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What is next for 2PM JaeBum? JYP speaks up


It will not be easy for 2PM member JaeBum, who has been criticised for his offending messages written on his MySpace page, to get out of the public eye and criticisms.

With that, JYP Entertainment has gone with the situation, and had decided accordingly not to have JaeBum appear in the media’s eye for the time being.

He will be put on a self-discipline period for the time being.

This will also have a significant effect for the group’s upcoming album to be release early-October. With that JYP’s representative said on 7th September, “For the time being, 2PM will not have any broadcast schedule, and all scheduled events will also be cancelled. But the recording for their album and dance practice will still continue accordingly.”

JYP’s representative also said, “The messages which JaeBum wrote in 2005 on his own MySpace page is just an exaggeration to his friends back in the States. But because of the way and his language of expressing his ideas, he has received many disagreements and unhappiness from the mass public.Β  Currently JaeBum is reflecting on his wrong in the dormitary and he is also skipping meals. He understands the magnitude of his mistake.”

Before this, many netizens are calling for him to be banned from broadcast shows and even from the group.

JYP’s stance:

Park Jinyoung, representative of JYP Entertainment, has spoken up about Jaebum’s future activities with 2PM. “Although, we feel very guilty and sorry for all the people who have been disappointed by Park Jaebum’s past mistakes, I will not be taking him out of the group. Many people have been suggesting ideas of banning Park Jaebum out of 2PM, but that will never happen. We believe that he has done something wrong, but as a whole, we do not think it is enough to be taking his dreams and goals away from him. This was not a decision made by only the JYPE staff, but it was something all of the fellow 2PM members have agreed to.”

SOURCE: Lee Eunji reporter @ free@tvdaily.co.kr & Cyworld.co.kr : TRANS: mrs.jangwooyoung

182 Responses

  1. Support Jaebum then hurry!! :

    Don’t mind the deadline – just send a picture as soon as possible :))

  2. what the heck is wrong with the people??? seriously they make a big deal out of nothing… he shouldnt deserve this kind of crap from anybody. no one should be offended by it to a point where a person has to lose their job. this is so stupid…

  3. DON’T LEAVE 2PM JAEBUM!!!!!! Man, what’s up with the koreans, I mean, you could’ve missed your hometown, and your friends, but just cuz you put those comments on myspace, it doesnt mean that they should force you to quit!! my life wont be the same without you singing and rapping and dancing!!!! fans need you and you need them too!!! dont be weak, come back strong and fight!! dont just back off like a wimP!!

  4. why would you say that he’s skipping meals? that’s the dumbest thing to write. it’s like you want us to feel pity for him. but don’t leave jaebum<3

  5. its a sad day for 2pm, their company and fans
    why did this have to happen
    to be in this position and suddenly say quit,
    it was a big decision for him and JYPE
    i hope he gets a chance to come back to the music world
    i hope 2pm stay with the existing member and a leader will be found temp in the group
    and when they release their 3rd album
    JB can come back as things return to normal
    just like ivy has return to her things after her scandal,
    i hope JB can come back with a stronger intention to take on the entertainment

    keep your head high, you apologized, you gave it your all and for those netizens and proud koreans to say your less than who you are, its sad, shame on them, we should find out who actually put the myspace to light and destroy their life

    anyway laterz

  6. now that jay decided to quit 2pm….
    IS IT A LIE?! *slaps myself*
    its not a dream T___________T

  7. worried about jay….
    don’t give up!!!!!!!!
    stay healthy~~~~~~we love u so0o0o0 much~~~~

    [it’s nice if jay read all comment that support him….]


  8. He quit!!!! omg!

  9. These effin antis are the ones to blame! Why exaggerate on such a matter!!!! ARRRGG!!! KEEP JAEBUM! HE IS BEST FIT TO BE THE BEAST LEADER!

    2PM hwaiting!

  10. Thx JYPE for supporting Jay. Yup, past is past. It’s not like Jay killed or raped someone in the past. His mistake is definitely more tolerable.

    Kbites is invaded by haters lately~~

  11. What the heck! Are you you serious?
    Just because he says that like 4 years ago.
    Oh my gosh! Thank you JYP. Jae Bum is amazing!




  13. Jay life is not without trials and tribulations. You will overcome this hurdle intime and it will make you an even stronger person than you are now. Stay healthy and be safe. 2PM fighting.

  14. what’s going to suck even more is that once this whole thing blows over and Jae can finally start appearing on tv shows…..all the hawk eyed netizens are just going to be waiting for him to make one wrong move or do one wrong thing and then blow it all out of proportion again.
    Once you do something wrong, can’t expect everyone to forgive and forget….he’s going to have to walk a straight line, learn the national anthem properly (maybe sing it a few times on radio shows), do some charity work for various Korean organizations…it’ll suck for him,

    but eh, that’s what happens when you go against the power of korean netizens…..they can make you into super stars or shatter your dreams in an instant.

