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GDragon, “f(x) Sulli is very cute”


GDragon, who is currently promoting his solo debut minialbum, has picked f(x) member Sulli as the cutest junior singer.

GDragon was on ‘Jung SeonHee Love FM’ aired on 9th September, when they mentioned about f(x) member Sulli during their talk on the radio show.

Jung SeonHee has asked, “What do you think about love?”, and GDragon replied, “Throwing it all out”. And then she asked, “What is your ideal style?” and he answered, “Cute girls”.

GDragon said, “(Recently) There are so many female groups. And if I go, there won’t be much talking, it’s like bullying… And I become the seonbae. The juniors will all call me “seonbae nim”, it is really amazing.”

And Jung SeonHee said, “Is there any juniors from the girlgroups recently who is cute?”, and GDragon said, “For me, group f(x) member Sulli is cute It seems to me she is really cute.”

And then worrying about Jung SeonHee having misunderstand that he has referred to Sulli has his ideal type, he said, “She is cute as a junior.”

Meanwhile, GDragon is currently promoting his solo debut ‘Heartbreaker’, which is doing very well occupying the #1 position on various on and offline music charts.


75 Responses

  1. ofcourse GD THINKS CL IS THE CUTEST!!!!!!

  2. is anybody else weirded out that she’s 16 and he’s 21?

    also, when is anyone ever gonna call amber their ideal type or even ”cute” – it seems only fans think she’s worth anything

  3. I wonder who will be GD’s soulmate. Can’t wait. Oppa,please make up your mind and pick your lady. And be happy with her. Have cute children. Good life. Dolce vita. Love u GD.

  4. yeah…..okay i guess she’s…cute.

    I mean, we’re the same age so it’s strange. It’s easier for people who are the same age and gender to spot things like….she acts way too cutesy and innocent on screen. >_> not jealous, it just doesn’t seem real.


  6. Eww, much?
    I’m not the fondest of f(x), moreover Sulli. >_>

  7. […] source: kbites […]

  8. […] of the producers said, “YG Ent said that when GDragon were asked the question “Which junior girlgroup singers do you think is the cutest?” and…, it became a problem and it is difficult to have him go on radio show. But in the schedule shared […]

  9. […] of the producers said, “YG Ent said that when GDragon were asked the question “Which junior girlgroup singers do you think is the cutest?” and…, it became a problem and it is difficult to have him go on radio show. But in the schedule shared […]

  10. but GAHO is cute too! LMFAO.

  11. […] of the producers said, “YG Ent said that when GDragon were asked the question “Which junior girlgroup singers do you think is the cutest?&#8…, it became a problem and it is difficult to have him go on radio show. But in the schedule shared […]

  12. yep i agree and its not even the girl s fought
    they will bash her xP
    just bcuz he said she is cute
    i mean he just said she is cute
    he is not his ideal tipe OF COURSE not!!! duh!!
    he doesnt even know nuthing about her!!
    not even us she is new hello!!?
    some fans just xP…should read it like 3 times before saying sumthing….

  13. idk why but knowing netizens
    antis will pop up rapidly just because of that comment he made.

  14. DARA IS CUTE. oh god, not f(x) ah I lost all my appetites this month.

  15. umm,,, i think amber more better…
    ah gd make me jaelous…

  16. ok that’s clear…she’s just cute as junior.
    bong’s fangirls can now calm down. =)

  17. I want to see a joint stage between f(x) and Big Bang! =D Although it may never happen as f(x) is with SM….

  18. Lol! I think Sulli’s very cute too ^^

  19. Aww… Sulli & G-dragon~

  20. I agree! Sulli is hecka cute.

  21. I’m sure his ultimate crush is aoi yuu..hahaha
    he is such a cute little playboy…hahaha

  22. this really provokes some antism towards f(x)
    how… sad.

  23. ok that’s enough. maybe sulli reminds him of aoi yuu?

  24. the last time I checked, ‘cute girls’ is not his ideal type, but that’s GD for you..always changing…. 😀

  25. Sulli is cute…i agree..
    every photo that she took look so bright…
    i’m with u for this, gd

    • maybe she’s cuter in person too. i’m sure he probably saw her backstage too when they both had stages on Inkigayo last weekend.

