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SNSD Jessica and f(x) Krystal and their sister thing


We can say that one of Kpop’s hottest idol sisters pair has to be So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and f(x) Krystal.

Netizens say they spot a sister thing going on after watching f(x)‘s debut performance.

Guess what it is.

Watch at 3:23 where Krystal comes in with her solo part for f(x)’s debut stage

Netizens say the hand gesture reminded them of big sister Jessica!


Netizens say:

  • Jessica teaches Krystal well”
  • “Because they are sisters, even that little gesture look alike”
  • “Funny thing, for me, Krystal look more like Yuri+YoonA
  • Krystal doing her best to be just as good as her sister”
  • “Awww Jung sisters”
  • “I think Super Junior YeSung does that too, looks like a SM characteristic to me”
  • “Jung sisters after all, I like them a lot”

The 2 have earned the nickname of ‘Jung sisters’ from netizens.




35 Responses

  1. I think they dig incest XDD

  2. I Like Jessica more than Krystal!

  3. lol how could SuJu Yesung end up here.. I think yes, Yesung usually put his hands on his chest but not the other one gesture..
    jung sisters don’t really look alike..

  4. hahaha! yes i thought she was the sister of Yuna!! i was like WHAT THE?!?! i thought that was Jessica’s sister… thats so weirdd.. xD

  5. haha, thats cute

  6. hehehe its the hand gestures…so similar…and what they do when they reach high notes also. so cute jung sister fighting

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  8. they shud find a picture of amber with long hair instead

  9. Netizen say: “I think Super Junior YeSung does that too, looks like a SM characteristic to me”


  10. maybe jessica or sm taught her that 😛 they’re sisters and the same company 😀 and krystal looks like yuri && yoona XDDD

  11. awesome(: but krystal look more like yuri , haha 😀

  12. even though they are sisters i think krystal still has a lot more to show. she’s only popular and gained fans was the fact that she’s related to jessica [ who is now very popular and who’s group is basically at the top of korea] . isnt that kinda using your sister for popularity? but still i think she’s very pretty though.

    [ i wonder if she’s taller than jessica? ] probably.

    • That’s why Krystal gotta prove to people that she has her own talent and not relaying on her sister.
      Krystal looks like she is a year or two younger than Jessica, not five years younger. But I heard she is taller than Sica.
      Lol, the Jung Sisters and it got a ring to it.

  13. Yup! i definitely saw the resemblance at that part…somehow it felt VERY snsd too

  14. jung sisters jjang

  15. That’s so cute lol ^^ Krystal sounds a lot like Jessica, they’re both wonderful singers!

  16. i thought their voices sounded SO damn simlar when i heard krystals.

    its cute i think ^^

  17. She really looks like Yuri too me. Her voice is pretty good and mature too. I can’t believe she’s the youngest, i was really convinced it was Sulli.

  18. I noticed that too! But, lol, Yesung does the same thing in noerago. Its cute ^^

  19. wth? lol i’ve seen tons of singers doing that
    especially with high notes, its just something usual to do.

  20. hahah thanks for posting this!

    I used it in my f(x) fansite!

    don’t wrry! I credited you!

    Gosh..I swear these netizens have eagles eyes 😛

  21. lol, i don’t like f(x)…
    but im completely a krystal fan.it’s kinda weird.so maybe i’ll like the group O.O
    i always liked jessica without being a fan of snsd anyway.
    i find it so cute!!

  22. Lol, they may not look very much alike but they sound like exactly the same

  23. Jung sisters <333333

  24. Yeah, she does the same hand thing but her voice is also similar to her sister’s.

  25. from some angle, they both do look alike…
    n i remember krystal did the ‘ok’ n ‘gun’ sign in the mv, like sica did in gee mv

  26. Maybe Jess touch Krystal ……it’s so kute….i love them^^

  27. I was thinking the exact same thing when I watched them! They act so similar and have a similar singing style.

    But wow the companies really spruce of their artists! Krystal looks so different in that picture with her sister.

  28. they dont really look alike do they….
    it is sm. i like sullli from f(x)

  29. hhaah~i remember catching that part too…it reminded me of someone..but i just didnt know who…now i know~~ lol

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