  15. dont ban jay i love jay…
    as an overseas chinese i can understand how he felt at the time and the kind of language he used back then well teenage boy really do speak like that…i don t think he meant much harm…

    i mean people use the word gay i dont know how many times without thinking that it could offend the gay community… lol am i using the wrong example…

    anyway people dont have to forgive him straight away but the over reaction im hearing and reading from articles…omgggg its a bit too much…

    2pm wont be 2pm without jae

  16. jaebeom fightin~! dont skip meal ,that bad
    and netizens is goin to far
    they should realli get a lifee
    kick jaebeom out of the group T.T

    I will not be taking him out of the group !!!!! ❀

  18. always support JAY
    Dont skip meals !!!!!

    i understand why koreans are mad nd sad (i’m not a korean)
    but i think that they are to hard for Jay
    he’s also a human nd makes mistakes
    2PM wil never be 2PM without Jay

    just want to say ….

    Always support JAYBUM

  19. JYP, thank you!
    I am really grateful that JYP isn’t taking Jay out of 2PM.
    And this will stay that way!

    I believe the boys not leaving the dorm is safest for them.
    Wait till this big HOO-HA dies down, or else our boys are gonna get hurt.

    I really love Korea and its culture, but looking at the fact that this entertainment industry has Antis, I am really disappointed by it.

    Haters, yea. I understand.
    But Antis that screw people’s psychology and mental state up with nasty comments (which may result in some horrible ending for the victim,while hiding their face behind the screens) is pure dastardly horrid!
    I cant even find a suitable word to describe the Anti’s here.

    It’s a 5yrs ago incident and this actually make the whole Korea go mad?
    I know, patriotic, yes.
    But this is going overboard. Too Much!

    I am just praying that Jaebum doesnt do anything silly (2PM&2AM oppas, look out for him!) and hurry bounce back to his normal state.

    And hopefully, the sunbaenims, PD’s & CEOs will be kind to our 2PM Leadja and forgive his mistakes.

    Oppa, hwaiting..
    HOTTEST and 2PM lovers will be here.
    We’ve got your back!

  20. I feel so sad for Jay…it’s good that he’s taking a break,but he has to EAT!! he can’t just skip meals 😦

    *sigh* this has has turned into such a big deal…hope this will have a happy ending

    Jay FIGHTING ❀

  21. […] Whether or not JongHoon was talking about JaeBum in his post, JYP has decided that they will not take JaeBum out of 2PM, but will have him out of media and public… […]

  22. poor jay… I just want to hug him T.T

  23. are they retarded? it was five years ago.
    seriously it’s something wrong with those people..
    do you think we would get offended if someone
    said america is gay?
    nope, cuz who cares?
    words are words. geeze

  24. are they retarded? it was five years ago.
    seriously it’s something wrong with those people..

  25. NONOOONONONO JAY dont skeep meals please!!

    U need to stay health x.x
    omg this is going to far!!
    Just put your self in his place. its so easy to judge when it never happenerd 2 u!!
    netizens get a life, no better learn how to leave a life learn to forgive and forget -.-

    JAY FTW!!! everybody is supporting u on the petition!!

  26. JYP knows what’s best for his company… Looking on the bright side, let’s just this will give time for the netizens to missed 2pm since they won’t be appearing on tv shows. Who wouldn’t missed those 7 hot beastly idols.. It will also give them time to focused on their music and routines. So when it’s the perfect time for them to come out, they gonna kick some ass again..

  27. even God knows how to forgive, why can’t these so-called patriotic korean citizens learn how to forgive?…is jae’s mistake really that extreme that they will find ways to crush the guy down a very deep hole?…c’mon everybody has their own issues and jae is no different.he’s still a human being like us.

  28. People can be so mean at times!
    Why are they picking on others mistakes!!?! PLEASE! Who in the world never made mistakes. Why can’t they just give him a break!

    I’m not even a Jaebum fan, but I really can’t stand the childishness of all the people who criticize so badly on him.

    Really hope that he won’t go into depression.. Cheer up jaebum!

  29. O-m-g!

    He skipped meals?!! Thats not good, i think that the netizen take it so seriously. Poor Jay he must feel very depressed and sad….

  30. jaebum oppa!!

    ARE HAPPY. No wait scratch that, anti fans
    I’m not even a fan of 2pm why am I.. mad? ._.

  32. some netizen are just soAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! i mean it was 4 years ago, people seriously can change, thats one of the things i hate about my culture, this dang pride, and unwillingness to just let things go. -_- and besides that 2007 comment had NOTHING to do with korea.

  33. what Jay DID is wrong to a certain extent, definitely but what the netizens IS doing NOW, it’s really pathetic. Everyone, all over the world(due to fanbase) is watching the bad side of Koreans.

    People always say, ‘don’t be narrow-minded, it is a new millennium. please forgive and forget cause that what makes the world goes around.’
    But I see none of it coming from the koreans(who’s affected) and they’re showing it to the whole world. Shame on them. It’s THRICE as shameful as what Jay did.

    If koreans doesn’t realise and appreciate what they have, Jay as a wonderful entertainer and a great person as a whole, and the success 2PM have brought upon Korea, then screw them.

