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Mnet Scandal featuring FT Island JongHoon slammed for too much skinship


With the airing of FT Island member Choi JongHoon going on a make-believe date with a non-celebrity on Mnet Scandal lately, many netizens have slammed the programme for having too much skinship going on between JongHoon and his make-believe date.

Has things gone too far?

Screen caps of the episode of Scandal featuring JongHoon


Netizens’ responses:

  • “2 of them inside the car – daebak”
  • “Jong Hoon’s image for me just dropped so much”
  • “I can understand the hand, shoulders, peck… But isn’t the kiss a little over? Isn’t it too awkward for them? What is this programme trying to do?”
  • “Wow, JongHoon, you know what they will do if the camera is stops rolling”
  • “The problem lies with the girl. Isn’t she over doing it?”
  • “First time seeing how 2 persons can advance so fast”
  • “Pity the fans, this will really hurt their hearts”
  • “Scandal – the #1 programme which should just disappear”

A part of the episode

I don’t know, I just can’t get over the fact on how beautiful the 2 individuals look together ><

116 Responses

  1. I think there is a bit too much kissing…but she is really pretty and they do actually look good together. But why are fans getting so anxious about it? I don’t think they’ll be dating now…

  2. ah~

    maybe that girl will be more hurt~

  3. omg what is she doing, shes just asking for anti-fans after her seriously, even if it is a reality show, get your hands off jonghyun, restrain yourself girl, i know his sexy but seriously, his mine ;D

  4. omg! they both are like so match ok?!?! dont be jealous u fans out there..if she was you..bet ur over!! love FT island forever!!

  5. does anyone know the title and who sang the song when they kissed??

  6. so stupid netizen..

    before jay, now scandals and jonghoon..

    i like mnet scandal..and jonghoon and her partner..

    and the fans are so annoying..

    they hate it when their idol is happy..or doing sonething with other people..

  7. OMG! THEY KISSED? @@” T.T

  8. OMGWTFBBQ I just realized what a hot Draco Malfoy Joong Hoon is D:

  9. Eeeeemagod. They’re all over each other lol! Maybe they like LIKE each other 🙂

  10. one word
    seriously, korean is famous with so many shows
    but MNET SCANDAL is sooooooooo not cool
    is this real or just playing?

  11. I think she’s pretty! And LOL the F.T boys have shown themselves to be pretty open-minded about skinship – anyone remember Hongki’s kiss in his musical?

    And I like that they’re not trying to act all cutesy and innocent. They’re all legal and it doesn’t hurt to flirt around a bit. Not like they were full on making out or anything. JongHun looks like a great boyfriend 😉

  12. I agree… let it disappear …. They can do that if they’re real couple man ~ Need to think bout the fans … -_-”

  13. just watched it & i think they so freakin cute! wish that being an idol wasn’t so hard, it could get complicated & i think there could be tears???

  14. but because with my ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ jonghun!! it is not pretty, is a girl with suerte.maldicion!

  15. I’m not a jealous fangirl or anything (although I admit I was a little jealous with Nichkhun and Taecyeon’s episodes), but if it IS just a “make-believe” date, then I think they overdid it a bit. But maybe it’s just that he’s not afraid to show people that he likes her.

    I have to say that they look adorable together, though!

  16. I’m jealous. seriously XD

  17. LOLed to “wow” HAHHA, no offence, i think this girl looked like a flirt :X Compared to the other girls which is the “non celebrities”

  18. oh, so this is how they earn a living….

  19. they look cute.. but aren’t they too close to each other? well, it’s better if they’ll exchange numbers in the end.. they do cheesy stuffs too much (kissing, super tight hugging, holding handsss), it’s a waste if they’ll just ended up like.. ‘ah~ it’s just for the show anyway..’ it’ll look like the girl is too easy.. so yeah.. i hope they’ll continue their on-screen to a real one.

  20. can i agree to the last statement which article implied?? , too, saw them cute together. but they don`t really know each other, though. @_@

  21. JH, your my heart heart heart heartbreaker……..
    i cant breathe, no more

  22. I guess its okay if that was his real girlfriend. but since its just ‘make-believe’ maybe its a lil too much? :S

  23. sheesh. jealous freaks. if he gets married one day, will the netizens kill his bride or something? fangirls should just relax.

    • ^That’s why korean celebs keep mum abt their relationships, why they’re so damn uptight abt it.
      Coz fangirls can be very crazy.

      But I gotta admit, I’ve been to an FT fan-signing event and jong hun is very much that hot and very much more.

      I don’t care abt what others say coz even if she forced herself on him, it’s warranted coz he’s so hot. Who can resist???Ahaha. Kidding ya, don’t kill me.

