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2PM JaeBum offends Koreans with Myspace posts, plans for official apology


Following the incident of the offending messages which 2PM leader JaeBum has posted up on his MySpace page being discovered, there are plans for him to come out to do an official apolgoy.

2PM’s representative said on 5th September, “There are plans for JaeBum to do an official apology on their official homepage. The problem here is that the post he posted was when he was young and first arrived in Korea, and was still not able to adapt to life in Korea.”

The rep also added, “Currently JaeBum is reflecting on his own actions. Do understand it as a thoughtless act of someone still young.”

The messages were posted up on JaeBum’s MySpace page in 2005 in the ‘About Me’ board.



Some of the things he wrote:

  • “Korea is gay”
  • “I hate Koreans”
  • “I want to go back to the States again”
  • “Korea is whack… but everyone thinks I’m like the illest rapper when I suck nuts at rapping…”

And in 2007 before he was about to debut, he also wrote about how it was not his style:

  • “I’m like a gay version of myself”

He also wrote about his unhappiness about moving into together with other trainees in the company.

With these messages he wrote on his MySpace page revealed, netizens have gone on an outrage. There were

There were heated discussions about this on 2PM’s official homepage and on various portal sites.

Netizens say:

  • “The 2nd Steven Yoo”
  • “They should do an official press conference to explain this!”
  • “Just go back to America then”
  • “Seriously this is not something you can just apologise and hope everyone will forgive and forget”
  • “Even if he reflects on himself, people don’t change easily right?”
  • “Everyone is not perfect and makes mistakes. Netizens are making too much noise over this? Don’t you netizens make mistakes too?”
  • “i hate you. and you are a bad boy. im korean. you too.” (In English by one of the Korean netizens)
  • “This is the end for you”
  • “He beats GDragon at it this time”

There are many very mean bashes by the netizens going on online. I hope Jay pulls through this one well, only wish him the best.


2PM Park Jaebum issues public apology ‘I’m really sorry and embarrassed’

2PM’s Park Jaebum has made an official apology over the comments made about Korea.
Jaebum posted on American social networking site in 2005 & 2007 saying ‘I want to go back to America’ ‘I hate Korea’, after such insulting comments have been found, he has received a lot of criticism.

Park Jaebum has confessed to posting such things at 12:13PM and posted at his fancafe with the title ‘Park Jaebum’s apology’, trying to express this apology through the post.

Jaebum said “I would like to apologize for the things I posted on myspace a few years ago. Sorry’ ‘and ‘I returned to Korea in Jan 05 when I was a high school student. Being born and bred in America, I had hardly any understanding of Korea, and when I first came to Korea, I couldn’t speak the language, couldn’t adapt to the food, and didn’t know and didn’t understand Korean culture’ ‘My family was all in America and when I came to Korea it seemed like everyone was being cold to me. I had no idea when I would debut and I was really lonely. It was a really difficult and lonely period for me due to various reasons. I missed home, felt like giving up and wanted to go back to my family in America.”explaining the reasons behind his posts.

Jaebum has issued a sincere apology saying ‘I posted such things because I really hated how I was living then and got really worked up. I was really young then and didn’t express myself well’ ‘I was young, didn’t have enough sense and because it was a difficult period, and I made these mistakes due to the situations I was facing at that point in time. I posted those words 4 years ago and I have completely changed since then. I will try not to make such mistakes in future’.

Jaebum’s apology letter are as follows:

Hello everyone, I’m 2PM’s Park Jaebum. I would like to apologize for the words I typed on myspace a few years ago. Sorry. I would like to explain my feelings then and apologize for them
I returned to Korea in Jan 05 when I was a high school student. Being born and bred in America, I had hardly any understanding of Korea, and when I first came to Korea, I couldn’t speak the language, couldn’t adapt to the food, and didn’t know and didn’t understand Korean culture

My family was all in America and when I came to Korea it seemed like everyone was being cold to me. I had no idea when I would debut and I was really lonely. It was a really difficult and lonely period for me due to various reasons. I missed home, felt like giving up and wanted to go back to my family in America.
I posted such things because I really hated how I was living then and got really worked up. I was really young then and didn’t express myself well’ ‘I was young, didn’t have enough sense and because it was a difficult period, and I made these mistakes due to the situations I was facing at that point in time.

And as time passed I forgot that I had ever posted such things. Looking back, I’m really sorry and embarrassed for writing such things. I have since adapted to Korea and completely changed my mind set. I’m thankful for all everything I went through so that I could perform on stage. I posted those words 4 years ago and I have completely changed since then.

Our family, Hottest and our 2PM members, I’m really sorry to everyone as well as everyone who loves 2PM.

Translated by: [info]sparkskey
Korean source: Newsen

218 Responses

  1. it realy hurts me when i heard jay said that. i didnt even believe he even said those things. im a realy big fan of jaybeom but it realy deaply broke my heart in to a million pieces…besides im only 11 years old. ifelt guilty bout those things but i will still love you jay forever…peace 🙂

  2. u all pray and hope that jay will someday return to do showbiz…. but imagine,if he return wouldn’t it feels weird 4 him to dance,make funny jokes,or sing knowing that he had make a mistake..(believe me,i’m experienced)..imagine him performing while his fans thinking about his mistake…i’m not saying that i hate him..seriously..who would hate him..BUT I THINK THE FIRST STEP IS TO MAKE SURE EVERYON KNOWS THAT HE IS INDEEPLY SORRY..

  3. we can understand him, cause we love him,,,,

  4. Well, that posts were 3 or 4 years ago!!
    I can feel how he might feel and that time!
    The lonely feeling and the feeling that I’m suck at everything, when will I be official star? I can even speak Korean well!!

    That might be what he felt, plus the stress from training must have made him had twice trouble!

    So please understand him!! Even If he had left now, please remember what good
    side and what u love about him in your heart, keep that good memories and let him go without more regret!

    Jaebom….. I wish u would come back
    me and your fans still love and wait for u

  5. It is Korea’s loss in my opinion.
    From just a few past comments, things have really been blown over board. Poor Jay is left dealing with angry fans alone. Once again he faces isolation.
    It’s sad how one person can do so much damage.

    What ever he plans to do in America. Rest assured that ‘true’ fans will continue to support him.


  6. I think that Jaebum should go forward with his music career with his English name and infiltrate the K-POP scene with a different look and get his musical ‘revenge’!

  7. i want him to come back!!!!!

  8. I think netizens to be strict with Jay, and i’am so sad about that!
    And i don’t know what did “the guild posted Jay’s Myspace in the internet ” think?
    Why that guild don’t think ’bout the consequence?
    Just for one second, he was maked we _ Hottest, 2pm’s member and everybody loves 2pm _ like this!
    I realy hate that guild, and i know that we never forgive that mistake !
    and Netizens , we don’t care what you say!

    So said!
    * we still loved u, Jay! We’ll wait for u !
    Hope that oneday u comeback!


  10. modern 유승준 lol

  11. wow so much fighting going on anyways,
    WoAH he was born in america? never knew thought he was born into korea i just got into 2pm this year :DCOOL
    im going to post this for jaebum? jae oppa hwaiting!
    Come back oppa we miss you, forget those crazy netizens who have no life to criticize you, everyone makes mistakes everyone has flaws! netizens just move on pull lezze -_-;;
    get a life and leave him alone.Anways,Jaebum oppa hwaiting!! i love you!! Jay fighting! 2pm cant survive with out you especially since you are the leader:D please come back<333

  12. jaebum can coming back to 2pm i miss u
    jay u so good for me in malaysia olyso like u n your group

  13. […] 2PM Park JaeBum’s MySpace controversy [Read] […]

  14. […] 2PM Park JaeBum’s MySpace controversy [Read] […]

  15. all tunis maroc egypt libi all afri and orop need you jay we all miss vyou please go back we are so sad

  16. missssssssssssssssss you so much you are the best

  17. […] all started when his messages like “Korea is gay” and “I hate Koreans” written on his MySpace 4 years ago were exposed on 5th September amongst netizens. After the incident, JYP Entertainment issued out an […]

  18. omg! Netizens and everybody is overreacting! Jae bum is a simple normal being like us! SERIOUSLY! people don’t ahve much luck in life, so they try anyways! NEtizens WTF, who cares! It’s only for you if you really believe in all the B.S. Jae bum was not the same as he is now! Don’t you believe that some people change, even for the better? Let it be, we are just making this bigger by causing attention to the netizens, but i’m making my point for everybody to know! also, so what if jae bum doesn’t return to korea with 2pm, what are you going to do about it, nothing but complain? Life goes on, move on! GEEZ, seriously is one person in the universe tearing you down just because he’s not going to be in a band!? We have a life so live it, why try to live others life!!!!!!! I got love for jae bum though! But you guys need to stop saying oh man, aww , i hope he returns! it’s not as easy and simple and come on, face reality already!

  19. I really am sad…For Jaebum to be leaving like this…Me and my brother love jaebum…My little brother is 10 years old and is a fan of Park Jaebum..I wish that he would return to korea and continue with 2pm again…
    I wish him good luck….

  20. Let me tell you something. Honestly i am feeling very ####ed up because of the fact that i am Korean and the netizens are Korean. Jay posted those stuff ####ing 4 years ago man what the ####! I hate myself for being Korean because of Korean netizens. Those narrow minded mother ####ing ##### ### #####s. It was nice when 2pm was all together.