    They(2PM), can travel anywhere and everywhere and still be as successful.

    Love from Singapore

  34. its good to let him take a break for a while , for safety purposes , but please jaebum , dont skip meals ! take care of ur health ! omg , im so worried bout him .. ):

  35. oh my god.
    this is too much.
    he has his whole life ahead of him.
    i’m scared for his health. this is damaging him physically and mentally. if he’s going to be depressed and no eat for so long in his dorm, who knows? he might even be on his way to developing depression. i hope they’re taking good care of him right now and not lowering his self esteem even more.

    those korean netizen’s that did this should be ashamed of themselves.

  36. Thanks JYP! πŸ™‚ It’s such a relieve to know that how supportive and understanding, love them so much. This whole incident has brought me a lot closer to them, my love for them is growing stronger. Sigh, hopefully Jae will stand strong no matter what. Don’t worry, hottest will remember and support you! πŸ™‚ For the time being, train harder, practice harder, enjoy life without broadcast show harder, rest more! Let us WOW when you guys appear on stage again. hehe.


  37. I hate Korean netizens. they are sooooo fake

  38. i feel really bad for Jae Bom he apologized i mean neitzens how old are they one or something get a life and stop bugging others just cuz your jealous doesn’t mean that it gives you the right to pick on others how would the neitzens like it if they were bullied the same exact way they bully others. i don’t think you would like it and neither would i. just give Jae Bom a break and all the other artists you pick on 24/7 im getting tired of these kind of things do you know how it makes our favorite artists feel its like you guys are a virus that wants to infect everyone until you guys are the only ones alive how would you be if you end up causing something really bad someday because of your constant criticism how/or what will you guys do then huh? of course you won’t be able to do anything so stop now before it happens haven’t you ever heard of the quote – ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will hurt forever’

  39. JYPE and 2pm hwaiting~!!

    jay, don`t skip meals. you can conquer these. it`s just some bunch of bashers and the like. you can overcome this situation of yours. be strong!!

    hope that this would end peacefully. netizens MUST take a break, not jay. πŸ™‚

  40. go JYP. if thats the best for now then hottest will definitely wait! JAY be strong, 2PM hwaiting!!!

    @R – 700% agreed! ^___^

  41. poor Jae Bom..i dont care about the past..he should be forgiven..he apologized

  42. […] time. However, Park Jin-young (JYP) has said that neither he, nor the other members of 2PM, want to kick him out of the group. Personally, I can understand how he could have felt culture-shocked and upset. He was, at that […]

  43. OK. You know what? If they can’t resume activities in KOREA, Come to Malaysia or Singapore instead! Forget about Korea for a moment! In the mean time, come and have a concert in Msia or something πŸ˜€ That way they still get to earn money and create buzz in some other country BUT korea. Not to mention getting more fans as well. WOOHOO~!

  44. Just a thought…. can anyone recall a couple of weeks back that there was a group who wants to steal the “Beast Idol Title” from 2PM? I was just having this silly thoughts that perhaps a supporter of that group purposely dug out info that can stain 2PM image and this is one of those. is that making sense?

    • i know which group u are talking bout..but im afraid it got nothing to do with fans from that group..that group somehow realted to 2PM..im sure they dont want to hurt their own brothers

    ANTIS, F** OFF


  47. jyp rocks. I swear,i love it that he puts all the petition nonsense to shame by saying that whatever they’re petitioning for ‘will never happen”

    I guess this is the best we can hope for now.Hopes Jay finds some strength and pushes through.am waiting patiently for their comeback.

    oh btw,guys lets not judge korea based on just a minority of netizens who have no lives outside of their computers eh? If we dislike Korea coz of this than we’re no better than the netizens themselves.word.

  48. This incident totally changes my perception of Korea as a whole. I can’t believe they can be so heartless to a young kid. Damn. Well I think I’m going to cancel my trip to Korea and go somewhere else.

  49. as international fans its better to wait and see, not so much to do about this because JaeBeom case regarding a nation dignity.

    let JYP Ent handle this matter, fellow Korean to fellow Korean. I don’t think any other big issue coming after this will easily subdue JaeBoem case. like I said, as international fan I don’t know about Koran pride as a nation.

    hopefully this will settle down without any Korean government involvement or legal action.

  50. And this are the netizens who called themselves a fan. Just because one past mistake they want to abandon someone that they previously in love with. They seriously don’t deserve to be called a fan.
    Ps Everyone deserve a second chance.

  51. we love JAE BUM SU SU !!!!!

  52. omg i dont know why, netizens are really driving me nuts. T_T Please dont skip your meals.. It really saddens me.. T_T…

  53. dbsk was news, gd took the limelight, now jay has it sadly, someone should take it from him. if this is still news next week, ill be pissed and sad. im just hoping it turns out how people dont even talk about sm lawsuit or gd’s plagarisms anymore. netizens should get jobs and use those freaky skills for actual good that wont allow cleebs or anyone hurt themselvs. suicides and such are high there right? well this is all my opnion. p state yours agree or maybw disagree, but i wont reply. i just hope all goes well. ill pray for him:)

  54. bexx 2pm is so popular now.. they’re trying to ruin them
    fawken those hater netizen
    i hate korean nitizens now,…………………..

