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More girlgroup special on harvest moon festival


Some of the girlgroups in topic for 2009 will come together in one place.

MBC will be broadcasting a harvest moon festival special survival show ‘Sweet Girl’ which will see the participation of the 6 girlgroups team to find the best 1 member of them all.

The girlgroup members will show a different side of them on the show, like taking the city bus to find a special place and doing various special missions. MBC said, “Forget that splendid image of your idols on stage. To be the best 1 member of all the members, the girls will do all they can, showing the very human side of them.”

The MC to the show will be gagman Noh Hong Chul. The participating teams will be So Nyeo Shi Dae (SooYoung, Jessic, Sunny), KARA (Han SeungYeon, Goo Hara, Park KyuRi, Kang Ji Yeong), Brown Eyed Girls (GaIn, Narsha, JeAh, Miryo), After School (SoYeong, JooYeon, Bekah, GaHee, JungAh), 4Minute (Kim HyunA, Nam JiHyun, Heo GaYoon, Jeon JiYoon, Kwon SoHyun) and T-ara (JiYeon, EunJung, HyoMin, BoRam, Qri, SoYeon).

The episode will be aired on 2nd October.


aww Sica and Hara holding hands!

18 Responses

  1. OMG wonsoka is so jjang
    i will miss 2ne1 T_T

    yes i believe in their friendship cuz they r all on the same boat ^^ and they r so adorkable hehe =P

    im cheering 4 all of them go there and SHOW THE GIRL POWER!!
    girl groups FTW!! <33

  2. i wish nicole, the rest of SNSD and f(x) joined too but oh well it seems enjoyable enough to watch (:

  3. SNSD =)

  4. KARA and SNSD!!! BEG too!

    girl group sunbaes for the win!!!

  5. Lol not to be mean or anything, but sometimes i feel that some girl groups take advantage of them being friends with each other. I mean sometimes they just look fake to me, trying to get their friendship with each other on the news and whatnot. I bet inside their minds they have a whole lot of hatred to some girls. Jealousy and Envy goes far yannoe….and please, everyone gets jealous.

    • well, some of the members were already friends before they made their debut…like Gyuri (KARA) and Yubin (WG), also SNSD and KARA have that “sister” relationship. I don’t know about you but it seems that you want, “Girl Groups ignoring and dissing each other” in the headlines. These groups see each other almost everyday in music shows, variety shows etc., I don’t think it’s “impossible” for them to be friends. Jealousy? They all have their fair share of fans. I don’t know if you’re directing your stupid comment to KARA and SNSD (photos), but if you are, just deal with it! WonSoKa FTW!!!

      yeah everyone gets jealous and I bet you are jealous of these girls!

    • Jealousy exists but it does not kill the possibility of friendship to bloom. Being friends with competitors doesn’t make one fake.
      Finkl n SES were competitors but they’re friends even til now. KangTa n HyeSung are best friends. Guess what?
      They’re from HOT n Shinhwa, which can be considered as rivals despite coming from the same company.

  6. i thought that 2ne1 is recording their new album which is why they didnt get to go to any of the shows or that they had went to china.

    and cant we just enjoy the other girl groups that are on this show please?

    on the other hand, thats a lot of girls on one show, about 26 girls. if snsd went together as 9 members then it would make it 32 ppl. lmao. i wonder if there would be drama going on lolol.

  7. YEAH!!! Love Soshi o<

  8. ew, no 2ne1…….. but i like legssssssss

  9. T-ara~~~~~~~~~~~

  10. SNSD & KARA gogogo ๐Ÿ™‚ !

  11. KARA and SNSD!!!

  12. cant wait! XDDD

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