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4Minute HyunA under criticism for super short mini-dress


Girlgroup 4Minute‘s member Kim HyunA has been put under the chopping board of the netizens for the performing costumes she wore, which was deemed indecent and inappropriate for the young fans.

A video of HyunA performing with 4Minute on their new song ‘Muzik’ has been uploaded on Youtube on 19th September, and HyunA‘s minidress was spotted constantly going up while she carries out the choreography of the song.

While she was dancing, the really short miniskirt kept going up, to the point her underpants was visible. HyunA was even seen pulling her minidress down.

Obviously, the fashion malfunction lies in the fault of the group’s fashion coordinator.

Netizens say:

  • “For a young teenager, she is wearing one really short minidress”
  • “What’s with the coordi?”
  • “At this rate, her outfit will be deem inappropriate and lascivious”
  • “This is really going overboard, she is still so yong,u 17 years old”
  • “This is pathetatic, why are the singers suddenly all under criticisms? It’s like our country has done something. It happened to both male and female singers – beasty idols, sexy idols, young idols”
  • “Looking at it, her skirt just need to be a little longer and it solves the problem”
  • “Coordi, you should try wearing it”

Blame it on the coordi.. I hope no artistes get hurt unneccesarily again..


79 Responses

  1. i hate, becose the video is can’t to play

  2. ah who cares, shes fucking hawt. i love seeing in mini skirt. seeing her panties is hawt

  3. …………………………….. Why does it concern you what they wear. I believe that NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO CRITICIZE OTHERS FOR WHAT THEY WEAR. it’s not like she was naked or anything. Not to mention there are girls who model in bikinis and stuff. WHY DON’T YOU BASH ON THEM. IF YOU’RE A GIRL. DON’T EVEN SAY YOU WON’T WEAR STUFF LIKE A BIKINI. YOU WILL AND ITS NORMAL. So just leave everyone alone. jeez. Making a big deal over such a small thing.

  4. but i tink thats the super short pants dat she wearing inside the dress..not the t inside..but coordi really should make it longer..

  5. […] This is not the first time that this incident had happened. Previously, netizens have raised concerns over the super short minidress, that she was wearing to performances on music s…. […]

  6. if the coordi made it longer i think caz the dress is so tight it’s hard to dance in. i think its actually is longer but as she dances it rides up. just give the girl some leggings and people will shut up

  7. xceli..
    even she herself was not comfortable..
    here, u can c it more clearly..

    she kept trying 2 fix her mini SHORT dress..
    pity her..
    artist didn’t get right 2 chose their clothes…
    n0 wonder some artist got weird fashion..
    mybe blame goes 2 da coordi~

  8. […] 4Minute HyunA under criticism for super short mini-dress « K Bites. Too much unhealthy exposure of female singers these days? « K Bites. […]

  9. holy shit. her “dress” is really short. good thing she’s wearing dancing pants underneath. i hope their coordi now picks something less revealing for her. O_O you blame 2 ppl: coordi. .and camera man. lol. i feel bad for hyun ah. she looks really really uncomfortable. :/

  10. geez….so what she will wear something better the next time!!
    im from brazil and girls wear clothes way more shorter
    and they dont give a damn!!
    im living in japan…..and here almost every girl use mini skirt so what?
    they like it ….they show the legs…its better than showing everything!!
    we go to jap school and have 2 fold the skirt…so what nobody cares
    i have 2 fold it up cuz if u dont fold ppl ignore u thinking u r 2 preppy or uncool
    whatever…..why they keep doing this 2 their own artists?
    like what they want? they want south korea 2 no longer have singers? and international fans, that spend a loooot of money in korean cds and stuffs like that?
    they cant see they r trashing their own country -.-

  11. It’s not even a big deal… Korea, conservative much?

  12. don’t y’all just think that K-POP hv been overly criticized these few month?!

    so many issue hd been brought up: copy-cat,clothes,behaviour…….etc..

    i’m actually kinda tired n sicken with all of the bad rumors that going on..i mean,k-pop might collapse if this bad situation continue on..

  13. you are all hypocrites! as if this was your first time seeing a 17y.o wearing a short skirt.. c’mon peeps. it’s just for the show, she won’t be pregnant with that ~ lols.. netizens are soooo killjoy or jealous? tsss.

  14. Whoa – Crazily short o_o But yeah 4minute is awesome :]

  15. “it is not hyun ah’s fault that she had to wear this?”
    oh, I dont think her entertainment company chose that dress for her. I believe all of them had the freedom to choose what clothes that want to perform with.

    if all of them really want to look like 2ne1, wearing the exact similar clothes from the exact same store (jihyun and gayoon – CL), and trying to wear shorter skirts than bom, I am sorry but it is a fail. maybe try sticking to your own style.

    • No man.. They (the artists) dun have the right to wear what they want on stage. That’s why they have their own stylish/coordi. Don’t just jump into a conclusion, coz of you believe it that way. You may be wrong…

    • Hyun Ah really can’t go and walk into the dressing room saying, “Ooh! I want to wear that!”

