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[Interview] f(x) Amber thinks Krystal is close to being perfect


SM new girlgroup f(x) did an interview with Vogue Girl magazine while they did a photoshoot for the magazine.

And in the interview the members talk about which woman they think is close to being perfect.

While each members pick a celebrity, member Amber picks fellow member Krystal as her ideal of someone close to perfect.

[VOGUE GIRL shortened to V.G.] Earlier in front of the studio entrance, when you shouted in an orderly fashion, “Hello! We are f(x)!” Approximately when did you start practicing this?

  • [Victoria] After our group’s name was settled, it automatically came out of my mouth. We were happy that we would finally be able to introduce ourselves like our sunbaes (seniors) did.
  • [Luna] After you introduce yourself with a loud voice, all feelings of nervousness went away. Also, it’s like a ‘Fighting~’ for each other.
  • ([V.G.] When did you find out you 5 would become a group?) We slowly had a hunch, but we found out for sure last year. We started full-scale practices in January.

[V.G.] It hasn’t even been a week since you’ve finished your debut stages. What was the very first thing you thought of, while coming off the stage?

  • [Victoria] Ah, We finally debuted! Haha.
  • [Krystal] The days I’ve been living as a trainee, quickly passed by like a movie film.
  • [Luna] It didn’t feel real to me, so I was dazed.
  • [Sulli] This isn’t a dream right?
  • [Amber] Oh. My God!

[V.G.] Who was the first person you contacted after your first broadcast?

  • [Luna] My father. He told me not to forget my feelings at this moment.
  • [Sulli] Since my house is in Busan, I haven’t been able to see my brother for 6 months, and after my performance he called me. He said I’ve grown so much in that time we haven’t seen each other, and that I’ve become a lady. My oldest brother is going into the military at the end of this month, and I will miss him a lot. ([V.G.] It’s alright. Since his sibling is a f(x) member, his military life will be comfortable.) So I shouldn’t be worrying? Hoho (laughing)
  • [Amber] I called my mother who is currently in America. She was surprised because she didn’t know I would do so well.
  • [Victoria] My parents who reside in China, came to see my debut stage. They said they were very proud of their daughter.

[V.G.] Krystal, did your sister Jessica, give you words of encouragement after your debut stage?

  • [Krystal] After only saying good job, she continued saying nonsense (laughter). I tend to sweat a lot, and my sister told me to be more careful because you can see all the beads of sweat, and she also said to work harder on my face expressions.
  • ([V.G.] In all of your interviews, the first thing they talk about is your sister Jessica, right?)
  • That’s right. They still call me by, ‘Jessica’s sister, Krystal’. Well since it’s only the beginning, it’s alright. As a sunbae(senior), my sister cheers for me, and also gives a lot of advice, so I like it.
  • ([V.G.] Someday, a day may pass when it’s ‘Krystal’s Unnie, Jessica’ instead.)
  • If my sister saw this interview, I’m afraid of what she might do (laughter). I need to work harder, in everything.

[V.G.] When did you first have thoughts of becoming a singer?

  • [Luna] When I was 7 years old, after seeing Lee Junghyun’s performance on TV, I fell for it. Since I loved the song, ‘Wa’ so much, I would sing along to it.
  • [Krystal] My first commercial filming was when I was 7 years old, and I had so much fun. As a matter of fact, I became casted into the agency together with my sister, but since I was so young at that time, I started my training years later.
  • [Sulli] When I was 12, after I successfully passed an audition for the drama ‘Seo Dong Yo’. Although I did go to acting school ever since I was younger, but I only went because my mother registered me. However after successfully passing the auditions, I went entirely on my own will.
  • ([V.G.] You didn’t want to become an actress at that time?) I formed a curiosity of how it would feel of standing on stage as a singer. If the opportunity comes, I would like to be both an actress and a singer together.

[V.G.] Who was the celebrity that you wanted to meet at the broadcast station?