  24. LOL I like this show.
    Give those obsessive jealous fangirls a lesson. ^^
    They should realize that idols are not their properties.

    that girl is pretty….JongHoon got the pretty one. ❤

  25. they will get together? she will get throw out by netizens.

  26. I like seeing them together. I find it super cute! 🙂

  27. I think that Jonghoon proved that he’s different.

    And maybe both of them are really liberated in somehow. At least i know that not all of the Korean idol boys are afraid to the fans. And i think Jonghoon knows what he’s doing. i hope so.!

    Sorry i think they are cute and looks good together and for those who said that the girl is not pretty. Sorry i think you just blind because of Jealousy. ^^v peace everyone. this is my opinion also 🙂

  28. Noted. How naughty!

    Is JongHoon’s body made for the girl to drink off? The overexposed side of a celeb! OMFG!

    am wondering what if it’s our fav blonde bombshell hottie G-Dragon end up dating and snogging a random girl like that on Scandal?

    Sounds like a surging TV rating!

    Any ideas?


  29. i wonder why the netizens don’t consider people they see on TV as humans like you and me… geez people, get a life…

  30. Well it is a bit much for someone you just met

  31. wow the girl’s need to understand the words ‘dignity’ and ‘fans-rage’ lol

  32. okay.. even they make such a fuss.. geez.. he’s human and its normal i guess to be like this..

    • Well its not really normal to be paired off with a stranger then followed by cameras while the 2 are bring intimate . This is not even a first date its a TV show, when this ends shooting he goes his way and the girl goes back her normal life. I’m just saying its a bit much to do that when you know its not real.

  33. LOL. I think the netizens deep inside knew that these two have chemistry. And it shows. hahaha.

    Actually i think they do look good together. and I’m happy for JongHoon, he’s getting some female interaction, which is usually taboo for K-idols.

    • and after watching the clip above, I feel like they even hold back. C’mon JongHoon, you should be the one kissing the girl, not the other way around. hehehe.

      I know now why this show is created, it shows the guilty pleasure of seeing the idols if they are in a relationship. Yeah it could be heartbreaking sometimes but the interactions were great.

      I hope they continue dating in real life after this. hehe

  34. i’m not a big fan of jonghoon but when i watch it, i really think they’ve gone too far. kiss on forehead is okay… but cheek? mouth? and the girl so fake. hope they will stop filming mnet scandal.

  35. lol i’m actually a fan that enjoys seeing idols having these interactions
    anyone know if their are eng subs for this

  36. its nice that they like each other and all..
    but isn’t frenching on national tv a liiittle too much?

    he should be careful.. after what happened with jaebum.. netizens are freaking me out more…


      They play the game peppero or something (both eat a candy/stick-like biscuit and try to make the candy/biscuit as short as possible). There is no tongue action involved. AT ALL.

  37. they look cute but i dont think shes pretty :/

  38. WAAAH i am so jealous T.T and i’m not even a JongHoon fan! i can’t believe they actually kissed on the lips! they’ve met for like a week! and the whole thing was make-believe too o.o

  39. For Korean viewers, this is indeed too much skinship… Didn’t know that dude was aggressive with girls. Hehe

  40. i thnk they are ADORABLE together! =) i love jong hun even more now! seeing all the lil things he does for her!! god some netizens are CRAZY!

  41. lol..jonghun is 20 already
    and he dated a few really pretty ullzang before..and they are all noona..he’s quite experienced in dating..i heard he’s a playboy..hehe..you can’t assume he to be innocent..
    you can see how good jonghun at dating..he knows perfectly how to treat a girl..i don’t blame the girl..if u have someone like jonghun as your date, you might do the same,,might jump on him too~~

    i’m ok with the skinship~that what couples do..and the program is scandal..they achieved the aim of the show..
    btw, jonghun once said that if he had a gf, he would like to have skinship with her~

  42. it looks consentual so I don’t really care. He’s kissing her as much as she’s on him.

  43. “Pity the fans, this will really hurt their hearts”

  44. I met FT before as my cousin was their (ex)coordi and as someone who met them before,i can say that jonghun is adorably touchy touchy and flirty in real life (he always like hug my cousin’s randomly, hold her waist while going to mart and other skinship stuffs–CUTE) and super HOT (like hot in the video x 10000) so when i heard he will be on scandal, this is pretty much expected. yo cant deny there are strong connection right when they met and i think this couple is super cute! plus fans knew that jonghun is quite experienced in love …he have like a few gf before and they are all noonas if i am not wrong..he’s a player for sure ..hahaha..a GORGEOUS one. netizen are just jealooousssss XD

