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KBS boycotts YG Entertainment – f(x) Sulli the reason behind it?


It has been known that YG Entertainment has been boycotted by KBS 2FM. The radio station will boycott all appearances by YG singers.

This was sparked off by a sudden no-show by GDragon on Sukira on 15th September, and KBS 2FM had refused to play any YG singers’ song on the station for the whole of that day.

And it was questioned if the dispute between the YG Ent and KBS 2FM was due to GDragon mentioning f(x) Sulli in his earlier radio show appearance.

▶ Was f(x) Sulli the problem for no-show on radio show?

KBS 2FM said on 18th September, “On 15th September, with the sudden non-participation of GDragon for our radio show Sukira, we have gone against the trust given by listeners. With that we have decided to put a boycott against YG singers indefinitely.”

On the 15th itself, KBS 2FM did not aire any of the songs by YG singers.

There were originally plans for GDragon to appear on ‘Super Junior Kiss The Radio (Sukira)’ show, and the production team to Sukira said, “GDragon was originally set to appear on the show on 15th September, but they suddenly said that they will not have him on the show on the 10th. And even with the request of our team, they have broken their promise and did not let him go on the show.”

Even though Sukira’s production team has tried to persuade for GDragon to appear on the show by posting on their homepage, YG managers did not even apologise or give an explanation to GDragon’s no-show after that.

One of the producers said, “YG Ent said that when GDragon were asked the question “Which junior girlgroup singers do you think is the cutest?” and he answered f(x) Sulli on 9th September on one of the radio shows on 9th September, it became a problem and it is difficult to have him go on radio show. But in the schedule shared by GDragon and his fans, it was stated that he will be appearing on Sukira”

▶ YG speaks up

While YG spoke up about KBS 2FM’s boycott against them as being “unfair” to them.

A YG representative said on 18th September, “GDragon went on to KBS 2FM ‘Up The Volume’ for his first radio show programme,and 2NE1 also appear on Sukira – we have been on good terms with KBS radio, we are in shock and disbelief to have received such a notification from them. Even though we did receive requests for GDragon to go on Sukira, we did not 100% agree or promise that he will go on the show.”

Yang Hyun Seok also talked about this during an interview on 18th September, “We have clearly stated our stand that it is difficult to have GDragon on the radio show on 10th and 14th September. We have decided that it is not good to have GDragon talk too much about personal stuff and had decided that he will not go on radio shows.” He also stressed that GDragon has not gone on any other radio shows after the 2 radio shows he did at the beginning period of his solo debut.

He added, “To get boycotted by a broadcast company, isn’t the measures too harsh?”

But KBS 2FM had stated, “The boycott only appears on radio show, it has nothing to do with KBS TV.”

Meanwhile, GDragon will continue to appear on KBS Music Bank next week.


114 Responses

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  2. WTH?? The reason is so ridiculous. Are they dumb or something??

    Only saying ‘cute’ for someone and then you can’t appear anymore in a radio show? Oh my, that’s only an opinion. Why must bother? What’s the point??

    If this go on, I think they’re crazy.

  3. ok, i’m confuse..

    YG didn’t want GD to be in Sukira because of GD answered f(x) SulLi for a question in an another radio show?

    i think YG is stupid if that’s the case..

    Why is everybody mad about KBS action, what else can they do? Plus, it be nice to promote other artist..

    Everybody is biased about celebs. Do you really know whats going on to judge who’s right or wrong?

  4. I still don’t get what is the connectionof all this to Sulli.
    But please, leave GD out of this. I’m sure some narrow-minded people are gonna blame him again and will say he’s rude or something. Like he hold his schedule.

    Anyway, Boycott seems to be the most famouse word nowadays. Kinda tiring! But if KBS chose to do that, I think it’s their loss. YG artists are rocking these days!

  5. Its like the end of everything
    dont you think?
    after DBSK,Kangin, Jaebum, and now YG
    hm, i wonder whts going to happen next

  6. xD poor girl she just got into
    the bussines ….
    of course is not that the main reason
    couldnt they come up w/ something more creative?
    anyways i dont blame GD
    its either KBS or YG s fault

    poor GD so many problems this year….GD daisuki desu yo!! gambate!! akiramenaide!!

    mih_japanvip ^^

  7. poor GD….
    i hope the problem will be solve soon,,,^^

  8. I think that if YG gave a clearer answer it would have been better.

    BUT, KBS shouldnt have reacted ths way.

