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Seeing double: T-ara HyoMin vs SNSD Jessica


See double?

T-ara member HyoMin, also known as So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica‘s lookalike, has recently been spotted with new golden locks for a new project. And netizens are saying that they look more alike now.

The new golden locks were for the project groups between T-ara and SuperNova




Netizens’ responses:

  • “They don’t really look alike”
  • “HyoMin = YoonA + Sica”
  • “Don’t compare them, they don’t even look alike”
  • “She reminds me a little of Jessica when Jessica first debuted”
  • “Same hospital….?”
  • “When it comes to golden locks, of course Jessica stands out!”

101 Responses

  1. Oh please both are pretty but u know, i prefer Sica, she looks kinda cuter, Hyomin is also pretty but her chin is a little long and sharp, which isn’t my favourite type. And all the surgery things? Oh please they are both natural. Didn’t you netizens see Sica’s picture before debut. You could not see any diffrent except for her teeth, and that is NOT surgery. She looks diffrent because she didn’t wear makeup. And everybody could change their look through the ages, can’t you get that? BTW, what if she had plastic surgery? If that plastic things make people feel more confident about themselves so what is wrong with that? Huh? Any problems?

  2. I hate it when people say that HyoMin can’t sing, Hyomin is plastic, her nose is fake, this and that, blah blah blah BLAH before they even KNOW her! HyoMin CAN sing! AMAZINGLY at that! She is NOT plastic! FRIGGIN take a look at her pre-debut pictures! I was blown away because I thought too before that she had her nose done but it’s all natural! I was like WTF is she asian!? LOL. She’s lucky, she has good genes.

  3. Not a fan of either. but i gotta say that i prefer jessica. she looks more natural.

  4. HAHA… Hyomin resembles… Angelababy

  5. Hyomin llooks better than Jessica now… Jessica is natural…. Hyomin is plastic –> there were picture of really pretty hyomin when she was young, but come on guys… use ur common sense…. a person’s eyes will look small as one age as one’s face is going to be bigger!!!
    This is the really pre-debut pic:
    but it doesn’t matter becoz she’s super hot now…. Love her in invincible youth….
    As for Jess, goona admit it.. she’s so pretty. snsd<3

  6. hyomin better than jessica.


  8. Hyomin looks a bit weird with blond hair. I think she looks better with brown hair. Jessica looks hot (comin frm a girl here) fyi; jessica is natural, those ugly pre-debut pics of her was taken badly. Don’t tell me all yr photos were perfect? hyomin is a natural too and doe-eyed pretty.
    Hm.. They don’t really look alike at all, in fact hyomin looks more like Krystal frm f(x), jessica’s sister. But i think jessica has more talent, especially in singing, with a higher vocal range and properly hit notes. Her dancin skills are also very good, so Sica for me.

    • you definitely have never heard hyomin sings before.
      hyomin’s voice is total win.
      i thought jessica’s voice was okay but later i think she sounds so ‘nassal’, if you get what i mean.

  9. hyomin is real jessica is plastic surgery cant compare natural> to fake

  10. ERRR plastic surgery girls

  11. […] Seeing double: T-ara HyoMin vs SNSD Jessica « K Bites. […]

  12. well i thinks she looks more like jessica than krystal does.
    krystal looks more like yoona+yuri.

    no offence, imo, either jessica or krystal did something. just saying~

  13. Definitely Hyomin. The girls ROCKs! She is modern, she is classy, she is stylish! She is JJANG!!!!!!

  14. for me,i think definately jessica.both are pretty,but jessica is like some said classier and sometime give me the feeling of a mixed race haha.oh and she is sexy too.

  15. “Same hospital?”

    ROFL….Jealous anti…..XD
    Then can I look like them if i go to that hospital?? LOL

  16. “Same hospital?”