    • LOL! ^^ yeah, i could tell his really flirty and very touchy just from watching this episode, even though i haven’t met the guy. but honestly though, i liked how he was touchy in the episode because it shows that he’s not restricted in affection. like, it doesn’t even matter if the netizens think it was too fast…i think the 7-day time limit that the show gives them to be together, is really short. they have to pack a bunch of days and months of a relationship into a week…that’s not enough. so, it’s pretty normal to kiss the first day…and it wasn’t even that provocative. other people do worse things in one hour. but yeah, i thought the episode was fun to watch LOL! i especially liked the part where he took her to that stand where they were selling korean alcohol and food. when i watched that part when they were drinking, i was thinking “dang, that dude is a freaken rockstar LOL!”…literally and physically LOL! ^^ he’s rockin it LOL LOL!! ^^ ^^

  45. there’s a lot of skinship but i like it..
    now it’s a scandal..not just awkward looking couple being put together..have you seen kim joon episode?he’s a terrible boyfriend..seriously..they don’t even hold hands!

    jonghun and the girl looked great together..
    though there’s lots of skinship, i still find that they are really sweet and cute together..
    seriously they have a lot of chemistry together and there’s mutual attraction..
    i know jonghun is a hella brave man..see his support for jay though he know that he’ll be bashed by antifans..

    ft island boys(hongki was in mnet scandal too) shows that idol is just human..
    i love how ft island boys are not afraid to show their affection to their ‘gf’..
    hongki did not accept his girl because he’s afraid of what the fan will do to her though clearly he likes her a lot..
    i dn’t want the same things happened to jonghun..if he likes the girl, the go on..FIGHTING!

    BTW, the netizen is just jealous…is not like they’ve benn sleeping together or what..

  46. If u think about the date in real life, it’s not too much skinship. And I see nothing wrong with kissing on the first date, as long as the feeling is there. He’s 19, in Korean age is 20 or 21 so he can be considered an adult already. An adult’s date would be different from a date of middle-schoolers or high-schoolers (even though I doubt the students nowadays are that innocent anymore). Maybe they will date for real after this coz I can totally see the chemistry between them. Advice: If u know u will be jealous, don’t watch it ^^.

  47. I love this show!! And I loved this episode!! They looked adorable together…

  48. get soooome~

    It’s refreshing to see an Idol act normal with a girl.

    Plus he looks like he knows what he’s doing…

  49. i think i kinda understand what the girl is doing…c’mon he’s going to be your boyfriend for a week only why not take advantage of it and it as much as you can from him out of the week that you have. lol

  50. i wanna see big bang on there too…it will break my heart but i still wanna see…lol…

  51. i like them as a couple though..XD

  52. i wonder what’s going through her mind. Did her heart beat so fast for JongHoon or the Primadonnas?
    @.@ my HBP skyrocketed!

  53. 1) Netizens are jealous
    2)HE went to far since they both just met like for a week & they both exchanged salivas already?
    3) dont care

  54. curiosity killed the cat…it will hurt me a little 2 watch it but i can’t help myself. i just hope they don’t ask gd to go on the program bcs that would definitely kill me…

  55. OMG both of them are too cute and too pretty and too beautiful they should just get married now! haha
    go make babies i wanna see them!

    they look so comfortable with each other. the chemistry is so good. they should continue dating.^^

  56. they look cute together… how is a peck on the lips, cheek and forehead is going way to fast?? I thought they barely touched first base! lol ! I thought it was pretty reseanable the amount of skinship they had for just a first date.

  57. dude …niti whatever are so idiots…they are young ..and kiss is soooooooooo good….they are idol… but they are humans too and need.. to share a kiss ..hugs etc…

  58. I actually like seeing idols like this. Doesn’t Jonghoon seem more manly now? IDK. You don’t have to kiss a girl to be that way, but I feel bad for idols who usually get sequestered away with no contact with the opposite sex. How unnatural is that?

  59. they look so good together… i don’t see whats wrong with skinship. hell with the fans, let the boys have some skinship with girls. they probably haven’t touched a girl for years.

    • I think there could of been more! >:)
      IM so perverted.
      I wouldnt care if my fave Idol was on, in fact I WISH Big Bang was on! Get real, it’s not like they’re ur boyfriend and cheating on you.

  60. they are not 15 so its ok

  61. LOL @ the 1st and 4th comment.
    I actually find it cute…come on, idols are human. They need some love too. Those complaining are prob the fans that are jealous. Tho I’m surprised that they kissed so soon, but o well get over it. They look cute together.

  62. I think the show is good since seriously fans need to realize that they’re not gonna marry their idols. I feel bad for the girl though, she probably needs to go into hiding for a couple of years.

