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Hottests’ silent protest in front of JYP building, “Return JaeBum oppa”


2PM fans are demanding for leader JaeBum to return to the group.

2PM‘s fanclub Hottest has mobilized over 1,500 fans over the internet through their website for a silent protest in front of JYP Entertainment building in Seoul GangNamGoo CheongDamDong on 13th September from 2pm.

The fan club is the largest one of the group in Korea with over 200K members. They are demanding from JYP to retract JaeBum‘s leaving from the group.

On the day, the fans’ representative announced their petition for JaeBum to return to the group again. They also emphasized that without JaeBum’s comeback, 2PM cannot exist and that they will boycott all activities of the group.


The representative of the fans said, “On 5th September, leader Park JaeBum’s messages written on his online personal space 4 years back, which was deem as offending to the Koreans, were revealed. Even though he replied, the criticisms against him continued. After that, in just 4 days, JaeBum left the group and returned to his hometown Seattle in America. This has caused much confusion and shock to us fans.”

“Through this whole process, the company did not do anything to the team which they have put in effort to groom. All the responsibilities were carried by Park JaeBum. While the fans are hoping for official explanation and active solutions to the situation, JYP has looked away and fans are now angry at JYP.”

Also, “All the 5 years – 4 years after leaving the family back in the States and coming to Korea to train and that 1 year after debut – just collapsed in 4 days. We are angry at what JYP showed us in this past week, and we are officially demanding JYP to return Park JaeBum to 2PM.”



Fans were seen holding placards with demands to JaeBum’s return to the group written on them, and about 1,000 2PM CDs were returned in front of JYP’s building to show their boycott to the company.

The fans will be protesting from 2pm to 6pm that day. About 100 over police officers are on stand by. But fans protested in a orderlyand civilised manner.
















What time is it now? It's 1:59PM. 1 minute (person) is missing?



98 Responses

  1. […] Support for the young performer quickly grew in both South Korea and internationally resulting in silent protests and flash mobs in many different countries and tweets about Jaebeom (and Jaebum) hitting No. 1 […]

  2. It’s great that Jay has so much support and many people love him. But these actions seem a bit harsh. Its fine boycotting and whatever to show how much you love and want Jay back. But to return CD’s and boycott any activities of the group, aren’t Hottest’s meant to support 2PM. Fair enough it shows how much they want him back, but how must the other members feel if they are saying we wont support 2PM if Jay doesn’t comeback. Furthermore i’m pretty sure JYP didn’t want Jay to go. From earlier articles it seems as if Jay made the decision to leave and he obviously had reasons for that. Even in the email he wrote to JYP he said he didn’t have the confidence to go on stage. So although Hottest’s want him back, it doesn’t change the fact that Jay is hurt right now and needs time before hes ready to comeback.
    And finally all this was the result of netizens and the public. Why are Hottest’s criticising JYP for, shouldn’t they be criticising the netizens who did this. Or try to show the public how Jay is different now and a better person then before.

  3. wow… that’s MADNESS!!! but i have to admit, i wish i was there ='[ we all want him back just as bad…

  4. How can HOTTEST be like that?
    I know you all want Jay back..but it’s like they don’t even care about the other 2PM members.
    Like if Jae Bum was the only member in 2PM…

    I’m sure all the other members & JYP are hurt about this.

    But do they care. no. They just want JaeBum back.

    Poor JaeBum..if he comes back it’s because of the tremendous pressure every one is puttin gon him. …Not because he’s ready.

  5. I agree with the fans and protesters. They didn’t really do any thing to keep Jay in Korea or in 2PM. Like, I know that it’s Jay’s decision in the end, but maybe if they would’ve said something to make him feel comforted or something to the public BEFORE he left….
    like, i don’t understand why JYP released the statement after Jay left, he should have released it before-hand so everyone knew and didn’t judge Jay….

    This boycott not only shows that they are true fans, but it also is kinda to tell jay that we want him back, we’re not upset by his comments, we’re upset that he left. And we know he needs time to think, but we’ll be ready when he comes back and we’ll welcome him openly.

