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MBC Music Core 26.09.09 – TaeGoon and T-ara rock ‘TTL’

Today on MBC Music Core, one of the special stages is the special stage of ‘TTL (Time To Love’ by TaeGoon and T-ara girls.

TaeGoon is standing in for the Supernova boys as they are on their Japanese promotion schedule. But you have to say this is one hot performance.

Other highlights to the show:

  • Lee Hyun sings ’30 minutes ago’ with KARA SeungYeon
  • Hot stages by girlgroups KARA, Jewelry, 4Minute, f(x)
  • SNSD Tiffany is finally back on the MC team!

Comeback Stage

  • BooHwal with ‘I Thought’

Hot Stage

  • KARA with ‘Mister’
  • Jewelry with ‘Vari2ty’
  • 4Minute with ‘MUZIK’
  • f(x) with ‘LA chA TA’

Special Meeting

  • Hwang Jung Eum (feat. T-ara’s Eun Jung & Hyo Min) with ‘N Time’
  • Lee Hyun (feat.KARA’s Seung Yeon) with ’30 Minutes Ago’ – I never thought they will have SeungYeon sing this song
  • T-ara (feat. Tae Goon) with ‘T.T.L(Time to love)’ – TaeGoon standing in for Supernova members, hot performance anyhow

Say, I ♥ U

  • Ryan with ‘Proud Girl’
  • Hwayobi (feat. Sleepy) with ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’

Mens’ Fragrance

  • Kim Tae Woo with ‘Love Rain’
  • Tei with ‘ Wicked Tongue

New Song

  • Han Young with ‘Diet’
  • Devil & Angel with ‘Bad Girl’
  • Hint with ‘Era of Enthusiam’

MC Cut

Tiffany is finally back on the MC team!

11 Responses

  1. Fx is the best.. AMBER

    Tiffany!!! Kiiss ya gurl!!!

  2. bad girl…is not a new song…
    devil&angel hs debuted like 5 months or more ago…

  3. Good performances from f(x), 4minute, KARA and Jewelry. It’s too bad Taegoon didn’t sing Betrayed. I’m in love with seeing him more.

    But I hate Ga Yoon with brown hair, she stands out more with blonde.

  4. aaaa!!! tiffany’s back! and with long hair!! she’s so pretty! ^^

  5. I thought I saw f(x). I kid! Great performance btw.

  6. taegoon didn’t sing betrayed?? uww.. T__________T

  7. Lee seung gi?

  8. where is lee seung gi performance can u pleae post it ? thanx!!

  9. did seung gi perform?

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