  17. Same surgeon? The plastic ask to copy another plastic

  18. =___=
    Hyomin is Hyomin, Jessica is Jessica, is that so hard?
    they are different, even though you say they are lookalike, so what? they are still gorgeous in their own charm, that’s all.
    and, about same hospital, eh? so funny, that sounds like, if you are little bit prettier than other girls, you are not REAL. crazy netizens.

  19. Team Hyomin, ’nuff”’ said 😀

  20. Sorry, somehow I like Jessica more. Its only the hair that are similiar

  21. rofl..whats with people comparing these 2 different people =.=
    so what they look alike..its not like they totally look like the same…sheesh..people need to get a life instead of digging out pictures to prove who didn’t and did plastic surgery

    i say they both stand out on their own…Hyomin only resembles Jessica in certain angles…
    beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…best if some people just shut certain things that they know could offend people in themselves

  22. HyominJJANG~~!!

    I don’t understand how they look alike. But oh well, Jessica looks better in the dreadlocks, but Hyomin looks good too 😀

  23. JESSIE is REAL well for hyomin she still going to be known as jess look alike..

  24. Hyomin is the BEAST! No one mess with Hyomin! The girl’s beauty is a deadly weapon on its own 😉

    On the second note, I want her shoes… and hat -____-!

  25. honestly, to me hyomin looks so much prettier
    they dont even look alike, seriously people look at their faces. the first picture of them is proof enough. the faces are totally different. plus hyomin looks good with any hair style, i have yet to see a good hairstyle on jessica.


  27. I think Hyomin’s eyes look about the same size as Hara, her nose looks like Park Bom’s, and her face shape and mouth looks like Yoona + Jessica.
    But from some angles she looks like Jessica o.o
    She doesn’t look as natural as Jessica though,

  28. to me, Hyomin is a mix of Hara from Kara and Jessica.

  29. they dont look the same at all
    its just the blonde hair…..ofcourse it would remind people of jessica

    jessica’s really pretty! korea and america have different standards of pretty. in america, jessica would be cute/pretty and popular too

  30. …..

  31. If anything Hyomin looks more like Goo Hara.

  32. Hyomin looks even more like a doll with that hair colour now.
    I thought they looked alike before, but Hyomin definitely looks better with darker hair.

  33. O_O
    I think Hyomin looks cuter + prettier 🙂
    She looks like a porcelain doll…

    While Jessica looks beautiful in a mature way ^^

    By the way..
    Stop comparing! 😡

  34. hyomin girl got plastic on her nose…
    and jessica didnt. its so bovious.. its like rigght there.. and hyomin compare to her old pic.. DAMN shes UGLY

  35. another comparison thread? lol

    They are both sure popular.

    And um… Am I the only one thinking that they look not alike at ALL?

  36. I think as for the picture comparison, i vote Hyomin is much more beautiful than Jessica. Hyomin debuts pics and now as just the same her face, nothing change and I’ve seen Jessica’s debuts pics and when I saw it I though it wasnt her coz she got high forehead so skinny same as now and i dont find her pretty way back Gee’s pics, short hair. now Jessica got new hair estension and Go blonde hair.
    Last Im not a fan of both of them.

  37. Hyomin = love. U go GURL~~~~~~

    Pretty an talent 8><3 Look breathtaking in the the new selcas!!!!

  38. In those pictures, jessica doesnt look that pretty but if u picked other pictures, Jessica most probably would better or the same as the other girl.

    the other girl for some reason is pretty but isnt amazing, something about her makes me think shes abit plastic doll looking. Also she should totally not dye her hair ginge or watever colour it is.

    • Why? Because your mom hair’s color is “watever color it is”? Surprise SURPRISE~~~~~

      Don’t tell me Hyomin look bad in it. Because through the selcas, one can see clearly that she look drop dead gorgeous with the new hair.

      You just hate her because you think Jessica is the shit. Just spill the truth out. You don’t have to sugarcoat it by saying shes pretty but looking like a plastic doll. And don’t you know people call SNSD the platic cheerleading squad? Please don’t call out on others if you don’t like to hear the same thing on your idols.