  6. woww proud of Jae bum fans

  7. Damn, he’s gotta know he’s loved now. But I do agree that it’s too early to push anything and giving him some time is best but then again if they wait to long, it might be problematic as well. Only time will tell.

  8. OMG they really did it!!!!
    but it makes that worser isn’t it?
    hopes everything goes better..

  9. Go K-Hottest!!!
    We all love jaebum!!!
    We want him to come back n still become the leadja!!!
    Now… Every member in 2PM r sufferin’
    Taec n woo also dropped their position as MC from Inkigayo…
    We must continue to support our beloved boys, 2PM!!!
    화 이 딩…도 피 엠, K-hottest, n International Hottest!!!
    We must bring our leadja back to his mother country, band, n to us!!!

    Love n Respect!!!

  10. it’s really incredible.
    I know this is bad.. but it’s also good.
    they will see how many Koreans actually still support Jay.
    Jaebeom will see this too.
    He will find out, everyone still wants, and loves him

  11. This is amazing! At first I was torn and confused over the boycott but now I see that K-Hottest really know what they’re doing.

  12. it’s not rly a protest unless u block ppl’s way

    I always will support you …
    2PM, ONEDAY, hottest are FAMILY ..!!!

  14. come back to me!! Jay

  15. HOTTEST really did a good job! Hopefully this can takes effect! Jay will be back with us!

  16. Do you guys really think that what matters here is ACTIVITIES, money blah blah blah? 2PM need their brother back! they can barely move on without Jay. This is not only about him. This is about the whole 2PM. please be more understanding.

  17. I think that they should have added an apology towards the other 2PM members when they were reading the statements at the beginning. Like……”We’re sorry that we have to do this(boycott) to you guys(NichKhun, Taec, Woo Young, Chansung, Junho and Junsu) as well but we really need Jaebum back etc. I dunno but it just seems more appropriate.

    And btw, not all 200000+ members participated?? Why not? I mean, it will definitely show how big an impact it is if ALL 200000+ fans show up (ok maybe not all but around 100000+).

  18. Geez, they are serious.

    And that person that wrote, “What Time Is It Now? 1:59pm. 1 person is missing,” I don’t know why but it’s deep.

    I do think JYP should give them a clear statement obviously some are confused at the situation, I know I would be if I was protesting with them. But we will just have to see what happens in October IF 2PM do comeback and if Jaebeom may miraclously appear on stage so Hottest can be happy again.

  19. Its amazing, the loyalty that they hold up is scarier than anything an anti-fan will ever dig up. In an industry where companies have the power to manipulate how their talents are shown and presented, the real power lies in fans and their responses. Like i was impressed by the Cassiopeians with DBSK, i am equally impressed by the Hottests efforts for 2PM. A silent protest (and even a written one), in my opinion has much more impact that riot and chaos.

  20. gosh

    rather than boycotting JYP Ent and making 2PM members and JaeBeom felt even worse why don’t they GO TO GOVERMENT or OFFICIALS?? the cracker was digging from a personal virtual account isn’t it??

    from real time stalking and then cracking virtual account … whoa some K netizen really really creepy.

    JaeBeom case won’t be the first nor the last. these K netizen surely love to unearthed any idols negative stuff, cutting it and highlighting it to the best and blast it out for maximum effect.

    very very dirty. I thought the political world already dirtier than anything …

  21. i just hope the best for this issue..no matter the end result is..i miss Jay but, i also love other member..

  22. wow hottest really does everything to bring the back to its original time, 2pm. come back Jay, thousand of people and living and dying for you!

  23. what time is it now?? its 1.59pm.. it will remain until jay is back.. fighting ❤

  24. […] while some fans are doing a silent protest outside JYP building today, some fans are also doing poster exercise, distribuing posters in Seoul area to stop JaeBum from […]

  25. hottest are amazing…..

    jype should do something… the official statement is not enough…

    jay, pls comeback….

  26. Jay, you’re 10 points out of 10!
    It’s only you my baby it’s only you.
    I want to see you perform again, again and again.
    I don’t hate you, i love you<3
    I know you might come back and i really hope so.
    You're the best leadja that can't be replaced!
    Please come back to 2pm. I'll always support you♥





  28. OMG it’s so amazing o_o
    but they shouldn’t do this, it will be worse ;__;
    especially boycott all 2PM activities and return albums, that’s nonsence
    if they are 2PM fans, they are fan of all members !

