on other shows and on G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” track “Leaders” can agree that she’s better.

    Nicole is kind of a non-issue, as cute as she is, and Yoo-bin is more on the same level as Miryo. They’re not actually rapping so much a speaking lyrics rather than singing them. You can definitely tell where they’re “flow” is off, whereas CL’s is always perfect and feels original.

  12. hwayobi and sleepy are super cute together!

  13. Awwww Hwayobi & Sleepy are SO cute!
    Ahaha i love the part where he sings “you make me smile”
    then he smiled. They probably were REALLY happy
    making this MV. Ha-& they probably act like this in real life?
    -Haha i was just watching Legally Blonde yesterday.
    but cool Jessica’s in a musical.
    -Wow, i’m biased. i thought CL would be voted number 1.
    but Miryo’s good too. I like Yoobin, Minji & i haven’t heard Nicole rap that much.///i don’t listen to
    KARA that much so yeah.

  14. I know Nicole is a rapper, but why is YooBin after her?

  15. Heck yeah! Miryo is #1. XD I’m not a big fan of BEG, but from watching their perfs she is FIERCE! And… I don’t know how Nicole got up there.. I mean, Iike her and all but… It just seems like she’s talking really fast to me. LOL. Anyways, Hwayobi and Sleepy are too cute! ^^ And Sica… Haha. All I can say is that she really suits this musical.

  16. What makes rap… rap? I always divide rappers in K-ent where they are either part of idol rap (aka – idol stars who rap but can’t really rap) and real rapping (aka – T, MC Sniper, Leessang, etc).

    So many of these K-idol groups have rappers… just to have rappers, but very few actually exceed in this area.

    Miryo is a strong rapper, and no doubt a better rapper within groups than most rappers in groups today. Why she deserves number one is pretty much explained well by everyone above. The only time she annoyed me was during the first time I heard her and I had to get used to her voice.

    Nicole can’t rap. How she beat out others is a mystery… is this poll merely based on popularity?

    I think CL is a good rapper, but there’s room for improvement. With a bit more experience, she will kick butts.

    • I’m actually kind of curious why they usually put rappers in idol groups, or rather why idol groups need rappers.

      LOL so it’s not only me… the first time I listened to L.O.V.E (or My style..?), I couldn’t get used to Miryo’s voice XD The mellow melody didn’t seem to go well with her strength and pitch of her voice.

      Since I’ve never heard Nicole rap seriously before, I’m surprised by the results too. Her only recent “rap” would be the English part in Honey, which I never considered rap at all (Sorry Nicole, I like you but..!) Poll’s usually based on who’s more active in the scene at the moment, so I guess if BEG or KARA weren’t active they wouldn’t even make it to the poll. Yoobin’s probably there because WG is still a powerhouse force in girl groups.

      Jewelry’s rapper is pretty decent too, but I think she was forgotten but the commenters LOL.

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  18. sleepy & hwayobi so cute 2getha^^ can some1 tell me if hwayobi has tattoo on her left arm? or maybe it’s just henna 4 mv?

  19. Miryo >>>>>>>>>>>>Yoo Bin>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CL

  20. Miryo completely deserves this one. You can see her refined technique and control that I think CL is missing. CL does have attitude, but I feel like CL’s rapping comes out too forced, like when she spat out whatever English “hip-hop” word that came to her mind in a radio “freestyle”. Miryo was selected into BEG for her talent in rapping beforehand, not to fill the position of a rapper.

  21. I like Miryo’s rapping the best. It just comes out so natural and powerful on stage.
    and guys…..Nicole is the rapper for Kara. She did it a lot more during the First Blooming days, and no they weren’t ever as loud, in-your-face, fast, hip-hop-ish as the others on the list, but that was simply because that wasn’t the type that fit with their songs, though Break It kinda had that. Her raps were more like…super junior’s.
    LOL I was JUST wondering if there was a korean version of Legally Blonde the musical. I LOVE that musical. rofl I can see Jessica as Elle, her voice fits the role as much as her hair =D

  22. If Nicole can rap so can I! I don’t hear it as rapping but rather as talking, quite frankly, I don’t think she can rap, but her company put her as that, so that Kara has a ‘pretty rapper.’

    Other than that, I like the list (for idol groups that is).

    I know people mentioned Jewerly/Baby J, oh hell no, she cannot rap! Especially in Engrish, it sounds f-ing weird. Ya didn’t hear her in ‘One More Time?!’

    As for After School…………………………speechless that people would even consider that rapping.

    But I suppose people have preferences, I just listed mine.

  23. hmmm..for me:

    1. Tasha
    2. CL
    3. Yoobin
    4. Minzy
    5. Miryo

  24. Why the fuck is Nicole up there? I love her but she doesn’t even have that rapping vibe, sure she writes the rap herself but anyone can. CL fans are so cocky~

    My list would have been:
    5.That rapper from Jewelry
    100. Nicole

  25. I can see Jessica playing Elle. lol
    yeah, Miryo!! =D But just.. how did Nicole get #3? I love her, but when it comes to rapping, she isn’t that great.

  26. yeah for jessica…..
    she really fits the role…
    too bad it wont be broadcast, rite?
    i want to see her acting…

    yeah, i always though miryo is the best korean female rapper…
    cl?…maybe after she gain more experience, she’ll be the same level as miryo

  27. YAY MIRYO ! ! ! ❤
    2ne1 and BEG are currently my top favourite girl groups am.

  28. Whoever voted for this poll is crazy!

    Even Minzy raps better than Nicole. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nicole, but she can’t rap worth a shit.

