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K Bites – 09.09.2009 II (Lee Hyori, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong)

What’s next for Lee Hyori after contract with Mnet expires in November?

lhr_090909Music megastar Hyori Lee’s whereabouts attract attention from the media and entertainment world. Lee Hyori’s contract with Mnet Media expires in November. Her future broadcasts and activities as a singer depend on what kind of company she collaborates with. So far, Hyori hasn’t decided on whether to renew her current contract or to switch companies and sign under another one.

Possibility of Hyori switching companies cannot be completely eliminated because according to sources, Hyori has plans to work with a manager she has known for a long time, signing an exclusive contract. Therefore, Hyori’s future development may or may not change drastically. With a new company comes a new face for the fans.

In the past 3 years, Hyori’s relationship with Mnet Media has always been great. Under Mnet Media, she has achieved great success as a singer and as a regular for variety shows. Therefore, many in the music world believe that Hyori will continue with the same company. Whatever decision Hyori makes in November has successfully garnered great attention in the entertainment industry.

In other news, Hyori will release a new album before her contract expires with M-net Media. [forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com]

Down with swine flu, Kim Hyun Joong will need to be under medical treatment for about half a month

khj_080909SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong, down with swine flu recently, will need about at least 15 days of medical treatment in Japan.

Their company representative said on 9th September, “He is currently receiving medical treatment in a hospital in Japan. Treatment period will range from half a month to a month. His current health conditions have improved a lot. We will check accordingly to his health conditions from now.”

Kim HyunJoong had begun to feel unwell from 5th and 6th September during an event for drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. And then on 7th September when they were heading to the airport to return to Korea, he suddenly developed high fever. He was tested positive for swine flu after being rushed to the hospital.

He will be resting at the hospital in Japan while receiving medical treatment, and the schedule and promotions ahead will depend on his health conditions.

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  1. […] [forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com] [kbites] […]

  2. about Swine Flu, it ain’t as bad unless you are already ill or are pregnant, a kid or elderly. i know someone who had it.

  3. […] [forgotten620 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com] [kbites] […]

  4. YG is too small for hyori right now. she needs a powerhouse company. stay with mnet, they have more resources.

  5. oh my,,wishing Kim Hyun Joong gets better soon.. Take care and rest well..

  6. OMG, Hope Kim Hyung Joong gets better soon and make more projects to come.

    Hope YG will renew Hyori’s contract. she should stay more.

  7. oh and for the people who said she dun fit with YG image…Goo Hye Sun doesn’t fit the image too does she? but look at how well she’s doing now. YG really supports his artists.

  8. it be cool of Hyori goes to YG!! i dun think the possibility is that slim. she’s on good terms with BB and 2ne1, and she’s on the star idol show as a judge with Mr YG himself. so why not lol. but i wun be suprised if she starts a new company or something. she seems to be the entrepreneur kind

  9. Hyori doesn’t fit with YG. It’s about the music and they have different views with music.

    Most likely I think Hyori is going to stay with M.Net M.net did a hell lot for her.

    I hope KHJ gets better.. : |

  10. Oh Hyun Joong..please take care of yourself..
    Huhu..i almost get heart attack when i read this post..huhu…
    Thank God is recovery well…

  11. no she doesn’t fit with yg

    she needs a company that will push her with a lotof promotions. basically a company that will spend lots of money on her. MNET did exactly that. she left many puzzled when she left dsp because she had so much power… but MNET scrapped her up with her huge ass contract with them. She does get over worked by MNET but in return they supply her with overwhelming amounts of support.

    theres rumors that she will leave mnet. cause they work her too much. people are hoping she goes offon her own. which might be true causet here are rumors she might go off and start a new company with a former dsp manager.

  12. as long as she doesn’t go some unknown company like Lexy and the outcome was not good. her music was blehh. yeah! hyori should go to YG ^^~~! or stay since her music were such hits and i want it to con’t like that.

  13. Hyori, go to YG! Hahaha, nah, I just want another collab with her and Teddy xD Though it would be pretty awesome to have her at YG, she gets along quite well with them 🙂

    She’ll probably stay in MNet I guess, her career has been handled there 🙂

    Poor Hyun Joong, he probably contracted it because he’s been weak since BOF….Always sick 😦 Hope he recovers soon.

    • Yeah go to YG omg if she does YG will so take over the charts
      with 2ne1,big bang,se7en,g dragon,taeyang,deasung,top and
      goo hye sun albums this year yayy YG

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