  29. Different groups of Hottests have different perspectives over this issue. I’m sure kHottests are feeling more insecured and worried for Jay because apparently someone had some exclusive information on how the top management actually kicked Jay out instead of him quitting himself? (<– I believe they're all just rumours)

    I don't blame kHottests for what they're doing, but I just think it isn't correct. The reason being, I belong to the other group of Hottests that believe that when the time is right, Jay will be back. And I trust JYP will bring him back once everything's settled down and once Jay's ready himself.

    Whatever it is. Just a small reminder to ALL Hottests:

    At the end of the day. We are all Hottests. We share the same loss, the same heartbreak and the same intentions of supporting Jay. The only difference is the way we express and show our support. We have to stay united. And not bash our own people, but rather, try and understand their intentions that differ from ours.

  30. well, yea, I kind of agree with 2BLOVE, that’s why KHottests made a protest.. It’s not that they are forcing Jay come back, more like they need a clear statement from JYP and JYPE, instead of writing only a note on their official website.. geesh.. instead of withdrawing him, send him back to reflect for a month or so until everything is cleared, then they can reunite.. but NO, they solely decided to send him off LIKE THAT, without any proper announcement, do they ever take serious of this matter? Yes, respect his decision, but it seems that JYP didn’t make enough effort to clear this matter, and chose the easiest fastest way, make him leave.. Sigh.. I might be wrong and so.. but that’s how I feel

    • but jay wanted to leave. he said he cant face the fans after what he did. jyp cares for jaebum n jaebum is one of his best singers, why would jyp want to get rid of jaebum?

  31. park jaebum, hwaiting!! choose whatever u think is right for u and do not let people force u into anything! choose wisely with the rest of the members too.

  32. i miss jaebum~

  33. I think only boycott,Jay can come back..
    HF~~fighting.!!I support..

  34. GO HOTTESTS!!!

  35. awww.. i got a mixed feelings now.

    first thing what i thought of when KHottests doing the protest is “they should continue supporting the boys no matter what and by boycotting them just makes thing worsen and hurtful”. but after read what annazus and AnnieW. said then it came to my mind agreeing that because “KHottests are doing their best to reunite that group” plus “If they do not do anything, Jay probably would not come back to 2PM. In time, people will forget, 2pm may go on with 6 remaining members or get a new memeber…” in the same time, yes Jay still needs time for himself atm!

    for me its just the same when Cassies decided to boycott SMEnt. yeah, other party mught hurt but the main point is they’re protecting their boys!
    Hottests jjang, fughting!

    • but the cassies are going against sm and sm only. not the whole group. while the hottest are going against the other members as well.

      • https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/cassiopeia-puts-pressure-on-sment-we-refuse-to-be-the-must-buyer-of-the-products-from-sment/

        i dunno why i bother retyping this and sorry theres no intention in bringing on bout Cassies but READ :

        “The subject from SM Ent.: Albums, Singles, Photo books, DVDs, Original character products, licensed products, other goods, etc.
        *This Boycott DOES NOT includes TVXQ’s Japanese album and singles came out as TOHOSHINKI because it’s from Avex Corps. (Rhythm Zone)”

        means if SME decide to launch TVXQ’s korean album (compilation, OST bla bla) doesnt it means its TVXQ’s too? the boycott just exclude TVXQ’s Japanese album or in the other word non SME products. and let us stop here k. 🙂

        actually we’re like one hand tied in this situation.
        GO HOTTESTS!

      • i think going against the whole of sm is worse because what about the other groups under sm? if sm really falls, whats gonna happen to them? cassies should remember that dbsk’s not the only group at stake here.

        and correction pls, they’re not against the members. how did you arrive at that conclusion srsly lol.

      • dont u think they’re against the group as well? nick khun’s activities are affected, the fans wont support the group when they really need them, n saying they wont buy their music. i know jyp is in this too, but 2pm’s hardwork n career is also at stake.

        its not like 2pm did anything seriously wrong. if u’re a music lover, u’ll just support their music no matter what. why get involved in the music scene if u’re not even into music.

        n jyp produced lots n lots of great music + artists. boycotting him will affect korean music scene as well. i dont think jyp is at fault. if jay wants to leave, he cant tie him down n say no.