  55. OMG..jay be strong..we always beside yu oppa
    support Jay<333333333

  56. If someone made soething mistake then they known and apologize about that.
    The people can forgive them for their mistaken.

    Jaebum isn’t the murderer and that time he so young while had many pressure , home sick , culture-shock, etc.

    Jaebum, U never walk alone ; I will stay with u.
    Stay Strong with Hottest.

    2PM FIGHTING !!!

  57. Netizens always exaggerate things to the maximum.
    The comment was written FOUR years ago.
    Hello. i bet every single one of you netizens have done something wrong in the last FOUR years that you regret.
    They seriously need to get over themselves.

    I’m behind Jaebum %100

  58. Jay,please dont skip meals..
    dont starve yourself T__T
    we love you.. =)
    we’ll support you no matter what..
    there’s only one leader for 2PM.
    And he’s PARK JAEBEOM ^^

  59. Please credit 2ONEDAY.com for the translations

    Thank you.

  60. what. the. hell.
    you do NOT punish a human being by starvation. that is inhumane and unnacceptable. he is not a dog. goddamn.

  61. “Currently JaeBum is reflecting on his wrong in the dormitary and he is also skipping meals
    oh no D:
    atleast he won’t be kicked out of the group

  62. let see what k-netizens will do next??
    are they satisfied with JYP’s stance??

  63. Bet neitzens are pissed cause JYP won’t kick jay out of 2PM!! LOL in their faces!! I’m so happy!! but i already knew he wouldn’t kick Jay out! Just good that they confirmed it =)
    So not just only Jay but all of 2PM schedules are stopped then? well i think it’s for the best right now. They probably just want to be around each other & just relax instead of going onto shows where people could ask them questions about the situation. Hopefully this all blows over before the album comes out xP

  64. Humans can’t control themselves when they got bad feeling right? Netizens sometimes like this ,aren’t they
    If i was leadja i think i have do this at that time.
    He said sorry . Isn’t enough?

    @Kenley: i think ur question is right? I don’t know why not earlier , why this release that time ?

    I just wanna say Leadja fighting!Always smile like you r
    Eat more , plz

    • some people say it’s because it’s 2pm anniversary.

      Damn these people really just want to destroy someone everyday. tsk.

  65. go jyp! show them that youre not easily toppled. go jayyy!

  66. Best decision ever

  67. Bald eagle don’t starve yourself!!! I believe this only makes you and 2PM stronger πŸ™‚ hottests will always support you!

  68. jaebum hwaiting! 2pm hwaiting!


    Let’s support Jay! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  69. you forgot to credit @2oneday.

  70. I knew JYP wouldn’t remove Jay, I mean wtf, who the hell is dumb enough to suggest that?

    This got way out of hand, too fast, now it’s gonna take time to sizzle down.

    I am gonna miss them on Wild Bunny! And Star King! This sucks.

  71. This is the RIGHT thing to do. Hopefully koreans will get over this soon.

  72. he’s skipping meals?? =/ poor guy.
    Jaebeom, hwaitinggggggggg.

  73. yes!
    jyp fighting!
    2pm fighting!
    JAEBEOM FIGHTING!!!! <33333333333333333

  74. JaeBum must feel thankful to JYP right now.
    If he’s in SME, he already got hit by SM’s manager.

    • who’s to say jyp won’t or hasn’t hit him for it yet? πŸ˜‰ i remember reading about the tough love 2pm gets from jyp compared to the wonder girls whom he treats more as daugters than students.

  75. wow k-netizens are crazy! … digging up old things from 4 years to talk about? and wnting to bann them from shows?…it’s more of a cultural difference or a more…colloquial slang way of saying things in america that some k-fans took WAAAAY too seriously.. 2pm FIGHTING! this just makes me love them more, maybe also becuz i totally feel and understand how he feels being born and raised in canada….JAY STAY STRONG!

  76. Hmmm….I have a question.

    Why did this “degrading” message of Jay’s myspace came about just now? why not earlier?

    Did anyone ask the same thing? or thought about it?

    • i think some netizens found out aout this and decided to release this on 2PM’s anniversary. 😦

      • If what you said was true Patriotism has got nothing to do with what they did. They are just happy with someone’s misfortune, knowing that many people will be mad when they see Jay’s message before. tsk.

      • I was thinking that too. i mean isn’t obvious something that happened SO long ago as suddenly brought up at the peak of their popularity ? and what not on their 1st anni. that anti did that on purpose for sure

      • damn the anti fans. they exist for the sole purpose of bringing others down. what a bunch of losers.

    • Oh man you’ve got the same question?
      I’ve always been thinking about this too.
      I think there must be something behind this issue, either antis or the rivalry company.
      I know it sounds drama but it really looks like that.