    Things should have been cleared up BEFORE this (silly) Boycott thing. It just makes KBS loook so petty and kiddy.


  10. I think YG stop G Dragon from going on SUKIRA because he wanted to censor G Dragon from talking to loosely like the f(x) sulli being the cutest junior girl.

  11. both parties are wrong.

    if KBS2 FM had sent the request for G Dragon to appear for SUKIRA and YG Ent said ‘yes we had received the request’ but not really confirming like saying ‘yes G Dragon will appear for SUKIRA on xx date at xx time, this schedule is fixed and confirmed’ then there’s a HUGE miscommunication here.

    because if YG Ent truly said ‘not 100% confirmed’ for G Dragon apperance for the show, then KBS2 FM PD can actually said that his schedule for SUKIRA was ‘tentative’ or ‘to be confirmed’, unless someone lied here.

    receiving an invitation and confirming to comply or not to the invitation are two different things.


  12. i just don’t get it.. confuse…

  13. what’s wrong with them, KBS guys?
    why should they boycott everything that goes on SM?
    are they sick?

  14. stupid. that is all to this situation.

  15. wow, so after KBS kept nagging and nagging and still didn’t get their way, they just decided to boycott them?? Wow, great business strategy…you’ll definitely get more people to listen to your radio station!! Pathetic!

  16. omgosh is this for real ? this article is BS . . theyr boycotting just bc YG tld them tht they are not intending GD to appear in talkshows/hence radiostations cuz he frankly dsnt have timee atm . . . also, they never even had confirmed it tht he would appear . .they only mentioned tht they would ‘check if it fits into his schedule’ and as a result [tht he didnt] YG had let them know a few days in advance tht he couldnt . . so WTF . . sulli ? thats as random to this as it getss

  17. Ugh… I’m so tired of all the boycotts here. And this is by a radio station, too. Now that’s taking it too far. In my opinion, YG is mostly at fault but it’s a stupid move by KBS2FM. I mean, this is a buisness before anything else and they’re basically burning their own money. YG artists are really popular right now and everybody wants to hear them. The listeners will just change to another station.

  18. Well..this is crazy?? Ehh, boycotting YG because of Sulli’s mention? Well..Ji can be gay forever..*sacastic*
    He just mentioned who’s cutest and he got bammed for that. Wth..I’m not angry we fans should be angry than them right but they are more angry than us. =_=”

  19. I think you should edit the title. Or just leave Sulli’s name out of it -_________-
    Lots of people are misunderstanding the article because of this

  20. Well when your negotiating a guesting you have to confirm First before you publicize. Sounds to me the producer of that show do not do his job. The knew from the start that GD was never a sure thing. They should used another guess till GD was confirmed. To me its kinda bratty of KBS2 FM its not like GD is obligated to guess in that show, are they going to blackmail every artist by threatening a ban if they don’t appear in their shows.

    • agreed. and plus with the whole boycot thing and banning the YG ARTISTS was seriously stupid. It just shows how desperate they are to have GD on the show and boost up their ratings. Seriously though this whole thing is just PLAIN STUPID. just a misunderstanding and KBS2FM made it a big freaking deal. Its not like YG will lose anything. it’s only one radio show, who cares? they can find another radio station and i bet theres tons of radio shows that would want YG ARTISTS in their show.

    • used another guest idol? and what if GD did turn out for the radio? do they dump the other idol as if they’re trash compared to their first choice in GD?

      how about both on the show? no can do. companies dont want to spend money on unnecessary situations.

      anywayssss, NO BIG DEAL. hahaha. the issue will dwell down and just like the korean netizens, we netizens in general are going nuts over nothing

      • how about rescheduling? it’s really not that hard. KTR never should have publicized it if it wasn’t ever truly confirmed in the first place. they had how many days to confirm with YG? just under a week? i think that’s more than enough time to ask YG reps whether GD’s appearance on the show was absolute or otherwise. and this is not coming from a bias train of thought.

  21. wth, just a lame excuse and a lame publicity…well to add spice mentioning sulli…lol..anyways, go yg.

  22. its lame and wtf..

    kbs misunderstood YGE.. wth..
    he’s just protecting his artists..
    and let’s face it.. YG artists are not idols.. they are musicians..
    that’s why they seldom appear in tv shows/radio shows..
    geez.. some people needs to take a chill pill..

    • I like how you said “YG artists are not idols.. they are musicians..”. And for that, I think that’s why YG doesn’t do so much of radio promotion. At least, radio is something they can’t control.