      • Doesn’t meant that the company is big and produces a lot of great music and they can just diss their singer off as their will.
        Who would be feeling secure under this kind of company?
        Artists are human and they can’t be toss out like a toy when they are no longer needed.
        Please follow through all the fan sites and news about this ordeal before you start to pounce on Khottest.
        Please also consider the different cultures and how powerful the entertainment company really is in Korea.

      • By the way

        Haven’t you heard of DBSK/TVXQ lawsuit against SM?

        I guess not.

        You wouldn’t have said this sentence

        —> “if jay wants to leave, he cant tie him down n say no”

        in the first place.

      • all42pm, i dont really understand what u meant by the last part. but for what i’ve seen the past years, jyp is not like sm. jyp takes care of his trainees. wonder girls, 2pm, 2am, joo. he would even perform with them. jyp is like yg. he treats his trainees properly. u don’t know what is happening behind the scenes, thats why i said u cant blame it entirely on jyp.

        jay decided to leave. what i meant by tie him down is jyp cant force jaebum to stay when he doesnt want too. mayb he wants to clear his mind for a bit and go back to his family. jyp cant stop that. he respects jaebum’s decision.

        im a hottest myself. not a khottest, but still a 2pm fan. but the fact that they are ignoring the other member’s activities are a bit too much.

        n ive read n heard bout the sm-tvxq news. its beginning to annoy me now. its between sm n tvxq. not between sm and the fans. let tvxq handle it themselves.



  37. Hottests?? PSSHHH. more like Heartless or COLDEST? >:)

  38. I do understand that their intention is good (to bring back jaebum) BUT they SHOULD NOT FORCE HIM TO RETURN. If they really are fans they would not force him to do something instead they will SUPPORT HIM IN WHATEVER DECISION HE MAKES AND RESPECT IT. With what they are doing, the other members are deeply hurt. boycotting is a STUPID IDEA. With what they are doing THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT HELPING 2PM OR JAEBUM. THIS WILL NOT MAKE JAEBUM RETURN TO KOREA. i hope these so called fans understand that what they are doing is wrong.


  39. Jay’s better off away from all this CRAZY anyway.

  40. I dont support the boycott because like what majority of us here are saying, WE NEED TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR THE OTHER BOYS AS WELL. I’m sure they’re having a tough time right now, trying to deal with the whole Jay thing; i’m not sure boycotting will make them feel any better. I hate the idea of completely refusing to take part in any jyp thing e.g. the 70+ fans withdrawing from nichkhun’s thailand trip thing. THAT’S GONNA HURT KHUN + JYPE + THE OTHER BOYS, GAIZZ.

    Personally i dont believe that this is the end. I support Jay fully for returning to seattle, he deserves some time to himself dont you think? But eventually i think he’ll come back when he’s ready to face Korea again. This is his homeland after all, and 2PM is where he belongs.

    Having said that, i do think Khottests are amazing. ❤ Originally I was all apprehensive about the protest but this has got to be the BEST PROTEST EVER. The fans are really considerate and everything is organized in an orderly fashion. And I dont think the giving up of cds thing is harming jype or the other 2pm boys in anyway because those cds were bought with fans' own money so 2pm/jype isnt making any losses. Rather, i think it's amazing what great lengths fans will sacrifice to make their point.


    Hope things go smoothly for khottests, and the boys take care of themselves as well. Parkjay, we miss you, hope you're doing better in seattle. ❤

  41. um…Jay’s not coming back. why would he want to after all this?

    i mean i’m all for boycotting JYPE b/c they really didn’t protect Jaebum and it does all seem quite suspicious.

    but this ultimately hurts 2PM…how do they think the remaining members feel? they’re in a worse position than Jay is now.

    i love Jay too and i wish he would come back. but he’s made his decision and he won’t be returning anytime soon. support 2PM through this because worse things happen. and support Jay. if JYPE really did kick him out, why would he want to go back?

