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Teasers to UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ revealed!


Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki member UKnow YunHo‘s debut drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ is set to air from 9th September.

The drama stars Go Ara, Lee YoonJi, Lee SangSoon, Choi MinSung, Kim JaeSeung apart from UKnow YunHo. And ahead of the airing, 2 teasers to the drama were revealed, giving fans a sneakpeek into the idol’s debut drama acting.

The 2 teaser videos:

The drama is said to be a 16-episode long drama and will be aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The drama talks about how a man tries to achieve what is thought to be impossible: fulfilling his dreams of being a great soccer player.


25 Responses

  1. u-know i will love so love you to me , when will you visit thailand again ? i thing you a lot . i will always remember you i love u-knowm form thaigirl

  2. can someone send me the videos of this drama please? i just need to watch ep. 13-16 but i cant find it and the subs are not right… so can someone plz tell me where i can watch those eps? thxs

  3. I dont mind the cpr thing that *ahem*….not cpr…more to kissing to me.


  4. Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

  5. woooooww very2 thanks to share πŸ˜› i always came to visit ur blog



    But OMG, so looking forward to this drama though! My husband rocks.

  7. can`t wait for this! im looking forward to it. πŸ™‚ i`ll cheer u-know for the heads up.. πŸ™‚

  8. OMG it’s amazing cool. I can’t wait!

  9. OMG COol (:
    I can ‘t wait to watch it.

  10. Im watching this because of YunHo and Yoon Ji ^^ Tee-hee, i just love Yoon Ji because of WGM. She looks really pretty! Wait was that Yoon Ji who gave Yun Ho mouth to mouth cuz it looked like her XD

  11. Okay so I will put in my two cents and say i’m watching to see Yunho and Lee Yoonji..from the clips the drama looks great and I’m looking forward to watching…
    and Kay -Lee sang Yoon is way cute too …you’re not the only one who thinks that way!

  12. lol so I think I’m going to be the only one here who is super excited to see Lee Sang Yoon in this drama (he’s the playing the “other guy”~)…..the man is flippin cute as heck with his dimples and dorky smile….loved him since I started watching the show “I Love You, Don’t Cry” – I’m really excited to see him…..personally, he’s way cuter than Yunho – but again, I’m probably the only one ~lol.

  13. LOL .. its gonna compete w/ YEH MFL ..
    Hopefully it will be a healthy competition..

  14. i cant wait it looks reallyy funny so awsome!!!
    and Yunho looks so dorky and adrable

  15. Wow, a DBSK member is starring in a drama, I wonder what happened to Jaejoong’s one then? Probably shelved next to the 2006 one.

    They really made Yunho goofy but it looks cool. I think I’d watch it.

  16. I enjoy those TVXQ’s clips on the lists.. haha..

  17. Aww Yunho’s so cute in there.
    i love the previews! it look funny.
    & reminds me of Seungri’s small Soccer role
    in ‘Why did you come to my house’ the movie.
    I can’t wait to watch it with English Subs! :]

  18. ohhh this looks like a very simple and funny drama =D
    I may just end up liking it! As long as there aren’t like 50 twists and turns/misunderstandings I should like it.

  19. xD love the 1st preview, it’s gonna be a comic drama, really want to see it ^^

  20. Hate to say this, but I dont think he’s a great actor. And why he look so old in the teaser… I thought he’s only 23, but he look like a guy in late 20’s.

    I’ll watch the drama, though. Just because of him and Go Ara. They look sweet together =)

  21. omg i can’t wait!!! aha the mouth to mouth breathing…. cassies are going to flip

  22. omg they KISSED!?

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