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Netizens compare Soju models – UEE vs Hyori


There has been a topic raised after news went out that After School UEE will be the new model to Choem Choreom Soju, taking over from diva Lee Hyori.

And netizens compare the 2 as the models to the product.


Many netizens feel that while both are pretty ladies, UEE‘s image was just too pure for soju. And Hyori has pretty much been the image of Choem Choreom soju for some time.

Netizens’ responses:

  • “I cannot image drinking choem choreom without seeing Hyori’s face on it. I’m not going to drink it anymore”
  • “Hyori has a really pretty smile, it looks unnatural on UEE though”
  • “It seems they want a younger image on the product now”
  • “In anyway, this is a game where youth wins”
  • “Seriously Hyori looked so much older being compared to UEE, but then again UEE has been popular amongst guys these days”

I don’t know, it has been always Hyori for choem choreom right?

50 Responses

  1. […] UEE (유이) would be used for Cheoum Cheoreom Cool instead (but not replacing Lee Hyori, as this blog naturally but mistakenly stated), and with the combination of the two Lotte hopes to bring […]

  2. i don’t know why people say UEE’s very pretty, cause she’s not. you can find people prettier than her on the street. and her constant boring bland face is really annoying….

  3. UEE smile is unnatural.. i see dead expression on her face.. 😐

    but lee hyori is the best!!

    she’s energetic and she loves what she’s doing!!


  4. the whole soju endorsement by UEE gives off a really weird feeling. its like, her image does not go together with this product. and i agree with netizen #2. UEE is unnatural here

    but then again she always have that same unnatural expression everywhere.

  5. UEE needs to work on her expressions more. In her pics, she looks really awkward and bored, while Hyori is bursting with Energy

  6. HYORI actually makes me wanna drink while UEE makes me wonder what the pics are advertising. srsly. is UEE advertising soju there? i couldn’t tell.

    honest to god, i LOVE UEE. i’m even in love with her boring expressionless face. i dunno why but i srsly am, but i do think HYORI the diva PWNS hands down. like srsly? what’re they thinking? LOL^^

  7. Hyori can drinks 3 bottles of soju…
    That inspires someone to try soju again & again
    So,Hyori is the best for soju cf

  8. Hyori of course.
    UEE looks pretty much the same in every picture and she always looks so blank. She’s so boring and she doesn’t even look happy modeling.

    UEE is so popular!!! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T_____T

  10. no one can beat hyori!!
    i don’t hate uee (but don’t like her much~)
    but i’m for hyori!!

  11. is it just me or does uee look so dead and unenthusiastic about drinking when hyori is energetic and actually makes me WANT to drink?

    uh .. yeah uee has no expression and thats just scary.

  12. Hands down… Lee hyori all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t even know who the other girl is. LOL

  13. hyori over unee everday

  14. the 20th pic omo o_o look at her legs no offense haha i was shocked

  15. Hyori FTW!
    she so sexy and gorgeous.
    Uee.. her face.. i don’t know, simply looks weird.
    i’ve never liked her face though.

  16. hyori wins, hands down.

    i dont see what the company sees in replace hyori with, u…e..e

  17. i find it weird too. seriously not hating or anything but i don’t see what’s so special about her. plain. very pretty but plain.
    but she’s SO famous in korea..huhu…

  18. I seriously don’t get what the fuss is about, with UEE. No offence, but the first time I saw her with After School she just came off as bloody boring and bland. Sure she can dance well, but her facial expression is this blankness that exudes mediocrity. I don’t know if she’s trying to give off the sexy mysterious vibe, but it’s certainly not working. UEE simply has no character, no charisma, nothing that makes her special. So I don’t understand how this soju brand can dump LEE HYORI for her. Sure, I can understand if the company wants a fresh face, but why replace someone as charismatic as Hyori with some dancer-girl who is nothing in comparison?


  19. UEE is just plain for me, she’s hot but she’s not that appealing – Hyori has the personality and gorgeous body! HYORI wins!

