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Never Ending Story. Who Sang It The Best?


Composed by Kim TaeWon (from BooHwal) and made famous by Yoon SangHyun and Lee SeungCheol, is the famous song “Never Ending Story.”

With the lyrics describing a man sending away his love, it won the hearts of many in Korea. Famous song as it is, many artists had contributed into the singing as well. Here are a few. I’ll leave it to you guys for the final decision on who sang it the best.

1) Lee SeungCheol

2) Yoon SangHyun

3) BooHwal groups new singer : Jung DongHa (After Lee SeungCheol Left)

4) SG WannaBe / (There are some Jung DongHwa parts)

Ji Youn : All of them are so good. But Yoon SangHyun does it the best! ❤

28 Responses

  1. Love them all…but I do love YSH’s version the MOST..My standing ovation to him..singing with emotion & it’s trully believable,,

  2. I love YSH’s version….singing with emotion & will make you mesmerized till the end of it..I’ll give my stdg ovation to him but I do respect LSC as well..soothing voice..Well, everyone have its own interepretation & fovourite..Just support them all..

  3. Yoon Sang Hyun is the best ….I luv it so much…

  4. jung don ha best

  5. JUng Dong Ha…..sang the best !!! Voice of an ‘angel”

  6. Dong Ha sang the Best ! His husky voice is very unique and unforgettable. ONce you listened to his voice you’ll be addicted to him. LIsten to ‘ thinking of U ( Thought) & Midnight Blue. You guys will understand and fall ib love with him. He is a real singer !

  7. I’m in love with Jung Dong Ha voice. He has such a beautiful and melodius voice.

  8. The handsome rocker Jung Dong Ha ( Chung Dong Ha) sang the Best ! LOVE – LOVE – LOVE Jung Dong Ha

  9. Jung Dong Ha sang the best. He is got the look and talent. Very rare combination.

  10. Yes Jung Dong Ha voice is amazing………Usually people like boohwal first but not me. I’m in love with Jung Dong Ha voice first. Thinking of you , then Never ending, Hee Ya. And Larvae. Oh, this guy voice is so………..sexy ! Made me so much in Love.

  11. I love Yoon Sang Hyun version of Never Ending Story….BUT…i fell in love when I heard Jung Dong Ha sang Thinking of You…he has such a great voice…really love the song and him…such a macho man….

  12. Jung Dong Ha sing the best. A star is born.

  13. I agree, the new and young vocalist from boohwal is really something. He has the look and great voice too. I love his voice because it’s more man and more powerful. He will be a great rocker !

  14. i really love Jung Dong Ha Voice
    he’s so amazing
    his husky voice make me feel so in love

  15. Yes. Jung Dong Ha sing the best. His husky voice is very nice to hear. Love it ! I agree boowahl should keep this guy forever !

  16. I’m fall in love with jung dong ha since thinking of you. Whatever the song……He is the best !

  17. The newest version is the best. I think jung dong ha is the best boowahl singer ever ! Boo hwal should keep him forever !

  18. I like Jung Dong Ha. His voice is very unique. Excellent !

  19. This song is so so beautiful.! All of the performances are really good. Lee Seung Chul has a very unique voice and it renders a dreamy feel to the song

    Yoon Sang Hyun’s rendition is my personal favourite…so full of emotions and he’s got the vocal range to do some of Boohwal’s song really well.

    The guitar work of Boohwal is first class!

  20. lee seung chul has a great voice while yoon sanghyun sing the song more emotionally..i like both and also sg wannabe version as well

  21. I prefer Seung Gi’s version!!! lol

  22. OMG! they were all really really really good.

    but i totally fell in love with SG Wannabe and Seung Gi’s version (i think the eng trans really helped. hahahah).

  23. yoon sang hyun! cus i love it in Queen of Housewives

  24. Here’s another version from Lee Seung Gi:

  25. I’m glad you made a post about this, I have been listening to the song a lot since I heard it on Mnet 20’s Choice xP

    Lee Seung Chul seems to sing it really easily because he has an excellent voice, but I like Yoon Sanghyun’s version the most =)

  26. Original is the best.

    • No. The newest boohwal vocalist is the best. His husky voice is more powerful and more macho. The besy boohwal ever !

  27. I find it so wierd how kim taewon is like a variety show person now

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