      It’s really the stylist that choose it for them. And please, don’t bring up 2NE1. I thought people would stop comparing them by now, it’s getting childish.

  16. Arghhh! Anti fans are just making a big fuss out of this, and why drag Bom into this? It’s not even Hyunah fault that she had to wear this. She is not comfortable in it either. Let’s just cool.

  17. wow.. and i though bom’s dresses were short.

    but yea.. its not her fault.. so netizens should just shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    and not bring up snsd or any other girl group for that matter..

  18. […] Netizens say: “For a young teenager, she is wearing one really short minidress” “What’s with the coordi?” “At this rate, her outfit will be deem inappropriate and lascivious” “This is really going overboard, she is still so yong,u 17 years old” “This is pathetatic, why are the singers suddenly all under criticisms? It’s like our country has done something. It happened to both male and female singers – beasty idols, sexy idols, young idols” “Looking at it, her skirt just need to be a little longer and it solves the problem” “Coordi, you should try wearing it” source: kbites […]

  19. Okay, come on, it’s not like you don’t see people wearing things that short. Heck, i know girls who wear shorts that are so short, they look like underwear. And she IS wear shorts underneath. Period. She took all precautions, and neizens are over reacting.

  20. Well that dress costs ALOT, it’s by Jacobs I think =/.
    too bad the choreography keeps making her dress go up.

  21. it’s not her fault, it’s the fault of the dressers! but damn!

  22. I like that panty shot and those legs. I’m a girl FML.

  23. blame the coordi. you could tell she was uncomfortable in it and kept pulling it down through out the performance.
    At least her safety shorts looked like part of the outfit

  24. I think the problem is that Korean culture are more conservative and Hyunah is still young. Her wearing that is influencing other younger girls to do the same. Same with SNSD.
    Maybe netuizens are jealous that they can;t wear something super short or have greater legs like Hyunah.


  26. finally!!
    i honestly don’t consider these short short dresses as dresses.. i would consider it shirt, tanks.. etc.. am also bothered by the short shorts

    didn’t tv had some roles for styles?? i remember SIY style weren’t approved by tvs..
    so what the different now? it seem everyone is wearing revealing cloths!! bcz definitely these dresses if it was wore by american entertainment it will consider sexy!!!

  27. It’s really not her fault that:

    1) The stylist made her wear something so short like that.
    2) The cameramen seem to mostly be male and love filming up close to some girls and to a certain angle.

    Hyunah wore shorts, didn’t she?

    It would have been crticism if she wasn’t really. Even though there is worst fashion around the world and photographers even here in the UK taking pictures of celebrities when they step out of their car and their underwear is showing, K-netizens really should know that is not the worst.

  28. LMFAO. Obviously they don’t know the fashion style over here in the states then. LOL I’ve seen younger girls wearing shorter things then what Hyuna wore. But whatever. Different countries different styles. Anyways, Hyuna’s not to blame, most artists aren’t in charge of what they wear on stage. The coordis are in charge so ppl need to get their facts straight.

    • LOL And I forgot to add, at least she was wearing shorts underneath, some ppl don’t wear anything but thongs or panties. XDD

  29. not her fault though.
    at least she’s wearing a short inside.. better than just panties or nothing.

  30. i think that the white skirt, which some other girl is wearing, is even more shorter.

  31. i think that the white skirt which some other girl is wearing, is even shorter.

  32. whoa that’s one hell of a tunic. dont think its even considered a dress given that length.

  33. agree that their stylist should make it abit longer though she’s got killer legs lol >_<
    i think the stylist knows hyunah is really uncomfortable in it cos in the recent perfs, hyunah pairs leggings with her mini dresses~

  34. like most of yoo have mentioned it was totally the coordi’s fault…however, Hyunah shoulda pulled it down n. made it like she wasnt…i’ve seen bom pulled her short dress down when the camera wasn’t filming her…but i guess their choreography doesn’t allow that to happen…
    also…the camera angle didn’t help either lol…o well, good thing she had shorts under
    no biggie…

  35. The stylist should do a better job covering her up though.Good thing she’s wearing shorts underneath, so nothing its revealed.Besides I bet most guys like it and dont mind. I don’t mind at all.

  36. their stylist/coordinator should’ve been fired a looooong time ago…

  37. At least Hyunah is wearing shorts underneath.

  38. ommo.
    not only hyunah dress was short.
    but some of the members have equally short skirts.
    and is that really her undies.
    total wardrobe malfunction.

  39. I felt bad for her because she didn’t look comfortable wearing it and had to keep tugging it down. Hopefully the coordi will see the complaints and do better next time

  40. Damn she beat Tiffany for shortest skirt..

  41. bcoz,,the shorts look nice in SNSD, they all have a long legs..hmm well,, most of them at least

    hyuna’s dress is way too short
    she doesn’t seem like she comfortable with that,,
    it’s too gross to look at it from below

    • really?
      i thought i saw snsd underwear..mebi its my hallucination…
      sori,i dont hate snsd juz thought that netizens are over reacting once again…

  42. korean female entertainers, hookers galore!