  20. Of couse it’s Hyori unnie.

    She’s the queen & the diva.
    I also love her smile- pretty & natural.

    Although UEE unnie also pretty…
    But I think she still has a long way to beat Hyori unnie.
    Hyori unnie FIGHTING πŸ˜€

  21. UEE needs to smile more D: I like Hyori’s smile πŸ™‚

  22. and i believe uee is just the model for their “casual” so ju

    hyori’s still the main model.

    this is alll crap and hype created by the media.

  23. wasn’t hyori anotyher companies so ju model long time ago?

    honestly HYori’s gorgeous! but Uee has a better proportioned body. hyori’s arms and legs are kind of short. and she’s really sensitive if you mention it. She does have nice boobs though… since they seem to be real. but GAH she’s still ffffning gorgeous!!!

    don’t blame uee for stealing the spotlight. HER COMPANY is going to milk for all she’s worth.

  24. UEE is very pretty but it doesn’t look natural on her it’s as if she was forced to drink what she is endorsing. unlike hyori i’ts very natural on her, why get someone to endorse something who doesn’t even fit with the brand

  25. UEE is quite pretty



    n the netizen is right….UEE looks to pure n young for this ad.

    HYORI suits this ad more!! even though she may be older than UEE but still she IS THE QUEEN!!


  26. who cares, theyre both hawt

  27. HYO RI ALL THE WAY. but im no hater of uee okay~

  28. i dont like uee’s face…she looks uncomfortable doing it..hyori make me smile more than uee

  29. hmm..i’ll go with Hyori based on this pics. Hyori models better (especially with her killer smile) whereas UEE has the same expression. She’s pretty though.

  30. im not trying to harm anyone but ipersonally dont think UEE as so pretty.. her teaths scare me..

  31. yeah.. its gonna be werid seeing someone elses pics for soju..
    whenever i go to a korean restuarant they always have a poster of hyori unnie up..
    i personally like hyori unnies pics better..
    esp the one of her in the blue dress<3<3
    even took one of the mini poster from the restarurant of it ^_^

  32. ugh, for me I will pick Hyori because she’s damn sexy and have great smile πŸ˜€

    but for UEE, I dislike her when she was last join AS. After see this picture.. she seems lack of expression. She have good body, but not her face. She should fix her expression :/

  33. who can beat lee hyo ri?
    she’s the diva πŸ™‚

  34. i dont know but it’s so weird, cause when i ever i watch drama or korean show, when they film a shop or something like that, i always see hyori’s poster there, soju’s poster ofcourse, she was model for soju for such a long time, and now, whenever i see soju, it reminds me of hyori ,lol

  35. Out of curiosity, how popular is Uee compared to Taeyeon, Sohee, and Yoona? (I consider them to be the top 3 most popular female idols.) It amazes me how Uee is everywhere when she was the last to join After School.

  36. UEE looks like a more well-endowed version of Sohee in her first cover shot.

  37. UEE’s pretty,

  38. UEE sure got a hot body but her face is not that hot
    Hyori is the Sexy Queen just compare their pic Hyori got more class

  39. honestly i don’t see the hype she’s getting. if anyone is to shine in After School it ought to be the leader. Now she can be put in comparison to Hyori, she won’t win but she is fit to compare. Uee vs. Hyori is a joke. There’s no need to even compare.

  40. Can’t compare. There’s no comparison.
    U;ee has a long way of catching up to Hyori.

  41. Hyori is plain gorgeous, even at 30 she’s gorgeous. I never knew what the big deal was about UEE…personally the other members of After School seems more pretty and appealing to me…..UEE reminds me of SO-1 from Big Bang pre-debut…they look like siblings…

    • lol i cannot agree with u more! they both have the same vacant look. maybe its their eyes that seems pretty much spaced out

  42. UEE is cute but hyori will always be queen bro.
    no offense to UEE i like her and all but what about the other members of after school? like they are all soo pretty. Where is Joo Yeon, Sooyoung, Jung Ah?
    UEE getting more publicity then the leader Ga Hee.

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