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New 5-member idol boyband SHU-I to debut!


Amidst the domination of the girlgroups in Kpop, a new 5-member idol boyband SHU-I(슈 아이, pronounced as Shoo-a-ee) is set to debut and they will be revealing their debut digital single ‘BOMB BOMB BOMB’ on 11th September.

The group name SHU-I is the short for ‘So Hot Union of Idols’ and they have been preparing and training to be debut for 2 years and in Chinese it also maen 帥 (shuai) or goodlooking – pointing to the plans for this group to venture into the Asian stage.

SHU-I consists of members who have already revealed their faces on various broadcast shows like ‘JinShil game’, ‘Introducing Star’s Friend’, and ‘꽃미남 아롱사태’ – with members HyungJoon, main vocal MinHo, JinSeok, ChangHyun, leader InSeok.

Their debut song ‘BOMB BOMB BOMB’ will be a number with a powerful rhythm .

SHU-I will start promoting from mid-September.

38 Responses

  1. u r so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nerd

  2. oh, i love this band!!! MINHOOO!!!!

  3. I thought Bomb Bomb Bomb was really good and their second ‘Please Help Me’ is pretty good too.

    But does anyone know what complany they are from??

    • i think shu-i is quite ok, they just need good songs 😀 btw, shu-i is from Yejeon Media same as JTL ..fyi, since i see many of u still wondering their agency’s name..

  4. […] As reported previously, upcoming boyband SHU-I will be releasing their debut digital single ‘Boom Boom Boom’ on 11th September. […]

  5. […] As reported previously, upcoming boyband SHU-I will be releasing their debut digital single ‘Boom Boom Boom’ on 11th September. […]

  6. remind yu of 2PM’S 1Ooutof1O ?

  7. smart but stupid group name

  8. oh gosh… finally,
    a boyband!!!!

  9. What’s up with these weird names? lOL…
    Surely, I’m not gonna remember the name just yet, unless they prove me wrong!
    Finally, a boy band! there’s so much girl group lately!

  10. omg Inseok and Changhyun are from R-eal!
    Now I know R-eal has gone for good. sigh.

  11. OMO another boy group and up coming Girl group…
    sometimes the korean ent is too much of groups factory w/ some are lacking in singing abilities but in dancing theyre good. haizzz! enough!

  12. Shu-I ? I think it sounds wierd
    bad outfit and bad picture they look cheap. what company are they from?

  13. Whoa, a guy group? Never heard of them at all. Just sorta sneaked up on me.

    What company are they with?

    I’m a lil curious about their song and music style.

    But I do have my eyes on B2ST this month. ^^ ❤

  14. Loool ‘So Hot Union of Idols’

    and what’s up with the song name? O.o

  15. Looking forward to B2ST more, but I’ll keep an eye out for these guys too.

  16. Nice time to debut as a boyband! All the girls are sick of seeing girl groups and then none of the established MEGA GROUPS are aroun (BIG BANG, DBSK, SUJU, SS501, 2PM, etc.)…. Sure like the two new boy groups debuting this year might be getting a BIG break. XD

    Really, they should think of a more catchy name. Both the new groups have a weird name. GOOD LUCK to them!

  17. Yes! a guy group.
    I’m sick of all these girl ones..

  18. why is the way they jump reminds me of 2pm? esp the guy from the corrner with a hoodie

  19. wow cool.. but what company are they from ?
    don’t think it is a big company though….

  20. spotted some nice sneakers there ^__^ the first thing that catched my attention

    the name ‘syu-a-i’ sounds ‘female’ to me that at the first hearing brought me to ‘shounen-ai’ terminology, or its just me??

  21. they are releasing BOMB on Sep 11?? i dunno if its a case of bad timing, bad song name, bad publicity. let’s hope netizens dun realise it and proceed to attack the boys mercilessly.

    that aside…their band name is kind of lame. shall withold my judgement till they show me what they got

  22. Finally. Thank you a boyband.

  23. Hum interesting..

  24. coolness ^^

  25. wow a hyung joon and a minho !

  26. they are going to debut on 9/11 attack! LOL..they are probably the BOMB! tsk! they look fierce on the pics! i hope they are gonna be a good one though their group name sounds so cheesy!!!! 😛

  27. It’s like a ray of shining hope for the girl fans who’ve suffocated from the massive number of girl-groups. Ooooh, I am so glad new boy groups are coming out now. Now, to wait for news of Rain’s group, and I’m all set ^^ Unless there’re more boys coming out. But hey, not that I’d mind 🙂 I can’t wait to see how B2ST and SHU-I are gonna be like.

  28. Inseok and Changhyun was suppose to debut for R-eaL~

  29. So Hot Union of Idols………………………………lame name

  30. finally a boyband!!!

    this is probably competition to B2ST.

    both hwaiting!

    but what company are they from?

  31. “we’re SHU-1” rofl

  32. Oh finally, another boy group. With all the girl groups that are debuting its funny how one could say “finally” when at one time tons of boybands popped up.

    Oh and great work on your blog! I appreciate all the hard work u do and understand that u cant keep it up forever.

  33. whoa.. i cant wait for their debut stage.
    go go go boyband. ^_______________^

  34. mid-September. Yay.. same as B2ST
    what company they come from ?

  35. YAYYy a guy group!!! rofl
    I’m interested haha, I hope they’re good!

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