  23. they should leave sulli alone

  24. i think its both parties’ fault. YG should’ve informed KTR earlier about GD not appearing on the show earlier. WTF KBS2FM?! Why boycot the rest of the YG artists???@!!!!! And plus why overreact? Cant they get another artist to guest on their show? I mean there’s 4minute or f(x). KBS2FM sounds really desperate to have GD appear on their show to boost up their radio ratings [iftheyevenhaveone do they?] and even going as far as boycotting the rest of yg artists. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!

  25. Is it just me? or am I starting to think the some koreans are stupid. -.-
    they don’t even think and just bla bla bla bla.

  26. LMAO, does KBS(-radio) think that YG/GD needs them? KBS obviously needed GD. Go ahead and boycott, wtf, YG is not gonna lose this battle. LOL, this makes me laugh.

    I can see why it’s hard for GD to to come on radio shows, or even shows. YG doesn’t even let his artists appear on much shows! So KBS should shut it. It’s way too personal and VIP is a huge fanclub, one word and SNAP! Everything GD does and says is already blown out of proportion, so him being on shows/radio-shows would make it hard for YG and GD.

    And my analytical word session: ASS/U/ME. Because KBS assumed that YG would let GD on on the radio show it made an ASS/ out of U/ (as in YG) and ME/(as in KBS-radio). If we all just think of ASS/U/ME before we assume, maybe all the sh-t that’s been happening wouldn’t happen in the first place!

  27. Because they should not ask that kind of questions.

  28. Wait i meant to say why blame their faults on sulli not [but seriously why blame it[[[[ [kbs] ]]]]]on SULLI]

  29. KBS2FM sounds really desperate to have GD on their show. I mean WTFFACK? Why boycot the company with the hottest artists [2ne1, gd] out right now? kinda stupid if you ask me. Its just a miscommunication that is. Both parties’ fault but seriously why blame it [kbs] on SULLI. What are [kbs] they trying to do? Have the poor cute girl gain anti fans because GD couldnt go to their radio show?

    Seriously, if KBS bans yg artists from their shows IM GOING TO BOYCOT THEM instead and BAN them [impossible haha]. Hopefully not since its only the KBS2FM banning yg artists.

  30. one word.. L.A.M.E……….

    go gdragon….

  31. All the korean broadcasting stations need to chill…. They start banning artists for the most ridiculous reasons. The artists only have so many hours in a day, and sometimes they can’t make it to the invited schedules. It’s the station’s loss anyhow, like MNET’s beef with SM.

    I don’t see Sulli as the problem though. She’s a newbie, and chances are, it wouldn’t effect GD at all even if he just said she was cute. Everyone probably thinks, “aw that’s cute” but it wouldn’t do anything detrimental to either of their careers. It’s probably just another excuse.

  32. […] Here is the original post: KBS boycotts YG Entertainment – f(x) Sulli the reason behind it … […]

  33. seriously, why is sulli being brought up?

    Honestly, GD to me is an artist, not an idol star as such and YG has been steered towards this direction for his promoting artists. 2ne1 has minimal appearances of shows and stuff and the same with GD. They want to focus on music and is that so wrong? I know some people might not believe this but even then, is it wrong that GD doesn’t want to speak about life stories?
    With Big bang as a group, it would be easier considering how they have fun and talk about funny things. GD isn’t really a talker and if he’s uncomfortable, then let it be.

    I think KBS boycotting YG is their loss. This won’t really affect GD anyway. And KBS isn’t the only radio show right?

  34. KBS is just as lame as M.Net. =P

    • amen.

    • be grateful they’re still around bringing you performances from all your favorite singers.

      obviously many comments here would put KBS down and cheer for GD and YG because we are all fans including myself. YG should get a new public relations manager because GD mentioning Sulli did not harm his image in any way.

      • @anonymouss: That’s not what I meant. I’m saying that KBS are overlysensitive like M.Net.

        I don’t blame you for thinking that, my fault. I should’ve worded it better^^

      • glad ididnt upset you with my remark. i guess i was a bit hot-headed from all the idk, biased comments i guess. sorry about that, but yeah, m.net and kbs are perhaps overlysensitive but its business. their pride comes first i guess

      • ^^Haha, yeah.

  35. wait so.. GD talked about sulli, so YG said he’s not going on anymore radio shows? isnt YG being a bit paranoid now? Big bang went on a bunch of radio shows their first 2 years and there was never a problem =.=

    i guess the no show was miscommunication between kbs and yg, it’s too bad about the boycott though.