  21. Doesn’t this happen to everyone? I mean Jay was a bit out with the things he said, and he expressed his feelings in a wrong way, but still, sometimes i get all worked up, and such, and do these things. He was working hard for us today, and we are all proud of him ( : I see comments like those a lot of times, it’s just that, people talk about Jay’s rant now? C’mon, i’m pretty sure i would’ve done the same; neglected, and getting the cold shoulder (if thats how he felt, my apologies if i’m kinda off) the people who wrote back should know how it feels to be like him in his place, except he had it rougher, since JY was ‘harshly training’ them, so yea……… you guys do have to be honest though, hasn’t something like this happened to you people, im pretty sure, no one’s perfect, but this is just my say in this, we all of have a different point of view of things here

  22. Okay for those of you who are still blaming Korean netizens for this whole incident, you should realize that by blaming the netizens, you’re just enabling this situation to just rise up in the air with no one to take the responsibility. How about go read the articles(literally translated if not in korean) and judge for youself how some reporters maliciously blew this whole thing out of proportion and how JYPE(who apprently kicks out their trainees for having girl/boyfriends and is super scrutinizing) never took the caution to perhaps erase/censor the old data. Jaebum has an American citizenship and he was earning money in Korea. And the articles read somewhere along the lines of, the leader of the superstar group 2PM wrote in his blog that his only purpose in staying in this puke-inducing, abominable(that’s how they translated gay) country is to earn money. And after the initial netizen reaction, more articles were written in order to make it seem like the whole country was fuming—when a lot of ppl couldn’t care less. By saying that Korean netizens are crazy and are at fault is basically letting the actually guilty ones off the hook while embracing a racist profile of Korea

  23. those who anti’s please leave this blog…this is nope for you…not the place for you to say something idiot..before you judge someone, you judge urself first..do you really good?

  24. hahahahaha just want to add sumthing you suck balls Jay i was never a fan dont come back poser!

  25. I would love to see everyone that insulted him move to another country where they didn’t know the language, wasn’t used to the food, didn’t have anyone to really depend on and was lonely, and practice and work so freakin’ hard as a trainee. Let’s see you do that successfully. Then you can talk and bash whom ever the freak you want, you jerks!!! And do that while you’re in your teens.

    And I honestly don’t think it was a stupid thing to say. You hate what you hate and you like what you like. And of course he probably hated Korea because he wasn’t used to the culture and everything! I’m a Korean myself and I know a lot of Koreans fresh from Korea (FOBS…no offense lol) and they’re always saying how the society is more difficult to live in than America. I don’t remember all of it but I do remember thinking it would take forever for me to adjust if I were ever to go live there…that is if I ever adjusted at all.

    Seriously, this made me so mad at the so called “fans”. What fans??? You jerks! Dx

  26. I really thought that Korea was an open minded fun to live in country but now in all honesty I’m not so sure any more abut it.
    these people need to understand that the poor guy lived in the states for his hole life and that there people don’t bow and guys do not I repeat DO NOT TOUCH for any reason, all that a guy needs to do is touch the other guys hand and he’d be like (what the hell are you doing), it really is a homophobic country and I am not saying that there aren’t any people that are open minded with it, but the majority are that way and I am not saying that Korea is a gay country either I know its not and I have no problem with the way they are close to each other its just their way of expressing that they are friends. My friend was like that when she came to Saudi Arabia and she saw guys holding hands or close to each other and she was like (what the hell there is allot of gay guys here) she didn’t understand that it was normal here, my mom was a bit like that too but she changed the way she viewed it after living here for a few years. it is good to have pried for your country but you shouldn’t be so @###$$ about it and as you want other cultures to understand your country you should understand others as well its a 2 way thing because ( I’m not saying that the Korean people are bad) but just because a guys got your blood running through him and hasn’t lived there don’t expect him to have this big sense of loyalty that you do cause it was not implemented in him, you might as well call him American. What he did and what he said was wrong there is no doubt in that but he was a friggen high scholar, a teenager and we are known to do the stupidest of things when we are emotional but we later regret it.
    Another point is how can you people dare to say that an individual has not or can not change? Who are you to decide? a person changes the most on the inside can you actually stand up and say in truth that you know what is in his mind and heart about your country? NO you cant that is some thing that is very private and the only thing that shows it is how the individual acts and I think he has proven to all of us that he has changed the opinions that he had about your country. And every person is entitled the benefit of a doubt and is given a 2nd chance why shouldn’t he. This is very wrong on your behalf. Every one needs to notice that this whole thing is one big argument. And in order to have that 2 sides are wrong in something. Now Jae admitted to his wrong doings and apologized isn’t time the other party did so as well? this is ruining your country and your peoples reputation. all my friends in the states and every one here in KSA is shocked, they thought that your people were kind generous happy forgiving well mannered and expectable of all nationalities but when we here some thing like this and how you reacted to what a child and yes that was what jay was at the time a child a teenager and you blow up in his face with out taking consideration to his upbringing and how different from your customs and tradition that country is just well I’m sorry to say this I really am very upset to be writing this cause like I said I love eastern Asian countries and south Korea is my favorite one of all, but it is PURE STUPIDITY that is fueling this thing.
    And I’m am truly horrified that they didn’t even stop him from leaving and actually rooted for it.
    I will say this now with grate regret the focus on Korea has magnified allot especially with all the attention it is getting through the media and more so with their talented entertainers because of this I think a lot of people are going to change their minds about how they viewed the country and its people.
    I really do regret it.
    Jae I really do hope you get a chance to read this, you did something stupid and you regretted it and apologized for it you did all that you could to amend for it so please know that there are people out there that do support you no matter what you decide. Yes as a fan to your music and your fab. dancing I wish you would return but as true fans we must not only think about what’s best for 2pm we must think about what is best for you cause if your heart is not in it or if it will hurt you and you don’t want to go back I will still support you.
    Best wishes from me, my sisters, my cousins, and my friends go out to you.
    this is the first time for me to post something like this so I wouldn’t mind if people tell me(writ to me) what they think about what I said whether they agree or disagree 4 every one in entitled to their own opinions that is what makes us unique.
    And my last words to every one out there is always pay attention to what you say to other people cause you can change a persons life with one word that’s all that it takes, and if that change is 4 the good or the bad well that just depends on what it is you say. Especially if it is said to the younger generation.

  27. my heart went out to jaebom…really..my heart pounding out went i read the comment..erghh.. WTF of the netizens..why they cant just forgive and forget about it..why they must brag the ancient story..the hardest time jaebom ever had almost in his life..i’m sorry to say this but frankly korean netizens you all are narrow-minded!!serve you right..hahaha..(a wicked sarcastic laugh)

  28. Okay, I’m not a Jay fan but I’m on his side on this one. Seriously, it’s so messed. Jay, if you had a choice and the company still wanted you in the group you should have held your ground and took a stand. You didn’t do anything wrong nor do you have anything to apologize for. The statements you made were your feelings and things you went through, and falls under the category of freedom of speech. People are dumb if they think everyone is happy all the time. What… just b/c you’re in a Korean group, or live in Korea, you can’t dislike Korans? That makes no sense. Hello.. the the country was divided into north and south korea …what Koreans didn’t hate each other then?

    The comment about his rapping… well people are their own harshest critique. You can say you su*k at rapping while others may like your style. what’s wrong with that?

    Jay, su*k it up and go back to the group! you got there on your own talents. This is your career, don’t cut it short just cause things are getting hard. If you go back and face the things from your past you will be stronger.

  29. I think these netizen aren’t being overreacted, I mean, isn’t it normal to feel that way if you read that kind of message? I don’t hate Jaebum. but I think he should know better what he is saying (or write in this case) on public. I hope JYP will give him a chance. 🙂

  30. Support Jaebum then hurry!! :

    Don’t mind the deadline – just send a picture as soon as possible :))

  31. […] singer was fast to issue an apology after the statement was exposed earlier this month, but couldn’t put out the raging […]

  32. Those comments by Jaebum are priceless:

    “Korea is gay. I hate Koreans”.

    WOW! Typical ignorant teenager really.

    I think all Jaebum needs to do is go on a “Heal the World, I’m Sorry Korean” tour. He can go speak to fans and have a big cry-care seminar over it. Speak to the elderly, help the homeless, speak to the kids and tell them how he was wrong…just like Michael Vick did.

    If the elderly that hated mixed kids in the past can applaud Hines Ward…I think they can at least accept one of their own blood. Like they say, ANY PUBLICITY is GOOD PUBLICITY.

    Long live Jaebum!! If you can’t make it in 2pm, go try out for Massive Monkees or get your own crew and audition on America’s Best Dance Crew!!!

  33. Yea they are so narrow-minded! Jaebum we(your fans) will forgive you so please come back to korean…2pm and also the stage! We’ll support you 4eva!

  34. come on k netizens!!!
    i totally understand how he feels i’ve been living in canada since i was four
    and wenever i cum to korea i alwayz feel uncomfortable and weird
    seriously…couldnt they UNDERSTAND the culture difference and how awful
    it would hav been for him to go to a foreign country where u dont understand
    anything??? the word ‘gay’ isnt the same in the states and korea
    and it was FOUR years ago!!! thats a HUGE difference
    we luv u jay!!!! we forgive u!!! fighting!!! stay strong!!!!!

