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K Bites – 10.09.2009 (KARA Han SeungYeon, T-ara BoRam)

KARA Han Seung Yeon, “There is a male entertainer who will call me everyday at 2am”

hsy_110909It has been revealed that many male entertainers are going after girl group KARA.

Member Han SeungYeon was on KBS ‘Star Golden Bell’ recently when she was asked, “To say the truth, is there any male entertainer you have worked with?” by MC Kim JaeDong.

And she answered, “There was this male entertainer who has asked for my contact number, and after that he would call everyday at 2am in the morning. And then he would send messages like ‘Have you eaten?’, ‘Did you think of me today?’.”

With that, other guest star appearances joked, “You sure he is not 2AM’s ChangMin?” And SeungYeon said, “He is not someone who is currently promoting now.”

This episode of Star Golden Bell will be aired on 12th September.

Singer Jeon YeongRok, “I do not allow my daughter BoRam to do sexy dance”

boram_110909Singer Jeon YeongRok has warned that his daughter Jeon BoRam, member of group T-ara, is not allowed to do sexy dance.

He was on a morning show on 10th September where he talked about his daughter who just debuted in group T-ara.

He said, “I thought her that she should never do sexy dances. There are so many kids who do that, and they go nowhere far. So the other T-ara girls are tied down with that.”

He continued, “I didn’t see BoRam promoting as part of T-ara. I said to her that she does not have the aura, but one day when she comes out and say ‘I have such strengths too’ – I can’t see that” feeling embarrassed.

He also showed photos of his son and BoRam on his phone during the show.

28 Responses

  1. Isn’t Boram like 23? I think shes old enough to do sexy dances. It’s not like shes selling her body.

  2. […] pm Singer Jeon YeongRok has asked his daughter, Jeon BoRam, a member of the girl group T-ara, not to do “sexy dances.” Why not? “I thought her that she should never do sexy dances. There are so many kids who do that, […]

  3. Seung Yeon cute!!!

  4. Personally I don’t think Boram suits w/ the rest of the T-ara members much so I agree with her dad.

  5. But how did the name ChangMin come up when there’s 3 other 2AM members???? Did ChangMin like her or something???

    if you notice in ‘Teacher its Coming’
    you’ll notice Boom sorta likes Seungyeon…
    who ele would be like “Did you think about me?” etc…

    • but she said it was someone who’s not active right now……

      • does Boom MCing and talking on variety shows count as promoting?

        i mean he was a singer…
        they put him as a 방송인 on the search engines…
        i think :p

    • Really? I thought Boom likes Gyuri more…

      • lol yeah i guess that could be true
        but you know how she is a little bit tough, like witty, she could bring down Boom anytime she wants to. lol xp

  7. I’m sure it’s a SS501’s member …
    so cute, DSP LOVE ❤

  8. Who knows…
    But hey I like the way that old man raised his daughter. I wouldn’t let my daughter dance like that until she is out of my house. And no wonder Boram looks so innocent…

  9. I do think its someone from 2PM though…


    …no really :P.

    ihaveafeelingit’s2pm’skimjunsu ;x

    • WHAT ? Kim Junsu ?
      are they close ?
      where do you got this feeling ?
      I never heard about they both are close.

  11. Seungyeon should keep her mouth shut. Who knows what fangirls would do and say.

    • yo. calm down. o__o

      • Lol, I’m not hating on her. I’m just worried. Look what’s happened before with like Tiffany when she mentioned she was a fan of KHJ or when Gain mentioned something similar on SGB and people thought it was GD. I’m not generalizing and saying every fan girl is crazy when it comes to this issue, but there are some. Female idols need to be extra careful. Hopefully Seungyeon doesn’t have to learn that the hard way.

    • scary fans girl…

      • Lol, read what I replied to tesarang0. I’m not a scary fangirl. My comment was made in worry for Seungyeon. The last thing we need is for another innocent female idol to be shred to pieces. I’m just saying Seungyeon should be careful. Look what happened to Tiffany before aka her KHY comment. Plus, Seungyeon’s the most loved/hated member just like how Tiffany was. Like I said, I’m just saying she should be careful with comments like this. It’s harmless for logical people, but for some fangirls this could trigger some nastiness. With Kara’s rising popularity these days, it’s the last thing they need right now.

      • very true, but the thing is she was very careful and she didn’t give so many clues or specifically stated which male so need to worry. 😀

  12. wahh ~
    at 2:00 am ?
    humm.. I’m wondering who’s that guy.

  13. Wow, just what a mother would naturally do… to protect her child.. from being labeled as a sexy performer…

  14. Seungyeon gets calls @ 2AM? …. Lol. I automatically thought of one of the 2AM boys. XDD

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