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Sandara Park takes GDragon off #1 spot with ‘Kiss’

sp_080909There has been much interests on 2NE1 Sandara Park’s solo debut song ‘Kiss’ amongst netizens.

According to Monkey3(www.monkey3.co.kr), Sandara Park’s ‘Kiss’ went on the chart at #23 on the day of release on th September. And it went up the chart very fast and took the #1 position from GDragon with his solo song ‘Heartbreaker’.

A staff from Monkey3 said, “There has been much interests and quiries about Sandara Park’s solo song even before the song was revealed. And when it was revealed, the responses is overwhelming.”

And netizens also commented on the song, “The song shows Sandara Park’s individuality and charms”, “Every song that 2NE1 release is DaeBak”, “This makes me look forward to the solo songs that Park Bom and CL will release” etc.

The song features fellow member CL for its rap and is written by Teddy.

Meanwhile, previews to new acapella versions to the songs from 2NE1 minialbum have been released


22 Responses

  1. g-bomie all the way!!!!!

    g-dragon is addicted to bommie!!!!!*-*

  2. lol’ dara and gdragon;;; amazing couple

  3. wow..congratz to my all time favorite korean star..no wonder YG trusted her so much to have a solo and be part of 2ne1 despite the criticism about her talent…you don’t need to have a superbly amazing big vocals to be talented, sometimes you simply just have to share your music…

  4. its ok.. as long as they are from YG..

  5. […] source: kbites […]

  6. Wow.
    Sandara’s good. I can’t wait for 2NE1’s accapella’s!

  7. Is it still acapella if you digitally synthesize your voice? : /

  8. AMAZING DARA. Despite the hype of fx and muzic (for legal charts) ,they werent able to knock GD off from the number 1 spot. Only Dara! YG GO GO GO!

  9. Congrats!!!! DARA proved them wrong!

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  11. Now i understand why Mr. YG says that Dara makes the impossible possible. ^_^

  12. park bom voice can really fits with acappella… ^^

  13. wow… I really love the acapellas… although it’s just previews…
    i still cant believe dara stole the number on spot… congratz to her

  14. nice voices. REALLY SINGERS!

  15. she did good^^ i’m excited for the cf too. i think it will make her even more hot

  16. wow, congrats to DARA, i cant wait for her CF with LMH, although i feel bad for GD but i guess YGE RULES!!! i also love Hello by GD feat Dara. :p

  17. I’m happy for Dara! Teddy’s a really great producer and he knew what kind of song would fit her voice. ^_^

    • BTW, she also managed to hit #1 on Bugs and Cyworld and entered at #3-9 on other charts. There are too many charts in Korea. x_x

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