  35. If you are reading this Jaebum….
    first of all, 힘내!! I believe in you and you can pull through this! I can understand how Koreans are angry about the post, but I’m sure your apology will be accepted. It’s hard for Koreans to understand the way we talk in the States, like slangs (ie gay).. Don’t give up on it man. I live in the atl and I understand how you must have felt when you first went to Korea. It’s no joke.. it’s super different in so many different ways haha. Stay strong and get through this!!

  36. […] lately. It’s very saddening to see such a wonderful and talented artist leave because of the mistakes he made in the past. But we all know that he did this for the company and especially his fellow […]

  37. well this is suckish
    im korean but i live in the states.

    the one thing in korea is tat if someone or a group of ppl find something about a celeb or someone famous they make it into a big(HUGE)deal. even if tat thing is somthing very small.
    sighhhh i feel soooo sorry for him ㅠㅠ
    and it was four years ago. he might have forgotten about it a longg time ago right?
    if only we could do somthing in action too..

    but still i ❤ him

  38. lol days later, finally reading this…. OMFG WTF!! THAT COMMENT WAS FRIGGIN 4 YEARS AGO WTF DOES IT MATTER NOW ?! omg seriously, i knew netizens didn’t have a life, but this is just too pathetic.
    in some way i kinda agree with jay…….

  39. that is so Korean people being harsh, it’s their pride of their country, man~
    I went over there for an exchange and korean people are so pride up about their country and even bad mounthed other country for no reason.

  40. well i just want everyone to know that…its Jay’s choice to make up not everyone who makes him….so his choice was a very risky thing to do so i think we all should feel sorry for Jaebum.

    Jay…if your reading this….don’t let anyone stop you…no one knows whats the future is going to be only God knows it and only you have to make the future that God is leading you!

  41. my tight pink pussy and ass are hoping jaebum cock won’t leave me…

  42. So wot he said the word ‘GAY’ there many meanin 4 the word I say that everytime cause it mean cheerful and happy korean fans are 2 much over the top they need 2 think before they act and where is giving the man a chance come in NONE it really anger me of hw they treat him and nw do you think many people will go 2 the country probably not WHY? well we might say a word wrong and probably get beat up or get kick out the country by them and because he an idol he still human look at hw singers from america and all over the world they always have news about htis and that and so what people just 2 forguve and yeah u might still have people who are taking it 2 seriously, but u no no what who guve a fuck about them cause they need to get a life!!!!!! and I no that korean culture is different frm europ, but he was was new to the country and so he dosent no the culture it’s like korean comin 2 visit america or england they sometime do and act thing and they probably say stuffs like that about our country as well but so wot its people opinion they hve right 2 say it

  43. well JaeBom is very welcome here in the Philippines ^_^

    kidding aside, i guess let us put things in a more simple way,
    You live in the City from the time you were young, everything is high tech, your friends are with you, your loved ones

    Then you were brought a different place, like a province, where there are no buildings, no mobile phone signal, no technology just a simple life in the farm, wouldn’t you feel like “what the hell i am doing here?” “I’m not used to this kind of life!”

    i supposed that was how he felt during those times, FOUR YEARS AGO. but through the years, jaebum has entertained us, inspired us, brought smile to every korean and non-korean girls, became an icon, an idol of many young men. Shared his talent to all of us, Here in the Philippines, Korean Pop is indeed well accepted and the reason is because of these pop stars which we look up too, admire, and idolize. He may have said bad things long ago but i think the pride he gave korea, the acknowledgement from neighboring asian countries of korean talents, and every song he sings, every move he does, already made up for his wrongdoings

  44. […] with all that saga about JaeBum’s offending messages posted up on his MySpace before debut in 2005, he has left the team on 8th September and also headed home to the States on the same in just 4 […]

  45. everyone make a mistake…juz forgive each other… love jaebeom^^ jaebeom hwaiting:) keep it up 2PM

  46. btw.i love you jay~~

  47. stupid netizens!! If you liked jay then like him for what he is instead of digging up what ANY TEENAGER would write when they’re lonely and having a hard time~!!!! This is so stuffed because sometimes koreans just exaggerate things and im a korean living in aus. so i would know!!!!

    2pm isnt seven it’s one……..and jay was the leader, what was JYP doing when everybody was making the biggest mistakes of their lives!!!!!???

    anyway, i love jay so much and can’t imagine 2pm without him. plus the netizens make koreans look really bad by not accepting an apology from heart and being so pathetic about this incident!!

    so the netizens and those fans that dont know how to forgive and forget should learn to reflect on themselves and not just turn on somebody because of such an exaggerated incident.

  48. OMG ! i want to cry so badly , how could they let him go ! hope that he’ll return , i won’t accept 2pm without a member , i can’t imagine them without less than 7 members i’m really upset , he’s human if i were in his place years ago without family and all i would probably say the same things or do even worse ! i’m really crying right now ! come back leader 2pm cannot survive without you i can’t love tyhem without you 😥

  49. Anyone who has ever lived in a foreign country can totally related to what he was going through back then. You go through a period of “culture shock” when you think everything about your host country stinks and your home country seems 100% awesome in comparison. After you work through it, you learn to appreciate your host country and remember that your home country has its own problems, too. But many of these Korean anti’s have never lived outside of Korea

  50. […] for group 2PM without a leader?JaeBum declares leaving 2PM, and sets off for hometown Seattle on 8th2PM JaeBum offends Koreans with Myspace posts, plans for official apologyNetizen who started the JaeBum saga comes out to apologise?JaeBum, "I'll be back after studying […]

  51. im not a big fan of 2pm but this is a tragedy. i kind of understand him, being in the US. gosh korean fans don’t understand him; he’s explained things thoroughly. well, 2pm fighting!!

  52. This is ridiculous! I cannot believe that these netizen are being so harsh! I totally understand why he wrote what he wrote. Growing up in the states and going to a new country that is totally different from the one that you know is hard. I’m proud that he made it through. Give him a break! Jaebum u are welcome back to the states. 😀

  53. […] the whole saga which 2PM JaeBum is going through now for his offending MySpace messages before debut, it seems in JongHoon’s post […]

  54. it is ridiculous how my country is acting towards this. seriously. those no life korean netizen freaks are such biyotches.

  55. i just think the Korean Audience doesnt really appreciate Korean-Americans/ foreign influenced people to be one of their entertainers. Like they always attack those who come back from outside of Korea.

    For example: Tiffany of SNSD is a good example. and now JayJaeBeom oppa. Whos going to be next, huh? Are they going to get Mr. Beauty, Nickhun oppa out of korea too? what the hell is wrong with these korean Online-no lifes (netizens)?????

    for our leader’s sake!!!




  57. I surely support jaeBum,, *even I am not 2pm loyal fans*
    i think it will become really weird if 2PM without jaeBum.
    netizens should forgive jay…. since he already apologize sooooo many times.
    ohhh come on…. I think everyone also have mistakes…
    come back soon jay!!!! I will wait ur comeback stage!!!

  58. Please…
    Forgive him just this once….
    don’t torture him….
    i know how he feels right now…
    because i’ve gone through what he had gone through when he was a high school student…

  59. Jaebum.. We love you. There are people who totally understand you. Please don’t give up. YOU DID’T GIVE UP FOUR YEARS AGO– don’t give up now.

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  61. i think fans should understand his situation and forgive him after he was honest about his mistake. noone is perfect, he is also a human being so fault is always happen.i think korean netizen has an idea that the stars suppose to be perfect, and when they make mistake they will make it a big deal and try to make fuss over it.i hope it will stop soon. Jay cheer up!!!

  62. Okay,first off,all of you people don’t curse koreans because it pisses me off.Secondly,Don’t curse Jay.We should totally undestand how he felt when he first came to Korea.He was probably homesick or something and he probably had noone to help him.Anyways,he’s coming back to America.He said the first thing he wants to do is go to his family and rest.
    DO NOT CURSE KOREA TO ALL YOU KOREA HATERS.and no,the women are not plastic,but I’m going to take that as ‘They’re beautful’.
    P.S.I’m Korean to,but I agree.Koreans really do need to chill and try to forgive for once.Jay quit 2pm anyways,what’s the point of cursing him?Poor boy.

  63. Latest news ! Jaebum said he is leaving 2PM and is going back to America today at 6PM korean time ! Read It here: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/BREAKING-NEWS-Park-Jaebum-and-JYP-confirm-his-departure-from-2PM-talk683773.html
    It is all true JYP has also confirmed it !
    I really hope he stays !

  64. There are major, MAJOR, cultural differences from America and Korea. We don’t bow, use formal language, have surnames for strangers, or anything like that– everyone is equal; we have no ranks. There are so many boys I knew from middle school who acted like they were all that and were so full of it. They carried that attitude into high school, and never changed. So when you bring a teen like Jaebum from AMERICA to Korea, you can’t expect him to just settle in and be comfortable with everything, especially… well, when he was trying to be ghetto Asian. Couldn’t anyone tell from that first episode he appeared on Hot Blood?? Really. You can’t expect him to keep quiet and just bottle up his anger about being off on his own. And it’s just a reminder that, hey record companies! make sure your artists delete Myspaces, Twitters, etc with discriminating content before they debut or near debuting!

  65. jaebum shouldn’t have said that..