  43. what the? that’s NOTHING. she’s NOT naked. she’s NOT nude. i don’t see any pubes peeking out from underneath. NETIZENS can be such PRUDES when they are really PERVS thinking they are going to see some pubes. so she’s showing a LOT more LEG. at least people are LOOKING and paying ATTENTION. and that’s going to sell MORE of their CDs and that’s what COUNTS to make them SUCCESSFUL.

    • Looking and paying attention? to the panties…..then to successful .LOL!! you are funny, you sound as if they are selling body…….

  44. what??!!!
    c’mon,snsd wear all those short skirts all the time but no one bothers…but when 4minute wore it its sudenly become a crime??

    • agreed…I’m not hating on SNSD…its just really unfair to 4minute. I have seen SNSD wear the short shorts in Tell me your wish performances where their butt cheek is showing.

      • that was only tiffany.

        and that was also because she was stretching her leg, hiking the skirt up and the camera managed to catch it at a suggestive angle. the end.

      • how many members are in snsd? NINE!! and to be honest most of them don’t have butts, except for a few… so in other words you are saying that all nine members of snsd were preforming and all members’ butt cheeks were showing? IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING? cuz if it’s not than i would like you to fix your typo please….. :]

      • Shorts are different from dress, mate!!! They don’t reveal your underpants. And SNSD usually wear those with “something” underneath to cover it (sorry, forgot the right word for it!)….and only once, Tiffany forgot to put it on, that’s it! It’s not that they’ve been out there up on the stage showing everything in the past 3 months!
        This “minidress” is way~~~~ to short!! But nice legs she has there I should say 🙂
        *I’m not a SNSD fan, I’m not defending them! It’s just the fact….like both groups

    • @what?!?!?!?: SNSD have been criticized. Mostly their haters are the ones criticizing them. -__-

    • Like Gummybear said, SNSD have been criticized too.

      But it’s not about merely wearing short skirts. Hyuna’s dress is so short, it could pass of as a shirt, as the underwear is entirely visible!

    • they wear dancing shorts under every skirt they ever wore… only once tiffany forgot to wear her shorts and she got scolded and the netizens also over reacted to that… where were you when that happened? or is if that you are too big of a fan for 4minute that you no longer believe that that mini dress IS short? that is no excuse and it wasn’t an excuse for snsd fans to use either… and it’s not a crime, but she (hyun ah) IS after all only 17 years old… i think i would where that as a top!! (btw i am also 17 years old) i don’t think i would let anyone force me to wear such a short dress, even if was on some makeover show!!

      i am not hating on 4 minute cuz i really REALLY love them, and i am also not hating snsd, i love them too..
      but all the SHORT short sutff have got to go..

      • that tiffany incident??i thought they were over reacted coz they saw yoona lifted up tiff’s skirt?

        whatever it is, the point here is female singers in korea are always like that..why acted suprise on this??
        look at chaeyeon,brown eye girls,snsd etc…i know2,people will say they’re older but hey…are u saying when u get older u can wear anything u want??

    • Cos snsd holds that image, not 4 minutes, 4 mins are more decent.

  45. it is indeed very short.. it doesn’t look like a dress anymore.. it’s too revealing.. looks more like a swimsuit? lol.. just saying..
    but it’s not completely her fault tho.. she was dressed like that.. but she could have at least protested.. but again, she might be powerless against her manager/coordinator..
    ouch, poor her.. she doesn’t look comfortable in that ‘dress’..

  46. soo short. the coordi should`ve made it longer.
    bash the coordi, not the artiste. 🙂 hehehe. XD

  47. sex sells

    • yea right.
      but shouldnt hyuna got he rown right to oppose smtg when she feels it doesnt right?
      so partially its her own wrong fr agreeing to wear that outfit ~ oh well.

      • I believe the artist don’t get to choose what to wear.
        they g there and the coordi just hands them the clothes. there aren’t any ‘extra’ clothes I’m sure. even if it doesn’t fit the coordi just needs to make some adjustments and the artists have to wear them

      • you have a point

    • exactly

  48. thats one piece??????????! it a TOP. pls, Cube ent need to hire a fashion designer for their artist!

  49. And I thought Bommie’s dresses were short!!
    but really nothing to make such a HUGE fuss over. Just warn the coordi and get her clothes right. Its not like Hyun Ah begged her coordi to wear that.
    geez -.-

    • agreed…
      the netizens are over reacting once again…

    • yeah but then, bom is like 26 XD

      • so??
        i dont get ur point..
        so when u get older u can wear anything u want?
        i thought elders shud show some good example to the youngsters…

      • its funny for 2ne1 fans now bring up the age issue.. not too long ago people were commenting how dirty minji dances for her age, and of course they would argue back saying that age doesnt matter. LOL

  50. wow~ SO short!

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