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KPop Highlights Of The Week [03.09.2009]


KBites has another Kpop highlight for you guys! Let’s get started shall we?


  1. Dream
  2. Words to say “I Love You” (Duet with  Alex)
  3. Words to say “I Love You” (Inst)

J is a singer with such a sweet and smooth voice. Sometimes reminds me of JiSun. Also in the song with Alex, his voice matches hers really well and the song is really sweet itself. If you like songs from JiSun, Hwayobi, Park JungHyun, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this song as well.



  1. I want
  2. I want (Inst)

T-max does it again. This song has a fast beat almost like techno beat. I personally think that it did a good  job incorporating the rap parts for KimJun as well, and much better then each of them having single songs like the last album. Overall, it has an addicting beat and lyrics (in a good way). Can’t wait until they start performing this song out to the public and come out more often on shows.



  1. Intro
  2. You are in my sight
  3. Blowing on memories
  4. You are not here
  5. You are in my sight (Radio Edit)
  6. You are in my sight (MR)

Kim JeongHoon is commonly referred to the netizens as Mom’s friends son. (Explaination : Remember how some of your parents are like “Oh my friend’s son/daughter always get straight As”) So, this album matches his image very well. Such great ballad songs and sad  lyrics. I  have to say my favorite would have to be track 2 because the whole sadness of the song is there in the start of the song with the melody. Strongly recommended to anyone who likes sad / ballad songs.



  1. I Don’t Care (Reggae Mix Version)

Do I really need to say anything about this album? 2NE1 showed off their great vocals in this one and the reggae beat had me jamming. I hoped that they would just release an album with all the remixes they had done to the song “I Don’t Care.” Anyways, strongly recommended!



  1. LA ChA TA

I’m not sure if this song has a strong stand out for me. It just seems like a regular girl group song much like MUZIK or something like After School would sing. However, this song interest me because it doesn’t have any of the electronic generated music add to the song. Great fun preppy song, I got to just wait until how they perform on stage.



  1. Words I Want to Say Part.2
  2. Faster (Feat. YuBi)
  3. Love Rain
  4. If I say “ya”! You say “ye”! (Duet With Lyn)
  5. JumJumJum (Feat. Henry)
  6. Memories and reminiscence (Feat. JunHyung, HoYoung, Denny)

Kim TaeWoo is already well known for his great voice from the group god produced by JYP before. Every single of the songs I recommend because they are all so great. I can just see them being a hit. Love Rain is the best one and its almost as if you are looking out in the rain and hearing the song, it makes you feel fresh and clean.

Ji Youn : How did you guys like this weeks kpop highlights? Leave comments below?

21 Responses

  1. I have to say that J’s song featuring Alex is one of the best ballad collab ever. I’m glad they collaborated together again cause their voices match each other so well. Great song, they don’t disappoint.

  2. K-Bites, I just love you guys. You are my source for new music in the K-pop scene. Again, no disappointment on your recommendation. T-Max song “I want” is indeed very catchy. I want this one on my ipod!. 2ne1 reggae unplugged I don’t care is my favorite versionof this song by far .J words to say I love you was beautiful. Sometimes I’m scared to listen to a artist I’m not familiar with but I must say I would get Kim Jeong one, love the ballad You are in my sight. Not feeling Love Rain by Kim Tae Woo, but I’m sure it will grow on me. Kim TaeWoo keeps growing on me, the more I listen to him. I still love his Memories and Remberance song. K-Bites, thank you for Kpop Highlights! It’s one of the things I look forward to while reading K-Bites faithfully everyday! You guys rock!

  3. dont u think 4minute ‘MUZIK’ is quite similar to 2Ne1 ‘FIRE’??
    EVEN dance are ALMOST SAME!!!!!!!!!

    love 2ne1
    hate 4minute-copycat!!!

  4. im a lil confuse here..
    is alex is da same as clazziquai??
    or is dat another name 4 him..
    bdw, kim joon is sweet~
    haha (out of topic)

  5. I love this week’s highlights =D

  6. People! KBites is doing ‘highlights of the WEEK,’ so if your idol’s songs were released last week….guess what, it’s not gonna be in this post.

    Kim Tae Woo is the best (of the week), his voice is so RnB, that soul vibe, I like it.

    2NE1’s reggae version is nice and it gives a different feel to the song. But I so played out the original song on my IPOD!

  7. I decided to check out these songs bcuz of your short reviews.

    I like J’s song. ^^

    Kim Tae Woo’s album stood out for me. I’m liking all his tracks. =D He’s making a comeback too~ on this coming Music Bank!

    Glad I checked out the songs here; thanks. ^^

  8. no ft island? O_O

    i was thought that i hope remix is cool!

    but yeah, Kim JeongHoon songs are cool!

  9. it’s really sound nice n exciting..^^

  10. I love it. It’s nice.

  11. oh i love the 2ne1 remix!!
    and i’m soo glad taewoo made a comeback!!! i loved G. O. D sooo much..

  12. very much interested for Kim Tae Woo album. good things that male singers started to release albums/mini albums/singles by the last quater of 2009. K POP scene got quite stucked with females singers lately.

    gonna dig them now ^___^ thanks for the tip

  13. oh F(x) is ..going to be an interseting september seeing the girl groups duke it out..i am LOVING J’s song with alex…sure it’s a little generic..but it makes u have goosebumps listening to it =) so pretty! and TAE WOO!!!! he’s back! =) thanks!!!! these updates are awesome! especially since i can’t keep up every day anymore!

  14. where the hell is 4minute.

  15. OMG! I’m loving loving Tae Woo’s songs!
    It’s so soulful! I missed G.O.D so much!

  16. omoo..i totally love tae woo song..as expected of him tho there is autotune..well its the trend now..dont really care bout it coz his vocal is like awesome when it comes to live performances..thanx for this


    LOOOVE the song. makes me want to dance

  18. personally,
    i REALLI like Kim Tae Woo’s album, eventhough, i have no clue what the lyrics mean but i absolutely love all of his songs =D awsome…
    about f(x)’s song, hmmm…it gives off like ‘just another one of those songs’ yoo knoe? but we’ll just havta wait till they perform the song….but i still think SM coulda given them a better song…iono…just what i think

  19. Kim Jeong Hoon looks so much younger in his picture! 🙂

    • i agree and he looks really good i cant believe hes 29 O.o
      2ne1s reggae remix is awesome and im really liking j’s duet
      with alex… for some reason it kinda reminds me of jisun’s windflower
      song… and i love listening to kim tae woo’s entire album^^

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