  36. stupid.sulli has nothing to do with that.stop giving her credits or something, she just debuted and nobody cares

  37. it’s true that YG had it in planning and informed KTR abt it. but it was never confirmed. KTR misunderstood and assumed that GD would still come on the show. maybe because it was still on GD’s schedule, like you said. but shouldn’t they have taken the word straight from YG’s mouth instead of the schedule that they saw. i mean, if YG had informed them beforehand that GD might not be attending, why was KTR still relying on GD’s schedule? stupid.

    and i don’t think either YG or KBSFM would suffer. you’re right, KBSFM can play lots of other songs. so that goes for GD too. KTR is only one radio show. he can go on other radio shows or do other performances. lots of other ppl would be glad to have him on their shows. besides he’s only being boycotted by KBSFM not KBS itself. he’s still showing up on MuBank. it’s win-win. i still think it’s GAY that KBSFM is being super childish abt it, though.

    oh, and YG was always strict with his artistes when it comes to doing shows and stuff.

    p/s: i so wanted to see some SUJU GD interactions. it’s been a long time since BB last came on KTR. it’s a shame.

    • If the appearence wasn’t confirmed then why did they have it on GD’s schedule? isn’t it the YG staff who make their schedules right? So if they knew he wasn’t going to be on KTR then why did they even have KTR on GD’s schedule then? YG should at least be at fault for that.

      • didn’t you read my comment? i said, if YG himself had already informed KTR beforehand, that there might be a possibility of GD not showing up for the show, why would the KTR staff still rely on GD’s schedule? i’d take YG’s word over a piece of schedule, thnx very much.

        and anyway, i did say that KBSFM and YG are BOTH at fault here. YG should’ve firmly clarified and KBSFM should’ve just took YG’s words the first time instead of clinging on to GD’s schedule. like they were desperate to get him on the show. why? i think eeteuk and hyukkie are doing fine with the ratings for that show. so just cuz GD didn’t appear they wanna ban YG songs? bullcrap. miscommunication is a b!tch, i swear.

  38. i dunno…i’m a huge YG fan but YG does seem at fault here…what’s up with not letting GD talk about personal stuff? him thining Suili is cute is personal stuff??? its just showing appreciation for another artist!! i can’t believe how YG has got that interpretation that its personal stuff from.

    • actually, that’s KBSFM assuming things. this whole drama is more like a he said/she said thing. YG never actually said that it was because of Sulli. YG just said that it was to prevent GD from revealing personal stuff. it was KBSFM who assumed that the ‘personal stuff’ YG was referring to was abt Sulli. but YG never actually said that. however, i think BOTH of them are at fault here.

  39. Even though YG said they didn’t have a 100% agreement of G dragon showing up…they still somewhat agreed or why else would KTR think G dragon was going on the radio show? It was even on his schedule!! And it wasn’t the PD of KTR who brought Sulli into the story. They stated that YG ent. said that was one of the reasons as to why YG had a problem with G dragon going on KTR. i don’t think this will have such a big impact on KBS 2fm since there are other artists they can have on the show plus lots of other song they can play. However for YG..it could be a problem since radio shows are a part of promotions & getting your songs out there through the radio. And i don’t get why YG is so limiting G dragon’s solo promotions. I mean he’s barely on any radio shows or variety shows besides music programs. Seems like they’re getting strict with their artists.

    • agreed.

      YG has some other hidden reasons for pulling GD from the show. truthfully,based from these articles, YG is at fault but you know there is ALWAYS two sides to a story. anyways, i find “we did not 100% agree or promise that he will go on the show” to be completely stupid. who’s running the promotional activities for YGent? saying “we did not 100% agree” is like saying “we only 50% agree for him to appear on the show” … doesnt that sound completely idiotic? hahaha

      everyone said KBS would suffer more from this loss but i believe YGent would feel more heat, even if it may just be very little. radio is medium for artists to get their songs out but one entertainment company is not the medium for the radio to get hits since there are PLENTY of other hit artists out there

  40. Wth does this mean?

  41. thats so fucking gay…. fuck kbs 2fm… they can eat shit… tsss as if the boycott will affect YG hahahaha

  42. just to continue… this act is so childish… it’s like a kid on tantrums cause he wasn’t able to get a toy he likes so much or something. And it is also childish for KBS to drag F(x)’s Sulli’s name into this.

    And this would be KBS’s loss… YG artists are coming out with albums and they are currently the “hot” things right now..

