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Idol group members and their siblings, “the good looks runs in the family”


Idol group members who are proud of their looks – how would their family members look like too? It really all runs in the genes.

On various online portal sites, many netizens uploaded photos of So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, 2NE1 Sandara Park and Big Bang TOP‘s siblings, gaining attention of the netizens.

First there was TaeYeon’s elder brother. Netizens said, “He looked like TaeYeon even in just one look at him. Especially his laughing expression looks so much like her.” Netizens also commented on how features like conplexion, eyes, nose and lips runs in their family.



Next is Sandara Park’s younger brother (Park SangHyun). He looked alike to Sandara Park for his cute-looking and lovely look. Netizens say, “They should do a duet together”, “He’s cute and goodlooking” etc


TOP’s elder sister (Choi HyeYoon) has also been the netizens’ hot topic. The 2 siblings have been called the example of ‘beauty genes run in the family’ – with the same huge eyes, and sharp features. She is very wellknown amongst fans for her looks which are so much like an entertainer – she receives more than 2K views to her minihompy everyday.



Netizens say, “Family of idols are outstanding from just their looks”, “It is good to just think about living in a family of goodlooking family members”. etc.

Other hot issue idol members’ siblings:

So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica’s sister Krystal. She is set to debut in SM new girlgroup f(x) and she also took part in SHINee’s ‘Juliette’ MV.

Another SNSD member SooYoung’s elder sister Choi SooJin, has been the topic amongst netizens lately for her upcoming musical debut.




BoA’s elder brothers – one is Kwon SoonWook, currently a director who also recently directed group Astro’s new MV featuring Sori – another Kwon Soon Hwon who does classical music, releasing an album last year.




Super Junior Lee Teuk’s elder sister Park InYeong. She studies theatrics and wishes to debut as an actress.


Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong’s elder sister Kim MinKyung. She also appeared as the female lead to rapper HwaRang’s ‘Who Is’ MV.


FT Island Lee JaeJin’s elder sister (Lee ChaeWon). She also take part in the SBS drama ‘On Air’ as the coordinator to Kim Ha Neul’s character. Netizens commented, “The 2 siblings are both hot”, “His sister is also pretty as Jeon HyeBin” etc


40 Responses

  1. taeyeon’s brother is pretty cute….
    TOP’s sister is so pretty….


  2. TOP’s sister is really pretty!
    and lee teuk and his sister have the same eyes ;D

  3. I wonder if Taeyeon brother is also a good singer as she is.

  4. Wow! I didn’t know TOP have a sister.. she’s so pretty… I wonder if they come from a mixed race cause they don’t look Korean… Their eyes and that line in the mouth.. hmm…

    They’re all good-looking..

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  6. Dara’s Brother all the way<333

  7. […] The resemblance in the looks between Sandara Park and her sister is enough to show that they are sisters even without saying so – from their big eyes, double eyelids, and translucent skin. This once again raised the topic of ‘good looks genes runs in the family’ after photos of Sandara’…. […]

  8. SAndara’s brother is sooooooooo cuteeee!!!!

  9. Taeng’s bro is the male version of Taeng. Their face looks same.
    TOP’s sister is so pretty. I thought they have not only Korean blood lol

  10. Yunho’s sister looks EXACTLY like Jeon Hye Bin.

  11. Haha! Tae Yeon and her brother really resembles!!

  12. woaaa this is soo cool !
    taeyeon’s bro is cute & sooyoung’s sister is pretty
    well they ALL are good looking hehehe

  13. hope TOP’s sister debut as a YG artist!

  14. omg! taeyeon siblings are look alike even her younger sister i dont remember her name look like taeyeon how cute…! Gosh TOP sister is so beautiful!
    jessie sister didn’t look like but they do have some similiarities..

  15. Some people get very lucky. “Talk about genetics” is right.

  16. taeyeon’s brother is a cutie….kyaaa…
    sandara’s park bro could pass off as sandara with a wig LOL

  17. Sanghyun! Hahaha.. Been crushing on him since his highschool days.. He has the same eyelids that curve sexily at the end just like his older sis..kekeke..

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  19. I think Krystal looks like more like Yoona than Jessica.

    Sooyoungs sister is pretty.

    Tops sister looks like him but thankfully a more feminine version. She is pretty and has great eyes.

  20. Taeyeon’s brother look really like Taeyeon. He’s so cute! A male version of Taeyeon.

  21. Leeteuk and Inyoung look like an apple that have been split into half. They looks alike.

  22. Taeyeon’s brother could pass off as her twin when he’s making faces.
    Darn the high-cheekbones gene that runs in Sooyoung’s family.
    Krystal still looks more like Yuri to me. LOL
    TOP’s sister is sooo pretty!
    Leeteuk and his sister look really a like too.

    • agree wid everything that you’ve said! taeyeon’s brother is just like a guy version of her! and i must say hubby’s sis is very pretty 🙂

  23. Idk why but I like the TOP and his younger sister one. Tee0hee.
    They are just cute to look at. THey really look alike too. And she’s very pretty!!!!


  24. Dara’s brother doesn’t look like Dara, but he’s really cute nevertheless. I remember seeing him singing Sorry Sorry with IU. ❤

    TOP's family are really gorgeous. They all got the same piercing eyes.

    Taeyeon's brother really look like her, it freaked me out a little. It's like seeing guy-tae. xD;;

  25. taetae and her brother really cute..
    they both look like twin..
    i wonder how taeyeon react when she with her brother..
    can’t wait for jung sisters interaction…

  26. All of them look way alike, and pretty good genes too!

    By far, the hottest/cutest celeb sibling is TOP’s sister. She is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bea-u-ti-ful.

  27. taeyeon and her brother are cute!
    and i love the jung sisters (jessica, krystal)

  28. i like t.o.p.’s nuna the best out of them…she’s totally gorgeous!!!


  30. Sandara’s brother is sooo cute !!
    Top’s sister is so pretty just like him.. really have good genes..
    taeyon’s brother does look like her..
    jessica And krystal dont look alike at all..

  31. Taetae and her bro are so cute 😀 jung sisters and choi sisters jjang!

  32. I have to say that Taeyeon and her brother, T.O.P and his sister, Super Junior Lee Teuk and his elder sister Park InYeong look most alike to each other.

  33. rofl Taengoo and her brother could pass off as twins in those pictures.

  34. TOP’s sister is really pretty. 🙂

    i’ve seen some of Sandara’s brother’s vids in youtube, him singing with IU. maybe he’s on training for a debut in the nearest future? i guess. XD

  35. wohoo yummy genes here and there, tough competition already just from ‘the look only’ for entering K entertainment industry

    no wonder many entertainment agency in Korea invest big bucks for training

  36. Woah. Those are one talented and goodlooking family. Talk about genetics! 😉

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