      • Ur a freak shut up 😀 i was stating my opinion and its annoying when people answer back for no reason at all.

        I dont like either of them so yeah what your saying with the idol part is totally wrong 🙂

        anddddddddd It is a ginge colour 😀 its obvi not blonde so yeah you suck 😀

    LMAO@Same hospital.
    Typical korean nitizens -.-

    Both are pretty in their own way.

  40. I really think Hyomin is better looking.

  41. some similarities but i think jessica looks prettier.

  42. In reality, they don’t look like each other at all…

    The first pic proves it.

  43. They are both natural. The ‘same hospital’ comment is cluless and stupid.

    And even if Jessica debut before Hyomin, this doesn’t make Hyomin anyone’s lookalike, she’s a gem on her own.

    People like her not because she look like Jessica (anti even hate her for that) but because she’s beautiful and shine with her own charm. That’s why she’s an internet ulljjang.

    • I completely agree on the comment that they are both natural.
      At first, I did believe Jessica had some sort of plastic surgery, but I’ve relooked at her predebut pictures and she’s definitely natural.
      I believe her features have just matured and she’s fixed her teeth.
      That’s about it.
      And about Hyomin, I’m not sure about her since I don’t follow news about her or T-ara, but I bet she’s a natural too.

  44. i like jessica in fact shes one of my favourites along with yuri..but im sorry we all know it Hyomin looks better…well in these pictures she does…Hyomin and Jessica are both beautiful..and just becuase they are pretty doesnt mean we should like or dislike them any less or more lool

    Yea im swaying towards Hyomin’s side though …lol@the same hospital comment …CRAZY NETIZENS this kind of crappy talk is what ignited The whole Jay drama

    Jay Fighting! Hyomin Fighting! Jessica Fighting!

  45. I love the cut little black cat she put in he pictures.

  46. Im my op, though both are pretty, Hyomin is standing out more.
    And if we are talking about hair. It’s sad but I have to say this: THEIR HAIR IS NOT EVEN THE SAME STYLE AND COLOR!!!!
    Hyomin had wavy long hair, split in middle while Jessica had shorter with bang. Hyomin’s hair is more brown than blonde while Jessica is totally blonde.

  47. Hyomin looks like a porcelain doll. She needs to gain some meat on her face.

  48. The hell is with Hyomin?

    She looks good in every angle!

    The girl don’t even have t use facebook’s pose or ullzzang’s angle.

    And what the hell did she do t Qri? Giving her that stupid glasses at the last pic haha

  49. Ulljjangs rock!!!!! No matter how many years pass by, once an ulljjang, always an ulljjang!!!!!!

    Fighting Hyomin~ So long since you release something on your cyworld. Update each day girl!!!!!

    And her beannie is so cute lol It’s silver thread or sumthing? I really want that beannie ❤

  50. l0ol omg they did look alike haha but i like Hyomin better ❤

  51. Even though Jessica’s pics are high quality, Hyomin still look better -___-

    This girl’s style = WIN. Mark Jacob, LV, Hollister… you name it, she wears it!

  52. Hyomin is pretier. No doubt about that lol

    • what the hell are you saying i think that jessica is more natural than that freak girl she just copied jessica hair so plastic. All i can say to here make your own image

      • my hair is blonde too so did they copy me?
        duhh, i like hyomin better. no offense though.
        im a shoshi fan and still wondering why sica is the lead vocal? I can accept it if its taeyon or seohyun but sica, she kind of suck in singing =.=

  53. They don’t really look alike… I think she looks a bit like Yoona though

  54. “More natural version of Jessica” LET ME LAUGH xD !!
    She looks like she made a lot of surgery.. =/
    She looks FAKE.. didn’t she ? <_<

  55. My SNSD bias aside if i’m fair i do think hyomin is actually prettier. Personality wise though, i only know jessica and i have loved her ever since debut days when she was hardly ever on variety shows and even when she was she was only acknowledged as the ice queen lol. I love jessica ^^ Im sure hyomin is really nice too though. I think T-ara need to go on some shows or something, because so far they havent really done much to get into anyone’s good books. Am really anticipating the supernova project group though. I missed choshinsung and it’ll be nice to see a mix group around!