  43. Only 1 question: How long is the boycott? Let’s wait and see 😀

  44. I’m starting to hate the word boycott *sigh* and I want GDragon… I don’t think it had anything to do with Sulli and there was nothing wrong with him thinking she is cute. I think YGE is just protective of their artists’ personal lives which is fine with me as a fan.

    Plus YGE did inform the station beforehand that it would be hard for GD to be on two specific dates: 10th and 14th so its not like GD just stood them up.

  45. Hmmm….why is S. korean media so childish? Shouldn’t they boycott something worth it? Like sweats shops, human trafficking, capitalism, nuclear weapons?

  46. KBS is sooo childish!

  47. 1 word: LAME

    What has this got to do with sulli -.-

    Leave that poor girl alone. She had just debuted man…

  48. KBSFM just stabbed themselves in the back for boycotting YG. 2NE1 and GD are the hottest shit right now. And when Taeyang and the other BB boys come out with solo stuff, KBSFM will regret it.

  49. i do believe that the whole thing is stupid, but I also don’t understand why yg is censoring gd on his personal life. what’s the big deal if he thinks someone is cute?

    i feel bad when he does have a girlfriend

  50. I seriously don’t get it.. He just said he thought Sulli is cute. How can they boycott YG just cuz of that?

    T_T …………. doesn’t make sense at all … I agree with others..

  51. one word. STUPID.

  52. i don’t understand !!

  53. I don’t get what fx Sulli has got to do with it. Also KBS are being stupid, i mean at first i though GD was being unprofessional for the no show but YG did give advance notice, not like he just never turned up.


  54. Haizz, i cant believe that, because of Suli ? so stupid. Hope that they wont make it be a big deal

  55. koreans are starting to piss me off. not generally but pretty much THEY’RE LAME. urgh. leave my leaders alone..

  56. what does it has to do with Sulli ? =.=

  57. okay….the damn korean media are so sensitive even the nonsense making it a Big fuss.

  58. Im okay with Hottests boycotting JYPE and Cassies boycotting SM. But this? Ahh pretty lame… Its defo KBS loss I think.

  59. stupid reason..
    sulli is innocent..she doesn’t even know what happen..
    all tthese boycotting issues make me wanna puke…
    ^ i agree with you, all boycotts are gay…


  61. i’m sorry but i have to say this:






    Okay, NOW, JAY can NOW COME BACK to 2PM !!!!!

  62. WTF are they doing?

    boycott YG just because sulli f(x)? it’s truly ridiculous! they’re so childish! they do not allow to do it cuz they don’t have good reason for that!


    • i think you misunderstood, that, or ive misread the article.

      i dont think the reason KBS is boycotting YG because of GD mentioning Sulli. The article actually means GD was pulled from KBS by YG because he mentioned Sulli. isnt it?

      so when you said “they’re so childish!”, you should’ve directed it to YG, not kbs. unless i misunderstood you…

      • actually, KBSFM only assumed that it was what YG said. what YG actually said was, he was pulling GD off from KTR because he wanted to prevent GD from revealing personal stuff. KBSFM misunderstood YG’s statement and made it seem like YG was mentioning that particular incident when clearly it was not the case. so yea, KBS really are being childish here.

      • GD calling Sulli a cute junior = revealing personal stuff.

        ive read your other comments and i know where your coming. it is true that YG has never really stated the issue being Sulli. However, that isnt the problem. Whether its Sulli or not, YG shouldnt pull GD from Sukira because they’re afraid of revealing personal info. If that was the case, wouldnt all companies do the same? but no, they let their stars go through such promotions.

        KBS boycotting is a bit extreme but it isnt them at fault and theyre not being childish. sometimes the action will be extreme to get a point across. in other words, if the punishment is weak, there something similar might happen again. if the punishment is strong, it’ll stick.

      • what are you talking abt? this has always been YG’s way of doing things. exactly when was the last time you saw any YG artistes going on a variety show? (excluding daesung) it’s just YG’s style.

        “If that was the case, wouldnt all companies do the same? but no, they let their stars go through such promotions.”

        they let their stars go through it because they want to. if they didn’t want their stars to go through it, then they don’t have to. but they still do, don’t they?? i mean, SM could easily pull out his artists from a show if he doesn’t want them to suffer but he doesn’t. a simple case of ‘i can, but i don’t want to’ it’s pretty obvious.

        but YG does it all the time, so it’s YG’s fault for doing things differently? so KBSFM needs to extremely punish YG for his principles? for the way he chooses to run things? for not conforming to KBSFM’s ideals? what a joke! it’s pretty childish if you asked me.

