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KMusic New Releases 26.08.2009 – Color Chocolate, B2Y, Park Ki Young, Taru, Hong KyungMin


Reviews to some of SooKyeong‘s recent favourite KMusic releases:

  • K Will and Mario for ‘Color Chocolate’ with the song ‘Chocolate’
  • New group B2Y releases 1st minialbum ‘BabyBoys to YearningGirls’
  • Park KiYoung comes back with a new single album ‘Recorded Tapes are Closed’
  • Taru finally releases full length album!
  • Hong KyungMin comes back with 10th album

This is the 3rd project after ‘Colour Pink’ featuring SeeYa, Davichi and Black Pearl; and ‘Colour Purple’ by Shin HyeSung.

‘Colour Chocolate’ features ballad singer K Will and rapper Mario. Like the song title, ‘Chocolate’ is a fast tempo and easily digested love hit.


Album Color Chocolate
Artiste(s) K Will, Mario
Release Date:
Genre: Dance/Pop


  1. 초콜릿 (Chocolate)
  2. 초콜릿 (Inst.)


This interesting new group B2Y is back to bring the disco craze back to the young Kpop listeners.

They releases their debut minialbum ‘Babyboys to Yearninggirls’ with the title song ‘Jeez!’ which is said to have the feeling of ‘Grease’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’.

The album showcased some great vocals and the title song ‘Jeez’ is just addictive.


Album Babyboys to Yearninggirls
Artiste(s) B2Y
Release date: 20/08/09
Genre: Pop / Dance


  1. You Are Angelic
  2. Jeez!
  3. My Love
  4. You Are Angelic (inst.)
  5. Jeez! (Inst.)
  6. My Love (inst.)


Listen to the album:


Park Ki Young is back with a new single album after 2 years since her last album in 2007 with title song ‘Because of You’. I was in love with her voice ever since. Her songs very much reminded me of ex-Loveholic JiSun.

With this new single album released this year with ‘녹화된 테잎을 감듯이 (Recorded Tapes are Closed)’, I thought she steered away from her usual music style for more sensational ballad.

But it is for a good change, great vocals for the genre. The MV to the song also stars Clazziquai Alex and Park EunHye.


Album: 녹화된 테잎을 감듯이
Park Ki Young
Release date:
Genre: Ballad


  • 녹화된 테잎을 감듯이


Singer Taru finally releases her first full length album. Taru debuted in 2007 as part of band The Melody.

Ever since, she was known for her electronica pop hits and various collaborations ie ‘1 Minute 1 Second’ with Epik High, Taru is also known for singing for CFs.

I love all the numbers featured in this album, and new version of ‘Yesterday’ has to be one of the most pleasant surprise from this album.

Taru is one of my must-have music artistes in my iPod.


Album Vol. 1 – Taru (타루)
Artiste(s) Taru (타루)
Release Date: 25/08/09


  1. Night Flying
  2. 세탁기
  3. 연애의 방식
  4. Sad Melody
  5. Talk & Play (Feat. Naru)
  6. Just Go
  7. 쥐色 귀, 녹色 눈
  8. 내일이 오면 (Duet with Kwon Soon Kwan (Of No Reply))
  9. Daydreaming
  10. Slow Star
  11. Don’t Let Me Down
  12. Yesterday (New version)
  13. 시간의 날개 (Sentimental Scenery) – Bonus Track

Listen to the album:


Singer Hong KyungMin is back with his 10th album. Known for his great vocals (and also wits), but probably not very well known amongst young music listeners.

In this new 10th album, he brought some great ballad hits, the only one I don’t like is ‘그러지마’.


Album SomeDay
Artiste(s) Hong KyungMin
Release Date: 20/08/09

  1. Log Out
  2. 그녀가 간다
  3. 그녀와의 여행
  4. 그 사람 보내는 법
  5. Beautiful Days
  6. 행복한 나를
  7. 고백한 다음 날 (부제: 프로포즈)
  8. Run (Duet With 신소희, Rap Feat. 장근이)
  9. 그러지마
  10. 1994년 어느 늦은 밤…


Listen to full album here:

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  3. B2Y sounds great.

  4. yay k.will and mario sounds good

  5. really like mario and k.will’s collabo….its really nice!!!

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