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BoA gets a nephew and becomes an aunt!


They share the same v-line and sharp features. What is the relationship between singer BoA and this new born boy?

He’s BoA‘s new nephew! Or in another way, BoA‘s an auntie now!

BoA‘s brother Kwon Soon Hwon‘s first son Kwon Sung Woo was born on 1st September.

And here are the photos of baby SungWoo uploaded by Kwon Soon Hwon on his Cyworld minihompy.



PS: Do not take out photos without permission

Netizens’ responses to this:

  • “What kinda baby is he? He has a v-line! Aren’t babies supposed to be fat?”
  • “He has some killer nose”
  • “He has such high nosebridge and sharp chin line”
  • “His first birthday will be a big hit – all the seonbae singers and actors from SM will be there”
  • “BoA is an aunt now!!!”

Meanwhile, BoA will be release a repackage album ‘Deluxe’ for her 1st official American album.


And on 1st September, previews to the songs from the album were revealed. The previews to songs ‘Crazy About’, ‘Control’ and ‘Energetic Radio Edit’ were revealed, there will be 15 songs in all for her repackage album.

And ‘Crazy About’ is said to be composed by Sean Garette. Meanwhile, the album ‘Deluxe’ will be released on 22nd September in America and on 23rd in Korea.

It would totally rock to know that I have such a capable and awesome aunt like BoA!

20 Responses

  1. […] Note 1: Pictures of baby cannot be shared directly on this site, so please visit Kbites. […]

  2. Well done BoA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want an aunt as cool as you! My aunt cares about herself and THAT IS IT

  3. […] source: kbites […]

  4. He’s so cute!!Congratz to Boa’s brother..I’m also lookin forward to her new album..I hope they sell it here in M’sia..=D

  5. […] source: kbites […]

  6. I think he’s adorable still. And babies get fatter after a week or two i believe.

    Hey, whoever posted this up, do you suppose it’s okay if I repost these pictures onto my site? I already always credit you guys, but it said not to take out without permission.

  7. lol am I the only who thinks this kid is not gonna be all that good looking when he grows up? seriously, he looks kinda creepy, just sharing my opinion.

  8. its kinda creepy just how defined his features are not to mention how he has no fat on him…..that doesn’t seem too healthy…looks like they took the pic right when he came out ~lol. Let’s hope he fattens up, babies are cute when they have chubby cheeks you can pinch =)

  9. “What kinda baby is he? He has a v-line! Aren’t babies supposed to be fat?”
    LMAO, agreed… he’s gonna be one heck of a stud when he’s all grown. Congrats to BoA, her brother and wife! 😀

  10. he must’ve have gained the perfect genes man!

  11. Awww omg congrats to BoA ❤

  12. The kid looks like her haha. Awesome.

  13. I’ve never seen a baby with such sharp features. O___O
    I do see the similarities to BoA’s family genes though.

  14. seriously.. boa becoming a AUNT?… no way, omg. now that is some worthy news to share with the world.. ~_~

  15. i agree, he’s so lucky on his 1st birthday
    all the artists and staff of SM will be there

    • yes..~!!
      he just really lucky~
      he has the good genes. and that V-Line..?
      he must really handsome when he grows up.. 😀

  16. haha the baby has a v-line

  17. CONGARTULATIONS both for Soon Hwan & BoA~~
    Wow, he has a nice face-shape : D

    Anyway, I will buy BoA Deluxe ^^

  18. LOL, the baby has killer nose and sharp chin at such a young age… you can already predict that the baby will be good looking when he grows up… 🙂

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