      • Yeah, it may sound like in a drama too, but his message was like a couple of years ago. They could have released it when 2pm just had their debut or earlier this year when they have their album promotions.

        So weird.

    • music industry is a war field, at any part of the world.

      anyone will try to take down anyone, whether the right way or the other way. if they found an opening they will try to used it at the best moment to get amplification. just like this.

      the worst about JaeBeom case is that this is about the cultural differences and belief. the after effect just too humongous because its touching upon the nation dignity.

      its good that JYP canceled 2PM activities. for 2PM as a group they better stay back for their own safety, not only for JaeBeom. the situation might worsen.

  77. GOtta love JYP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. JaeBeom I still love you no matter what. Please just take care of yourself.

  79. JYP. yeah. i love you!

    2PM is not 7. We are one. ^^


    you tell them JYP, become a force to be reckon with, show them that its not the fans/citizens who makes the decision, but JYP. you knowwww

  81. Thank goodness that JYP made a statement on this situation. JAY WILL NOT BE TAKEN OUT OF 2PM!


  82. this whole situation is ridiculous. they’re punishing him for comments he made like FOUR years ago. he might be an idol but he’s not a politician running for office or anything. i understand k-pride, but this should have been over with after his apology, which was very thorough and released super fast on his part. i agree with a couple of others who’ve basically stated that incidents like this which involve k-netizens excessively bashing and pulling down an artist for no good reason (even petitioning him to be pulled out of the group) is what gives them a bad name. anonymity doesn’t give you a pass to be cruel.

    sometimes i question the netizen’s priorities in life. rather than working hard to break down somebody else’s life, i wish they’d take some time to turn around and reflect on their own. what are they so insecure and unhappy about in their own lives that they have to dig and claw at the flaws of others? nobody is perfect. accept it. move on.

  83. Does that mean Ep 8 of Wild Bunny also known as the final episode would not be broadcasted!! That’s gonna suck. Argh those netizens that brought that up on 2PM’s Anni. Hopefully October comes around and this conspiracy comes to an end so they can display their full capability as singers. Singers are humans too. They have feelings and emotions gosh those that put Jay down for a simple mistake he made in the past.. ARGHH!

    • Nah uh uh!!! Ep 8 will still be broadcasted cos they film it beforehand they meant like those shows such as nodaji. Dont worry though, it will be fine- this netizens are like bashing GDRAGON or something now.

      • Thank god that wild bunny is still airing. Oh, I hope GD’s issue is okay too. After bashing hit Hottest like myself, I dont want any other fan groups to feel the same way. I finally know how it feels when ppl start bashing on your artist. It hurts!!! Neizens should leave celebrities alone…geezzz

  84. ^^^ WTF? Are they seriously gone insane cuz there’s nothing better to do in their lives????

    Geezz….I’m sorry, but this is just way out of proportion…I understand that Jay has make a mistake and all, but all of the boys activities is kinda insane…But I do hope everything will die then and they’ll have a good come back!


  85. Skipping meal? Oh please lol

    Is he asking for the ‘gay’ Korean’s sympathy?

    • well.. it’s natural. I always skipping meal if I’m really sad. something like lost appetite.

    • he’s not asking for anyone sympathy, especially not from you.

      sticks and stone can break you, but words can destroy a person’s soul. I hope you guys are happy.

  86. k-netizens really stupid ..
    now they attack JYP cos he type ramen (japenese noodle)
    instead of ramyun (korean noodle) in his twitter.

    • Netizens are obviously OBSESSED in HATING everyone!

      obsessive haters.


      • i dont think so, it happened because japan attacked korea in WW2. and many korean still remember about the terrible thing that they got.
        it’s like unwritten rule in korea showbiz to not mention japanese word.
        it was also happened to MC Mong’ s Manager, he said “sashimi” in 2 days 1 night. and created many critics. So the PD of 2 days 1 night made apologize for not edited that part.

        different country has different culture. and we should respect them

        so don’t exaggerate this one

  87. It just sickens me that people will go to this extent to put down a person who made a silly mistake and regrets it. If Jay were your brother, your son, your cousin, your blood, you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him. Think of having your loved ones going through the same situation he’s going through, would you not get up and defend them? Would you just leave them to rot and whither away?

    I know Jay has learned his lesson. And I hope that he, like some celebrities, does not whither away into nothing. He has passion for what he’s doing. He choose that road for a reason. He’s learned from his mistakes. Forgive and forget.

    As for the whole of 2PM, I hope that they stay strong together as one and fight through this together no matter what. Stay strong Jay, and know that Hottest will be waiting for you all and supporting 2PM till the end.


    you got HOTTEST from all over the world supporting you!!!!!!!
    we will always be there for YOU!! for 2PM!!!

  89. Jay, I feel sorry for you.

    I think what JYP did was for the best. Jay himself would have a harder time to show up in shows.

