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f(x) at their debut showcase performance!


SM Entertainment’s upcoming girlgroup f(x) have had their debut showcase performance on 2nd September.

And at the debut showcase, the group showed off their dance, rap and song capability through their 3 years of training.

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The performances the group put up during the showcase:

  • Sam Sparrow ‘Black and Gold’
  • Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’
  • Special preview to new song ‘Mr.Boogie’
  • Debut song ‘LA chA tA’

Special solo stages

  • Victoria – ‘Love Sex Magic’ dance performance
  • Amber – ‘Believe Me’ rap performance
  • Luna – ‘And I’m telling you I’m not going’

The special charisma and features of each member as mentioned during the showcase:

  • Victoria – sexy, feminine charms
  • Krystal – pure, girly charms
  • Amber – sharp, boyish charms
  • Sulli – cute and friendly charms
  • Luna – feminine and matured charms

The average age of the members in the group is 16 years old. And what their name means:

  • f(x) like the Mathematical function – they are an unique form where the members are the x variable – showing different talents and charms
  • f stands for flower and x comes from the XX female chromosomes: they strive to be hot icon of all females in Asia

Victoria said during the showcase, “With the showcase today, we hope to start receiving love from fans in Asia and be a great group. We will continue to work hard in the future.”

Some of the audiences’ responses:

  • “They put up real powerful dance performances”
  • “I didn’t know there will be female idol members that look like a guy just like Amber”
  • “The group members showed off their individual charms”
  • “I think they will make it far”

Meanwhile, the MCs to the showcase are the group’s seniors Super Junior Lee Teuk and So Nyeo Shi Dae Sunny. Other SM artistes like So Nyeo Shi Dae and SHINee were also present.

And the girls will have their debut performance coming 5th September on MBC Music Core.

More of Victoria:

29 Responses

  1. NO israel = NO WAR

  2. i dont see anything special..

    that’s all..

  3. and the girls have really talent…maybe it’s just the song…if you watched their showcase, you’ll know what i’m talking ’bout

  4. why bringing here 2ne1? they aren’t a pop dance group. and sme didn’t declare a war against 2ne1…it’s just that the heated group competition may help the group to gain popularity…

    ahem…some members here are double-sided…they’re saying that f(x) uses their sunbaenim’s popularity…what about ur idol 2ne1(just quoting it)? bigbang propel them somhow…so don’t b mad at them…and why b angry? their sunbaenims just wanted to suport them just lyk bigbang suporting 2ne1…

    and ehh…powerful dance for lachata??!!lachata is not meant for a powerful dance…it’s just lyk an apetizer…

    just my view anyway

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  6. Hmmm…

    SHINee = SM’s answer to Big Bang

    f(x) = SM’s answer to 2NE1

    anyone else think so??

  7. omg..
    i hv a high expectation for them b4 this showcase…
    n they did better than i expect…
    something to look foward…
    amber….gahhhhh, rap monster

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  9. Its funny , ridiculous to read saying Victoria that they wanted to have the “asian fans” I dont think a lot of people will gonna support them, helloooo their are lots of groups who has already won our hearts, ahe! and yeah some maybe, but nahhh I think you guys are just plain pop groups and w/ your seniors ahead of you, not surprised you gain popularity. work on your butt OK!

  10. victoria…..not that pretty

  11. Hmmm in those pictures Amber reminds me of Jiyoon lol.

  12. i’m a girl but yeah i’m attracted to amber. XD arghhh

  13. Amber <333 f(x) Fighting!!!

  14. oh come on….dun be stupid please….wanna challenges wif 2ne1??maybe minzy is great in dancing but 2ne1 not a dance group la….oh please….you f(x) is a dance group….go challenges with 4minute or whatever la….2ne1 is a great singing group….not DANCE GROUP…..dun always compare with 2ne1…=.=lll…
    dunno why…so many girl groups are debut=.=
    i scare the korean entertainment will submerge with the girl groups….

  15. nothing extraordinary imo..hype comes from the idea that their an SM group..but i still wish these girls good luck.

  16. I love the song cant wait COME ON COME ON whats taking them so long

  17. im not really liking this. XP

  18. im not bashing here, but sheesh..with all the girlgroups and the like…i mean, c’mon! another one on the list of ‘war of the girl groups’. can we bring back the guys, for heaven`s sake?? O_O

    • AHAHAHAHAHAH !!! *hails* xD

      lol i’m just not liking all the new groups in general imho
      but if they want new groups, guys please xD

      and uhmm… the girl with the short hair looks like a guy D: yuk

      • she is really a tomboy no doubt about it, and you may also find her like Jiyoon of 4munite. wannabe groups!

  19. sounds like they are sm is going all out with this new group
    i hope sm or fans can upload the showcase
    the showcase reminds me of KJE chocolate with SNSD performing their group and solo acts
    cant wait to see their performances over the weekend


  21. oh…amber looked sooooo cool :X :X love her

  22. Looks okay but if they want competition please not 2ne1. There’s 4minute ,t-ara and rainbow for you to compete but of all group it has to be 2ne1. 2ne1 is not even a pop dance group and yet people already compare them with 2ne1. sheesh…

    They better have respect to their seniors and good attitude towards their seniors if not, i wouldn’t be surprise if that were to happen.

    • actually i read an article like sm wants f(x) to be 2ne1’s rival.
      here if u want,check this out :

    • I beg to differ. I guess all the girlgroups are facing stiff competition, be it 2NE1, 4Minute, T-ara or whatever. (I’m guessing at the end of the day, all of them will be eyeing the Best Rookie Award)

      As much as each group’s styles vary, netizens/media never ever stop comparing due to the fact that everyone debuts in the same environment — mainstream kpop.

      I guess as long as you debut as a mainstream kpop artiste, that makes you subjected to the comparison of netizens/media. It’s inevitable. :/ So to exclude 2NE1 from this competition, it just seems like a “biased” comment. It makes it sound as if f(x)’s only qualified to compete against the other girlgroups except for 2NE1. (just my 2cents)

      I’ll just send out my good luck message to f(x)! It’s not going to be easy, but all the best ^^

  23. f(x)….ahhhh maths prelims is coming….im going crazy..will these girls help me.

  24. i’m really anticipating the performances!

  25. loveee them sooo much!!!

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