    • chill girl. it was a long time ago. everyone says stuff they don’t mean.
      i don’t even blame him for saying that and im korean
      no matter how messed up it is, he said sorry, we all do stuff we regret, this is his, but ppl shouldn’t fucken beat his ass up verbally to the point where he would quit

      words are words. at that time koreans were “abusing” him , he had a reason to say it

      koreans and their pride need to chill the fuck up

  66. […] the whole saga which 2PM JaeBum is going through now for his offending MySpace messages before debut, it seems in JongHoon’s […]

  67. […] jay, jyp, myspace } It will not be easy for 2PM member JaeBum, who has been criticised for his offending messages written on his MySpace page, to get out of the public eye and […]

  68. […] will not be easy for 2PM member JaeBum, who has been criticised for his offending messages written on his MySpace page, to get out of the public eye and […]

  69. […] 06.09.2009 – GDragon wins Mutizen!!2PM WooYoung's recent minihompy post – protecting JaeBum?2PM JaeBum offends Koreans with Myspace posts, plans for official apologyStar galore at InCheon Korean Music […]

  70. i think it’s a matter of korean culture or to be more exact, korean history. people in other countries might not understand it. in the past, Koreans had a lot of invasions but as often as the korean peninsula attacked by powerful countries, koreans devote their lives for their own country and also their families. there still are the threats of war because of the division between the two koreas, South and North. at this time, i think, koreans more likely to be defensive about something like that, jay’s posting. korea is a nation-state and have strong national solidarity. almost all of the koreans think that union is strength and some people have antipathy against nations like japan or usa.

    i think, at that time, jay might be just tired of hard trainning and not confident of his success and complain to his friend about his life in korea and so on. but khun and taek were also trained. khun said that training was very hard and so lonely in korea that he missed his family and wanted to go home but he didn’t say or post “i hate korean” on his website.
    in fact, koreans often crticize their national policy and some people hate the incumbent president of korea but they don’t hate korea. it’s like taboo in korean society that says “i hate korea. i hate koreans.” anyway, this insident is caused by complex reason.
    i love 2PM and i don’t want 2PM stop their activities. but koreans wouldn’t forgive easily his offending messages. that’s too bad. while it’s regrettable, from now on jay has to make a constant effort to change the korean’s perception of him. it’s entirely up to him. i wish people in korea don’t post malicious messages anymore on Internet bulletin boards.
    i think he can cope wth this.
    cheer up!2PM!

    (i’m not good at english but i tried to explain about korean sensibilities and the reasons of korean’s outburst. but probably you don’t fully understand it because of my poor explanation. i’m sorry.)

  71. when i first heard about this , i say what !! i didn’t really clear things about this.. when i read this, i say what ! this happen long long time ago and sure everyone could understand him..
    if i be him i’ve given up long time ago.. with not uderstandin korean yeah sure it’s a lonely thing.. ppl should forgive him.. he’s the leader afterall.. without him… ARRGHH>> i dont want to imagine.. his my fav… T_T dont send him back to america !!!

  72. can sumone plc tell me how to vote in the petition !!

  73. […] has posted up messages on his personal MySpace page on different occasions in 2005 and 2007 which had offended many Koreans. Some of the messages he wrote were offending to Koreans like ‘Korea is gay’, ‘I want to go […]

  74. […] has posted up messages on his personal MySpace page on different occasions in 2005 and 2007 which had offended many Koreans. Some of the messages he wrote were offending to Koreans like ‘Korea is gay’, ‘I […]

  75. […] the whole situation has blown out of proportions, after message which JaeBum wrote on his MySpace page before debut in 2005 were discovered. Some of the messages he wrote were offending to Koreans like ‘Korea is gay’, ‘I want to go […]

  76. I think it was wrong of him to write those comments, but bearing in mind it was 4 years ago… Let’s hope he’s learnt his lesson.

  77. The petition to get Jay back to America is the most stupid thing on Earth I’ve ever heard!!!!!! Who ever came up with that is the most childish and immature person in this entire WORLD!!!~~~~~~~~~ He did something wrong and he said sorry sincerely, all of you sure have done a lot of thoughtless things when you were young making your parents worried day by day, now why DON’T you stupid NETIZENS spend some times thinking about those times??? Why bother setting a petition for what??

    All 1Day lovers, esp. Jay fans, we all know they can’t do anything……This isn’t a free world, there are rules and laws, Jay already signed the contract with JYP and once his contract hasn’t ended, no f*cking bitch/dick can get him away from Korea, away from 1Day……….and we know he can get through this soon…..cos who is he? HE’S PARK JAE BUM BUT NO ONE ELSE, PEOPLE~~~~!!

  78. […] Check it out: Jaebum + netizens = not happy […]

  79. omg, why did this have to happen …
    still support him anyways
    he’s a better person now.
    i believe in the man he wanna be not the man he used to be…

  80. Whatever happens in the past I do not care, as long as he already face the mistake that he made I think it is alright.

    I hope netizens will just leave Jay alone. If only they can put themselves into Jay’s shoes. If I were to go to another country and unable to speak their language and adapt to the food, I probably will miss home and will be like him too.

    Anyway, I support Jay and 2PM FOREVER!!

    It seems like almost every week Knetizens in one way or another piss me off with their thoughtless comments and know-it-all personalities. They speak as if they knew everything about the world and they are the only ones who can say what is right and what is wrong. damnit.

    Jay may have gone over the board with his comments but that was YEARS AGO. Plus he is terribly homesick and culture shock, aside from the fact that he doesn’t know that he’ll be famous back then, thus getting pissed off at his schedule of everyday training. poor jae…

    …I wish these netizens get a taste of their own medicine. tsk..

  82. He apologize alreadyy. anyway it was a MySpace.
    MYSPACE. people could say anything there plus it was about 4 years agoo hello. HUHH poor jayy!! anyway 2Pm fighting

  83. ago i really want to go Korea..cause i thought people over there open minded..it’s really hard to go their due to my finance..so i still save my saving to go their n try living their.. i hope people over there give change to 2pm again..they still new in entertainment world..you know,the reason i’m try save my saving because i want to meet 2pm n other entertainer cause it’s really hard for entertainer form korea coming to my country… ..so i hope people from Korea understand how much we admire them n need them..2pm fighting!you can handle this!

  84. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/supportleaderjaypark
    we need your support to support jae beom..we still need him being leader in 2pm..i’m understand what he feel when you alone coming to new lifestyle n nobody seem to care that you new there..everyone will seem to do that if you really can’t stand it anymore..eventough i’m not Korean n i understand why the korean Netizens mad but it was made 4 years ago..in life we have to appologise one another.who know we might get into this situation then nobody understand you how do you feel?so…we need him..please don’t send him back to america.2pm just get into entertainments world.

  85. aw…Jaebum… its true that everyone will say that stuff when we r in a far country away from home.. and He may think that korea is gay as he could not adapt to it since he’s from america…We all support u kkies… FIghting

  86. […] the whole situation has blown out of proportions, after message which JaeBum wrote on his MySpace page before debut in 2005 were discovered. Some of the messages he wrote were offending to Koreans like ‘Korea is gay’, ‘I […]

  87. I understand the situation he was in. But I am absolutedly shocked. I am a Korean. I am quite shocked at Jaebum’s words and Korean netizens reactions. I am quite disappointed but I feel I can make very rational comments at the moment.
    He NEEDS to learn that his words impact many people. I’ve read comments on cyworld, and one really caught my eye. It was from a female cyworld netizen and she stated “I feel betrayed, nobody can understand this feeling.” She was a Hottest and she was devasted that her favorite star think her homecountry is ‘gay’, that her people are gay. His words impact more people than he can think of. And the only reason he’s alive in the show biz is because of his fans, aka, the netizens. He disrepsects the netizens, he’s got no life in the K-pop industry. I am not a Hottest, but I enjoy listening to 2PM and watch their shows often (Wild Bunny). If he thinks an apology is gonna get him of the hook, he’s gonna need to think again. He’s gonna need to say an apology in person, go on a talk show, get a press conference, say that you’re sorry for real. That will get the Korean netizens thinkign again.

  88. […] with the recent revelation of the message which 2PM member JaeBum post on his MySpace account offending many …, Korean netizens are calling for a petition to stop all activities for […]

  89. please support him here: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/supportleaderjaypark/
    hottest have to support him ♥

  90. People should stop on all the bashing and calls for petition to stop 2PM’s activities. Jay’s apology seemed really sincere. We all can really tell from that. People do change. He did this at the first place bcos he didn’t know if he was one of the 2PM members. He thought he’s never gna get chosen & also thinks that people doesn’t know him & that’s why he wrote all this. Most of his friends are all american.

    & yes, if i were Jay, i wouldn’t feel really comfortable in other country too. He’s born & lived with the state’s lifestyle. All of us couldn’t have blamed him just bcos of this. Imagine you live at a really rich,clean place for more than 10 years in your life & suddenly, you had to go to some other places which is the opposites on what you had lived for 10 years. How would you feel? Weird? Disguested? YES. It’s normal.

    Nichkhun also did mention on his interview in Thailand where he said that when he first step into Korean lifestyle, he saw guys smacking & touching each other.(something like that. In a friendly way.) He even thought if they are gay. & when he started mixing around with other 2PM members, he then understands. & Do you guys even watch Wlid Bunny? People say that they are really funny, cute and all stuff like that when the 2PM members do all those “gay” stuff to each other.(i’m not saying they gay) See, that’s what i meant. So, let’s just stop. (:


  91. I think it’s ridiculous how the Korean netizens blow everything out of proportion. They dug something up that was four years ago, and they felt offended by what they saw. It’s rather hypocritical because many times what they say offends other people, and they don’t care.

