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Netizens are interested in f(x) members’ past photos


With the upcoming debut of SM’s new girlgroup f(x) and their debut song ‘LA chA tA’ MV released just yesterday, netizens get more interested in the group and the group members.

In particular, many past photos were dug up by netizens and there was even talks about plastic surgery, as if it is shocking to hear.

The past photos of each member, except for Amber whose past photos were not really much revealed.


Known to have modelled for many brands, and fashion sites and appeared in several magazines





More known as SNSD Jessica’s little sister, did several CFs when she was younger.




Many photos of her acting when she was younger





Only past photos of her are her appearance on ‘JinSil Game’ show



Netizens’ responses:

  • “They look so different back then!”
  • Victoria look more like Jessica. Krystal looks like YoonA‘s sister”
  • “If they don’t do well as a group, they can come out solo and promote as f'(x)”
  • “Why are there Chinese in the group?”
  • “They are all really pretty. I don’t care about the bashes and photos”
  • “SM artistes are very well packaged, including their faces”
  • “What’s wrong? they are all pretty now?”

These girls have the potential and I love how they look as a group (I don’t know because there is Amber and Sulli in it? They stand out a lot) they look like they can bring something new to Kpop.

But talks about plastic surgery? I doubt.

We will just wait and see for their performances.

Meanwhile, here’s f(x) new photos:





54 Responses

  1. you cant say who netizens really are. even if they sound pathetic and seem like they have no lives, it just makes you no better for stating it. people, dont seep to that level of low.

    Most SM get plastic surgery anyway. that company is for looks. i mean,i love SJ and SHINee and all but really SM Entertainment just wants money. most of the people who are in the entertainment dont even sound that good. they get their fame from looking pretty. seriously.
    now so many koreans get plastic surgery that its hard to tell the naturals..which is incredibly sad and there is no pride in that kind of beauty. They can be natural or plastic. just as long as they have talent.
    but if they dont…please please please dont be like SNSD and get so many antis.

  2. i like victoria and sulli ^^
    they’re pretty

  3. Victoria is gorgeous. She reminds me a bit of Daul Kim (r.i.p.) when Daul was just starting out in some photos.

    Amber is interesting to me especially considering you generally don’t see that much androgyny in girl groups.

    Netizens are so weird. They seem like a lot of sad, angry, pathetic people with no lives to me.

  4. seems like they don’t do the plastic surgery… not like SNSD…. f(x) member photos show that they have a natural beauty…

  5. i remembered Sulli, yeah, the pretty young girl i always see on some k-dramas… also, if i’m not mistaken she appereared as a young version of ha ji-won in d movie ‘pabo/fool’ and in tvxq’s vacation drama, ‘mickey’s’ part ryt?

  6. Huh they look the same! They were all pretty when they were young.

    so f(x) has the looks and 2ne1 the talent. wonder who will be more popular.

  7. I was hoping to see Ambers past photos =)

  8. “Victoria look more like Jessica. Krystal looks like YoonA’s sister”~lol i agree i want to see amber’s past photos i like her 🙂

  9. i tell u what happened
    they grow up they get thinner
    they get prettier bcuz they take more care of appearence
    o// duh this is so obvious!!
    k netizens do me a favor and stop criticizing
    g dragon and others famous ppl and get a LIFE!!

  10. ps. anyone have amber’s old picture?

  11. I think the rest looks fine, but I think amber is trying too hard. She looks kinda old in these pictures and so does the La cha ta mv. I’m don’t really mind having a boy lookalike in girl group, but amber is just ‘not it’.

  12. Amber always faces sideways or tilts her head. I think she doesn’t look good in pictures if she faces straight to the camera. yo honestly, if they weren’t in SM, no one would care about them that much.

  13. wow that one netizens comment so Racist -_-

  14. i dont think its plastic …. make up can do wonders.Ever heard of make up? Lol… and even if they did…it doesnt matter.None of the netizens matter anyway.EVERYTIME when a new girl group or new group debut netizens will dig out their pass photos and say they have plastic surgery.

  15. there’s one certain photoshoot where victoria looks like shin ae and there are some angles where luna looks like kim so eun! haha and I like the 3rd neitzen’s comment too

  16. Sulli loooks cute when she’s young.
    Haven’t seen though their upcoming MV.

  17. i love luna in short hair!

  18. My favourite has got to be Krystal~
    She is such an eye-catcher!
    But yea, f(x) is definitely a suitable name for the group, looking at how 5 of them have different attractive styles.
    Definitely a well-packaged & potential group that can go international.

  19. amber looks really cool~ wonder what her personalities like… dorky? goofy? serious? iono but she’s sure drawing lots of attention and seems netizens are quite interested in her so f(x) is also searched.
    sulli…so cute and pretty~ she looked about the same since her younger days acting.
    luna seems very JYP / YG artist …iono her voice is really soulful which is a surprise from SME
    victoria.. she’s got huge eyes and long hair…
    krystal…um don’t like SM making her look or resemble yoona… she should have her own style …

    • Honestly I wonder if Amber herself want it that way (boyish) or just SM who made her to be a tomboy to draw more attention, if It’s not her real character then poor her, she has to keep that maybe-cool-at-first expression forever
      Sully looks natural and friendly, sometimes she reminds of Jeon Ji-Huyn

  20. who cares. all of SM got plastic surgery anyways …. literally ALL of them ……….