  • [Krystal] Clazziquai! Specifically Horan Unnie. She’s amazing.
  • [Amber] Fly to the Sky sunbaes(seniors). But actually, since I’ve debuted, the two’s activities are on a break, and I was a bit saddened.
  • [Luna] Chaeyeon sunbae. Before entering my current agency, I appeared in a program called ‘Truth Game’ and at that time, I danced together with her.
  • [Victoria] Song Seunghun sunbae because he’s so handsome and acts very well. I also want to meet Lee Hyori sunbae. I would like to learn from her on, how to seize the stage.

[V.G.] Which woman do you think is close to being perfect?

  • [Victoria] Song Hyegyo sunbae. I’ve become a huge fan after watching her dramas!
  • [Krystal] Audrey Hepburn. She is intelligent and attractive, and symbolizes woman.
  • [Amber] Krystal! (laughter) Since she has the gracefulness I do not have.
  • [Krystal] Unstoppable! Amber likes me a lot.

[V.G.] What kind of men do you think are amazing?

  • [Amber] A man who can play around well, and has manners.
  • [Sulli] A man who has a responsible and prudent personality.
  • [Victoria] A tall man. If he’s shorter than me, then there would be some difficulties.
  • [Luna] A man who loves music, and knows how to value it. It would be okay if he had a job related to music like me.
  • [Krystal] A man that is uglier than me. If he is better looking than me, then won’t he be too tired after having so many woman following him around? I hate that. A woman must be more dignified!

[V.G.] What are some things you always carry in your bags?

  • [Victoria] Tissue and my wallet.
  • [Luna] Music sheets and my diary.
  • [Krystal] My iPod and hand lotion.
  • [Sulli] Perfume and an umbrella.
  • [Amber] A family picture and a Korean dictionary. Ah, I always carry around snacks. I must always have something sweet in my bag. Specifically, Oh Yes (A Korean cake snack), it tastes very good.

[V.G.] You’re at an age where you want to do and eat all you want. What do you want to eat right now?

  • [Luna] Honestly, there are many things I want to eat, but can’t since I am always thinking about dieting. The thing I crave the most right now is pizza!
  • [Sulli] For me, ice cream!
  • [Amber] Dduk Bokk Ki (spicy korean rice cake)I like it to the extent that, I could survive off of only eating dduk bokk ki for a few days.
  • [Krystal] A Mexican dish, Burrito. This is very delicious.
  • [Victoria] I really crave the food my grandmother in China would make for me. Particularly, sweet and sour chicken dish.

[V.G.] Outside of the stage, how is your usual apparel?

  • [Luna] Big box t-shirts with black baggy pants. It’s the best because it’s comfortable while performing. Honestly, I have no interest in fashion, so I have never worn feminine clothes before. The clothes I wear on stage, is still a bit awkward.
  • [Victoria] I also like to wear t-shirts.
  • [Krystal] I am also similar. I wear a t-shirt with denim shorts.
  • [Sulli] I’m the only different one? I wear a blouse with hot pants.
  • [Amber] I also wear t-shirts with jean pants. I tend to wear pants that are a little big, with a hip-hop style.
  • ([V.G.] That’s why you have a more perfect boyish side to you)
  • Amber: When I was younger, I didn’t know it was such a boyish style. I just wear comfortably wear it like so, and walk around, but hoobaes(juniors) would follow me around and give me presents…
  • ([V.G.] Since you’re talking so shyly now, it makes you look even more attractive.)
  • Amber: But it doesn’t mean I am shy. Haha

[V.G.]Out of the f(x) members, who do think is the most attractive?

  • [Luna] Sulli. Her laughing appearance is very pure.
  • [Krystal] I also think Sulli. She has a very pretty smile that could make me jealous.
  • [Amber] Luna. She sings very well.
  • [Victoria] I think Amber! Since she has a boyish charm.
  • [Sulli] I choose Krystal. She has an ‘unintentional chic’ charm.

[V.G.] f(x) member’s favorite song?

  • [Sulli] Park Sunjoo’s “Man and Woman”
  • [Luna] Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time”
  • [Amber] SHINee’s “Nuna is very pretty” ([V.G.] Starting from your song selection, I can feel the *nuna’s overcrowding) Haha. *Nuna/Noona = Used by males, to refer to an/call an older girl*
  • [Krystal] No Ra Jo’s “Mackerel”! That song makes me laugh everytime I just think about it. Haha. As a matter of fact, “Mackerel” can also be all of f(x)’s favorite song.