  26. I agree… Sulli is really cute.

  27. He didn’t say VERY CUTE, he said , SEEMS CUTE.

    Huge difference man, anyways, WONDERBANG ftw.

  28. he said his ideal type is cute girl..

    he said f(x) sulli is cute…

    vice versa….

  29. […] GDragon, “f(x) Sulli is very cute” « K Bites sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/09/10/gdragon-fx-sulli-is-very-cute – view page – cached #K Bites RSS Feed K Bites » GDragon, “f(x) Sulli is very cute” Comments Feed K Bites TaeYang first solo concert tickets sold-out in 10 minutes 2PM TaekYeon and WooYoung will continue with MC roles on Inkigayo without change — From the page […]

  30. weird how GD chooses Suli. she seems far from his ideal type. but then again, he has lots of ideal types LOL. that heartbreaker XD

    • GD said Sulli is cute, NOT his ideal type.

      • He said his ideal type is cute girls, and that Sulli is cute (albeit as a junior, if not VIPs might make a fuss over it)… well, a lot of ambiguity lol.

  31. Wow, some of you really like to pair up your favourite artists together, it’s strange because they’ve never met yet pinky and lin think Dara and G-Dragon should be together.

    It’s like you guys getting paired up with someone you have never met before.

    • I think they would’ve met before… t2NE1 went to his house, same music programs, trained in the same company after all ^^

      But yes, GD himself never said that he likes Dara more than Sulli, it’s weird that people are jumping to conclusions about his love life ^^;

      • I find it really bad esp. fangirls who don’t want to see their artists paired up with someone so it’s even worse they like it when they pair them with guys. I wonder if they feel happy with it – or even gay.

        Don’t these guys get to decide who they like? They don’t need fangirls to do it.

    • haha, GD loves Dara, 2NE1 or anyone in YG cuz they’re a family. It doesnt mean i pair him with Dara or any one :). I totally understand that choosing own his type girlfriend is his right, i’m sure almost Vipz too ^^. Actually this is a little bit stuff, he just say about a doseung with cute face, nothing more than that ^^, but becase it’s GD, there’s more things be dicussed 🙂

  32. She is very cute. GD is cute too!
    She doesn’t seem like his ideal type, but hey anything can happen! 😉 (Kidding.)

  33. wat about DARA? i super love them 2 (daragon) lol
    but sulli is cute..

  34. aww ! ^^ hahaaha ^^

  35. he like girls who look really korean.

    • omg, this is so true.
      does there mean there is no hope for us who don’t look a cute korean type :O hahas

  36. haha, he always knows the way to make attention just one saying. He’s the cutest singer now :). Love him and always believe him :X

  37. omo! GD, cute Sulli?! but not an ideal girl, right? Good.
    but not Fx as a fave Girl group, huh! still 2ne1.

    • for a guy…. as he grow older, cute girls are just like little girls you will want to dote while dating a hot girls….so worries, he will change again….

  38. What about CL lol Suli is so cute

  39. she looks like Shinee Teamin OO

  40. good choice GD 🙂
    i love ❤ Sulli 😛

  41. kara’s jiyoung is also cute!!! park bom too!!

    • he should stick to Miss Omona. Hee-Dragon!

      • haha…amongst the new girl groups rite…
        so miss omona is out.. if not i’m sure he’ll choose her…
        or maybe, the leader instead of the maknae…huhu

  42. really?they ‘re so cute …G Dragon and Sulli.
    i love them….
    i think….anyone watch f(x) ‘s Sulli ‘ll say that:D

  43. I saw Sulli such a cute little girl a long time ago, time has been so fast and she’s turning now into a beautiful lady not just a cutey.

    Good pick GD!

  44. cute girls, really?

  45. his ideal is ever changing………

  46. I agree with GD! Sulli is so cute… I remember her when she was one of the cast of TVXQ’s Vacation on Eternal episode with Micky Yoochun, she reminds me of young Jeon Ji Hyun ❤

  47. Haha, I find Sulli extremely adorable, as well.
    She’s a favorite next to Luna. (:

  48. heck!! not f(x) my dear GD…~~!

  49. awh(:
    hes cutee

  50. awh(:

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