    I know I was personally offended by another netizen’s words when he/she had bashed Chinese people. I couldn’t do anything about it because every person is entitled the right to speak their mind. It’s unfortunate that stars cannot do so as freely as others.

    It’s also unfortunate that the netizens have accumulated so much power – so much that they abuse it now. What they say and do now is ridiculous and sometimes bordering lunacy.

    I hope Jaebum, and other stars in the future, strength when he and the others come across negativity like this in their life. This is an obstacle that they shall not let it overcome them.

  92. There’s people that go abroad, adujusting to different cultures complaining shitless about how they hate it there..koreans included- yah jay is a celebrity so a public apology makes sense but they want him deported? what the fuck is that?

    Being proud of your country is fine but too much pride just makes people arrogant and stupid so…koreans need to chill and GET OVER themselves

  93. I guess the Netizens would be offended but I know how he feels >_<. Went to China for a bit, and realized i spoke pretty much rubbish or mediocre chinese. But that was only for the summer, if I had to go to school there. That would suck, and it would even more because you're supposed to know the language since your family's origin is there.

  94. wow
    i dont know wut to say
    except i hope this kid knows know that you never diss your own ppl and ground them up in dirt
    you never ever turn ur back on ur own ppl, country, and fellow brothers and sisters

  95. please understand that his situation 4 years ago, can be set with a foreigner who immigrated to another country without their family and friend. then they cannot speak the language nor understand the culture.

  96. Why would you guys bring up the past that is 4 years ago?Everyone make a mistake and i bet you peoples out there do make a mistake.Bear in mind ‘NO ONE IS EVER PERFECT AND OH BYGONE IS BYGONE’.Just give Jaebom Oppa another chance as peoples deserve a 2nd chance.U wont understand if you are not in his shoe at the moment of that 4 years ago.And i STRONGLY DISAGREE if you peoples have that thinking mindset of tearing them apart.Dont you guys have that feelings of PITY AND UNFAIR towards the other members?Pls peoples,WAKE UP!!

  97. To be honest, its that not serious…
    Im born in the States, well I’m not even korean but the point is, a lot of times, when people make statements such as what he did, It doesn’t literally mean what it looks like.
    He probably had rough day, and man, I even hear stories of the intense work load korean producers and company pushes their stars. ITS insane. To achieve more and more to get as much $$$$ and people to love their stars, its insane.

    JaeBum especially posted this past a few years ago, when he was still new to the culture, the people, and everything that he had to go through in korea.

    The culture are COMPLETELY different. There are many Anti- Americans that make a WHOLE bunch of comments way worst then that!!!! on FACEbook, Blogs, Government pages and etc. You don’t see them band them from US. Especially those who were born in the states too..

    I just think they SHOULD leave him alone.

    For Jae Bum growing in the states, and going to a completely different culture is hard. Especially when he was still in high school. That’s really young and now he’s a superstars, who’s loved by many people, and sometimes its tough to please eVERYONE.

    This shouldn’t be even in the question of banding him the country. If that action is done, that’s almost as if the country isn’t democratic!

  98. ugh…stupid netizens. just give a break for their celebs. seriously. wats up w/ them.
    poor jay. he must have been so lonely. i don’t care wat he wrote, i know wat it feels like to be lonely.
    i even writ stupid things when i’m lonely and going through hard time.
    -sigh- still to say something harsh about ur own race, tats kind of mean. doesn’t tat mean he’s gay too? O_O
    oh who cares, it’s in th past

  99. If it was anybody else who said these things theyd be brought to hell but since everybody loves the guy and 2pm its ok?

    People r so biast these days

    There was no reason to diss korea even if he was so called ” lonely “

  100. All netizens are doing now just prove that unthoughtful statements of a high school trainnee during his hard time are right.

  101. haix.
    i know it was wrong of him to say such things. but that was like years ago. i mean, why do these people keep hogging on to the past? Junsu’s incident as well. Does that mean when u get popular ur past makes such a big difference? Come on people, even though as celebrity they have a life too. What’s over, is over. get on with life. Even we as normal people have a past too. You mean to say u will be bothered by it?
    We are all humans, We make mistakes. Give him Jay a break pls. Peace out.

  102. well i can understand the netizens outrage at this. its really shocking for an idol to post such things even at a long time ago. but i can also understand Jae too. i wrote about many things and situations which i do not like in my blog, but after going through it, i realised i have no regrets at all. its the same scenario. its just an in the spur of the moment thing. at least he apologised. so let’s just hope netizens will move on

  103. […] with the recent revelation of the message which 2PM member JaeBum post on his MySpace account offending many …, Korean netizens are calling for a petition to stop all activities for […]

  104. It’s kinda offensive to Koreans.
    But i don’t think they had to overreact like that.
    It was 4 years ago n Jay was very young n naive then. Just like every kids growing up in other part of the world he’ll find difficulty adapting to Korean’s culture…
    I hope they’ll just forget this n won’t be too harsh.
    This reminds me of Tiffany SNSD..T.T
    I mean both are from US n found it difficult to adapt n had to live their trainee lives alone without family.
    ThEY must have felt lonely n clueless about Korean’s culture. T.T

  105. What?
    ohh, yeah i understand i mean i know what he means.
    Who isn’t like that? i mean the first time you move
    to another place you hate it.
    That was years ago & he loves Korea now.

  106. […] member JaeBum of 2PM got the most attention by the media of the dayafter the outrage caused by his MySpace posts earlier at the […]

  107. why netizens have to make big deals of all shits? such waste of time. get a fucking life, seriously.

  108. Jay i totally understand u
    it was the same with me when i first came to japan
    2 i couldnt fit w/ ppl on school the way i had 2 behave
    so polite and all the bowing and the differences
    of culture

    I support u cuz i know what u ve thru!! I think netizens should put themselves at his place, i really hated japan when i came but after some time i got used 2 most things ^^

    This is not fair he was really young he wasnt thinking about being correct he was just trowing all the stress and pressure away and now they brought it back -.-

    JAY!!! Dont let this put u down I know u r strong!!

  109. If he said he loved korea now, the insaneness of korean netizens will probably make him hate korea again.

    Hopefully someone has the kid on suicide watch cuz seriously, Korea’s peer pressure can be devastating.

  110. Doesn’t everyone make mistakes? Celebrities aren’t perfect.
    And about the comment above;; honestly maybe its because Koreans have so much pride for their home country that they would feel offended.
    But NO, I wouldn’t feel the same if someone said my country was gay. Honestly.

  111. i can c it from both sides of the coin. jay 4 not understanding the korean culture, language, skinship (i once thought there was a lot of gay idols, my mistake!) & the anger from netizens/koreans bcs he dissed there culture, country & ethnic origin even if his remark was yonks ago. it’s even worse bcs jay is korean. not so much forgiven bt more that this will be forgotten in time.

  112. Not saying this because I’m 2PM fans..but to think about this matter..

    Don’t you think that someone or some netizens or even anti-fans wanted to bring Jaebum (& possible 2PM) down? I mean, 2PM’s 1st anniversary was in the 4th September & this whole old-message-trouble-and-how-netizen-reacts were brought up to media a day after their anniversary..

    smells fishy

  113. actually I’m little sad that he didnt mention park jin young and JYPE company at his official apology. oh my dear PD-nim, JYP must feel sad right now.

    • why are you worrying over this, of all things?

      there’s another official apology note by JYPE. i think at the time when jay posted his, they were still discussing over the company’s stand on this issue as it represents the company as a whole.

  114. What’s wrong with these netizens ? that’s years ago ! people would change in time . And do you think he still thinks like this? OBVIOUSLY NOT ! He loves korea now, and he’s a part of it and one of the famous k-pop group ! How could he have still hate korea now. Netizens are really being ridiculous ! Gogo Jaebeom !

  115. You guys are all saying that this is not a big deal, the netizens are overreacting, bla bla bla……..but come to think about it, if this is your country, not Korea, if someone whose parents are from YOUR country, but has grown up somewhere else, now comes back and says such things about your country……how will all of you feel??? You just don’t know how it feels, you can’t blame all on the netizens. And who r the “netizens” here? Actually I think a lot of Korean ppl, even those who don’t use Internet often also feel offended hearing about this! It’s not netizens or anyone else’s fault to expose this…..cos the person who has written anything takes all the credit as well as responsibilities for that….and Jay did write that himself and MySpace is a public place…..we really can’t blame…

    I agree that he was young and maybe thoughtless back then but saying something like that about your mother home country is sthing really hard to accept….Again we all understand his circumstances, away from home, and in a totally different environment….and well….considering him as a American young boy, that becomes more understandable…they just say whatever when they even don”T mean that…..that’s his mistake and he needs to sincerely apologise….and he did…..so that’s it…..Forget and forgive for now!

    Ppl learn from their mistakes as they go along and I’m sure Jay also does….wish him would get over this soon, don’t be so distress by this……

  116. Omg big deal it was 4 years ago if I was in his position I would hate it there is nothing Worse than being out of your comfort Zone! But that comment about gdragon by the netizens was completely uncalled for! Poo on them Ihate them so much!

    • gawd i know right…
      Why does it have to do with GDRAGON :OO.
      Anways 2pm, BigBang <3.