    …but all 2PM’s schedule would be cancelled? So we won’t be seeing Taec and Wooyoung as MCs? And of course Wild Bunny will be cancelled too?….awwww…

    I feel bad for 2pm. I am not a hottest/clock but I came to love these boys and their “beastly” ways. I wish they can start fresh after this.

    Still supporting Jay Park and 2pm ^^

  90. No wonder lotsa korean artists suicide. Netizens are amazing (sarcasm)
    BE STRONG JAY! Don’t let them affect your confidence. YOU AND 2PM ARE JJANG!

  91. omg this hurts so much.
    netizens, are they satisfied now? are they happy now?
    and self reflect wtf? Skip meals T_T omg Jay. Don’t be like this.
    He already change! WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF HOTBLOOD THEN? That was part of their self motivation too!
    I don’t mind them cancelling their schedules. They can focus on their next album and make an EXPLOSIVE COMEBACK AND PROVE THAT THEY CAN BE THE BEST!

  92. ughh Korea is gay.. now, I hate Koreans. Jay Fighting!

    • I’m not korean, but dont be like that. Every country, ethnicity, and group have its extremist and hardcore crazy ppl. Lets not generalize everyone as being the same type of ppl. 2PM fighting!!!

  93. JaeBum is fasting..

  94. I just found out about this today and wow..

    Every single one of my friends from korea that are international students hated America when they first came. They didn’t like the food, they didn’t like the people, they didn’t like the weather etc. One of them would always pick fights with the boys his age since he didn’t understand that “sitting leaned back and looking at you directly in the eye” doesn’t always mean “I’m dogging you” in America.

    My point is, it’s HARD being in a foreign country, especially if you left all your friends and family behind. Yes, as a public figure he should have deleted his myspace after debuting but that didn’t happen and here we are now. What WE can do is pray for him and support him.

    I feel a bit of comfort in the idea that the netizens telling him to leave the group or commit suicide are most likely immature junior high and high school students. They swear that their opinion matters and that death is always the answer. Right. How would they like it if someone kept hounding them to commit suicide?

    • Agreed…culture differences can be hard to understand sometimes…I remember when my mom migrated here from Vietnam, she hated americans. She thought that when they talked to her in english, they were trying to show off and was looking down upon her because she didnt know english. But now after so many years in America, she understood that americans werent trying to be show offs. That was just their way of speaking and culture.Different culture have their own ways of expressing themselves. You just have to give them time to learn and adjust to that and realize that its not so bad as you have imagined.

  95. 2pm as a whole is affected! T.T i hope they’ll survive this crisis 2pm fighting!!

  96. than how bout taec who is currently promoting w/ jiyoung unnie and how bout taec’s and wooyoung’s mc task in inki gayo ?? will it also be stopped? omo, hope he gets public forgiveness the soonest..

  97. TT_TT I was hoping for Junho with screentime.
    But it’s for the best. 2PM fighting~
    So no:
    Taec promoting My Ear’s Candy?
    Taec & Wooyoung MCing?
    Khun on Star King?
    Junho on Start Dream Team (?)
    & of course Jaebeom on Nodaji.

  98. I CANT BELIVE THIS… NO MORE 2PM FOR THE TIME BEING??… I’m gonna cry now, this is too Hardcore… Support 2PM!!

  99. Leader Jaebum, U r the best leader.
    Jaebum Fighting !!!!

  100. Koreans have made fans out there think that they are petty, ignorant and unforgiving (even though not all is like that). And also love to take the chance to ruin one’s life. Seriously, grow up, childish people. Leave Jay alone!

    Nonetheless, I’m sure Jay knows his mistake and is feeling real sorry about it. He deserves a second chance.

    We’ll wait for 2PM forever πŸ™‚

  101. Be strong Jay! You have HOTTEST!

    It’s good they’re cancelling everything.

  102. stay health jay..
    we are always support you,no matter what..
    but im was cried when JYP said,2pm schedule will cancelled..
    but i hope that the album did not cancelled..
    forget this thing..

  103. I think its a good idea that at the time being not to have Jay appear out in the public. It good to have him reflect on his mistakes to become a better person. Just really sorry for the other members. Hope they can comeback stronger as individuals and a group. I’m just really going to miss them. But I’ll support and wait for you guys forever!

  104. fcuking netizens people can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think jay should just forget it and move back to the state. useless netizens!!! he dont deserve all this sheat from netizens who doesn’t try to understand his point of view. i am DONE with 2pm if he’s gone!

    please stay strong JAY! i still love you no matter what happens….

  105. lol this is it? who the fuck cares what he said in 2005? Once again the nasty netizens ruin a person’s life for some stupid shit. I’m korean myself and the netizens themselves are embarssing us Koreans more and more embarassed!

  106. i guess keeping under the radar for the time being will be good for jaebeom and the rest of 2PM. but honestly, this whole thing is so blown out of proportion. he wouldnt have to be kept out of the public eye if netizens didnt react to the situation the way they did. they went as far as to wanting jay kicked out of the group!

    no worries. at least not too much. im sure 2PM will come back better and stronger than before. they’re friggin beats afterall. 2PM FIGHTING!