  63. how lame.
    why would they blame f(x)’s sulli!
    it’s not her fault that g-dragon thinks she’s the cutest

  64. It’s not lik G-D promised to come and stood up the interview on that day. YGE already confirmed 5 days b4 that they couldn’t attend the program. and i believe they ac for the best interest of their artist. KBS want to band them just because they couldn’t ge G-D at all is ridiculous . it’s like they want G-D there to boost their ratings and not respect YGE standing on their interest for their artist.

  65. see. look there is an infection EPIDEMIC spreading of more of this BOYCOTTing NONSENSE. it’s like everyone wants to BOYCOTT something. first BOYCOTT JYPE 2PM. then there’s BOYCOTT SUPER JUNIOR Kangin + the No Show boys. then BOYCOTT YG GDragon. It’s a good thing that 2NE1 is not promoting because they could’ve been caught in the BOYCOTT nonSEnSe also! STOP the BOYCOTT NoNsEnSe for EvEryOnE! BOYCOTTs are WRONG for korea mUsiC!

  66. SM- Boycott by Cassies
    JYPE- Boycott by Hottests
    YG- Boycott by KBS 2FM(?)

    Ok? Though both parties are partially at fault, but wouldn’t KBS FM be at the losing end? YG artistes are really popular these days you know…

    • Add 1 more: SM – Boycott by Mnet, and I think YG and MBC are not really on good terms, either.

      • why is YG not in good terms with MBC?

      • * sign* you’re right, oh, wat a bad year!
        YG~~~ MBC and now is KBS,unbelievable, GD has just started the promotion for his solo and stil 2 MV that will be released soon.
        But i think it’ll okie cuz both KBS anf YG understand the important position of each. Really hope so. God bless Kpop

      • @goddess bom: I’m not sure about recent, but I believe MBC and YG had problems in the past. I think it’s because of Se7en’s comeback? MBC wanted him first but YG said no, and it was a really long time before they let another YG artist on their music shows

        Anyways, KBS might miss the chance with YG artists this year, but MNet also really missed out on SM artists this year with the Gee, Genie, and Sorry Sorry syndrome too since MNet artists hasn’t shown up on their shows since MKMF of last year.

      • About the problem between YG and MBC, i think it was dued to the counting Dae sung and Seung Ri on MC. Take a look back, since Dae and Ri leaved out Music core, there isnot any appearance of YG artist in Music core.
        Of course, i just guess , because we can not understand clearly what happen behind stage 🙂

      • @goddess bom
        It was something to do with Seungri and Daesung being replaced as hosts for Music Core…I THINK.
        It sucks cuz MBC and YG used to have a very good relationship. Just look at the BB centered enf of year MBC festival~

  67. they got to be kidding me. YG spoke up already. mis communication sucks yah know?

  68. er, i dont get the whole story here, how does it relate to GD mentioning Sulli?

    *sorry for my slowness

    • maybe because it stirred up an issue between the two? or maybe because they don’t like GD saying stuffs like that cause he might get in trouble again.

      plagiarize maybe? LULZ.

      oh shoot me. crazy people. overrated drama.

  69. KBS being a baby. blaming YG for the misunderstanding when it’s BOTH parties’ fault. and noww they even bring up sulli, this is beyond childish. tsktsk KBS.

  70. WTF that has no connection at all

    • Comprehension fail. Where does it state that Sulli and anything to do with the dispute?
      Why put the poor girl in the article title for no reason.

  71. ridiculous

  72. HUH?! what is this. Boycott YG, KBS is just destroying themselves….. lame, this is so child’s play….

  73. heh?? because of suli? O_o isn’t that too weird?? O_o

    • is damn weird … as if sulli is some big star.. is just an excuse, YG sure have other formal reasons for this….

    • stupid i know.
      …i sorta get how sulli is the problem yet not exactly though. since radio shows are kinda long and GD’s solo right now, they need to fill up space by asking random questions, sometimes the questions can get a lil personal or be blown out of proportion. Proof is when GD said sulli was cute… U get tons of people saying they have a relationship, or fans of other girlgroups and VIPs complaining.
      YG did the right thing by telling beforehand that they couldn’t confirm GD’s spot on the show and sadly miscommunication got in the way. anyways it’s not like the entire company kicked YG out, only KBS2FM a radio station and there are tons of radio stations

  74. eerrrr sigh
    boycotting boycotting
    how much i hate that word now sigh
    i hope this gets solved soon…..

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