  117. Korean netizens are going crazy over this

  118. k-netizens are sooo bitter. haha!
    they ruin the image and term of “netizen” LOL.
    bad, but true.

    it`s 4 years ago, and after k-netizens found this out, they should know that it’s 4 YEARS AGO!! god!! people are overreacting always.

    jay..if i were korean. i`d forgive you. 🙂

  119. Show Jay and the rest of 2PM your support. Sign this.


  120. i just realized he just deleted his myspace.. danngg

  121. i guess now JYPE would strictly watch over their trainees personal pages…aww jay..):

  122. Korean netizens will NEVER EVER understand these cultural differences unless they all live here for several years then maybe.?
    Khun is definitely a gentleman. no doubt about it…

    I totally understand Jay though. Although he should’ve been more careful with his words. I wonder why no has suggested him of hiding his comments-_-;

  123. I’m surprised people in Korea just found out about this..probably because 2pm just started to get popular..?

    I mean, I was (myspace)friends with Jay for a while..and obviously saw all these comments before..
    But I empathized him.. It took him almost 5 years.. seriously, I won’t be able to endure that sh–. Imagine living in a totally different culture, foods, surrounded by totally different people?

    I just think they are just being too ridiculous. They aren’t even giving him a second chance. WTF? as if they had never made any mistakes in their lives? KOREANS NEED TO LOOK THEMSELVES before criticizing others

  124. i think the netizens should really try and understand them. if they were originally form US but dont know how to speak english, but being stranded in US instead, they’d be “i hate america” too….but as time goes, they will begin to love the country. that is just what he feels at THAT time. even before he debut, he still have that high level of confidence that people thought of him as a snob, but now, his confidence has made him stronger. i hope that Jay would not be affected by this and just know that international HOTTEST love him more cos he is willing to apologize. he’s out HOTTEST leader!

  125. I agree that it was wrong of Jay to say those stuff, but sometimes people just gotta put themselves into his shoes. And besides, freedom of speech? Though not in a pleasant form, he could have expressed himself in another way.

    Think about all the pressure and stress you’ve to be put through before you can debut? And it’s definitely tiring when you’re not really doing something that you really like or agree with. It’s just tough on his part especially since he came to Korea alone without his family, and he’s Korean-American mind you. And he was really young then! Netizens should just take his apology and let the matters rest! <_<

    The fact that Jay even bothered to issue an official statement, already proves that he's changed. He's become more mature and sensible. He's able to bear the responsibilities and face the music for himself.

    By issuing out a statement like this isn't easy for Jay. He's probably regretting buckets full for what he said years back. And seriously. Though this is what I feel, I really get the feeling that he's happy now? He's slowly adapting to life in Korea, and you can see it from the way he behaves around the members.

    I'm staying by Jay! You've got my support totally! FIGHTINGGGG~ Gotta stay strong, for your family, for your members and for your fans ❤

  126. compared to nichkhun who is also his bandmate..that was nothing..
    Nichkhun is Thai/American and did anyone hear him complaining?Or being totally ungrateful?
    There are others like him out there and who do not have a drop of Korean blood in them and yet they quietly go about their training and etc…
    Being young doesn’t excuse for being rude and ungrateful! period!
    The saving grace here is that he made a public apology and hope he learned his lesson well!
    And to other foreigners who are still in training, learn from his mistake.Nobody can tell the future!!

    • okay, you act like nickhun and jay are the same people, im sure nickhun felt the same way, its just that jay reacts by actually expressing himself, you see how crazy he is compared to calm khun. its just how they are.

    • For all we know, Khun probably complains too but he’s already known how it feels to be without anyone (since he went to New Zealand when he was young and was seperated from his parents early). Actually, he did complain about it during a magazine interview once.
      Oh, and you shouldn’t compare them. Everyone expresses themselves differently. Some will post it where everyone can see while others may do it on the phone, in person, etc.

    • do you know.. nichkhun felt the same way at that time. it’s hard to live in new place. I’m an american, an now live in korea too.. it’s been 6 or 7 years since i moved here. at first time, i felt like i’d die, i coudn’t adapt here, didn’t know how to speak, even just for ordering food! it’s very hard, and i really know how it felt. i felt like i really wanted to go back US, no matter how. it was like a hell for me.. my parents are not here, they live in US, and sometimes, when i call them, they don’t answer it because of their works. i was studying here at that time, because i’m a korean too..
      so please, understand what he felt. how could you say that (lalala)? then how about you, living there alone? without knowing anything, can’t speak, and frustating??!

    i live here too. i hate it soooooo much. its a dumbass country with 30million taxis n gay ass lookin men. women r all plastic. government is so protective, they dont even let iphones come here. FUCK KOREA!!!!!!!!

    • i think your comment went overboard. they really dont allow iphones in korea..? really??

    • WTF?? Stop stereotyping us Koreans I didn’t get plastic surgery and I believe you can buy an iPhone are you sure you live in korea? Or are you a poser? -_-

    • I don’t think that’s very nice of you. People like you are the ones preventing world peace. Don’t speak at all if you can’t even speak well. You’re just a rude, pathetic and shallow loser. Use your brain, please. I feel sorry for Korea for having a citizen like you. Get out of the country if you have the capabilities. Otherwise just sit still and stop barking like a mad dog. You’re just embarrassing yourself here.

    • jeremy you a fcking poser we do have iphones in korea ! you GTFOUT of korea you hater!

      K-Netizen – I am the beginning and I am your End

    • what the fuck -_- just becuz of IPHONE korea isnt a dick ur a dick n they have IPHONEs not so chilllax boy

  128. Wow….I totally agree with his sentiment and I’m glad that he got a chance to reflect and reconcile with himself and his motherland. I know how he feels as a Korean-American. Native Koreans are known to blatantly ignore and ridicule 1st generation Koreans from the States, and more so towards half-Koreans with mixed ethnicities. It is not a surprise that Korea remains the most homogeneous nation today. Only recently has Korea been more open to foreigners and the varied cultures they bring. For even a Korean-American such as me, I used to find only contempt for Korea and its culture because I could not relate to it. I felt it was too conservative, backwards, and plain ignorant. But I too realized, like Jaebum, that this was a misunderstanding borne from the fact that we could not find our true identity as children of immigrants in a country so diverse as America. So I owe my reconciliation of the anger I had for Korea towards the balance and peace I found as both a Korean and an American. Although I have yet to find in Korea a place I could call home in my heart, I still yearn and hope to one day. And the open-mindedness and respect of native Koreans could one day help me achieve that.

  129. a douche always be a douche

    jay come to korea only for a fame and money..he doesn’t care about anything else..and he also bash on his teammates?


    • Ouch! That hurts!

    • Did he come to Korea for fame and money? His mom was the one that pushed him into the auditions. I think he went there to pursue his love for dancing (and of course it’s a plus to be able to get paid for that). Did he bash them? He didn’t even know who they were when he wrote this.

    • go to hell and rot bitch!

    • a douche always be a douche true dat! get your fake ass back to the us you douche korean hater! you can also bring that fake ass JongHoon with ya! your a fake ass korean that got busted with hes pants down you deserve what is coming!

      K-Netizen – I am the beginning and I am your End

  130. You guys should stop dissing the korean netizens. I totally understand why even his korean fans aren’t even taking his side. Jae just dissed his nation (korea is gay..he hates koreans), his race…AND U THINK THE KOREANS WILL TAKE THIS LIGHTLY??!

    JYP, if you’re smart, you should suspend his activities now. Do not want a repeat of 2008 dream concert.

  131. AND BY THE WAY @ 121

    he APOLOGIZED and dude. I would LOVE to see you in his place and situation and see you not vent. HIS APOLOGY SAYS IT ALL.

    sure i understand why they would be mad. but dude……..why the FUCK is he still here if people think he “didn’t change”
    he’s still in korea he’s a fucking superstar there for pete’s sake. the guy obviously has connections with his home country. GIVE HIM A FUCKIN BREAK.


    fuckin VULTURES!!!!!!

  133. Its not Jaebum’s fault. Everybody makes mistakes, moreover it had been 4years.

  134. OMG I’m more shocked with comments that Im reading here in kbites and that I read in all kpop than the comments that Jae Bum made u guys proved again and again how phony and hypocrites u are … the guy offended Korea he said I hate Koreans plus Korea is gay & whack and do u honestly expect Koreans to be okay and fine with it of course they will not he said some nasty comments about his own country and his own people so the netizens have every single right to be upset and harsh with him even if it was 4years ago it doesn’t change the fact that he said it and he must be held responsible to it

    • i haven’t read comments on AllKpop in regards to this matter, but how does this prove how phone and hypocritical the readers on K Bites are?

      FIRST OF ALL, i have 2 ways of seeing this:

      1: he’s doing the same routine day by day with non-English speakers, he’s tired, misses his family and friends in the States, and he probably thought to himself “Why am i doing this?” “Is this worth it in the long run?” and on top of that, some koreans in Korea are usually really rude towards Korean Americans who are more Americanized as compared to knowing the Korean language and customs.

      He probably said all that stuff out of anger and frustration. And he’s probably very embarrassed and probably feels foolish for saying such words in the past. When people are mad, stressed, angered, heated, or w/e they tend to say many things that they often forget about saying.

