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K Bites – 07.09.2009 (YooBin-UEE, Nell Kim JongWan)

WonderGirls YooBin, “UEE ah, sorry that I can’t take care of you”


WonderGirls member YooBin wrote about her regrets for After School member UEE on her own minihompy.

UEE was first introduced as YooBin’s friend on MBC ‘Introducing Star’s Friend’. And it was known that the 2 used to be in the girlgroup ‘Five Girls’ in 2007.

And YooBin recently wrote on her minihompy, “I watched We Got Married recently where UEE has appearance in. I feel so sorry that I did not know how hard it was and how lonely UEE feels. I will take better care of you and do better in the future. I love you.”

She also ended off with” JaeJung nim do take good care of UEE”, addressing to Park JaeJung playing the make-believe husband to UEE on We Got Married.

Meanwhile, the WonderGirls have recently ended their concert tour in the States.

Nell vocalist Kim JongWan enlisted quietly for military service


News have came late that rock band Nell’s vocalist Kim JongWan had enlisted for military service in August.

Kim JongWan has enlisted on 13th August in ChoongNam Nonsan army training centre.

And a photo of Kim JongWan with short hair and a bright smile has been revealed online.

Nell’s drummer Jung JaeWon has also previously enlisted for military service last December. Nell debuted in 2001 and has received great popularity for their music.

8 Responses

  1. males have to serve 2 years? i didnt know that.

    ;( thats so sad, does anyone know if nell is still together?

  2. Nooo not Jongwan! I guess the sooner he’s in the sooner he’s out.

  3. How come some of these musicians enlist in the millitary? I haven’t heard of this done in the states.

    • Every Korean male is required to serve 2 years in the military. It has to be before the age of 30.

  4. Nell..your music will rock on…damn i love you so!

  5. That’s so sweet of Yoobin!
    Hope to see their interaction once WG comes back to Korea. ^^

  6. Yoobin unnie’s very sweet! I’d like a friend like her ^^ I love this kind of idol interactions, close friendships, etc. ^^

  7. YooBin is so sweet. Both UEE and YounHa are YooBin’s BFF

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