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DSP to unleash a new 7-member girlgroup ‘Rainbow’?


After Sechkies, Fin.K.L, SS501 and KARA, DSP is said to be unleashing a new 7-member girlgroup in October!

It is also said that the group will be called ‘Rainbow’ with members ranging from ages 15 to 20.

With that, netizens dig out more information about the group..

The members:

1) Oh SaeMi 오세미


2) NoEul 노을


3) Jang JiSoo 장지수 (The youngest member)


4) Lee JooBin 이주빈 (As seen in SS501 MV)


5) Jung YoonHye 정윤혜


6) Leader Kim JaeKyeong 김재경 (as seen in SS501 MV)


7) 민지혜


The inflood of girlgroup never stops.

We have SM Entertainment announcing the debut of upcoming group f(x) set to be revealed in mid-September. And then earlier there was 4Minute, T-ara and 2NE1.

This may just get more interesting.

65 Responses

  1. lee joobin looks like park soojin. o.O

  2. go rainbow sarang hae fightig

  3. fighting rainbow

  4. i love rainbow they rock

  5. I luv this group the best..
    fighting for rainbow!

  6. In my opinion , DSP should concentrate on promoting Kara more , I like them and I know they are well known now but how long it has been since they debuted? To compare with SNSD , they still less popular.Iam not telling this because I dont like them , I am their fan actually , that’s why I want them to have more attention.DSP wants them to make a debut in Japan by the end of this year , the new group is a reason right ?

  7. all these girls are so plastic surgified its annoying

  8. how does DSP keep on finding tese girl with HUGE eyes?
    Rainbow they were supose to debut one year ago i think but then there were new that Lee JooBin was replace by KARA’s ex member Kim Sunghee, but i guest that not.

    any way if you go to youtube and search “DSP girl group Rainbow” you can find a vieo on them.

  9. rainbow…..

    is there really no other facial features other than ‘big eyes’ , ‘sharp nose’.

    I dont mean to be mean…

    Is just that…how do i distinguish them?

  10. I think DSP wants to ship kara to japan n this will be the replacement in Korea….

  11. Wish dsp work on a`st1 more… they have talent + potential international fanbase w/ haiming and tomo
    but i will support the new group when they come out. hope them the best.

    but i do feel that there are too many groups (not only female ones) out there. it’s like 10 bazillionoin going after the same-ish market….oh welll

    october…. but until then…. SS501 comeback!! yyyaaayyy~~~
    and (hopefully) more kara wins (YAYYY on the mutizen this week :]]]] )

    (sorry, if this is deemed…. irrelevent… but it’s my dsp love coming out again… xDD )

    dsp family love <3333

    • OMG! I’m a DSP fan too -> I love all their artists!!!

      And i’m not sure but A’st1 is in Japan? Because the last time I checked they’re doing promotions there…I think DSP knows how to penetrate Japan more than anyone else.

  12. I’m actually waiting for them to debut and i hope they can challenge that sm new group, f(x). I just hate it when they say f(x) vs 2ne1. How can they compare 2ne1 with f(x) anyway. 2ne1 is not a dance group and how can f(x) challenge 2ne1. I hope this DSP new girl group going to compete with f(x). It would be better for f(x) to challenge rainbow that 2ne1.

    Rainbow HWAITING!!

  13. i need boys seriously….. hahaha…. girls….im sick of them….too manyyyyyyyyy…no.. is too much…uncountable…

  14. KARA will be leaving for JAPAN so DSP needs a girl group active in KOREA…the same way with SM debuting f(x)…because SNSD will have overseas activities…

    Rainbow will have a sexy concept you guys check their video in Youtube (type DSP rainbow)…they look pretty strong actually and all are tall and model looking…though I think with SM’s influence it will be hard for them to compete with f(x)…it’s always been like that…big companies will always overshadow the rest…

    and I don’t want a new boy group to debut there are already too many actually!!! think about it for the last 3 years (before After school debuted) only 3 girl groups existed: KARA, WG and SNSD.

    this is a good move…DSP only has KARA and then SS501 (September comeback) so DSP need a new girl group.

  15. This is really, really old.
    They already have a forum. ROFL
    I can’t believe it’s coming back up again.
    Maybe it’s serious this time.

  16. ahhhhh…with so many girlgroups these new ones are just gonna be ignored. Like, did anyone really pay attention to T-ara?

    • T-ara sort of had a bad start because Mnet said that they will knock down SNSD, KARA and WG in a month -> well, obviously Mnet created antis for them and T-ara debuted lip syncing -> bad first impression….but they’re getting popular in Korea

  17. ._. what’s up with new groups these days?
    what about the old ones? dbsk, bigbang, suju, snsd, wonder
    girls, boa and etc.