  56. jessica is way better & beautiful

    • hyomin is way better & beautiful

    • LOL. I’m an SNSD’s fan so I say Sica. HyoMin is pretty, but people are gonna wonder why she dyed her hair blond. I’m one of those people.

      • Because she can dye her hair whatever the hell color she want… don’t be unreasonable and ask loled questions.

      • Um. So why did Jessica dye her hair blond? I didn’t know that being blond is Jessica’s copyright ^^

      • jessica started to blonde since the genie promotion, so does eeryone else in SNSD but she is the most stood out….but hyomin i dont know..mybe for her next concept..

      • People can dye their hair, it’s not like they dye your hair, just get your nose out of their business and get a life…

      • Also, sica had to stay blonde during her promotions for her musical, legally blonde. She just recently switched back to being a brunette, but her hair is still the lightest out of snsd

      • SiCA is trully blonde..i think sica is prettier though hyomin is pretty too

  57. i like the way she hold the banana 😀

  58. i think hyomin is better looking 🙂
    she is so cute ^o^

  59. i think shes a more natural version of jessica.

  60. It’s the eyes imo that is the key factor to this. Besides the long hair. Nothing strange about resemblance, as long one doesn’t over-exagerate.

  61. Haha I’m SNSD biased but on this one I really think Jessica is cuter 🙂 Especially on these pictures ! Haha beautiful >< ❤

  62. It’s only their face structure that makes them look similar. They have wide foreheads and a long chin. I think Jessica is a tad bit prettier though. Hyomin’s big bug eyes scare me and her chin is longer too. Jessica’s face is smaller so it looks more compact.

  63. For me, the looked alike most especially when they smile. :)) Both of them were soo pretty!

  64. Maybe because of their blonde hair that’s why they are being compared… their nose is different…
    i like jessica more… 🙂

  65. Hmm, although idk her, she does look like jessica abit
    and some pictures she looks like Yoona xD

  66. They are both very beautiful but HyoMin is cuter while Jessica is classier or more mature looking.

  67. agreed….i like jessica way better, She started it!! lol. But they may look alike, but thats all. Jessica still wins!!

  68. jessica is more beautiful ! xD

    • i would’ve said that but i think hyomin has bigger eyes and her face is more oval, based on her features i say hyomin is better looking.

    • They don’t look alike, they just have some similar expressions. HyoMin is for sure 100% natural, she didn’t get surgery to look like anyone.

      Hyomin is a frickin’ supermodel, she’s tall and skinny, and a well known ulzzang I think even before anyone knew Jessica.

      So stop with the stupid notion that she’s a copy. They’re practically the same age, and Hyomin’s been out there for years.

      • i don’t think hyomin is natural.. her eyes and nose are…0.o?? or she’s a half? i think jessica is natural.. i don’t believe that she’s a plastic. people just poisoned our mind that snsd did undergo surgery.. but i don’t think so.. maybe some are.

      • Hyomin is natural. Jessica is not. 0.o

        no one poison you mind, you have pictures to look at and believe it or not is your choice.

        You can find many bad looking pics of Jessica predebut, and you can’t even find a set of bad pics of Hyomin to begin with. And here you said you don’t think hyomin is natural while jessica is.

        lol Hyomin has this kind of features for years. little, middle school, high school, predebut and debut, you can find her selcas everywhere. Go to her cyworld, search for her childhood photos.

        People sure like to pull things out of no where, with no proofs of changes to target someone who they dont like.

      • I think they both look gorgeous and who’s to really say of they are natural or not. If you look at Jessica’s predebut pic. she still looks the same (but probably healthier since she didn’t have a busy schedule back then) and if you watch invincible youth, when they were waking everyone up, hyomin had to create double eyelids or whatever.

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