  42. omg, the fans are waaay out of hand. don’t they think bout the other’s feelings? its more like they’re jaebum’s fans not 2pm’s fans. isnt it the korean’s fault that he left? who told them to be a busybody n check into people’s private lives?

    jyp, i hv a suggestion. why dont u just bring 2pm to the states. they dont need fans like these. they can hv better n more matured fans there. hottest, grow up!! this shows how immature u guys are. can’t u just love their music the way it was b4? sheesh.

    2pm, hwaiting!! u guys still have people supporting u! ignore these protests n work harder to produce better music.

  43. holy.. look at all the effort put in.. although, hottest should respect jay’s decision and be patient .. i understand k-hottest’s reason on why they had to do this.. if they didn’t.. jay wouldn’t have bothered to return cause like he said “only my fans can save my career”

    on a side note.. those singles don’t have major creases and dents on it! mine’s all wonky thanks to my shelf –‘
    hehe, sorry for the randomness.

  44. i mean i love them…the wonder girls ha ha


  46. wow!! that is crazy. as much as i want him back i dont think they should boycott 2PM, but i think the whole protest was a good idea to show how much the fans love him and how badly they want him back. i mean jay left not only because of the anti but also he didnt want to be a bigger burden to the group. but look at what the hottest are doing about the whole boycott situation. how would he feel now knowing that his fellow members cant even live their dreams because of him. if i was jay i would feel a heavier burden then what i did before leaving the group. they should just give him some time to rest. as for jyp, im a little disappointed in him for not even saying much just besides he understand him and its a disappointment to see him go blah blah blah, but seriously if i was him and i knew they were becoming a popular group i would do anything i mean anything to make him stay. i would even hold a press conference. i mean i would tell jay why dont you go back to the state and clear your head and when things settle down a little you can come back and we can clear the air. but no he didnt really do anything, and it took him how long to make a statement, probably like a week later. i just feel like he kind of pick and choose his favorite artists. to busy making wonder girls popular in the states that he forgot all the drama his boys were having back at home. (no offense to the wg…i love him) this whole situation about jay is just so sad and wrong to start with.

  47. That, “what time is it now? It’s 1.59 and one person is missing” thing made me all teary eyed.
    I hope not just JYP but ALL of korea and Jay understand how much we love him and how much we need him.
    when you want something you sometimes gotta show it and i think the khottests did a good thing.
    The only thing i regret, was not being there with them.

  48. but on a lighter note, I really do admire the ‘love’ and effort Khottests put into this boycott.

  49. Why dont we just respect his decision? If we are loyal fans we shouldnt make it difficult for the others and respect Jay’s decision, whatever it is.


  50. WTFH. I agree with BBTVXQLOVE.
    This is hurting everyone. I do agree with Hottests POV but this is just not right. We should really put the other members into consideration. If you blame JYP, then blame him (though I’m on his side. He’s only human as well). AND BTW. Didn’t JYP put a stop to 2PM’s activities when the chaos started.
    I think boycotting isn’t the right thing to do since there are NO activities listed ‘cept for the Festival thing.
    (I am not an anti. I am just being considerate to the other members)

  51. “What time is it now? It’s 1:59PM. 1 minute (person) is missing?” – This is so touching. The fans are so supportive T.T

  52. dont do this guys!its making me sad.

  53. Yeah, they returned all those CDs. but they already paid for them and they ain’t getting any refunds. SO WHAT! JYP already has your MONEY. so what’s the use of this protest boycott NONSENSE.

    ANYWAYS, it’ll be up to Jay whether he comes back or not. Jay has to get his head back together. JYP didn’t force him out. Jay decided to get out.

    Look at what happened at the Airport. Jay saw all of you and he heard your cries. And Jay still LEFT. HE LEFT while knowing you were all there. HE LEFT. Yeah, He Still Left Even After Seeing All of You at the Airport!!!! He Saw You. He Heard You. He Still Left.

