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DreamTeam Is Back


Some of you should remember sitting around a TV / Computer and praying some guys like Jo SungMo, or Shin JungHwan trying to jump a over a stack measuring up several meters.

Don’t remember? Never heard of it? Worry no more,  because season 2 is coming back hard.

It looks like we are going to be hearing “Go~~~Dream Team” again. On September 13th, at 10:45 pm, the pilot episode of “Go DreamTeam Season  2 – The Green Team is Coming” will be aired. The first season of dream team had taken place from 1999 ~ 2003, and had many top stars including Rain, Song SeungHyun, So JiSub, Kwon SangWoo, Yoo JaeSuk, and more had gone through the process. With a new title “Go DreamTeam Season 2 – Green Team is Coming,” it is causing many aniticpation with new game rules and new game sets. Especially, Lee ChangMyung MC, who had been for the first season for  5 years, will be back on the microphone.

Wondering about the players for the teams? The old members that had been from season one, Jo SungMo, Shin JungHwan,Danny Ahn (god) are confirmed to be there. Also, the new members range from 2PM’s JunHo, Shinee’s Minho, and KBS Music Bank MC Song JoongKi would also be coming out.

The producer for the season of “Go Dream Team” has stated, “We will bring the dynamic variety and fun that the audience had not watched before.” Also, added “We are currently planning the Olympic special that is going to take place on February in Vancouver, Canada, and the World Cup special taking place on June in South Africa.”

Airing on September 13th at 10:45 is the “Go DreamTeam Season 2”  and the first competition will be taking place against Incheon Coast Guards at the gigantic made set in Incheon WangBeach.

Ji Youn : I personally loved watching this show since I was little, and with 2PM JunHo… So excited!

This is a clip from the first season (:

11 Responses

  1. Oh thanks so much for sharing the clip. I was wondering what this show was about….

    Young Junjin looks cute. ^^

    OH! HE GOT IT! =DD Whatever his challenge was…. Lol.

    Dang, he did a nice flip at the end.

    Well for the new show, def happy to see that Junho will be in it! ^^ <33

  2. wow this show looks freakin awesome!!! i wanna watch it now!!! excitinggggggg

  3. ohhh fun!

    i have a question! does that mean
    minho and junho will be regular members?
    or are they just like a one time guest for that day?

  4. wow yeah i want X-MAN back too!!!! i hope minho gets more exposure this way ! he’s alwayz so silent…but oh so irresistable! and junho… even in the BEG parody they said “junho……nugyuuuu?” …hahha so it’s nice that he’s getting more aire time too!! good luck!

  5. never seen but would love to watch it 🙂

    hope x-man will be back too

  6. What channel will this be air???

  7. EXCITED!M 😀

  8. I watched this show when i was young lol… Does anyone remember who the dude was that always did well in the challenges? I wanna say it was either lim changjung or hong kyungmin but i dont know who

    • im thinking it was jo sung mo (: anyways i remember him doing well in like everything XD

      • no not him lol… i remember like…he was short,they called him sports man…and he was an extra in some tv show and they showed it on dream team lol…

  9. Puahahahaha! I’m definitely keeping my eyes on Junho ^^ It’s funny how the members always make fun of him because he doesn’t get enough screen time ^^;;;;

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