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Lee MinHo Fanmeeting Scam?


The “Boys Over Flowers” character, Lee MinHo has recently been in a fan meeting scam.

On one Thailand site, they were selling tickets to a Lee MinHo fan meeting with the exact date and the location as well. What is the catch you ask?

Only the fact that this fan meeting wasn’t even going to take place. On the 26th, when Lee MinHo’s entertainment heard about this news, they firmly stated “We never have been notified of a fan meeting in Thailand, and we are not looking forward to any.”

In addition, they stated, “We were surprised to hear that there had been a scam. We need to act fast on it because everything would just end up hurting the fans.” On the sites it stated that on October 24th, 2,000 people will be gathering at the Bangkok HuAhMakInDo Stadium. They sold the front seats for 800 dollars with the hotel and food included, and rest of the seats for around 200 dollars.

The site even states that Lee MinHo will sing 2 songs, play games with the fans, and a movie will be shown to the fans as well.

Ji Youn : I feel really bad for the fans that had been scammed.

17 Responses

  1. No,I not be like that.

  2. “and we are not looking forward to any.” sounds a little harsh.
    ._. October 24? me birthday. lol

  3. woooooooooooooooooow goooooooooooood luck if you want pks reply

  4. thats horribleee!!!

    lmh <333

  5. If there was a special event, most actor/singer’s agency will customarily do an official announcement. Even if there is tickets and full detail, just as BBTVXQLOVE stated, always wait for the official announcement.

    This is extremely wrong and I don’t want to imagine the amount of fans who not only were dissapointed, but lost a great deal of money as well. Money does not come free, and they only thing fans received in the end was a great big loss financially and emotionally.

    Btw, has LMH always have a pointed nose? I’m not suggesting plastic surgery, but I’ve always imagined him to have a very roundish nose and yet I suddenly found myself staring at his perfect face (yes, strange). Isn’t his nose in the picture like a perfect L at an angle? Or perhaps it’s photoshop.

  6. Dang, that really sucks for those fans that got scammed. But yeah, I’d always be cautious about buying anything online. Going straight to the official source is best.

  7. Scammers! that’s so mean

    and illegal.

    I hope the authorities catch those creeps. tsk.

  8. hi ji youn
    awww who make that scam is terrible
    feel bad for the fan

  9. wow that’s really bad. I feel bad for the fans.

  10. That sucks, but I am going to be brutally honest…..
    If the fans were ‘real’ (meaning hardcore enough to want to go to his fan-meeting) fans, then you would’ve known it was fake. ALWAYS go to the artist’s/actor’s website first! This isn’t the first time someone did this.
    I know fans get all happy and crazy, but a little of common sense would’ve been helpful here. Even I knew it was fake when I was told about it.

  11. wow that really sucks!

  12. For people to have spent that load of money for nothing… wow that really sucks.

  13. that’s very bad of them… they shouldn’t use scams to make money… especially involving Korean artists..

  14. wow…hope they caught the bad organizer..poor fans 😦 thx 4 sharing this dearie 😀

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