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4Minute models for Sony Walkman E


Coming back with hit ‘Muzik’, the 4Minute girls get targeted by marketers for product endorsement.

And of their recent endorsement is modelling for Sony Walkman E. Go under the cut for more photos to the endorsement.

I really love the photoshoot, the girls compliments the fresh and young girlish image.



c: wintersun@4-minute.com


22 Responses

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  2. mmm, I just don’t like their expressions…We need Tyra Banks up in here lol

    Nah, the whole AAAH, expression with their mouths slightly parted is just WTH…..but oh well….some of them look cute 🙂

  3. oOoh I think they look pretty and cute. ^^

  4. like the new sony walkman but whats with the facial expressions…dont seems photogenic.

  5. cool pics : )

  6. I see nothing wrong with the pics, but like always people always have something to complain about 4minute.

  7. i quite in love wit hyun ah n so hyun’s hair….

    1st time i saw it may feel not nice~

    but stylish~ it will b a new hit in future!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. i wanna have one…

  9. puahahahhaha LMAO i just noticed that in the pic with jiyoon wearing the shades u can see the STAFF, omg big fail xD

  10. yea they look so awkward haha. hope they improve in their expressions. esp that…ga yoon? the one with short golden hair

  11. they really REALLY need to work on their expressions…some are just so awkward >.>

  12. The picture of Jiyoon with the shades can see everyone in it haha

    Jihyun is so pretty ^_^

  13. i LOLed at the 3rd pic from the bottom. the only girl that i like from this group is the one with short hair 😀 shes really pretty and cool :X
    and about the last pic with hyunah,, my exp’ression when i saw the pic was ” O.O ok, wtf….?” i dont like her espression lol. its like shes trying to seduce someone LOL

  14. Sohyun looks like a princess in the first picture ^^ Is it me but I think Jiyoon came out a little weird in this photoshoot?

    4Minute’s doing pretty well these days. Keep going girls ^^

  15. I like their pics they all look cute

  16. hyuna with the dara[2ne1] hairstyle. wow its getting popular nowadays eh? its weird yet people does it.

  17. only now, im appreciating 4minute. 🙂 hwaiting. 🙂

  18. I think they had 6 cf project so far,,, I like them
    but HyunAh’s & SoHyun hair …lol

  19. i dont like hyunah expressions. all of them. they need to practice more on their projection in pics.

    the girl isn’t really pretty without eyeglasses.

  20. What with hyunah’s hair? This should better be the last time she’d sport that do.

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