  18. To be really honest. It’s going to be very tough for Rainbow? As far as DSP’s concerned, their promotional activities and marketing strategies are never really good. (Look at how SM owns everyone else with good marketing)

    DSP should consider pushing it back Rainbow to next year instead. Like how JYP did with the supposed 3-member vocal team ^^ (I’m definitely looking forward to that)

    And like what most of you said, AST’1 didn’t really work out for DSP either? Actually. I think it lies with the bad start they had. I recall their advertisement on how they were going to knock down Super Junior and some ELFs got really fired up. :/

    But yeah. Generally this year’s dominated by the female groups that it’s starting to get really ‘messy’. Ah wells, still, all the best to Rainbow!

  19. dsp should focus on ast’1 first.
    i mean seriously, those guys have talents but are not being promoted as much as their sunbaes..

  20. oh no another one lol..i guess with Kara going off to Japan thats why they need a new gir group to work in Korean lol…. ugh i think there are farrr tooooo many girl groups these days lol though im anticipating f(x)

  21. hope they can survive…oh no, Kara will be off to Japan ? hope only for a short period, n not like more than 6 months plz… >.<

  22. to those of you who are wondering why dsp doesn’t bring out a new boy group, i don’t think they want to, after their latst one, a`st1 not doing so well….

    although i do prefer boy bands over girl bands… and want to see some solo action too, but… yeah….

  23. I think it’s pretty unfair to judge these girls from the name of the group and their pre-debut photos.
    Who knows how long these girls trained? Yes there are a lot of girl groups out right now, but all these companies have TONS of trainees and they need to do something with them. Wouldn’t you feel cheated if you got accepted into a company but you never debuted?
    The companies debut the groups they think korea wants the most. Right now girls groups are the big thing just like boy bands were last year. Next year might be the year for solo artists. The companies, well SM and JYP for sure house their trainees if necessary and feed them. Like a boarding school, and that takes a lot of money. So yes the companies need groups/artists/actors to continue to bring in money so that they can continue to take care of their trainees.

  24. I don’t want to sound sexist… But I wish the guys came back… LOL. I’m tired of new groups. DBSK, WG, BB, SS501, SUJU, Rain, Hyori etc they need to come back NOW and show these rookies a lesson or two… And… For some reason, some of the new groups these days don’t even seem to have any skill or talent… They’re only there because they’re pretty/cute etc. In the end it’s all for the money/fame.

  25. i’m ok with girl groups although i’d like to see more solo and boybands too… anyway is this their official name… i hope not the name Rainbow seems so cheesy… anyway lets just see what these girls can bring to the stage…

  26. hmm 7 girls from this company and then you have 2pm they might have the next wonderbang you might never know. Since I won’t be seeing any 2ne1&2pm collaboration

    • I think in the mere future theyre will be a 2NE1/2PM collab, already fans are tweeting JYP for the idea. Since YG and JYP are close they might even become the next Wonderbang and hey 2 guys for 2 girls each LOL.

      • I’m definitely for this idea ^^;;;; I always thought YG and JYP family made a good entertainment friendship ^^

      • That sounds like a pretty good idea, I would definitely support that.

  27. I guess Andy Warhol was right “in the future, everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame.” well for korea anyway, lol ^_^.

  28. The year of girls? I mean we’ve heard about Rainbow debuting since last year… not a surprise as they do have to debut their trainees.

  29. nooooooooooooooo!
    no more girl groups!!
    where are the boys?

  30. Wait! What about their concept Sexy, cute, or strong?

  31. ^ Se7en is supposed to make a comeback this year. ^_^

    Please, no more girl groups. I’m actually looking forward to B2ST’s debut because there’s too many girl groups right now. I wish companies would focus on their existing groups instead of debuting new ones.

  32. The name Rainbow just sickens me completely. So f(x) and Rainbow are coming out and I already don’t have a good idea about both groups.

    WHERE ARE THE BOYS? Well apart from G-Dragon, B2ST and 2PM coming soon.

    I like the age better here than f(x), 15 – 20 is better but how are 20 year olds going to pull off a name like Rainbow seriously now?

    After T-ara and 4minute, I stopped liking girl group and I’m waiting for the year of boys – and hopefully that’s next year.
    My order is from now on:
    1. 2NE1
    2. Wonder Girls
    3. After School
    4. 4minute
    5. Brown Eyed Girls
    5. T-ara

    Actually, WHAT HAPPENED TO SOLO ARTISTS? I know Taegoon is good and Chung Lim debuted this year but I would love to see a year of solos and boy groups. I mean the most popular are:
    SM – BoA
    ex-JYP – Rain
    YG – Se7en
    ex-DSP – Lee Hyori

    I hope in the next two years it’s not a repeat of 2007 and this year. I hope next year does bring more boys and solo artists actually.