  63. that girl has got some guts right there… i dont see the what they want to do in this show…if they want to make celebrities date someone then let them alone to search for their love goddamnit, cant they see that antifans can even destroy someone?? this show has got some crazy dudes directing it >:[ dont they dare put big bang there ’cause im gonna fly to korea 😡

  64. I banned myself from watching it ever since my lovely JongHun was gonna show. It really breaks my heart to see him there “smooching” and being with the girl. Im not against it, but im just gonna get jealous and sa bad stuff. Lol. I really like JongHun but his image is suddenly disappearing starting now…

    although, i think they’re only doing all this because maybe later they cant be together and they’re just taking advantage./// but it will take time till i can fully be a fan of JongHun again////…and its too much for just their first date!~~~~

  65. Shoot man if i was the girl I’ll be doing the same thing to! sh.t this is like a once in a life time thing if your a fan of them in like he’s ur boyfriend for a day of course ur goona be taking all the chances u can get! a fine as looking man like him hell yea i’ll be kissing him too! lol I don’t blame her for kissing him. who wouldn’t!

  66. i think that is a little bit too far for a first date :)) they just met each other! and they’re not even a REAL couple! oh well thats what people do =)) =)) rofl. thats a bit too much action considering that it will be shown on tv :))

  67. the best Mnet Scandal episode so far… I think personally i’m FT Island fan. I love them so much that i would like to kick that girl’s ass… But i have to admit that that girl is pretty and nice… She look good with Leader… And LEader likes her too i think…. Anyway, they look good together… And what they r doing… just just sth normal bf and gf doing…. I think netizens gone mad bccuz of jealousyyyy ^^ I know it bc i got jealous too… But think further, they just date for several days.. no big deal…. As long as Leader happy.. that’s good ^^

  68. Are there any English subs out for this?

  69. good god, that’s nothing. NETIZENS are such prudes. they’re not even naked. NETIZENS in Korea are WORSE than the REPUBLICANS and the FUNDAMENTALISTS in the United States. and the NETIZENS would probably secretly really want to get it on with JongHoon or with that Girl.

    • Hey hey. I’m republican, but I don’t consider myself a prude. Yes, I agree that these netizens are overreacting. It’s not like Jonghoon and the girl got naked or anything. Just behaving like any couple would be.^^
      All in all, I think the netizens are just jealous.

  70. def NO!
    they’re doing peppero game and there was no lip locking .

  71. Good for Choi JongHoon! He’s an adult and if he wants to kiss the girl(who seems more than willing) it shouldn’t be an issue. He may be a celebrity but he has a life and netizens need to realize that.

  72. is that tongue action I see in the first picture?? Or maybe I’m just blind…

  73. awwww I’m so jealous right now

  74. awwww I’m so jealous right know

  75. hahaha! omg, this is my favourite episode so far. although there’s too much skinship, i guess it’s ok? i mean that’s what people in a relationship do hahaha i dunno 😐

  76. well this just shows that what’s hidden behind that innocent face is a wild wild wild kid hungry for some skin

  77. i wud kiss him too if he stared at me like dat~

  78. that girl was just TOO MUCH!
    i speak the truth, not a stupid jealousy . and she was really drunk i think -___-

  79. i can understand kissing on the cheek.. on the forehead.. kissing on the lip?? isn’t it abit over? i’m not even fan of them and i think it’s a bit over.. wat about the fan girls? can’t imagine their reactions..

  80. Why this is automatically the progamm’s fault ?Maybe that’s just a thunderbolt XD So,i’m a huge fan of FT Island but i’m happy too see a Mnet Scandal episode who is really a scandal,not too innocent,too pink and too etc etc !

    • I second that! I’m a huge FTi fan too and Jonghoon is my favorite. When I watched it, I wish I could get some cuddly time like that with Jonghoon too — you clean cut bad boy, you! But it’s all good. The girl is good looking and seems to have good chemistry with him and the others. Why not, it’s fun.

      The program did a good job at this. They got more people wanting to watch the show.

  81. I think this program is good for fans to realize that their “idols” are human and deserve to have some privacy and a normal life. In the future, they will outgrow them anyways. So it’s better to start now. Sorry to break your bubble.

  82. in the 10th photo, r they really kissing? mouth to mouth?
    woww lucky girl…

  83. wow. they make quite a good couple.
    or are they just ‘underground’ all the time??

    jonghoon is cute. ❤

  84. It’s lovely.

  85. …For me, netizens are just jealous of the girl! lol

    • amen once again

    • LOL of course that’s all it is XD just a bunch of 15 year old girls pissed off because they can’t get that same action. H.A.T.E.R.S…

    • They are jealous and envious all at the sametime. Those people envied the girl and wish that they could experience the samething. They can’t accept that their idols are human and should be able to enjoy a bit of love every now and then too.

    • AHAHHA thats so true :L !
      those fans should just get a life

      • man what u say totally makes sense!
        i mean ya they are idols n everything but they also NEED to get out there n have a love life and have FUN with opposite sex u knw!
        these fans should just appreciate n not HATE like literally! its scary though what these fans says 😐

  86. Ahhh, the jealousy.

    They should be thankful that he’s not gay. lol

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