    Jay has to get his head together first before he even decides RATIONALLY whether to come back – and that’s IF he even wants to come back at all. Jay has been on too much of a Roller Coaster EMOTIONAL Ride and that’s NO WAY to make a RATIONAL decision on whether to come back to get back into the Fishbowl Environment where he would be under the Microscope of Everyone looking at him ALL THE TIME. He can’t Handle that RIGHT NOW. You people all have to give JAY a break. He had to get away from it all. AND HE AIN’T COMING BACK UNTIL HE IS GOOD AND READY. NOT ANY SOONER. AND THIS IS IF HE EVEN WANTS TO COME BACK.

    Have you even considered that Jay may NOT even want to come back at all. Jay has his OWN LIFE to LIVE. You can’t TELL JAY WHAT TO DO if he really doesn’t want to come back. For all we know, JAY MAY JUST WANT A NORMAL LIFE and not be an IDOL under the microscope with all these teeny bopper fangirls watching his every move. LET JAY DECIDE WHAT HE WANTS TO DO. Leave HIM ALONE and GIVE HIM SOME SPACE AND TIME TO GET HIS HEAD TOGETHER.

    Yes, it’s HEARTBREAKING that all the fans are so upset. BUT IT’S NOT LIKE JAY IS DEAD. he’s alive and well in the United States where he is OUTSIDE the GLARE of EVERYONE staring at him and where NO ONE is watching his every move. He CAN’T take this NONSENSE right now. That’s why HE LEFT to get away from all this ATTENTION that he gets whether GOOD or BAD. Leave JAY alone to get his HEAD together and everyone should just quit this protest this NONSENSE.

    • umm i dont think you quite get it, this protest isnt solely about jay leaving. i mean yeah, fans want jay back but i’m pretty sure none of them are going “OMG JAY COME BACK NOW B4 I HUNT YOU DOWN IN SEATTLE AND FORCE YOU TO GET OVER YOURSELF!!” =.=
      it’s more about protesting against jyp. it’s to prove a point – that korea was wrong and jyp needs to do something to salvage the situation.

    • The only NONSENSE i see is YOU and all your idiotic NONSENSE. And dont talk about HEARTBREAKS, i dont sense any HEARTBREAKS in you. What makes you too sure that JAY left on his own will. The probability that He was forced to leave was higher considering the circumstances.

    • Well, at least they are doing everything they can so Jay will have a chance to come back to live his dream. Even if it mean that they have to protest.

      What have you been doing beside criticizing Hottest like all those antis and netizens criticized Jaeboem?

      If you can’t do anything to support 2PM then isn’t it better not to voice out your opinion at all.

  54. Please don’t blame them or get angry… >.< I know I do not stand a chance to speak up for them.. but they are just making effort in bringing Jay back, they didn't want to hurt the boys, I bet their heart breaks too by making decision to return the CDs and hurting the boys too. It take them a whole lot of courage to make this decision. 2PM will not be the same anymore after Jay left, their smile gone.. instead of doing nothing.. maybe this will help? I'm not saying that everyone must support, but at least understand them… 🙂

  55. i had goosebumps when i saw the photos shit. theyre awesome. i feel so useless.

  56. wow!!!
    all of the fans sitting in front of the buildings, the post-it notes, the cd-s ,,,,
    hottest are amazing!
    i don”t usually support boycotts of any kind, but if this one atleast makes JVP reconsider his decision then boycott it is ;))

    and i esspecially like the ; it”s 1.59..one minute is missing ! ^^
    totally true!
    2PM!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  57. JYP can resell back those CD.
    Fans never get their money back. what a loss.

    • If you look at that like that perspective you’ll never really get it.
      Yeah, people say “jyp is rich he doesn’t care if blah blah he can buy the whole box”
      but if i was in jyp’s shoes i would be hurt. i’m sure jyp is thinking more of the symbolism of all those returned albums than the actual price of reselling it.
      albums are meant to be cherished and kept for long by fans but the significance of returning it because of one man shows how hurt hottests are.
      although, it’s a waste i dont think the fans are gonna really care if they dont get money back.

  58. This sh-t is seriously pissing me off….This protest hurts JYP, as well as his other artists.

    I KNOW Hottest want Jay back (as do I, badly), but this is not the way to do it (though it looks like it might work). I feel the love and all, but this is too much.
    I think priority for Hottests should be the other members. Just my opinion….

