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MBC Music Core 19.09.2009 – Baek Ji Young and 2PM TaekYeon’s goodbye stage


Today on MBC Music Core, the highlights to the show are:

  • Goodbye stage for Baek Ji Young and 2PM TaecYeon with ‘My Ear’s Candy’
  • Special duet stage between 8eight Lee Hyun and Park JungAh with ’30 minutes ago’
  • Other sizzling performances by T-ara, 4Minute, f(x), Supernova, HwangBo, Lee Seung Gi, TaeGoon etc

Comeback Stage

  • Park Hyo Shin with ‘After Love’ – perfect performance: perfect voice, perfect song, perfect HyoShin oppa
  • Tei with ‘Poisonous Tongue’
  • Lee Seung Gi with ‘Wedding Veil’ and ‘Let’s Break Up’ – Love his great live performance though he is not performing my favourite hits from his comeback album
  • TaeGoon with ‘Betrayed’

Good-bye Candy

  • Baek Ji Young (feat.2PM Taec Yeon) with ‘My Ear’s Candy’ – Goodbye to the sexy-beasty combi

Hot Stage

  • 4Minute with ‘MUZIK’ – digging all their Muzik performances!
  • KARA with ‘Mister’
  • Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Abracadabra(remix ver.)’ – I don’t like the remix and Miryo’s hair D:
  • Jewelry with ‘Vari2ty’

Volume Up stage

  • f(x) with ‘LA chA TA’
  • T-ara & Cho Shin Sung with ‘T.T.L(Time to love)’
  • Hwangbo with ‘R2SONG(LONDON mix)’ – I love this remix!


  • Lee Hyun with ’30 minutes ago’ featuring Park JungAhsensational rendition
  • I the Tri top’s with ‘The Words to Express My Love’
  • Miss $ with ‘What is Love’


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9 Responses

  1. Omg… Tei is so handsome. 8D Love his perf.

    Ooh BEG looks hot~ Really like their outfits, but I don’t like Miryo’s hair either. x3

    4Minute’s outfits are cool. Better than yesterday’s. ^^

    I like I the Tri top’s perf+song! ^^

    I feel like there’s a lot of ballad perfs currently… While I do love a lot of the ballads, they’re just not getting me to wake up for them. XP

  2. Aww, BJY & Taec’s perf was great! Glad to see Taec take off his shades… He was smiling a bit more too. The ending was cute. ^^ <333

  3. 4minute, they are lip sync-ing….
    isn’t it?

  4. hyoshin oppa jjang!!
    another flawless performance!

  5. lol. It was cool to see Taec smiling. And that “bro-hug” at the end with Ji Young was funny. xD

  6. Taec was great as always ;D
    i”ll miss seeing him every weekend.
    But it gives him to to prepare for his 2pm activities xD
    i”m glad to see him finally enjoying in his performances again ^^

  7. I like Kara’s outfits for today’s MuCore ^^

    Today’s Taec’s last performance. I’ll miss him! :/ But I seriously loved the ending pose. ❤ Sunbae and hoobae love.

  8. By the way, your link for Taegoon didn’t work, I have a performance for you to put on your site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE6iCbF0JH4&feature=sub

  9. Aw, look at Taec. I’m sad this is his last performance with Baek Ji Young.

    Jewelry, 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls and f(x) did a great job though.

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