    • I hate to admit it, but I agree with your comment. Yeah, yeah, I am gonna get bashed myself.

      I’m not against plastic surgery, I just don’t know why it’s such a big deal with K-netizens or the celebs (who get them) that hide that fact. If you can fix your nose and look hot, then go for it!
      What the hell would K-netizens think of American celebs? Wow, I can picture a chaotic, web broswer crash.

    • yeee…f.e. jaejoong is so plastic

  21. Sulli looks adorable, I think Luna and Victoria are absolutely gorgeous, Krystal looks like Yoona’s sister, Amber has.. really sharp features.

  22. SM will prob just take all their money lol

  23. yes, i thought, Crystal looks like YoonA..
    hooo, Amber , she’s really handsome.
    tnx for share

  24. they are really pretty!
    i love the song and MV.
    but i cant find myself liking Amber, its weird.
    i think if she was a guy, i could. *sigh* i dont know. haha.
    & Luna has no solo pic 😦 i really like her.
    and is it just me or does Sulli look like Go Ara?
    every time i see her i think ‘omg! its Go ara!’ but it’s not..

    Krystal ftw ❤

  25. f(x) girls are really pretty. ^o^

  26. i really don’t like amber for some weird reason, i dunno why and I think I’m the only one. I like this group though, just not amber. I think they have the potential to do better things but, lachata isn’t the right song and genre for them, it doesn’t stand out too much, its boring… no offence.

    • same here.
      i’ll give them a chance though cuz they can be interesting.
      Oh and god, is it only me who notices that?they absolutely CAN’t pose! their pictures comes out akward.only the victoria girl can pose.
      i was shocked when i saw their first promo pictures.

      • yea they really have quite awkward poses. and that amber girl/guy only has 1 expression throughout all the pictures! she looks bored in the pictures

  27. Luna like BoA-short girl

  28. Krystal does look like Jessica from certain angles. But I do find that Victoria looks like Jessica at some points too. lol She looks like Sica’s older sister. Krystal is like a YulYoonSic mix.

  29. I dont know why so many new girl groups debut at the same time ? I wonder are there enough people out there to be their fans, anyway I prefer Suli , she looks the most innocent in the group . Just wish them all the best , I think they are now under much pressures.I guess if they are not from SM , noone is gonna care.

  30. “Why are there Chinese in the group?”
    WTF! What matters is their ability, not where they come from.

  31. where’s luna’s solo pic >.<

  32. I love the 3rd netizen’s response XD Math nerd much? It’s been some time since I’ve had to deal with functions, so I can’t recall how it works… is that differentiation.

    It’s weird if netizens aren’t interested in their past photos. Victoria looks best with black hair and bangs, she stands more. If not she seems just like another pretty girl,
    Krystal does look like Jessica… except in one of the downright unflattering photo.
    Sulli is like the friendly little girl next door ^^ The kind I’d want to meet in my neighbourhood LOL.
    Luna looks a bit scary, like someone you wouldn’t mess around with.

    • haha yeah differentiation lol derivative of a function. At least their group name will remind you to do your calculus HW lol

  33. Amber really looks like a boy on those group photos <3<3<3 HAHA what the netizen said is somewhat true, victoria can pass more as jessica's sis and krystal can pass more as yoona's sis lol

  34. LOL at the 3rd netizens response

  35. I can’t believe that all the members in f(x) except Victoria are underage they look old especially Amber I can’t believe that she is 17 she looks older anyway I don’t like their song I think they getting all this attention b/c of amber plus they are under sm

    • YEAH seriously… if it were not for Amber and SM, this would just be another girl group in kpop.

    • So true. Though I prefer Victoria and Sulli than Amber. If they had any other girl who looked like a normal girl rapping, it would be a WHOLE different story.

    • ANY artist debuting under the BIG 3 i.e. SM, YG, JYP will get all of netizens’ attention. that’s why they’re known as the BIG 3.

      WG, SNSD, 2NE1 and now f(x) all got everyone’s attention because they are EXPECTED to be good since their management companies all have an established records.

      so don’t bullshit about how f(x) seems to be “getting attention” just because they’re under SM. they’re not the only one.

      • I agree .. It’s biased ..
        Its just also like 2ne1 > YG LOL

      • To: mhr

        LOL, he/she didn’t say anything about the other groups…. He/she just stated about that about that artist in the artist’s particular post. Just saying…..

        I agree with your BIG 3 a bit, but don’t you think the major reason why they are famous is because the BIG 3 picks it’s talented artists correctly? For example, if SM picks a shitty, off-tone singer, then fans wouldn’t have faith in SM cause he picked such a non-talented person. So I wouldn’t just rely it on the entertainment company itself.

  36. Netizens loves to dig up old photos ..
    They still look the same ..

    Luna kinda resembles Kim So Eun in some angles.

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