[V.G.] Victoria’s and Amber’s parents live in China and America. It isn’t easy to deal with having to be apart from your parents for so long.

  • [Amber] I wasn’t able to go home for about 6months. Although my mother has come to visit me a few times, I still missed her.
  • [Victoria] It has been about an year and a half since I’ve last gone home. It’s alright because the time I spent alone is longer than the time I Have spent together with my parents. Also I am not young. In Korean age I am 23. (laughter)

[V.G.] Once you start your overseas activities, you will be able to go to China, returning home in glory.

  • [Victoria] I hope that day quickly comes! When I debuted overseas, there were no instances where I had activities in China. I would like to show not only the people of China, but also many other people as well. Very proudly with my group and our song.

Translation: kellykim10@aff(x)tion forums

Love the interview. Love the Amber-Krystal moment.. My favourite couple 🙂

24 Responses

  1. […] and Amber are good friends and make one of the best womances in K-pop. Amber even said that she considers Krystal close to perfect. Awwww, how […]

  2. they r like sisters… dont u say i love u to ur friends guy or girl??? especially in america well krystal and amber are from america and when ur in a group you live together and do everything like a family and even if u dont like them you learn to love them and defend them DUH!!!

  3. its all only fan-made rumors haha
    i love f(x) ~

  4. krystal and amber are just best friend, like amber-luna,amber-sulli, & amber-victoria. There’s nothing ‘like-that’ between the two of them. I even think Amber and sulli are closer than amber-krystal

  5. that made amber a tomboy and a chic magnet

  6. lesbian alert

  7. […] Translation: kellykim10@aff(x)tion forums Credits: kbites […]

  8. man, i like amtoria more than krysber…

  9. […] [Interview] f(x) Amber thinks Krystal is close to being perfect « K Bites. […]

  10. i think AMBER is gunna go lesbian on Krystal!HAHAH ;]

  11. loool. i dont think american names should be put together…
    amkrys, kryber… it looks silly.

    the interview was so long but it was an excellent read. krystal seems pretty in-the-know about american culture, like americanized. haha.

    i too think song hyekyo is near perfection!

    krystal and her “mans got to be uglier than me” thing. hahahha. her and i are alike in that manner, i feel as if a women im dating is toooo gorgeous, fending off all them males would be troublesome

  12. AmKrys!

  13. wow…theyre not a real couple -_-;
    i still dont understand why fans couple group members together??
    i’ve been into kpop for a long time and i still dont get it….
    is it ’cause amber’s like a boy & krystal’s so girly?? so they seem like man/woman??
    i dont get it!!

    • It’s not that fans COUPLE them up, it’s just like when you like a group a lot and then you find out that two of the members are good friends, fans automaticly call them a “couple” instead of best friends. It just makes them sound more luvy-duvy. Just like how they call SHINee members Minho and Taemin a couple!! But some poeple think it’s kind of gay and out of the ordinary..
      Do you get it now? :]

      • you are so right!! hahahahaha
        people always made up a stories like this.. man, they’re just good friends. Just because amber is such a charming and handsome girl, she’s always entitled with some stupid rumors like this.

    • I hate this coupling thing in Kpop too, especially the couple names, and even more same sex couples. Stop it kids, what the heck. It’s awkward, just like your love for Amber as a guy.

  14. is it just me or what, but Krystal outfit at the picture above is looking similar to Sandara Park outfit for FIRE photo cover on her debut day???

  15. woah~ krystal and amber!! xD

  16. At Amber’s birthday party last night,
    Krystal said “I love you~” to Amber as she gave her cake and Amber said “I love you too” to Krys in return!
    They are like the best couple ever!

  17. wahaha!! amber like krystal! well in a good way of course…
    lol! krystal scared of what jessica will think about her… sisterly love..
    jess talking nonsense~ yeah i can totally imagine that happen ^^

  18. Unnie!! i love kryber too!!hehe..altho amber look like a guy she is really shy like a girl, and tho krystal is more girly looking..her character is rather boylish as of now..haha

  19. i really like Amber-Krystal moment too. They’re so cute ^^

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