  107. jay, pls pls keep strong. and eat well. you need strength. the hottest are with you. my prayers are with 2pm. 2pm = 7. i hope netizens will open their hearts and minds. that the translations may not exactly say what jay means to say.


  109. I think this is the best move JYP can make out of this situation. Personally, it shouldn’t really be a big of an issue. I’m not really a 2PM fan but I’m starting to know more and like 2PM because of this retarded issue. Jae just keep on fighting

  110. Jaebum~ Please take good care of your health~~

  111. tsss.
    NO 2PM for the time being.
    this sucks, both for 2pm and the fans.

    i guess we’ll just have to wait for their comeback.
    hoping to see a stronger and fiercer 2pm and jay.

  112. oh come on have he become soft? he was all hardcore on his myspace now he acting all soft. tsk tsk πŸ˜€

    • it’s you again, the hater from seoulbeats.

      do you not know the meaning of forgiveness?
      put yourself in jay’s situation. try to just feel how hard it is to be criticized by netizens who were so fond of you before the issue.
      wouldn’t you be sad?

      • don’t waste your energy by entertaining her.

      • he being a softie. he dished it out he should be able to take the dirt that comes back at him. simple as that. thanks πŸ˜€

      • ah, she dissed Gdragon over at popseoul too. ignore her. she’s just trying to get attention.

        we know we love Jay. and that’s good enough! :>

    • We are here to support him not put him down! Please be mindful of your words if you have nothing good to say.

      • the internet is for the public, she’s free to do anything. don’t have to care about her. you guys are just going to quarrel nonstop after that.

    • at times I think, there was really a reason why Jay was so “hardcore” and wrote those on his MS. Especially on how narrow-minded people reacted on this issue, total gayness.

      • no kidding, korea issnt gay, korean netizens are gay.

      • though i dont condone candy’s negativity
        i do agree he’s being soft
        i mean you worked your ass off for how many years
        not to mention hot blood hell training
        be a man jaebom and toughen up dont let these netizens take you down
        they revel in the fact that you are suffering
        think long and hard jaebom of who you are and what you become see how much you have changed and grown
        dont let them crush you because if you do you have given up
        so instead of being depressed work harder to show what a good person you are and how much youve changed
        and show those bastards that they are wrong

    • I want to entertain you with my opinion.

      Have you ever met an Asian-American that went to public school? I’m just asking because from all of Jay’s myspace message, he screams stereotypical angsty Asian-American high schooler. The portrayal of the “thug”. His messages on myspace were the most hilarious things to read because it was an Asian-American stereotype.

      Of course people can talk the talk, but few can walk the walk. Also it doesn’t seem to matter to you that it’s been 4 years (which is also 48 months or 1,460 days) since he last posted those messages or that he had time to grow up.

      The average college student gradates from college in 4 years. By the end of those 4 years, that student should have acclimated to their surroundings in their own way. In Jay Park’s case he discarded his Asian-American stereotype persona in order to achieve his dream and make his parents’ happy. The functionality of the Asian-American thug cannot thrive in South Korea (unless you’re in YG Ent apparently, but this is a different subject concerning artists image in reflection to their company).

      Now if you take into the stereotype of the Asian person and how American media has portrayed them, I can see why Jay made the comments he did. Stereotypically Asians are submissive, obedient, and obscenely polite.

      Can you consider who Jay Park was 4 years ago, keep that same thug personality that he had in America, and see him doing the things he is now on variety shows. I don’t mean performing for live audiences but all the silly things, the parodies, and the homosexual moments? If he wanted to be an American rapper, you would never see him doing those things.

      “There is always room for change.” It’s one of my favorite quotes.

      So you’re implying that 4 years isn’t a period where people can drastically change?

      Sorry for the long post. My anthropologist side got the best of me.

      • Very well said.

      • ok now how do you know if he really matured? yes you see him in the shows or
        whatever but you dont and will never know if he is protraying the real him. only hiis
        family and friends from america would know. no matter how many times you see
        him do not mean you are seeing him or the fake public him.

        everyone got many sides a public us and a private around friends and family us.
        the problem is he did not end with the 2005 comments but he also said things iin
        2007 when he was 20. not to mention people are also made at what he said
        when he was 21 in his myspace about me part.

        so i understand your his fan but he repeatly said things which was not very mature
        plus the fact he never tried editing anything even after he became famous.

        ps i used a ps3 to say this. thanks

      • well said. absolutely agree with you

    • it’s because he’s more mature now.

    • CandyGirl83, you mean to say that you have never once in your life regretted anything you said or did which hurt others? the point is it was all IN THE PAST. don’t act as if you are a saint incapable of making any stupid mistakes. and that’s what it is for Jae. a stupid mistake IN THE PAST. gosh get a life

    • his friends back in the states must think he’s all gay now and shit. but think about it…what would that get him if he continues to be “hardcore” like you say…worse right?

      dunno about the skipping meals either (or if it’s even true), seems more like a sympathy plea from the jype rep.

      so yeah, i believed he “manned up” by admitting he said fucked up things and is sorry about it. other than that i don’t think there’s anything else he can do at this time.

      but finally jyp speaks up so hopefully the issue dies down a bit, and eventually blows over.