      Now, the 2nd opinion:

      He probably did mean every thing he said in the past. When you’re emotionally distressed you tend to say things you actually really meant. And he’s probably faking this whole apology thing b/c he’s now famous ==> The great dorky leader of 2PM!~ He has an image to tend to, a reputation that can’t be tarnished, and this is his way of making money: being an idol.

      Similar to Chris Brown: “It’s like WOW. It’s just not me….I don’t see myself as that type of person..” C’mon Jay. Get with it.

      Okay, so yep. Those are the two ways I view this. Notice a lot of ‘probably’. It’s just the way i see it, but i’m more leaning on the middle: He DID MEAN WHAT HE SAID BACK THEN, and his feelings are now suppressed b.c he’s FAMOUS and the koreans [did] love him.

      • Agreed, The boy was young. Even when I went to travel abroad in Southeast Asia where my own people were…I was still the odd ball. It was hard adapting to the weather, the people’s way of life, because I was an Asian-American plain and simple. I am direct and blunt, and most of my people in Sountheast Asia were not like that and saw me as a rude person. Etiquettes were different. I can see where his fustration came in. And being alone was another factor that caused his comments to occur. It would be a problem if his comments were issued at this present time, but it was the past…before they even debuted I believe. All I know is that I’m an adult and got fustrated in a foreign country…imagine being a teenager and handling that fustration?

      • And I also thank the lord that he only made redundant and immature comments. At least he didn’t beat up his girlfriend( which would make me totally give up on him teenager or not), do drugs (every teenager wants to experiment but that is a real career killer), pose naked pictures (that would be a no-no), beat up somebdy, or drive drunk. I rest my case.

  135. in most cases scandals are short and antis move on and find something more spicy to talk or fight for in a couple of months.

    jae was young and emotional during that season of his life. who hasn’t been so depressed and pissed off at something or someone when they thought things weren’t going their way or as planned — especially in a foreign environment? i can raise my hands several times. the first time i went to korea alone, i was crying every night bec the odd person would talk to me and i didn’t understand or i couldn’t communicate well enough. then they’d give me strange or dirty looks because i looked korean but came across as being ‘rude’ bec i was silent. it was hurtful and frustrating. that was 5-6 years ago and my last trip to korea was last year. with more korean under my belt, a good sense of the city layout, i had a blast in korea and didn’t want to go home. i had so many ‘short’ yet interesting conversations with people who i wouldn’t/couldn’t have been able to interact with on my first trip, or my 2nd trip.. it took the 3rd, 4th, etc trip for me to enjoy the culture and feel apart of it. and not feel like an outcast foreigner who everyone was either staring at or outwardly ignoring but staring from afar.

    opinions change, and we grow up and learn to appreciate the things that used to ‘tick’ us off. that’s what the netizens should consider here.

    i say – flip the coin…
    my friends house so many korean homestay students learning english. many of them get pretty frustrated in attempting conversations in english all the time. some of them are bright kids who come over with scholarships, top marks, employed in big companies – but when placed in an english as a second language institute – some of them barely pass. in fact one of them even failed. you could tell how depressed she was–bec after that, the bookworm who stayed in the room all day long… soon became the girl who went to vegas for the weekend, then the next weekend went skiing, and finally after a month she returned back to korea bec she couldn’t conquer english. did she just waste 6mos-1 year of her life?

    then there was two preteen sisters who lived first with 2 dif homestay families. one had a good home. the other one didn’t. the one who didn’t, made it hard for her younger sis bec of her own misery. the younger sister at times didn’t even want to hang out wt the older one bec the older one was so depressed. finally the older one insisted they lived together. the younger one cried when she had to move in with her sister.

    from my own experience and from the girls in my examples.. i don’t agree that it’s easy to adjust to a foreign environment and not get frustrated. so i think the netizen should lay off of him. even a korean born korean visiting a foreign country (those homestay studends) can get as upset living away from home. so why couldn’t it be– for jae?

  136. i’m more concerned about his terrible use of internet slangs D=

  137. I understand it was an apology but all of you fangirls saying ‘It was a couple of years ago’ need to grow-up. People got offended by this, as a Korean I didn’t like it. Even though ‘Gay’ can be stupid at times he should have be aware. He might miss America but he is STILL KOREAN. I love Jae and 2PM but this was immature. Tiffany, nobody has still forgiven her and yet Jae is forgive on the same day. WTF is this?

    • sorry but what tiffany did?

    • because tiffany never addressed the issue as her own fault and never said sorry right away, and that simple mistake was added with another mistake and another mistake and another…
      sometimes people need to apologize to be forgiven especially in korea (they got sharp eyes on female idols) where nobody sees right and always makes a big deal on wrong deeds…

    • LOL. Who said they forgave him? There’s a freakin’ petition to have him shipped back to the US.

  138. people are forgiving him about what he said about korea , yet many people people can’t ever forgive tiffany….. thats the power of fan girls!

    • well she was a celebrity when she said it, jay was not a celebrity then, plus the situations in which they were said, were completely different

  139. yeah, we shouldn’t take it serious….it’s like 4 yrs ago…..guys……..i still feel really bad 4 him……oh!! poor him……….i bet…that we all be like that if we r in his situation……..i strongly appreciate ur apology…..dude…..Fighting………man…….:) 🙂

  140. i’m sad that this has blown so out of proportion. even when i first read his comments i could understand where he was coming from. korean netizens are so quick to jump to conclusions.

  141. ok,jaebum oppa i forgive u..^^

  142. I’m gonna cry….poor Jay.
    I’m so scared that this will really effect 2PM.
    Especially today they’re gonna perform at that huge festival concert. I dont know what koreans will do. What if they pull a SNSD dream concert incident or even worse. This is such bad timing, with 2PM making a comeback in October and the day after their 1st year anniversary. Antis are so mean. I think this is the worst scandal for an idol that I’ve heard when I entered kpop.

  143. Oh poor thing.
    We couldn’t know his situation.
    We couldn’t understand his feeling

    it’s okay, I forgive you!

  144. this is totally sad
    the korean netizens are so harsh on the korean sites
    ive visited them like bestiz.net
    and wow they are just like go back to america and crap
    but atleast on the 2pm fan cafe hottest are leaving messages to jaebum to feel better

    i think this event is like one of the worst scandal that an idol member has gotten

    JAEBUM fighting!
    i wish this doesnt effect 2pms activities….
    but it might… D: T_T

  145. ahhhhhh netizens won’t leave him alone now T_T

  146. People are so bias -.-;;
    When Jessica H.O. said something bad about BoA everyone was all over her now that Jaebum says Korea’s gay everyone’s like poor baby…..

    • Nobody gives a shit. Everybody keeps posting this everywhere I go. Times change. And fact is, Jessica H.O is a girl. That speaks volumes. Fangirls are the only butthurt ones, not fanboys.

    • okay but jessica said it when she a celebrity, and she has people who supported her. jay was by himself, no one was really following his actions, and plus he felt out of place and rejected, of course he would be angry and pissed, i would be too.

  147. he clearly said in his apology that he hated living in korea when he was YOUNG n he said people were acting cold on him so it is very acceptable…

    if he post that now, of course not but he posted those comments when he was young n doesn’t have any friends yet…poor Jay T__T

    beside…we’re HOTTEST…we should support him…especially when he already explained everything…

  148. I really think K NETIZENS are crazy. I mean wtf?
    That was like 4 years ago! What part of the date
    Feb 22 2005
    don’t they get? He was just a trainee before.
    I know how that feels when you’re alone and your family
    is in America. Then you don’t understand a word they’re saying. geez.

  149. WHATTA…
    No one was supposed to leak what was inside of his myspace… It was somehow a known pact between the people.

    Anyway it’s his freedom what he wants to post.
    What’s so f-ed up with everyone.

  150. ‘jessicas in my place’ who?

  151. I hope things cleared up for Jay. He didn’t intentional mean that since he was having a hard time. But I got to say that netizens are quite sensitive about it, I mean all Koreans. Koreans have such pride for their country and are proud to be Korean, so everything hopped onto another level. He apologized, let’s move on.

  152. i mean it was messed up for him to have posted negative comments like that, but you have think of it this way. he was young and the fact that he was living in a whole other country by himself where he wasnt fimiliar with the culture and life style, and the long hard days of a trainee when one isnt able to fully know if one is going to make it. it was tough and again he was young. people should just let it go..seriously people don’t always say things that other like to hear. it was his opinion at that time. we are all entitled to state our minds.

    reagardless. jaebeom fighting!

  153. First, this is 2007… I was not the same person with the same view about life 2 years ago, if my opinions change over time, so can his… He thinks like that back then, but he might not think the same now, if it’s something he said recently then it’s worth being talk about, otherwise not worth the energy and time. Second, everyone has tough time in life! And during those tough times, trust me, everything is worse than the worse! You turn into a hater without realizing it or wanting it, life sometimes just push you around… specially with young adult and teens. I’m his fan and 2PM fans, maybe I’m biased, or maybe I have been through it so I can understand him a bit more… Living at a whole new place and culture is tough! I came to a more open minded country and back then I felt crappy alot of times too! He moved to Korea.. (from my friend experience , it’s horrible, you get bully for being smart, being weak, being normal…. He said, if you are not one of them, you are nothing to them! And he was Korean, he was just borned and raised in US. It was pretty bad) They always said, it’s not where you are that matter, it’s all about who are you with. I bet it was hell for him there, no friends, no family, no support 😦 I don’t blame him for saying those things. He probably had a rough time, or maybe people odd him out and was being mean to him….