    It’s exactly like the saying, ‘It’s not the destination that’s important, but the journey.’ In this case, so if Hottests are doing this protest, in the end get what they want (Jay comes back), along the way (in the process of protesting), it hurts people (I am not saying deadly, but could be mentally, emotionally as well).

    On a lighter note, do they not have jobs? School? Family? Just wondering…..I barely have time to watch an episode of Wild Bunny!

    • well.. this day is Sunday

      • im sorry if this offends anyone but i think korean fans hv no life. they go around protesting, boycotting, stalking, diggin out celeb’s life, haunting instead of studying at home, working, or having a life.

        why don’t they use all the time they hv to produce music or do wtv it is they’re good at to become more successful? then, they can meet all the celebs if they want to. i used to like korean industry and the fans, but now, im ashamed to call myself a fan of korean showbiz. they show people how stupid they are.

  59. I agree with KHottests’ points. If they do not do anything, Jay probably would not come back to 2PM. In time, people will forget, 2pm may go on with 6 remaining members or get a new memeber…

    It is really overwhelming how much people love him… wishing you all the success KHottests!

  60. We need to understand KHottests, they are doing their best to reunite that group. If you happen to read what Jay’s friend wrote, Hottests believe that they need to do something to bring back Jae, instead of just sitting there and think that it’s fine, we will still support 2PM with only 6 boys.. It’s not the same without Jay.. Sigh, I know that it’s not something that can be easily accepted by everyone, but please do not blame them, they are just making their best effort to bring Jae back.


    • yeah, that i agree. but the think i dont agree is how much hurt they are giving to the other members. they could just do a protest to bring park jaebum back n not do a protest saying they would not support the others if jaebum’s not here. wouldnt that hurt the others?

      hottest, do whatever u can to bring park jaebum back but do not hurt the other’s feelings. u guys could maybe send some representatives to seattle or atleast get some help from international hottests to get jaebum back instead of sitting there for long hours hurting lots of people’s feelings.

  61. OWMAGOD !!!!


  62. Now, Jay Park has concrete support to comeback

  63. i’m so impressed and touched! i’m a hottest in the US, and it’s pretty awesome how fans are really out there about it.

    along with being worried about jaebum and his heart and well being, i’m more worried about the other 2pm boys. they need our support too. it would make jay feel even WORSE if the other 6 had their careers ruined by his decision to leave….. -_-

  64. i support khottest. i believe in them 😀 fighting!

  65. I like the way they do it(:
    If i live in Korea, i would join them protesting.
    I wish jay would be back!

  66. IMO I totally agree with KHottests and definitely look up to them. We need to make a change. If nothing is done there is bound to be another tragic event such as jaebum to happen again. This act is not only to bring our beloved leader back, but also to act as precedent to netizens and entertainment managements as a whole. If only I can be there to be part of it.

  67. Wow. I wish Jay would come back. But, in my opinion, don’t you guys think this is a little bit too much?

  68. He needs a bit of time to reflect and refresh
    But I hope fan’s effort will pay off, Jay will be back even with better ability to contribute to K-pop and 2PM
    The way HOTTEST protest is really amazing. VERY well mannered and organized.

    Really pray for the best, though I am not a Hottest, I am a total Cassie, yet, seriously, I support you guys all the way

  69. kHottests ROCK ON!

  70. KHottest are amazing.. united..
    They really did what they had said..
    Hottest take care of yourself and fighting!!

  71. He needs the time after everything.

    If you were him, what would you do?
    I don’t know your ans.
    But if I were JaeBum, I would go back to American, too.
    Spend the time to get ready again.

    If you really believe in him, please, someday he will come back.
    When he and everybody feel everything gets over and ready.
    I believe, our JaeBum, our eagle,
    Will fly

  72. there are so serious about this~i hope it will ends well

  73. aww,,
    that’s heartbreaking they returned the cds
    hope the protest goes well

  74. omg. speechless. i just had goosebumps

  75. Wow…amazing.

    I’m not ok with the boycott,but that’s beautiful to see too many people for one man.

    If himself want,i want Jay’s comeback !

  76. WOW.
    Though im not a 2PM fan, but i really hope jay would come back too.

  77. geesh i dont think any fans should be doing any of this things will be worse -_-

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