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f(x) Krystal, “I’ve been told I look like YoonA unnie more than Jessica”


SM Entertainment newcomer group f(x) member Krystal (15) has raised a topic for being said to resemble more of So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA than her real sister Jessica.

Krystal said to a reporter recently, “I’ve heard so much talk about how I look more like YoonA unnie than Jessica unnie.”

Amongst netizens, there has been talks about how “Krystal is actually YoonA‘s hidden sister”. Also on various portal sites, the related search keywords to ‘Krystal Jessica‘ is also ‘Krystal YoonA‘.

Krystal, “I feel good and honoured to be said to look like the 2 of them as they are both very pretty and capable seniors.”

Krystal has been receiving training for vocal, acting, ballet, jazz dance and Japanese since 2006, and is known to be the talented maknae (youngest) of f(x) in terms of dance and singing. She also appears in CF for her good English and Japanese language command. And recently she also appeared in SHINee ‘Juliette’ MV rousing interests amongst netizens as the ‘Juliet’ in the MV.

Netizens say:

  • “Whoever she looks like, she is so pretty!”
  • “She resembles Jessica vocally, and in looks, she looks like YoonA+Yuri”
  • “I thought she looked more like Yuri”
    • “I thought they all look alike”
  • “She looks more like Yuri than YoonA, but she sings well just like her sister”
  • “She is just lucky – the voice of Jessica, looks of YoonA”
  • “15 years old? You are kidding me”

45 Responses

  1. although i think Yoona is still the prettiest out of them 🙂

  2. to be honest, i think krystal look older than her age. she doesn’t look like a 15 years old girl. she’s more like 18 years old girl.

    i agree with the netizens.“15 years old? You are kidding me”. LOL

  3. IDK bout u guys but their nose and mouth are similar i think its all bout the eyes to make two person resemble and their eyes are diff. Jess eyes are much prettier.

  4. I don’t think her voice sounds at all like Jessica’s…
    Yoona’s the prettiest!

  5. […] f(x) Krystal, “I’ve been told I look like YoonA unnie more than Jessica” « K Bites. […]

  6. krystal is really pretty. (SHE’S ONE YEAR OLDER THAN ME O_O)

  7. JESSICA IS WAY MUCH PRETTIER, this lil girl isnt as appealing.

  8. To make matters easier, lets just say Krystal is Yoona and Jessica’s love child xD

  9. isnt krystal 14?

  10. Yeah I see yoona in her too, aside from Yuri and Jessica. =)

  11. of cos, jessica is prettier than yoona, thats why she can only look like yoona, jessica is so much more prettier than her lil sis. thats my view.

  12. If you look at their parents, Jessica looks a lot like their mom where Krystal takes after their dad. In general there are quite a few similarities between them.
    It’s funny to joke about Krystal being Yoona’s secret sister but kinda creepy since there ARE netizens that probably believe that.

  13. “15 years old? are you kidding me?” seriously. that’s exactly what i was thinking.

  14. they probably got their face done by the same plastic surgeon..

    • What’s with the rude comment? Don’t like them, then don’t read. Why are some people so obsessed about knowing if a celebrity got plastic surgery or not? Geez.

    • ya probaly the same one. But jessica is the one to have a plastic surgery. Thats why krystal doesn’t look like her sister.Not sure if krystal also have but shes too young to undergo surgery.

      • ROFL. Siblings don’t always look the same.
        They’re not twins….=.=
        They were born from a mom n a dad….
        One may look like the daddy n one may look like the mommy. I bet u have heard of it.

      • who knows some korean have plastic surgery as bdae present when they are 12 or 16…

  15. Well either way she’s pretty =)

  16. the entire fx group looks so much older than their actual ages…

  17. She looks like yoona more bcause Jessica is a PLASTIC doll.

  18. Krystal is a korean beauty while Sica is a more Asian American beauty.

  19. Krystal looks more like Yuri than Yoona. She just looks like a YulYoonSica mix depending on the angle.

  20. Krystal is the secret child of Yoona and Yuri! LOL! XD

  21. She does look like Yoona, lol. And like Jessica, but it’s just that her looks are more Yoona-ish, but a Yoona in her Gee days or even before (with long black hair).

  22. told ya she looks like YoonA.. ^^

  23. Love Jessica, Yuri, YoonA & Krystal <333

  24. “They all look alike” lol

  25. She’s looking more and more like Yuri to me… especially in that pic ^^ Still kind of Yoona-ish too.

  26. The netizens comments always make me lol. (“I thought they all look alike” was funny, especially as when SNSD debuted i though yoona and yuri looked alike, and these days seohyun looks like yuri aswell).
    Sometimes Krystal looks like Jessie but mostly its yoona. She’s really talented for her age though (and really tall, like magnae soehyun)

  27. I don’t know but Jessica look prettier?

  28. Well, the netizens do tell the truth and even most K Bites readers have said it too. She looks Yoona but she sounds like Jessica.

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