  154. with all those unfair contract for celebrity,
    they still wana dig out those things and make some fire??
    is korean themself that create those contract, be shame with ur nation evil minded money-maker before stir out some fire more.

  155. Those comments made by netizens are seriously overboard. This happened 4 years ago, and I know no matter how many yrs ago, the thing still happened.

    But it’s true that he is still young, and in 2005 he was probably still unfamiliar to the Korea culture, language and everything. So it’s obvious he’s really having a hard time living in Korea.

    And his family were all in States, but he alone was in Korea so there might be no one that is supporting him all the way through. So that’s why he feels lonely and difficult and I’m sure when he made that comment, he’s really feeling unhappy.

    I know it’s absolutely wrong for Jaebeom to write something like that and I am not defending Jay either. But can those netizens and haters understand his feelings back then?

    I hope Jaebeom will be feeling alright, and won’t get heavily affected by this problem. And always remember; 2PM, JYP Family and HOTTEST will be beside him loving and supporting him always~ Go JAY!!!

  156. thats interesting that people found that. i went on his myspace(which has now been deleted) and it was private to only his friends…. and i wasnt able to see very much…. maybe his friends leaked this info O_o

    • before a lot of people know that that was his account, fans requested him and he accepted the request since 2PM wasn’t so big back then. It wasn’t until later that he set it to private and doesn’t add people he don’t know.

  157. What a bunch of B.S
    that was freaking 4 years ago, he was going through a hard time
    imagine being a young teenage boy, away from all your family and friends, in a strange place, work your ass off 24/7 without knowing if it’s gonna pay off at the end.

    Some people thinks they’re so smart pointing out these things while they’re just being completely ignorance.

    They can say shit all they want but I am damn sure people who love Jay will keep on supporting him no matter what.

    • AMEN!
      netizens are whaaacck. their so stupid making something on myspace a BIG DEAL. lk WTF?!?! common… myspace! ppl write shit on there all the time.. YES THIS IS B.S he shouldnt have the leave cause 1. he is talented 2. HE IS THE LEADER.

      this shit happened 4 years ago netizens need to learn to GROW UP.

      • Exactly as you are doing, huh?
        Swearing at people who write stuff on Myspace…heck, I bet you’re no better. I also would expect better punctuation and grammar from someone who is “GROWN UP.”

        1. HE IS TALENTED. Yes he is. That is why I respect him.
        2. HE IS THE LEADER. Yes he is. That is why I respect him.
        3. HE WASN’T FORCED TO LEAVE…HE CHOSE TO. Which I thought was rather stupid. At least he’s coming back to my city.

  158. I feeel bad for him, but why brinig up something from 4 years ago?
    Add the apology >_<


    2PM Park Jaebum issues public apology ‘I’m really sorry and embarrassed’

    2PM’s Park Jaebum has made an official apology over the comments made about Korea.
    Jaebum posted on American social networking site in 2005 & 2007 saying ‘I want to go back to America’ ‘I hate Korea’, after such insulting comments have been found, he has received a lot of criticism.

    Park Jaebum has confessed to posting such things at 12:13PM and posted at his fancafe with the title ‘Park Jaebum’s apology’, trying to express this apology through the post.

    Jaebum said “I would like to apologize for the things I posted on myspace a few years ago. Sorry’ ‘and ‘I returned to Korea in Jan 05 when I was a high school student. Being born and bred in America, I had hardly any understanding of Korea, and when I first came to Korea, I couldn’t speak the language, couldn’t adapt to the food, and didn’t know and didn’t understand Korean culture’ ‘My family was all in America and when I came to Korea it seemed like everyone was being cold to me. I had no idea when I would debut and I was really lonely. It was a really difficult and lonely period for me due to various reasons. I missed home, felt like giving up and wanted to go back to my family in America.”explaining the reasons behind his posts.

    Jaebum has issued a sincere apology saying ‘I posted such things because I really hated how I was living then and got really worked up. I was really young then and didn’t express myself well’ ‘I was young, didn’t have enough sense and because it was a difficult period, and I made these mistakes due to the situations I was facing at that point in time. I posted those words 4 years ago and I have completely changed since then. I will try not to make such mistakes in future’.

    Jaebum’s apology letter are as follows:

    Hello everyone, I’m 2PM’s Park Jaebum. I would like to apologize for the words I typed on myspace a few years ago. Sorry. I would like to explain my feelings then and apologize for them
    I returned to Korea in Jan 05 when I was a high school student. Being born and bred in America, I had hardly any understanding of Korea, and when I first came to Korea, I couldn’t speak the language, couldn’t adapt to the food, and didn’t know and didn’t understand Korean culture

    My family was all in America and when I came to Korea it seemed like everyone was being cold to me. I had no idea when I would debut and I was really lonely. It was a really difficult and lonely period for me due to various reasons. I missed home, felt like giving up and wanted to go back to my family in America.
    I posted such things because I really hated how I was living then and got really worked up. I was really young then and didn’t express myself well’ ‘I was young, didn’t have enough sense and because it was a difficult period, and I made these mistakes due to the situations I was facing at that point in time.

    And as time passed I forgot that I had ever posted such things. Looking back, I’m really sorry and embarrassed for writing such things. I have since adapted to Korea and completely changed my mind set. I’m thankful for all everything I went through so that I could perform on stage. I posted those words 4 years ago and I have completely changed since then.

    Our family, Hottest and our 2PM members, I’m really sorry to everyone as well as everyone who loves 2PM.

    Translated by: [info]sparkskey
    Korean source: Newsen

  159. Oh no): I can understand from both points of view. This is a tough one. Jaebum<3333

    • Yes, both points of views are understandable… but honestly? The netizens really blew things out of proportion this time..

      • wtf is jyp himself doing? just lets him leave like that…
        first, hyunah from wondergirls… that was announced by articles, no formal press conference… and then rain.. who he just let go when he’s like a “world star”.. u know rain wanted to take jaebum with him to his company which jaebum himself refused to, not jyp…

        jaebum shouldnt have left so soon… this is ridiculous..
        stupid narrowmided koreans who dnt have the ability to put themselves in other ppls shoes and understand the person… being a korean whose grown up overseas, i understand him so much.. of course u’d hate it there if ppl werent treating u nicely and helping u out.. of crouse he would hate it… and koreans who live in korea.. they THEMSELVES make rude comments about their country.. about their president and what a shit job they’re doing… if they can make those comments, why cant jayy???

        now 2pm is never going to be the same again… no more cheerfulness… the group who are known for their teamwork… thats just all down the drain.. gosh… it hurts my heart… its never off my mind now… this is really…. unfair…. and it has deeply changed my view on korea, and their arrogance…

        as for jay, i hope he finds plenty of time to himself, enjoy the freedom… and when we see him again, i hope to see him smile

      • Poor Jaebum- they should understand that this was FOUR YEARS AGO, he has changed.

  160. gosh, i tear up when i read Jay’s apology. People in Korea need to give him a break. Honestly, i found his myspace a long time ago and snoop around and such. I saw all these comments and many more but not once did it made me think any less of him. Instead, i love him even more. To know that he endure it all and got to where he is today shows me what a hardworker he is. What if he complains to his friends and vent out his frustrations. The bottom line was he didn’t quit and this was said ages ago when he was beginning to adapt to a whole new surrounding. Honestly, I know this tainted his image and it deeply saddens me. Korean fans need to see that if Jay really still hated Korea and harbor those same thoughts he did ages ago then he would have left and not even bother with it, but he didn’t. They need to lay off my man!

    • I really do agree with you. Why don they just give jaebum a break?! He’s a newcomer at first and therefore posting such comments but in the end he also apologised for what he had done few years ago. Besides it happened few years ago why cant they jus forgive and forget. Koreans really need to learn how to be forgiving…. Now i think all of his fans are waiting for his return again…return to showbiz and continue his showbiz life. I really hope he would do that, I am willing to wait for him.

    • i agree with u too! even though im a korean i understand how he feels becuz i use to study in the US but now i study in the UK, and they r very different
      i think i understand what Jae Bum felt as a young person and COME ON PEOPLE when we’re fighting with our parents we sometimes say”MOM, DAD I HATE YOU” but u dont really mean it. Its the only expression that u can express cuz we dont know any good words. So lets not be so bitchy about it come on, we all love him, whats so bad about saying Koreans are gay? we can be gay rite? well at least i think i can be gay sometimes. Everyone can be gay!!!!! Think about it Jae Bum said that he was young and didnt know what he was thinking! we all had a time like that, and we dont have to take it so seriously like this, 생각해봐요, 어린 애가 한국에와서 난생 처음와본곳에 와서 죽도록 연습하고, 노래불르고 춤추고 이러는대 가족의 comfort 없이 even people were cold to him, 그런데 지금까지 잘 버텨 온것보면 자랑스럽다고 생각이들지않아요? and plus he was singing for us. He is polite, handsome and funny and cute and more u have to agree with me!!! Jay come back plz !!!! we all miss u ❤

      • 공감이에요… 재범군은 힘들었을 뿐이었고… 외국에서 살다 온 오빤데… 한국은 너무 외국을 몰라… man i realy think that the koreans should learn more about other cultures from Jaebum. i mean.. i guess i live sumwhere that is not korea too, but seriously, i would understand cuz i was seperated from my parents since kindergarten in Thailand.

  161. dang…

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