    1. Yoobin
    3. Minzy
    4. Miryo
    5. Nicole

    Yoobin is the most versatile rapper in there. Every rap is delivered differently, and carries a lot of emotion. That’s why this girl should be topping that list. CL, Minzy & Miryo, kinda have that same style. Very 90s way of rapping (which isn’t bad, but it does not make them unique).. Nicole just can’t rap.

    • “Don’t get me wrong, I love Nicole, but she can’t rap worth a shit. ”


      …the rest no, x).

      YooBin lucked out with a deep voice.

  29. 1. Miyro & CL
    2. Yoobin
    3. Beka
    4. Nicole
    5. Minzi

    but it’s still a good list, nonetheless~

  30. I’m for CL i feel she is quite different from other female idol rappers, Does Nicole rap? I think Yoobin should be above her though. Well It’s BEG and Kara with hot new tracks now so i guess there are lot of their fans that are active.

    I do think miryo is pretty good but for some reason everytime she raps now I end up picturing her in one of their music videos where she is rapping with a hand gun for no reason at all but to make her look more gangsta” . It was pretty funny because of its absurdity.

  31. definitely miryo would win. althought CL is great. miryo has a better flow and better control over her breathing technique, in one video i saw, you couldnt even see when she took a breath. plus miryo has been a rapper much longer in the underground music area, and built her way up. its a shame BEG songs never really show her talent, while 2ne1 is able to showcase Cl’s talent very well.

  32. My list of best rappers. kinda biased la ~

    1. CL
    2. Yoo Bin
    3. Miryo
    4. Nicole
    5. Bekha

  33. CL!!!! she’s first to me anyway ;D miryo is cool toooooo! =)

  34. i think CL is much better. and minji.

  35. Awwwwww cutest mv ever!

  36. YooBin > Nicole.

    At least she has the deep voice like MiRyo + CL to go with it.

    Minji raps? O_O

    • yea, she rap well too. i think is her dance that override her ability of rapping. she’s cool!

  37. i have to agree Miryo an amazing rapper u feel the power and she not trying to hard
    or she has to rap because it is her part of the song

  38. lol, I totally love nicole but as a rapper?u must be kidding me. Gahee, bekha, and hyunah should have been in this list. and yoobin before nicole -__-

  39. Im glad that Miryo came first simply b/c she deserve it
    I dont understand how Nicole made it in the list
    My list :
    3-Park Gahee(After school)
    4-Bekha (After school)

  40. Miryo deserves it. I watched her old vids with IM….She’s great but got less publicity. Overall, BEG is on TOP when it comes to musical talent among girl groups. ^^

    Aw….glad to see Sica playing musical. LOL But she’ll be busy preparing n this sleepyhead wouldn’t be able to sleep all day during hiatus. XD

    • I’m a bit sad that BEG is considered idol group now. They didn’t debut as idol group….=.=
      Guess the company has to throw them into idol status to gain more recognition…..

  41. Amber of f(x) will be next hot rapper….

    • we don’t even know if she’ll be the rapper.

      • she has to be, she has a man’s voice, what else is she gonna do? But she’ll kick ass:

        My kpop rapper list:

        2. Miryo
        3. Dynamic Duo #1: AS’s Gahee and Bekah
        4 Dynamic Duo # 2: Tiara’s EunJung and HyoMin
        5. YooBin

      • Wah…?


        I’m so confused… is she or is she not a rapper?

        And no, having a deep voice does not = being a rapper. It just makes her a husky singer~
        But does she really have a deep voice, or is it because of boyishness that it’s assumed she has a deep voice?

    • That’s true, unless you know something we all don’t. You sure she is a rapper and how do you know how good she is.

  42. Somehow SNSD Jessica fits that role.
    I’m surprised it wasn’t CL but I guess you have to hand it to Miryo, she can rap too.

    I just want to know why KARA Nicole got third, I haven’t heard a song where she raps still and Wanna should of had a rap to prove she could do it.

    I feel that Yoobin should have been #3. My list would have been:
    1. 2NE1’S CL
    2. Wonder Girls’ Yoobin
    3. B.E.G’s Miryo
    4. After School’s Bekha
    5. 4minute’s Hyun Ah (no matter how much most people hate her).

  43. miryo?? the one with the long ponytail is it? hmmm ok. prefer CL much more though

  44. whoa a big surprise cl didn’t win since their so popular these days but miryo’s rapping is really nice. ilike them both

  45. Great to see Jessica play Renee Witerspoon’s character in the Korean stage adaption of Legally Blond. She’s going to get blond hair, right?

  46. 2ne1 just debuted not long ago and both of the girls are on the list. CL baby!! @ MimieJay: Same here, I’m surprise to see Nicole there too.

    • well they are the only legit idol rappers on the scene…

      • True. If it was all time, I don’t think Nicole would be on there. Maybe Tasha?

      • it was for Idol groups, though BEG isn’t an idol group, or wasn’t until recently. Miryo is by far the best and most skilled in the group, her only current competition is e.via, but she’s more underground and a solo artist. GaHee or Bekah should have been i listed, they rock.

      • im confused, otokee. so does the definition of “idol group” only refer to groups that sing pop songs and not ballads? idk, i always thought idol groups referred to well, any group

  47. wahh.. I thought CL would be won the poll! I prefer CL :)) she’s gorgeous and she has her own style.

  48. I love hwayobi and sleepy’s MV too cute!

    I like Miryo as rapper too and yoobin. Surprise to see Nicole!

    2NE1 girls are great too… ^^

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