    • Actually, I’m not a fan of 2PM. I didn’t like “10 out of 10” and I wasn’t in the “Again and Again” craze (although I did like “I Hate You”), but I do recognize the result of hard work and dedication to the arts.

      I wanted to give you a objective view based on cultural differences and the experience of a “right of passage”. A “right of passage” is a transition. We all know we need to grow up, go to jury duty, pay taxes, get a job, and just live in the world we do as well as we can.

      I only loosely used the word “change”. I don’t think I used “mature” and change can be anything. And you’re right, I don’t know who Park Jae Bum/Jay Park is, but it goes back to my last paragraph. Just wanting to give you an objective view.

      Now I can ask you if you ever deleted any of your myspace, FB, twitter, etc. comments that were say 3-4 years old. I just have a theory that because those comments were made in 2005 and 2007, they were buried under other comments. Also the gap in between 2005 and 2007 as well as any comment prior to those dates, none of others were brought up.

      And here is where you can add everyone’s speculation of the media trying to tear 2PM down or that he was on an emotional roller coaster. But it’s all speculation. Just as my last post was a compilation of personal experience, sitting in ethnic classes, and my observation of the media.

      I like talking to you. =)

  113. is he skipping meals because he doesn’t have the appetite, given that he’s really worried about his reputation and such???

    or is he skipping meals as a way to “punish” himself and to “prove” to the netizen that he’s deserving for forgiveness???

    either way, i just hope jay would stay healthy. it’s not good to skip meals.. TT__TT


  115. Sometime people just dnt give a damn on how he feels. He not only gets bashing from the netizens but also face consequences from JYPE, I hope that they be more compassionate- it was a mistake nobody is PERFECT YOU KNOW! HE IS HUMAN! HE IS NOT GOD!

    PJB- dont lose hope we will always be behind you! SMILE BRIGHTLY:DD

  116. Ahhhh noooo he’s not eating. He’s not allowed to come out of their dorm either?
    This is going to make me worry so much more. =(

    β€œFor the time being, 2PM will not have any broadcast schedule, and all scheduled events will also be cancelled. ” Thanks to nasty netizens, the fans won’t be able to see their beloved boys.

    I hope they’re freaking feeling remorse over something they so wildly exaggerated about. Ugh! SO PISSED OFF!

  117. they say it like skipping meals is a good thing for him and that’s his punishment or something
    what the fuck?

    urgh. Jay do not deserved this.

  118. -sighs- Yeah, it’s better that Jay not be on shows for a while. Geez, he shouldn’t be skipping meals. Worried bout him.

    ….and then all of 2PM’s broadcast activities are cancelled? .__.

  119. Jay Oppa, please don’t skip meals! Stay healthy and get lots of rest! Hottest will always support you no matter what! ❀

    • jay oppa wtf he aint your oppa hes a korean sell out! stay the fuck out of korea jay you fake ass korean hater!

      a douche always be a douche! get your fake ass back to the us you douche korean hater! you can also bring that fake ass JongHoon with ya! your a fake ass korean that got busted with hes pants down you deserve what is coming!

      K-Netizen – I am the beginning and I am your End

  120. Yeah, it’s only right that broadcast schedules are canceled.

    It’s good that they’re making him reflect on his wrong but skipping meals!? Health is more important than anything else.
    γ… .γ… 

    Stay strong!

    • I LOVE JYP! OMYGEE! Precisely! Thank you very much! ^^

      But yeah. I think instead of arguing with ‘some’ people, Hottests, let’s just follow suite with what Jay’s doing. If he’s repenting, we shall do the same. If he’s suffering, we shall do the same. If he needs us, we will be there.

      Hottests unite! Fighting!

  121. Poor Jae, skipping meals. ):

    I hope Korea forgives him for his past mistakes.

    Be strong Jaebum! 2PM fighting!

  122. Jaebum<333 don't skip meals! Stay strong and healthy.

  123. I hope when 2PM comes back, everything will die down.


    • HONESTLY?! Who the fuck cares about his muscles right now?! That’s fcking stupid! The important thing is that he doesn’t quit! His muscles mean nothing to me if I don’t continue to get the inspiration from him that I usually do! For him to quit his dreams because of these stupid netizens WHO’RE BRINGING UP ISSUES FROM YEARS AGO! Honestly people?! That’s too much! His muscles aren’t so much important as poor Jaebeom leaving behing his dreams! He needs time to think properly and to reconsider the extreme decision he has made! Hopefully NOBODY will let him quit. His reasons, I’m sorry to say, aren’t good enough!

      • we all are sad and a bit of emo right now. calm down girl, s was just try to be funny. i actually have a smirk on my face reading her comment.
        we all love jaebum and 2 pm!!

  125. hardcore.

  126. Yeah, he needs a break. It’d be really hard emotionally on him to appear in any show right now.

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