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K Bites – 09.09.09 III (Secret, Brian, ShinDong, Jo Kwon, Kim Hyung Joon)

Member Song JiEun of upcoming girlgroup ‘Secret’ revealed!


Upcoming 4-member girlgroup Secret, consisting of ex-member of group ‘Five Girls’ Jeon HyoSeong, reveals another member – main vocal Song JiEun.

On 9th September, a video was revealed through GomTV featuring Song JiEun singing to a piano accompany of the song ‘Slow Motion’ by Karina, showing off her great vocals.

Before debut, Song JiEun has also sang for several drama OSTs like ‘Learning to Fly’ from drama ‘Air City’ and ‘Scent’ from ‘Korea Lawyer’ etc. She also sang for the song ‘Give you all’ from Untouchable’s 1st album.

Meanwhile, Secret’s own reality program ‘Secret Story’ will be aired on Mnet from 21st September.


Brian, Shin Dong, Kim Hyung Joon and Jo Kwon for new environmental variety show

Flower boys Brian, ShinDong, Kim

Hyung Joon and JoKwon will all come together for an environmental cause.

Fly To The Sky Brian, Super Junior ShinDong, SS501 Kim Hyung Joong and 2AM Jo Kwon will be appearing together for a new broadcast show SBS environmental variety ‘Find it! Green Gold’.

All 4 idol members will ride on their environmental-friendly bicycles in search of places with environmental problems and present a solutions to them.

I look forward more to how Brian and JoKwon will interact..  :p

24 Responses

  1. […] video of the group’s main vocal Song JiEun was also revealed previously. More of the last member to this upcoming girlgroup will be revealed […]

  2. looks exciting, im excite fro brian jo &shin

  3. oh idk she was the one that sang that song with untouchable. .o. i wonder why she never performed with them. i think it was cuz she was still a trainee idk lol.


  5. Hehehe, Brian & Kwon! I want to see this show. Love these two. ♥

  6. How gorgeous is Hyung Joon???? BABY!!!

  7. I thought Brian was in the States doing a movie or something. But I’m glad to see that he is back! 😀

  8. the show is gonna be so good i just know it, their all so funny there’s bound to be lots of laughter!

  9. Is the Secret group from Mnet? I see no one mentioned their company, but it could be Mnet. since the girls are pretty and can also sing. I wonder if the other girls are T-ara’s ex members.

  10. ss501 baby nice muz watch 😉 😉 😉

  11. Wow..Brian from FTTS..i miss him so much…
    Love to watch him last time in Love Letter and X-men..=)
    THe combination of these 4 boys…cant wait to see it..

  12. lol jo kwon and brian under one show?
    dude thats like an epic teaser!

  13. i will definitely watch it!!!


  14. wow.
    ftts+suju+ss501+2am = heaven !!
    i hope later someone can sub this variety show fast.

  15. Hahah looking forward to seeing JoKwon and Brian together, they seem so compatible 😛

  16. nice .. sowatching this

  17. haha jokwon 🙂

  18. She’s really good at singing!! I look forward to this girl group.

    Sookyeong-unnie, can you make a post on this? It has information about the songs on Taegoon’s third album, but I only trust on your translation keke



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