    • well, they said that se7en is coming back.. i hope its true ! NO, wait ! please god let it be true..
      and Hyori too by october or beginning of the year..

    • Omg yeah, I wanna see more solo artists. Well, ones that appeal to me.

      -sighs- Makes me think of AJ. I think he would have been so successful as a solo artist…. But that’s in the past now. I still support him lots in B2ST. ^^

    • i think you’re judging too soon, especially due to a name.

      i mean, a name doesn’t really mean much. until you hear their singing and see the dancing, you can’t just say they’ll be horrible.

      i agree though, that there should be more solo artists or boy groups but currently in korea, the girl group thing is in, i guess.

      i like KARA so i’ll check them out when they debut.

      • Hm, unfortuantely vteng, I do seem to always do it because that’s just who I am. And I do tend to stay away from artists that I’m not entirely sure of like f(x) and this group now.

        ….,: I can’t wait for Se7en to comeback this year too or maybe is it next year?

        Lumi: Yeah, I wish AJ stayed solo but there is nothing we can do now.

        I do hope next year brings A LOT of talented solo artists and…boy groups really.

  33. another girl group?!?! noooooo!! i thought they ended T_T where are the boys???!!!!!!!

    i love the whole girl domination thing, really, but the lack of boy idol groups is really not cool for a fangirl’s heart… -sigh- we shall just have to wait. but thank god GD’s performing now ♥

    • I know what you mean. But soon, B2ST and 2PM are going to be performing on stage and I can’t wait really.

  34. so this is the group that is going to compete against f(x)…

  35. i dunno why but DSP always reminds me of Sm ent. so this group just seems like another snsd to me…nothing special….

  36. gaaah not another girl group >.<
    If a company decides right now to debut a new boy group, they're probably gonna hit the jackpot.
    haha all these hormone filled girls including myself are itching to see some new boys in the KPOP scene!

    It seems that B2ST, despite the uhm..lame name..may be succesful

    • I wish they had a better name too.

    • Omg yeh xD i wish right now theres some new hot boy group that is gonna debut 😀 {hopefully from yg >< I'm Yg-biased XD Sorry. Dont bash heh.}…. This year, Theres Too many new girls group debuting in kpop. Well, at least 2ne1 is love <3.

      Rainbow.,. sounds… weird… and they are not that young to pull it off.

  37. sorry, i stopped from 2NE!. Im already satisfied with WG, SNSD and 2NE1 and KARA. Moving on…(Probably f(x) too.)

  38. I always wonder how many trainees there are…

    • it depends on how big the company is but they usually got around 30-50 trainees…. its a lot =.= SM prob has that much… the other companies should have less but still… they always have lots of trainees…

  39. Leader Kim JaeKyeong, i think she was also in AST’1’s Dynamite MV as the main girl

  40. you forgot 4minute.

    and rainbow looks like serious epic fail.

  41. looks like they could compete with SNSD members wise! just 2 ladies short, lol.

  42. im glad a lot of trainees are getting exposure. you know, they must be incredibly excited to finally debut but dont you think that companies are really trying to just squeeze all the juice out as much as they can in this war of the girl groups?

    i guess it just call comes down to money, although i dont doubt that a group from DSP is capable of putting out good talent

    • Exactly. Money is what they care about really. I’m starting to think there are more girl trainees that want to debut more badly than boys do.

  43. Lee Joo Bin? She’s really going to debut now as a singer? Cool… I thought she was funny in SS501’s video…

  44. I for one am tired of so many girl groups popping out like crazy.
    like last year. reign of SHINee, one day, etc. etc. haha

  45. that why DSP decided to send Kara to Japan in the end of this year any way good look to these girls

  46. ohh ! great ! another girlgroup ..
    are they planning on making all the people in korea stars ?!
    gosh ! i want some boy groups to comeback soon !!

    • haha! I know right thats what I was thinking. What if everyone was stars, then there’s no more fans except internationally. Lol.

      • Lol, international fans would be the only ones getting tickets to their concerts and buying their merchandise. Would I love to do that!

    • actually many boy groups already made their come back this year. Super junior, 2 PM, SG Wannabe, 2AM, Shinee, FT Island. and there is also new boygroups also appeared like Jumper, B2ST. but some of them cannot stand among girlpower. and dont get many publicity and attention as much as girl groups. only DBSK and Bigbang still don’t make their come back yet. dbsk has problem with SM, GDragon just made solo debut. so what can we hope more?

      i wish FT Island will get some award

  47. Luving Kpop and all, but there are like 10000000+ girl groups debuting already! LOL…Now, I wish there are boy groups coming back…

    If this continues, I think we’d find stars around every corner of Korea! LOL

  48. they were actually up for debut for a while. I think it got pushed to later when a`st1 didn’t do as well…

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